Sandra is Different Pt. 8


Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

Part 8

I didn’t tell Lisa or any of the girls at work where I’d been on the previous afternoon. Master Thomas had told me not to, but I wanted to keep it to myself anyway, I was hoping for more sessions like that, and not only for the money.

I did however try to quiz Lisa about the Sunday working for her husband but there was nothing that she could say other than that Isla and I would be naked most of the time and that we would be trying a number of toys. I hoped that one of them would be a Sybian and that lots of people would be watching me.

What I did notice at work was that sales of the leotards were going well and I wondered if the uni gym would have more girls there flashing their bits.

That evening I got a phone call from Isla telling me that she knew about a party on the Friday night and did I want to go with her.

“Hell yes.” I replied, and she gave me details of where to meet her.

I asked her how her butt was and she told me that it was still quite red but she was sat on a normal chair right then so it wasn’t bothering her that much. She told me that Master Thomas has phoned her to check that she was okay and to ask if she was good for another session the following week. She’d asked if it was another spanking or a sleeping session at a hotel. He hadn’t been able to confirm anything at that stage be he told her that he’d be in touch as soon as he had anything concrete.

No sooner than I’d terminated my call with Isla than I too got a call from Master Thomas. He asked me if I was okay then asked me if I was up for another session. I asked the same questions as Isla had and I got the same answer. Then he asked me if I would reconsider my decision about escorting a man to to some sort of official function. I again told him that I wasn’t very good at social chit-chat but he assured me that that wouldn’t be a problem. I then asked him for more details and he told me that if I agreed, when he had a liaison in mind for me, he would send me to a bespoke dress shop a couple of days before the function for the staff there to make an appropriate dress for me.

On the night of the function a car would pick me up and take me to the function where I would meet the man in a side room. Assuming that we both agreed I would then escort him to the event,

Then he told me that I shouldn’t worry about the ‘social chit-chat’ as I had called it because it would be mainly people complementing me on my looks.

“What about after the event?” I asked.

“Well that is up to the 2 of you but it is usual for the escort to go back to the client’s hotel room with him.”

“You mean he would expect to fuck me.?”

“Yes, how could any man possibly not want to fuck you my dear.” Master Thomas replied.

I smiled to myself at that comment then asked Master Thomas about money, how much could I expect to earn. He told me that because of my age and looks it would be a 4 figure sum.

I asked Master Thomas to ask me again when he had some specifics in mind.

After the phone call my magic wand got busy as I started to think about being at some posh event wearing just a skimpy dress and heels with lots of middle-aged men lusting after my body. Those thoughts didn’t last long as the magic wand made me think about my clit.


When I got dressed on the Friday morning I decided to wear my Ohmibod to my classes. Well one session was in the classroom and the other session that day was in the university’s lecture hall. I’m sure that a number of people must have noticed the purplish antenna hanging down below my short skirt on my way to my first class but the first person to say anything was one of the other students in my class when he passed me a note during a short break saying,

“Is that what I think it is between you legs?”

I smiled and noded my head then slotted his note into my books.

The desks were arranged in a horseshoe and I was on one of the sides. As they were tables and not actual desks there were no modesty boards so everyone on the other side would be able to see up my skirt if they looked. This wasn’t the first time with the tables in that configuration and I never bothered to cross my legs hoping to catch someone looking at my bare pussy.

When the session resumed the same student was blatantly looking up my skirt so I spread my knees to let him see where the antenna disappeared into my vagina.

The rest of the lesson wasn’t that boring.

My second and last session of the day was in the university’s lecture hall. This is big, probably able to seat over a thousand students and is designed with each row of seats higher than the one in front. As I went in I looked for, and found a group of guys sat together with vacant seats on the row behind them which is where I went and sat.

When I sat down my knees were just behind and inbetween 2 of the guys. As I’d approached the seat one of the guys had seen me and he smiled at me. I noticd his eyes checking me out as I got close to him but he turned back to talk to one of his mates.

After I’d been sat for about a minute or so one of the guys immediately in front of me turned his head and started to say hello to me but he paused half way through and I saw that he was looking up my short skirt and had obviously seen the antenna and my pussy because my knees were anything but together.

He continued saying hello and started hitting on me but he seemed unable to concentrate on what he was saying. Me, of course, I kept my knees where they were and didn’t try to put anything on my lap, although something was appearing on my pussy as my jucies started to leak out of me.

The guy gave up and turned back to face the stage but I saw him nudge the guy next to him and poing back to me. Seconds later the second guy’s head turned and he started talking to me, well trying to, I wasn’t very responsive.

All through the lecture those 2 guys, and the ones on either side of them, kept turning their heads to look up my skirt. I just gnored them as they looked and immediately the lecture finushed I was up and away before any of them realised.

That evening I watched the other video. It didn’t have anyhthng new on it but it did make me so horny that I had to use my Hitachi to bring myself off a couple of times as I watched it.

Later that evening I met Isla at the agreed place on the way to the party that she’d told me about. As I walked up to her I saw her pull up her skirt so that I coulld see her slit. Mine already being on display because I felt confident enough to leave my room like that. We hugged and told each other that we loved the other’s Sex hikayeleri outfit even though I’d seen hers before.

The party was at a house in the same street as one that we’d been to before and as we entered the front door I heard on half pissed guy shout,


Neithe Isla, sorry, now Kat, nor I corrected him, instead we asked him where the booze was. We did the same trick with the vodka although I didn’t think that most of the guys would have noticed if we didn’t have a drink in our hands.

When we went back into the living area a different guy also shouted that the strippers had arrived. I looked at Kat and she looked at me. We grinned and nodded our heads and I said to the loudmouthed guy,

“So where’s the birthday boy and where do you want us to strip?” I asked.

“We only ordered 1 stripper and you’re a couple of hours early.” The loudmouth said.

“It’s B.O.G.O.F. day I replied.


“Buy One, Get One Free, the boss decided that he needed a bit of a promotion to increase sales.”

“Oh, well I’m not complaining. LUKE, GET YOUR SORRY ASS OVER HERE.”

Seconds later this reasonable looking guy appeared and Loudmouth said,

“Luke. It’s your lucky day, they’ve got a 2 for 1 offer so you get to see 2 girls strip.”

“What, these 2 girls are strippers? The last one that I saw was twice the age of these 2.”


We watched as the corner of the room cleared and I noticed that it was all guys that made up the perimeter line, not that I was complaing, nor at the number of phones that were in the guys hands, I looked at Kat and saw that she was smilig so I knew that she was okay with what was about to happen.

“Put on some decent music.” I ordered.

Someone did and Kat and I moved to the clear area and started slow dancing. It wasn’t just dancing it was caressing each other’s bodies as well. We were making out with each other as we slowly removed the other’s clothes. We fingered each other then 69’d much to the delight of our audience. We only stopped when we’d both cum. I know that my orgasm wasn’t faked and I doubt that Kat’s as well.

When we got to our feet I said,

“Where’s the birthday boy? Luke isn’t it?” I asked as he stepped forward.

“So how old are you Luke?” I asked.


“So we’ve got to let 19 guys fuck us.” I replied.

“Bloody hell,” Loudmouth said.

“Well the boss told said that it’s part of the sales promotion, one cock for each year of the lucky boy’s age.”

“I’m really happy that we weren’t sent to an old people home.” Kat added.

Loudmouth laughed a little as we turned to Luke and Kat and I slowly undressed him.

Not the biggest cock that I’ve seen but it was a long way from being the smallest. It was Kat that went down on his cock first and I guess that she stopped after a couple of minutes to avoid him cumming, not that she would have minded getting a mouth and throat full of his cum, I’m sure that she just wanted to prolong the build-up.

I took over sucking his balls and cock and I was pleased that he was bald down there. Meanwhile Kat was kissing him and caressing the rest of his body.

The inevitable happened and as he started shooting his load into my mouth I withdrew and let the rest land on my face and chest. I lay down and told Luke to rub hs cum all over my tits. As he was doing that I heard a male voice say that it would make my baby tits grow.

That done we got Luke on his back and Kat and took turns sucking his cock back to life and lowering our pussies onto his face. Once his cock was rock hard again I squat over him with my pussy tantalisingly close to his cock.

“Shall I?” I loundly asked.

Luke couldn’t answer because his face was full of Kat’s pussy but the audience answered for Luke and just about eveyone in the room heard the loud groan that escaped from his mouth round Kity’s pussy.

Once I’d got a pussy full of cum I stood up and said,

“Your turn Kat,” and we swapped places.

It took longer for Kat to get him hard again but when she did she too mounted him and rode him until he orgasmed again. Kat looked like she came at the same time.

When it was over Kat and I stood up and helped Luke get to his feet as I said,

“Poor Luke needs a hand, I gues that he’s never had a three-some before.” This got a bit of a laugh and I turned my head to face Kat and saw that she was grinning.

“You okay?” I asked.

Kat nodded her head so I loudly said,

“Okay everyone, the specials continue, who else would like to fuck us?”

Both Kat and I were nearly knocked to the ground as at least a dozen guys moved forward and started groping us. Even though those hands were nice I shouted,


The hands stopped groping and they stepped back a little. I looked at Kat and mouthed ‘doggy’ and when Kat started going down on her hands and knees so did I. Spreading my knees I said,

“Who’s first then.”

Within seconds I had a cock in my pussy and 1 in my mouth. I could just about see 2 more cocks in my peripheral vision so I reached up with my hands and started wanking them.

The next 30 minutes, or maybe longer, saw me get fucked by at least a dozen guys, me cumming 3 times. I’d had at least a dozen cocks in my mouth and throat, 3 of which left a deposit in my stomach, and I’d wanked goodness know how many more cocks.

It was amazing, I’d loved every second of it but I was knackered. When all the guys who wanted to had used either Kat or me, or both of us, we were left alone and both Kat and I turned and just sat on the floor.

Loudmouth appeared with a couple of glasses in his hands and gave us each one. I downed mine in one, discovered that it whas whiskey and started coughing. I don’t like whisky.

The music stared again, although I never noticed that it had stopped, and Kat and I finally got to our feet.

“Thank you ladies,” Loudmouth said, “I’ll be booking strippers from your place again.”

“Thanks for the drinks, we needed those.” Kat said.

“Stay and party with us.” Loudmouth suggested.

“Sounds nice be we have another job to go to.” I said, “have you seen our clothes?”

Loudmouth found our clothes and we got dressed and left.

As we walked out of the front door we saw a girl who looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties arriving. She was wearing clothes that were as skimpy as ours were. I smiled at her and we kept walking. Sikiş hikayeleri On our way home we talked about what we’d done and we decided that being fake strippers was a great idea and we planned to do that again.


The Saturday at work was much the same as other Saturday’s with the odd spell of games with the other staff. I had been hoping that Pete would do his delivery at the end of the day so that we could have a bit of fun but he arrived just before noon. Lisa again sent the newbie (me) to help him unload. I lifted my top and my skirt for a while to let him have a grope.

Lisa checked with me to make sure that both Isla and I were still okay for the next day.

That evening I decided that I was comfortable enough with Isla to go out for a drink with her. I had finally found someone who I could socially chat with without feeling uncomfortable. After phoning her I met her outside a pub between where she lives and where I live. We didn’t need to talk about what we’d be wearing because we both knew that the other wouldn’t be wearing very much at all. I chose a skirt that is shorter at the front than the back and I can, and often do, wear it so that my slit is visible to anyone who cares to look, Together with that I wore a sleeveles blouse that I had bought from Lisa’s shop. It’s slightly see-through and has a low, scooped front but it’s also baggy so when I lean forwards it is very easy for someone to look down the front and see my tits.

I’d met Isla outside the pub and we went in together. As we walked to the bar to get a drink I noticed a couple of guys looking at us but that didn’t bother us. We bought bottles of beer then went to find somewhere to sit and talk. There ws a few tables in the middle of the room but Isla suggested that we go and sit at a table that was in front of the long bench seat that was at the front of the room.

That gave us 2 advantages and I knew exactly what they were when Isla suggested it. Firstly we could see everyone in the room, and secondly, we could sit slightly to either side of the small table and our bare legs would be visible to the mjority of the people in the room if they cared to look. And when I say bare legs I mean bare right up to our stomachs because neither of us crossed our legs.

We were soon talking about the little adventures that we’d had and which ones we’d like to repeat if possible. In amongst talking about what we’d done, we added a few little fantasies of other outrageous things that we would like to do like going to uni classes totally naked, walking around town and the shoping centres totally naked, masturbating in public places, sunbathing naked in the public parks, getting fucked on a stage with a full-house audience.

Yes, we both had similar fantasies.

Whilst we were talking we were both looked round to see who was looking at us and when we saw someone looking for more than a quick glance we whispered to the other one of us telling them which guys were looking at us.

Inevetably we got hit on by guys who fancied their chances with us. Some came over to us and some tried when one of us went to the bar to get another drink. We always declined the offers to buy a drink for us, us not wishing to risk being given a spiked drink even if it was just a few vodkas added to it to get us pissed.

Twice, two guys came and sat at our table to try to hit on us. Neither Isla nor myself were sure if the guys realised that by sitting in front of us they’s get a better look at our bare pussies but we made sure that they had plenty to see by spreading our knees a bit more.

Other guys just stood in front of us and looked down on us as the talked to us. Those guys got look at my tits because I leant forward whenever they spoke, pretending that it was easier to hear them.

Of course neither Isla nor myself gave any indication that we knew that we were displaying our goodies.

Towards the end of the evening we both went to the ladies room intending to leave the pub when we left the ladies. When we came out there were 2 guys stood there and they immediately started hitting on us. Both guys were cute and pleasant in manor so Isla and I talked to them. They invited us to go to a club with them but we declined, Isla and I having previously talked about clubs and shared our dislike of them. After a while one of them asked us to go for ‘one last drink’ with them and when we asked where, one of them said that there was plenty of booze back at their flat.

Isla and I looked at each other and we knew what the other was thinking so I told them to lead the way.

By the time we were a short distnace from the pub one of the guys was talking to Isla and the other to me and before we’d got much further I saw Isla and her guy duck into a shop doorway and start making out. My guy pulled me into the same shop doorway and he was soon all over me as well.

He was cute looking so I was happy to go along with it and as we kissed he put one hand in my top and the other up my skirt. I say ‘up my skirt’ but the fabric didn’t move before his hand was on my very wet pussy.

The guy had obviously been very turned on because he fingerd me like a mad man whist playing with one of my tits and trying to get his tongue down my throat.

Of course by then I was up for anything and he knew it because my right hand was rubbing his cock over his jeans. Seconds later his hands left my pussy and tit and went to my butt, them finding what he already knew, I was knickerless. He grabbed my bare butt and lifted me up, my legs wrapping round his waist and my arms going round his neck.

My wet pussy was leaving my juices all over the front of his jeans.

After a bit more kissing and butt grabbing I felt one of his hands reaching up between my legs. I guessed what he was trying to do and pulled myself up him so that he could get to his zip and I loudly moaned as I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy.

As I lowered myself, impaling myself as I did so, I was moaning and trying to get my tongue down his throat. When his cock was a good way in me both his hands were back on my butt and he started raising and lowering me.

I was getting fucked in a shop doorway in the middle of town and I was loving it.

He came first and when he stopped lifting and lowering me I said,

“Keep going, I haven’t cum yet.”

Thankfully he did and as I orgsmed I released my grip on his neck so that I got as much of his cock inside me as pussible.

It was ony when I started to come down from my high that I looked over to Isla and saw that she had her legs wrapped around her guys waist and she looked like she was in the middle of an orgasm.

When Erotik hikaye we all got our wits about us we straightened our clothes and started walking again. We’d only gone a few metres when 2 policemen turned a corner and started walking towards us.

“That was close.” One of the guys said,

Isla and I pulled on the hems of our skirts to make sure that our slits were hidden although it probably wouldn’t have made any difference because of the lack of light.

Once we were well passed the coppers I turned to my guy and said,

“You know guys, I think that Kat and myself will head for home. It’s been fun but we have to be up early in the morning.”

“Oh, okay then, you don’t fancy a round 2 then?” One of the guys replied.

“Hey, it was good guys but we need to get our beauty sleep, it’s going to be a busy day for us.”

We parted compny and Isla and I went in our direction not even looking back at the guys.

As Isla and I walked we compared notes about the guys and we both confessed that it was the first time that we’d fucked on a public street but we both said that we wanted to do it again, preferably in daylight and when there was more people about.

I left my new toys alone when I got bck to my room and went straight to sleep.


My alarm woke me at 06:30 a.m. and after rubbing out a quick one whilst fantasizing about what might happen that day, I jumped out of bed and spent a good half an hour in my tiny bathroom making sure that there wasn’t a hair below my neck, that my skin was silky smooth and that I smelt nice. For the first time since school prom night I put a bit of make-up on but that was only some lipstick.

Then I went and got myself some breakfast and was a little disappointed, but not surprised, that no one else was around, then I went and put on just my shortest summer dress and my only pair of heels, I must go and buy some more shoes. Putting just my phone in my little shoulder bag I set off. It was quite chilly and my pokies were magnificent, My clit feeling quite hard as well.

Isla wasn’t at our arranged meeting place and I stood shivering for a couple of minutes before she arrived. When she did she looked as cold as I did and her pokies were doing her proud under her thin summer dress.

Fortunately, a big van pulled up beside us and I could see Steve was driving it. We quickly climbed in and I was pleased that Steve had the heater on.

“I know that you are Sandra,” Steve said, “I’d recognise those tits anywhere so you must be Isla, pleased to meet you both.”

I looked down at my chest and saw that the thin fabric of my dress was clinging to my skin showing the pointy shape of my little tits.

“That’s right Steve,” I replied, “Lisa told me that you’d seen me naked when one of the other girls played a trick on me. So where are we going and what will we be doing? Also, Lisa didn’t tell me how much you wil be paying us?”

Steve answered the first 2 questions then said,

“As for money, I was under the impression that both of you were full blown exhibitionists and would do anything to get those amazing bodies seen by hundreds of people.”

“That’s true,” Isla said, “but I’d like to think that we were getting some sort of financial reward.”

“And so you shall, I’ll pay you the usual rate for nude models which is around 10 times what Lisa pays you Sandra, will that be enough?”

“It certainly will.” I replied. “So you want us naked all the time then?”

“Do you want us to get naked right now, in the van,” Isla said, “because we will if that’s what you want.”

“That would be too much of a distraction girls but it is a nice thought. No, wait until we get into the aptly named exhibition hall.”

“So will there be other naked girls there?” Isla asked.

“Yes, mine isn’t the only stand to relalise that naked girl flesh is good for sales, even to shop keepers.”

“So shops are your main customers then Steve?” I asked.

“Yes, but I do sell to anyone who wants to buy.”

“So what happens at these erotic equipment conventions?” Isla asked.

“Well they are there for people to see what erotic equipment is on the market and to see most of it in use.” Steve answered.

“So we’ll have to demonstrate dildos and vibrators?” I asked.

“Yes, but so much more. There’s bondage equipment, dungeon items, sexy clothes, punishment equipment and lots more.”

“What sort of dungeon equipment?” Isla asked.

“Ropes, spreaders, fucking machines, orgasm encouragement and denial devices, whips, padals, torture devices, spanking mchines, the list goes on. I’m sure that you’ll see things that you never even imagined.”

“They sound fun,” I said, “and you sell all these things?”

“Yes, so you fancy being tied up and spanked do you Sandra?”

“Been there, done that, although we didn’t get a T-shirt did we Isla.”

“No.” Isla added,

“There’ll probably be a stand there where you can get a T-shirt printed with ‘I’ve been spanked’ or something like that on it.” Steve replied.

“So will we get some breaks where we can wander around and see all these things?” I asked.

“Of course you will, I’m not a slave driver.” Steve replied. “You might even see a slave auction going on.”

“They sell girls at these events do they Steve?” Isla asked.

“No, not at these events, the auctions here are fake but there are real ones going on around this country, It’s not just the middle east that has slave auctions you know.”

“Really!?” Isla asked.

“Oh yes, and that’s not including all the Asians grooming the young white girls that goes on in lots of UK cities.” Steve said.

“Yes, I’ve read about that, the police are too scared to do anything about it because the do-gooders will say that they are being racist and the politician just pretend that it isn’t hppening.” I said.

“That’s right but some of it does have it’s good points,” Steve continued, “did Lisa tell you about the CMNF dinner and dance that we went to a few months ago where there was a couple of Asain guys there with 4 naked girls all younger than you two?”

“No.” Isla said, “CMNF, is that clothed male, naked female?”

“Yes Isla,” I replied, “I’m guessing that there will be a lot of that today, I like the idea of a CMNF dinner and dance, don’t you Isla.”

“I certainly do, how does one get invited?”

Steve didn’t answer that one because we arrived at the exhibition centre and I giggled and said,

“Exhibition Centre, did they name the place after your erotic equipment convention?”

“Ha, no they didn’t Sandra, but it is appropriate isn’t it?” Steve replied.

Steve parked the van then asked Isla and I to carry some boxes in. When I picked up one box it trapped the front of my dress up by my stomach. I knew that my slit was on display but I didn’t care.

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