Sam’s Strangeness


“Samantha!” Rick called, “You’re dork who sucks at everything!”

This of course was the opposite of the truth. I just got the highest score on the final in AP science, but that hardly mattered to the guy who was upset that I got a scholarship and he didn’t.

High school was almost over. After this weekend there were just two more days to graduation. I couldn’t wait to no longer be around all the idiots that seem to go to this school.

I gathered my bag and hurried out the door of my last class of the day, down the steps and out the glass doors ready to go home and enjoy the weekend.

I pushed through the crowded alley way between buildings and around the corner.

Finally away from everyone I changed my pace to a more normal walk, though I was anxious to get home and try out on my new bikini and go swimming. I rounded the last corner before my house and POW!!

I’ve been punched I thought at first, but as the next second passed I realized that no fist could make all of my body hurt at the exact same time the way I felt.

Everything was white, and I couldn’t make out any of my surroundings. My ears rang with a high pitched scream. Then after only a few seconds more of the agony it was gone.

I looked around, I was on the sidewalk exactly where I should be. Everything looked as it had before. I couldn’t see anything that would explain what had happened.

I looked at myself. I looked at my thin legs, my tiny green shorts that hugged me very tightly, I lifted up my thin shirt and saw my flat stomach with my tiny slit of a belly button.

I lowered my shirt and ran my hands through my blonde hair. It came down to just above my crack, and was very soft, if I say so my self. Everything seemed normal.

Only, my bra felt a little tight.

I walked the half block home and ran in the front door and up the stairs to my room to think about it some more. I threw my bag into the corner, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I have a small nose and lips, and dark blue eyes. I don’t see anything bruised or injured, just that feeling that my bra was too tight.

I lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it on the bed. I looked at my chest, my tiny bra that was almost out of decency more than a need to support my flat chest, was now holding some B cup tits, which were spilling out of the top.

I undid the bra’s clasp at the back and my breasts popped forcefully out of it. This was very weird, now that they were out of their confining bra I’d say they were a perky C cup.

My pink nipples pushed into the air and were completely erect. I couldn’t help myself I ran my finger around my areolas and pinched my nipples. They felt normal, maybe better than normal I could feel my pussy start to moisten.

“Sam are you up there?” I jumped when my mother called from downstairs, “Sam I need your help!”

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on over my bare tits, and ran down stairs, a little flushed at what I had been doing. I was never one to play with myself.

I’d never really had any sexual experiences, well I kissed a guy and I let him touch my chest, but he was unimpressed by them. I’d never let anyone touch them since.

When I got downstairs I didn’t see my mother at first, then I turned to the door and saw her balancing four paper bags of groceries, which had apparently shifted when she opened the door.

She had them pressed against the wall as she tried to keep them from falling. I hurried over and grabbed two of the bags from her. “Thank you she said, I thought I was going to loose them.”

We went to the kitchen and I helped her put groceries away. As I did I noticed that the button on her blouse had opened. It must have happened when she almost lost the bags. I could see the curves of her breasts, and her deep cleavage.

I then realized that I had never before noticed that my mother had a very nice big rack. I found my self wondering if my tits looked like hers. Obviously mine were much smaller despite their sudden increase.

But might şehitkamil escort they have a similar shape? Could the nipples be the same color, the same size? Would they feel the same as mine did when I was playing with them in my room? Would they feel good pressed against mine? What would they taste like?

I suddenly stopped myself, as my thoughts were really getting away from me, and Mom was looking at me wondering what I was staring at.

I turned and grabbed a can of corn that I put in cupboard, then went back for another only I saw that Mom had undone another button and was reaching inside her shirt.

They way she moved her hand over her breast made it look like she was checking its size. She saw me looking at her and quickly pulled her hand out.

“I had an itch”, she exclaimed in a way that sounded like a cover up. I didn’t know what to say so I grabbed another can of corn and put it away.

I wondered why she reached so deep into her blouse to get an itch, it seemed a bit odd. Where was that itch, from the look of it, it must have been right on her nipple.

What does that nipple look like? Could I see it somehow, maybe walk in while she was showering.

Yeah that wouldn’t be obvious, –sorry Mom didn’t hear the loud water spraying from the shower head. Or notice that someone was in the shower before I pulled back the curtain, my mistake.

That’ll go over like boulders through a sieve. Still could there be an “innocent” way that I could see her in the shower?

“Well that’s the last of it” Mom said, “thanks for your help Sam”.

“Sure Mom”, I answered, “Want to watch something with me?” I asked just so that I’d have said something.

“Not now, I think I’ll go take a shower, wash my… uh, wash myself up.”

“Ok” I said and she turned and walked down the hall toward the bathroom. I watched her ass sway side to side as she went. She was skinny but curvey, she was really hot.

Her hair had once been the same color as mine, but was now blond only because of her efforts to keep it that way. Her legs were not as thin as mine, but were still toned below her mid length business skirt.

As she walked down the hall I though I saw Mom open her blouse. She usually kept her self so modest, but here she was undressing as she walked down the hall.

I sat down on the our soft green couch, the one with the diamonds that were a darker green. I was thinking of Mom running water over her breasts. If only I could see them. Where were these thoughts coming from? This desire to see my Mother naked seems to have risen up this afternoon from no where.

I’ve never thought of anything like that before, well before that smash of pain on the way home. That’s when my breasts felt larger too. I lifted my shirt again exposing my breasts to the empty room.

My sisters and brother wouldn’t be home for another hour or so. My breasts look even bigger than before, they were almost a D cup now. Why were the growing? Were they going to get as big as Mom’s? How big is Mom?

I heard the shower turn on from down the hall. The water was loud, just as I had thought to myself, too loud actually, like the door was left open.

I pulled my shirt down over my breasts again, which was a very difficult task with them so big now. My nipples were erect again and they pushed out against the fabric of my T-shirt. I pushed on them a little as I walked down the hall, why was I going down the hall? I didn’t remember deciding to do that.

I got to the bathroom door and sure enough it was open, did I dare step in? What would Mom say if she noticed me? I pushed the door the rest of way open. I took a step inside. I could clearly see Mom’s silhouette on the white curtain.

I stepped softly over to the edge of the shower and found that the curtain hadn’t been drawn all the way. I held my breath and peaked inside at my Mother showering.I saw her smooth back as she faced the shower head. She had her hair all soapy and had it in all up şehitkamil escort bayan in her hands as she scrubbed it.

I looked at the round globes of her ass, they looked so warm, I wanted to squeeze them, feel them. Her legs were long and toned, her feet looked soft and I found I wanted to caress them.

Just then she turned to the side, and I pulled back hoping she didn’t see me. I heard her continue to wash her hair. Being extra daring I quickly looked and pulled back minimizing the amount of time I was in site.

She had had her eyes closed as she rinsed her hair, so I looked again hoping her eyes were still closed. I was in luck, her eyes were shut tight as she rinsed her hair behind her, I looked her up and down, finally seeing her beautify big tits. She gulped them in with her eyes.

They were a lot like her own, only they sagged a tiny bit from their weight. They were round and firm and inviting. Her nipples were tiny and pink just like my own. What would they feel like if I rubbed them back and forth between my fingers?

I enjoyed looking at her breasts for at least a full minute, afraid that I’d get caught at any second, and I’d be in so much trouble. Despite that I couldn’t stop looking. I let my eyes slide down her tight stomach and down to her pubic mound.

She had light colored pubic hair that really stopped me from being able to see her pussy. Oh how I wished that hair wasn’t there blocking it, I’d love to see Mom’s slit, to see her lips, touch them pull them aside and look deep into her. If only that hair weren’t there.

Then I saw that Mom had grabbed a bottle of shaving cream, to shave her pits I guessed, but I looked up and saw that her pits had already been shaved, probably before I entered the room.

I watched as Mom, with her eyes still closed lathered up the shaving cream and spread it on her pubic mound. I had never thought of shaving pubic hair off. It just never occurred to me before that moment.

From the look at how grown Mom’s pussy hair was it had never occurred to her before either. I was going to see her shave her pussy, see her pussy lips, see them bare and hairless in front of me. Touch them, kiss her right on the lower lips, and stick my tongue into…

Mom’s eyes opened and she looked right at me. I instinctively pulled back afraid of what she would say, only I didn’t see the shower curtain.

Or the bathroom.

I was very disoriented, but after a few moments I realized I was back in the living room on the green couch, the one with the diamonds that were a darker green.

How did I get here. I sat dumbfounded for a few minutes not understanding. Then I heard the water turn off. As I continued to ponder the strangeness of it.

Mom walked into the living room wrapped up in a towel, with her hair in another towel. She sat next to me. “So what are we watching?” She asked.

After a minute I shook the confusion out of my mind and answered, “Nothing, I was just thinking” About how weird that was and if I really saw your tits, it seemed so real, but now…

“What about?” she asked.

“Oh nothing in particular” I evaded, still thinking to myself, was it real? If only that towel would slip then I could see if I actually saw your boobs. They could look completely different, maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

“Well lets see what’s on” Mom said and picked up the remote and started flipping channels. As she did the towel did slip and her breast popped out. It was indeed the exact breast I had been looking at before. Right down to the pink nipple that looked just like mine.

“Oops” Mom said and covered herself again, “Sorry”.

“No problem Mom.” I answered, then got bold, “Though if you’re going to flash me you could at least show me both of them” and I laughed.

“You’re such a naughty girl” Mom told me and playfully flopped her hand on my thigh. It sent a current through me, it felt so good to have her touch me. Then I thought silently. I would be nice escort şehitkamil to see both of those breasts though.

Right then Mom readjusted on couch but the towel didn’t come with her, it pulled down into her lap, and I was able to see both of her large magnificent breasts for a moment, until Mom screamed and pulled the towel up.

“It seems you were prophetic, I obviously need to go put some clothes on, and she stood and hurried down the hall embarrassed.

Man she’s beautiful I thought, I hope I look like here when I’m that age. Without thinking about it I leg my hand fall to my breast and started plucking my nipple through my shirt. Then I looked down my Breasts were now a double D, I’m almost as big as Mom I thought.

This is so weird, its like everything I think of is happening. Except my breasts seem to be getting bigger without me thinking about it. Hmm, I thought, could it be, I thought of a car, a red Ferrari, I jumped up and looked out the window. No Ferrari. Silly of me to try really.

Why is it then that all this sexy stuff is happening when I think about it. Its like my sexual desires are coming true, even desires I never had before now. I then thought, why don’t I rule that out too. So I thought of something ridiculous.

A bus full of guys and girls stopping in front of the house all naked and they get out and have a huge orgy on the lawn. I looked out the window and sure enough, nothing. Well that’s that.

Then I heard a loud horn, I looked out the window just as a bus appeared and naked people started getting off of the bus and they started fucking each other right there on the lawn.

There’s no people there, no people there I thought to my self, looked out the window again and they were gone. My heart was pounding and I didn’t what to think. I ran to my room and closed the door.

Why was I able to see Mom and then not get caught, and like teleport to the living room? Could I do it again? I thought to myself. I want to see my mom in her room, I’ll watch her change, if its not too late.

I got up and walked out the door, down the stairs and then down the hallway to her room. The door was closed this time. Here ‘goes I said to myself silently and opened the door and stepped inside.

Mom was indeed getting dressed. She was naked in the closet flipping through her clothes. She must have heard me enter but she didn’t say anything. I walked up behind her and watched her.

I looked again at those perfect breasts, wanting to grab them, feel them with my fingers. As I thought this Mom began to massage her left breast.

She had decided on an outfit and pulled it from the hanger, a red dress with a very low neck, and skirt that looked like it wouldn’t cover much.

She turned around as was facing me, but she didn’t look at me, didn’t acknowledge my presence at all. She just walked to the bed and laid down the dress.

“Why am I so turned on?” She said out loud. “I feel like I did in the shower, like all I want to do I have sex.”

She sat on the bed and I looked at her pussy for the first time. It was smooth and had no hair at all due to her shave in the shower. I wondered what that felt like and thought I’ll have to try it myself.

I ogled her pussy lips that seemed to be calling for someone to touch them. Mom’s fingers answered their call.

She laid bed and ran her fingers up and down her slit I could see her getting wet.

Mom even pulled her lips apart and I got real close, still a little afraid that I was going to get caught even though it seemed that Mom couldn’t tell I was there.

She pulled more and I could look right into her pussy, her opening was very small, I guess she hadn’t had it stretched by anything in a long time, but I could see into her pink canal just a bit.

I wanted to push my finger in that love hole, see what it felt like. I put a finger towards her and waited just at her hole, and then went for it, just as my finger would have touched her cunt, I was ripped back to my room.

What went wrong I wondered. What ever strangeness had happened to me must not give me the ability to touch when I wonder unseen. Still I had seen my Mother’s pussy, shaven and sexy. I wanted my pussy to be bare like that too. I ran to my door and down the hall to the upstairs bathroom.

To shower and shave, and for good measure, I left the door open just in case.

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