Sandy Ch. 02


I unloaded my truck and put most of it away. I had shut the bedroom door, so I would not awaken Sandy. Now I opened the door and quietly put the stuff away that went in the bedroom. When I finished that, I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Washing my long hair is always a treat when I get home. On the rig, there is never enough hot water to do the job properly.

When I returned to the bedroom, Sandy had rolled over onto her side but was still sleeping. With a smile, I went into the living room, closing the door behind me. I rummaged around the kitchen, trying to figure out what I wanted to fix for supper. I had a pound of hamburger already thawed from the long drive home, so I settled on spaghetti. I fried the hamburger and added it to my sauce.

Leaving it simmering, I got a beer from the refrigerator and headed for the sun deck out back. The evening shadows were long and the air was cooling off nicely. The slight breeze from the lake felt good all the same. I stripped off my shorts and sat down in a deck chair. It felt so good to get my clothes off after so long a time.

I’m a nudist by choice, so when I have the time and the place, the clothes come off. Everyone that knows me well knows to blow their horn or to call, when they come to visit. If I’m home, I am nude, that’s just the way it is.

I had finished my beer and was about to get up to go inside, when the back door opened and Sandy looked out. Seeing me on the deck, she grinned and said, “There you are, I thought for a minute that I had dreamed you.”

“Not hardly,” I said with a grin of my own. “Come on out and join me.”

She leaned out and looked both ways before she said, “Uh, I’m kind of naked here. I wouldn’t want the neighbors to talk.”

I laughed and said, “Well, I’m naked too. Why do you think there are four-foot walls around most of this thing? There is a black silk robe on the back of the bathroom door. Use that and grab a couple of beers when you come out, that is if you feel like drinking.”

She laughed and asked, “Do fish have gills?” Grinning, she closed the door.

It took her only a few moments to open the door again. The robe was large on her to say the least; it looked more like a long dress. She climbed down and closed the door, before coming over and opening the deck gate. She stopped just inside and looked at me.

After a moment or two, she said, “Hmmm, not bad for an old man.”

I chuckled and replied, “Hey, watch the old comments, okay. I can’t help it if I’m a thirty seven year old, trapped in a fifty five year old body.”

She looked at me a little longer before she said, “You aren’t that old. Paul’s older than you are.”

I laughed and told her, “Nope. Paul is a year younger than I am.”

She walked over pulling a beer out of each pocket of the robe, as she said, “No way, he looks ten years older than you. I figured you were mid forties, maybe.”

I shook my head and said, “Nope, I’ll be fifty six in December. You’re right though, Paul does look older, he’s had a hard life, I guess.”

Sandy looked around and then slipped the robe off, laying it on the table. As she settled into the chair across the table from me, I asked, “So, what happened to make Paul lock you out?”

She frowned a moment and then said quietly, “I did something I shouldn’t have. I was short on cash, so I took one of his checks and wrote it out for twenty five dollars and then cashed it up at the store where I work.”

I nodded knowingly. Paul was rather tight with his money.

“I was going to give it back to him on Friday, when I got paid. If he had been home, I would have asked him for it and there would have been no problem. He was at the bar as usual and I’m getting tired of asking him for pocket money.”

When she finished, I said, “You didn’t know Paul’s last wife. She was notorious for cashing a couple of his checks and taking off for parts unknown to party until the money ran out.”

“Believe me, I’ve heard all about it in no uncertain terms, just before he threw me out.” She paused and took a deep breath, “I’m not her, and I never will be. I pay my own way; I work and take care of him and his house. This isn’t the first time I’ve paid for the fuck ups of his other wives. It will be the last time though. I don’t need him or his shit.”

I sat there trying to decide what to say. They made a cute couple but I did not know what went on in their relationship. After nearly a minute I said, “Paul will cool down after a bit and realize he needs you.”

She laughed bitterly, “Probably not. He’s up at the bar every morning to get an eye opener, then he goes there for lunch, and around two thirty or three he takes off and has supper there. The last time we had sex was the day after our wedding, that’s been like six months ago.”

She glanced at me for a second and continued, “He needs me? Who says, I need him? If it wasn’t for my toys, I’d be a frustrated old lady.”

I chuckled and said, “You’re not old, and right now you’re definitely not frustrated.”

She laughed and replied, hd abla “You got that right. I didn’t know surgery could be so much fun. When that thing went in it blew my mind and when it came out, it blew it again. When you started to play with that other toy, I wasn’t too sure about it, but then you started licking me again, man did I go boom. Up in flames and down for the count.”

I grinned and said, “It was my pleasure, trust me.”

She laughed and asked, “Did you get it all on film?”

I laughed and nodded as I answered, “We can check it later, if you like?”

She grinned and said, “I’ve never been in a movie before, that’s what had me so turned on when you got here. When you licked my thigh, I thought I had been caught. Between that and that damn little bullet slipping into my ass, I literally exploded. Damn, what an orgasm, I thought it would never end.”

I nodded and said, “At the time, I had the same thought.”

Grinning, she glanced down at my hard manhood and then just stared, before she said, “I see you liked my little show. Were you that way when you were watching the live performance?”

When I said, “Yes,” she glanced up at my face and then back to my lap. “That must have been quite a sight. I wished I had of known that. That would have felt much, much better than that little plastic toy. That is, if I could get it in. Right now that toys a tight fit.”

“You seemed to be doing just fine the way you were,” I said with a chuckle.

She grinned and stood up to walk around the table. She turned and sat down in my lap, putting an arm around my neck. “I want to thank you for helping to get that little bullet out and for those out of this world orgasms that went along with it.”

She wiggled on my lap for a second and said, “Damn that things hot and hard against my ass.”

She leaned over and snagged her beer. After taking a swallow, she rocked from side to side and said mostly to herself, “I wonder what it would feel like buried to the hilt in me.”

When a little shutter ran through her body, she laughed and whispered, “Down girl. You’re a guest remember. Anyway, he’s the man and he’ll make a move when he’s ready.”

Laughing, I slipped an arm under her legs and stood up with her in my arms. When I headed for the gate, she asked, “Where are we going?”

“To the kitchen so I can finish supper, right this minute. Later, is a whole other question,” I said as I pushed the gate open.

She glanced around as we crossed the open space to the back door. “It’s too dark for anyone to see us. If you’ll open the door, we’ll go inside.”

She opened the door; I stood her up on the kitchen floor, before I climbed up the three-foot rise. When I stood up, she reached up and put her arms around my neck, pulling me down for a soft sweet kiss. When she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes and smiled.

“You’re something else. Here I am, running around naked, and I feel totally safe. As safe as I want to be anyway.”

I chuckled and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment, I think.”

“You’d better, because that’s what it is,” she said with a smile.


After supper, she insisted on doing the dishes, so I helped by drying them and putting everything away. When we were finished, she asked if we could go back out to the deck and relax with another beer. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Now that the sun was down, it was pleasantly cool. We sat for a long time quietly watching the stars, and the bats. I had just about finished my beer, when Sandy asked, “Do you want another beer?” When I said no, she came over and sat on my lap again.

“Well, what do you want?” She asked softly, wiggling around.

I chuckled and pulled her to me for a kiss. This one was just as sweet and soft but it slowly built in passion. My hands were roaming over her body, exploring the new terrain. When my hand slowly wandered over her left breast, she pressed it firmly against my palm and moaned softly. I caressed her breast and then rolled the hard nipple gently between my finger and thumb, this brought a louder moan.

A few seconds later she broke the kiss and said, “Lets go in the house and get more comfortable.”

Once again, I picked her up and carried her to the door. As she opened it, she said, “This is getting to be a habit, one that I could get to like.” She ended with a soft laugh.

I stood her up in the kitchen and climbed up after her. As I shut the door, she wrapped the fingers of her left hand around my hard shaft and said, “Follow me, it’s my turn to take care of your little problem. I hope you like it as much as I did when you took care of mine.”

She led me into the semi dark bedroom and climbed up onto the bed, never releasing her hold on me. When I followed her up, she pushed me over onto my back and ran both hands slowly and lightly up and down my manhood.

“Hmmm,” she whispered, “This may not be that small of a problem. It seems to still be growing.”

She lowered her head and ran her hot tongue up and down my hentai porno shaft in long slow licks. “You taste nice,” she said as she licked at the clear drop of fluid at the tip.

She worked her tongue in firm circles just under the flanged head. I stiffened up as my hips moved upward. “Oh, you like that do you?” She asked.

Before I could answer, she sucked the head into her mouth and applied her tongue vigorously. When I let out a soft moan and lifted my hips again, she took more of me into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the shaft for a moment, before she started to bob her head up and down. My hips moved in counterpoint until I felt my orgasm rising.

“You’d better quit right now or I’m going to drown you,” I said, in a halting voice.

She lifted her eyes to my face and moved her head up and down faster, pressing her tongue against the shaft, which pressed the sensitive head to the roof of her mouth. It only took a moment before I was coming long and hard. She stopped moving her head with me deep in her mouth and swallowed, her tongue fluttering all over.

I groaned deeply as my hips jerked once and then again. She eased part of me out of her mouth, until her tongue could swirl around the head, I groaned again.

She continued to lick and suck for another few moments and then she took me out of her mouth, with a soft slurping sound. She grinned broadly and smacked her lips before she said softly, “Yummy.”

She planted a kiss on the very tip and then crawled up to lay down on top of me. She looked into my face and then lightly kissed my lips. When she pulled back, she wiggled from side to side and said, “Hmmm, you make a nice comfy teddy bear.”

When I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her, she kissed me again. As the kiss went on, I let my hands and arms roam her slender body. After a while, she broke the kiss, laid her head down on my shoulder, and kissed my neck.

She sighed deeply and whispered, “This is nice. Paul never liked to cuddle or to hold me. After sex, what little there was, it was time to sleep. I’ve never understood that.”

I was not sure what to say or if I should say anything, so I remained quiet. She cuddled up tighter to me and relaxed. I reached over, flipped the bedspread over us, and hugged her gently.

After a time, I thought she had gone to sleep and I was almost dozed off myself. She sighed contentedly and sat up, straddling my hips, with her hands on my chest. I smiled at her and she grinned back. She wiggled around on top of me for a second and then reached behind her to find my soft manhood.

She stroked it lightly with her fingertips for a moment and then said with a grin, “It looks like I killed it. So much for finding out if it would fit or not.”

I laughed and replied; “It’s just resting. You did kind of, take the stuffing out of it.”

She grinned and said, “Stuffing? That thing was cream filled. I should know, since I ate the whole thing.”

Her fingers were still stroking my manhood and balls, teasingly. She leaned forward and brushed her lips softly against mine for a second, before she said, “Ok, since I can’t ravage you, why don’t you show me my movie? I’m curious to see how it came out.”

When I laughed, she chuckled and added, “I didn’t mean the bullet.”

I rolled her over onto her back, with me on top. I ducked my head, sucked her right nipple into my mouth, and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. When I did, her back arched and she drew a hissing breath. When I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, I had over half of it inside. I swirled my tongue over the smooth skin, which caused her to groan softly.

I slowly released it, once again flicking my tongue at the stiff nipple. Moving my head over, I did the left breast the same way. Now her hands were on my head, as she pressed herself tightly against my mouth. The groan was now a loud moan, as my tongue glided over her sensitive breast.

I released the breast to nibble and lick along the bottom of her rib cage and then down across her stomach. When I reached her navel, I dipped my tongue inside and swirled it around. Her stomach muscles jerked and her hands were back on my head.

As my tongue traced a path down and around the fine tuft of hair on her mound, she pulled on my head and said, “No, don’t.”

When I asked why? She giggled and said, “I have to go pee. The beer, remember?”

I planted one last kiss on her mound and sat up on my heels, “Okay, you go pee and I’ll see about setting up the movie.”

She sat up, glanced down at my semi-ridged manhood, and grinned. “Hmmm, he seems to like what you were doing, I know I did.”

I laughed and said, as I got off the bed, “That’s my lesbian side showing through.”

“I’ll definitely have to remember that,” she said with a grin.


I was in the living room, rewinding the tape from the camera, when she returned from the bathroom. “Is it ready?” She asked excitedly.

“All but the popcorn.” I answered with a grin.

She looked kızıl porno at me sharply for a moment and then laughed, as she realized I was joking. “All I have to do is hit this button and a star is born. Are you ready?” I asked as I moved over to the couch next to her.

She nodded, as she took a deep breath and said, “I think so. I don’t know. Really, I’m not sure if I want to see myself acting like I was.”

I grinned and put my arm around her, as I mashed the button on the remote. The television screen sprang to life, showing her taking off a pair of shorts, her ass pointed at the camera, her bare sex peeking out from between her thighs.

Sandy hid her eyes and said, “I can’t watch.”

On the screen, she stood up and removed her blouse. She turned around and sat down on the bed, saying, “This is for you, my good friend. I needed a place to stay and this is my way of paying you back. I hope you enjoy it, I think I will.”

She lay back on the bed and slowly ran her hands over her breasts. She spent time teasing and pinching her nipples, before one hand roamed down over her belly to tease her pussy. As her hand slipped between her legs, they spread wide, and she lifted her feet to place the heels on the edge of the bed. Her fingers ran up and down the short slit, pausing at the top to circle her clit, and dipping into her opening at the bottom.

A soft gasp from next to me caused me to look over at Sandy. Her eyes were locked on the screen but her hands were pinching and tugging at her nipples. When I gave her a little squeeze, she glanced up at me and grinned lopsidedly.

I smiled back and said, “I think you look beautiful and I thank you for the present.”

She looked at the screen and then back at me, before she said, “No one has ever watched me play with myself before, and I sure as hell have never watched myself. I can’t believe I’m getting turned on by it.” Her hand dipped down between her legs for moment and she chuckled.

Looking back at the screen she added, “I’m wetter now than I was when I was actually doing this.”

I grinned, as I turned slightly toward her and picked her up, sitting her on my lap. She put her left arm around my neck, but her right hand stayed between her legs. I held her with my right arm and brought my left hand across to roll a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned softly, her eyes glued to the television.

When I looked back at the screen, her hand was going out of the picture and reappeared holding the pink vibrator. I could faintly hear it vibrating, as she touched it first to one hard nipple, and then the other. Slowly she dragged it down across her stomach and rubbed it across her mound.

Next to me, Sandy moaned softly and a shiver ran up her body. I moved my hand to her other nipple and tugged on it gently. Her breath hissed sharply.

Back on the screen, she moved the little toy down and brushed it against her clit, which made her hips jump. She did this once more, before she slid the toy down her slit, across her wet opening, and back and forth over her anus.

Her other hand disappeared for a second to return with the silver bullet. This hand went under her leg and she rubbed the rounded end of the bullet against her asshole. Her hips jerked several times and then settled down. The pink vibrator was slowly disappearing inside her vagina; her hips started to work up and down as it did.

Sandy shifted her leg over off mine. I looked down to see them spread wide apart as she worked two fingers in her pussy. A long low moan escaped her lips and she leaned her head back against my shoulder. I shifted slightly, picked her up, and got to my feet. I turned around and laid her on the couch.

When I picked her up, I had trapped her hand between her legs. Now, her legs spread wide again and her fingers went back to work in her sex. With a smile, I knelt down and took a hold of her wrist. I pulled the fingers out and stuck them in my mouth, sucking her sweet juices from them.

When they were clean, I leaned down and ran my tongue up the center of her, from her asshole to her clit, slowly. Her knees jerked up and went wider as a loud yell came from her.

I took another long slow lick, before I came back up to my knees and moved forward. When I was between her thighs, I used my hand to rub the head of my now hard dick against her clit. Her hips jerked as her hands jumped between us to grab my manhood. She rolled her hips up as she rubbed the head of my shaft up and down her slit.

After a moment of this, she centered me in her opening and I pressed myself forward. The head entered her tight opening and then about an inch of the shaft. She yelled incoherently as her legs wrapped around me. I held still for a moment and then slowly worked my hips back and forth. I could feel the head of my dick sliding back and forth in her; going a little deeper each time, I moved my hips forward.

I was only halfway in when I felt and heard her start to come. Her hips were jerking, up, down and sideways as she yelled loudly. Her heels were beating on my ass and her fingernails were ripping at my shoulders. Her insides were trying to crush me and to pull me deeper in, both at the same time. I held still and waited, enjoying the feeling of it all, except for the fingernails.

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