Sandy and I, Weekend Away part 1


Sandy and I, Weekend Away part 1Read “My Wife Caught Me” first.It had been two weeks since Sandy and Karen caught me in the basement, she had said nothing about that afternoon but I felt something was brewing.We had booked a weekend get away some time ago and was this weekend, three days at a resort to relax and be pampered.I got home about 3:00 Friday, “Jim, I packed your bag already and put clean stuff on the bed for you after your shower, I’m ready as soon as your done” Sandy told me. I showered and dressed and we on the road by 3:30.It was a 2 hour drive and we hardly spoke all the way there, but that was the same for the last 2 weeks. Boy I had been looking forward to this weekend before that, but now, how was it going to go, 3 full days together and nothing happening.We arrived and checked in the went for dinner. It was a really nice place and good dinner but silent. I was about to head back for the room and suggested we go to their night club, have a couple of drinks and maybe we could loosen up some and talk.That did help, after a couple drinks we started to talk. Sandy had told me that she was surprised about my dressing but was really trying to accept it. I explained that I didn’t mean to hurt her, but I wasn’t really sure why but my dressing started when I was in my early teens. I had never done anything with anyone while dressed but had fantasized about being taken by a guy and made his bitch.After a few hours of talking we went to go and change into relaxing evening clothes and return for some dancing. On our way out this black guy at the bar stopped us, “Sandy? “ he asked, “Sandy Parks, right, Clint, from Western, we were in Prof. Davis class together, right?”Sandy paused, “ Oh…, yes, I remember you, how are you, oh, and this my husband Jim.”“ Nice to see you, you two here for a few days, we need to catch up”, Clint said.Sandy smiled, “Sure, maybe later, we going sarıyer escort to change into more relaxing clothes, check with you after, we’re in room 223.” Clint smiled back and we took off for the room.“Who was that Sandy ?” I asked on the way up to the room. Sandy told me just a guy that she went to collage with and was part of a study group she was in. That made me think, I knew Sandy was fairly wild back then, same as most of us, what kind of study group was it, but i decided to just let it go for now.Once in the room we going to get ready for, Sandy was in the bathroom when I open my suitcase for the first, “Sandy what the Hell did you pack for me?”I could hear her chuckle, “ Jim, I thought you liked to be Kim, so I packed for her”.On top was my false breasts and lingerie, it looked like bras and panties and my wig in there also. I went to the closet and open my hanging bag, dresses, skirts and tops. “I thought you wanted to back downstairs, what am I to put on.”Sandy came out of the bathroom, “Now Kim, just get dressed and fix yourself pretty, we can girlfriends out for some fun tonight”.“But.., I can’t go out dressed, I only do this in private, I’m not doing this”, I answered.“Oh just do it”, Sandy said, “ For me please, I have fantasizes also you know, might really make a difference later tonight for us both, and besides who knows us here anyways”.I was still sort of miffed but if it would help things between us, then, maybe, I think she knows that I have thought about doing it in the past. Then I remembered, “ What about Clint, he knows you, and has saw me already, I can’t do it”I saw she was thinking, “ What about we tell him that we got back to the room and you didn’t feel well, and I called my friend Kim to join me that were here to visit anyways ?”I finally agreed to that and got ready, Sandy helped esenyurt escort with my makeup to get it just right. Iwent and looked in full mirror on the bathroom door, Wow, did I look good, hell I’d hit on me in a bar.We went down to the club, I was nervous and scared, yet excited. On our way to a table I noticed some guys looking, then one yelled, “ You two sexy women need some action”. I nearly collapsed,We found a table and Sandy ordered us drinks. We talked some and then Clint came over, “Hi Sandy, where’s Jim, and, who is your gorgeous friend ?”“This is Kim, a friend, we use to work together, that’s why were here, for a visit’, Sandy told him, “ And oh, Jim, he was tried and feeling well, he ‘s laying down for a while”.Clint sat with us so him and Sandy could catch up. After a while the band was playing one of Sandy’s favorite songs, “ Clint, dance with me, Please?” she asked. The two of them hit the dance floor, they danced for two songs before returning, Clint sat between us then.“ Sandy says your single Kim, is that right ? “ , Clint asked me. I shook my head not wanting to talk and give myself away by my man voice. Clint’s hand slid off the table on on to my leg, rubbing my leg my dressed slid up and soon he was rubbing my stocking cover leg. I was ready to move his hand when I started to think how much I liked it, my cock was coming to life in my panties, Oh shit, No, it was going to give me away.“Sandy, I think it’s time to go”, I slid away from Clint and stood up.“ Alright, Kim, if that’s what you want”, Sandy replied, “ Maybe see you later Clint, I guess it’s time to go’.Back in our room I was still semi-hard thinking about Clint feeling me up a little, I was close to needing something in me and jerking off. Sandy took the ice bucket and went for ice so we could have a night cap. A few minutes later a knock at the door, she forgot avrupa yakası escort her key to get back in, I opened it without even thinking or looking, it was Clint, “ Hi Kim, thought you went home, you forgot your purse, I was bring it to Sandy”.“How did you” and I stopped. He sort of pushed his way in, “ But”, was all I got out.“ Your very sexy Kim”, as he was closing the door, “or should I call you Jim now ? “My secret was out, and Clint was squeezing my ass, “ You make on Hot bitch Jim, sorry, Kim”. He had grasped my arm and spun me around, one arm now against my back, the other on my ass. “ I noticed the tent growing in your dress at the table, did I make you Hot, you want to felt up ?”All I could do is shake my head yes. He leaned in and kissed me, open mouth, forcing my mouth open with his tongue. I didn’t know how to respond so I pulled away. “ Don’t be shy, and he pushed me down, “ Open my pants and get to work, Bitch”.I unzipped him, my hands shaking, undid the snap and his pants fell, out came a good 9” cock, and thick, ‘Well it not going to suck it self, open up, Bitch”. I open and took the head of his monster in my mouth. Licking to start, then he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed me over it, “ Suck it Bitch”.I had sucked my dildos before but this was different, and real. I started sucking, moving back and forth on it, my hand went up and rubbed his sack, his cock got even bigger and thicker, I couldn’t keep in my mouth. “ Come on Bitch, you can do it, we both know you want it”.I kept going, getting my mouth open more and taking it deeper every time. After a few minuets I was taking almost his whole shaft in my mouth, sucking like mad, “ You are one Horny Slut now, Suck It, make me cum, Bitch”, I was loving the dirty talk and just kept sucking.I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth, was he ready to cum, I was not ready for this, did i want his cum in my mouth, his hands held my head tight, “Uhh, Shit,Uhh” was all I heard before I felt his cum hit my throat, do I swallow, spit it out, “Swallow it Bitch, Don’t waste it”.Just then I heard the faint click in the back ground, I looked, it was Sandy with her camera, “I knew given a chance you would be good little cocksucker, Kimmy”.

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