Sarah Has A Party Ch. 02


I don’t think I said this before, but the pussy I ate belonged to a girl named Sarah as well. There’s your fun fact!

So us two Sarahs were sitting on the bed in our undies, me with my tits out. We paused to take in some more praise from our viewers. She was kissing on my neck, I was just enjoying her lips moaning a little. Eventually the boys had filed out leaving just us girls sitting on my bed.

Meanwhile downstairs something unexpected. My Uncle knew my parents were leaving me alone for a long amount of time and thought he would stop by to see how I was doing. His car pulled into the driveway, he got out, and headed to my front door. He rang the bell and some random drunk kid answered and told him to come in. This was odd, he thought. He continued to wander through the house, seeing more and more kids he did not recognize. Eventually he asked where I was. After straining to make himself understandable to the drunk kid he asked he got his answer.

“I think she’s upstairs bro.” The kid said.

My uncle went up the stairs. It was a lot quieter than the main floor and he could hear noises only from my room. He turned towards them, and proceeded to knock on the door.

I told the knock to come in, not knowing who it was. The door opened and there he stood. I immediately rushed to cover myself up, but it was too late. He got an eyeful of me, and even if I was fully clothed I was in bed with a strange (to him) half naked girl.

“Umm oh god, Sarah.” He stammered. “I was just stopping by to see if you needed anything.”

“OH uncle Fred, it’s not what you think we were just…” I started to say but was interrupted by the other Sarah.

“Hi there uncle Fred, I am Sarah, you just missed me eating your nieces pussy.” She said in her cutest little girl tone.

Fred was…well he was old. He was in his late 40s, and while that might not be old in the grand scheme of things, it’s ancient to two young girls like us. But for an ‘old’ guy I guess he was pretty attractive. Tall and well built, he was a solid 6’2″, about 180lbs. He was in really good shape for a guy his age. He had dark salt and pepper hair and a slight dark beard. A 5 o’clock shadow really.

He stood in my doorway shocked at Saran’s comments. I continued altyazılı porno to cover myself with a bed sheet whilst Sarah stood up and walked over to him.

“You must’ve seen the craziness downstairs, would a big strong guy like you be nice enough to protect us little girls from it?” she asked placing her dainty hands on his wide shoulders.

Fred just stood there while little Sarah draped her half naked self all over him.

“Isn’t it cute how he can’t talk?” She asked the room, “maybe he can do something else?” she said with a grin.

She moved moved a hand to grab one of his big paws, she placed it on her tit. I saw his face turn bright red, but he didn’t remove the hand. She told him to give it a squeeze and tell her what he thought.

“They are excellent.” He mumbled, finally breaking his silence.

She then craned her neck up and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. He kissed her back and give her rack another squeeze. By now Fred was loosening up and he reached his other hand down to her crotch and gave it a rub. She moaned at this, kissing him harder. Gaining more confidence with every kiss, Fred pulled her panties to the side. One fat finger followed another as he slide two into her warm hole. His finger fucking continued to gain pace as she moaned and kissed him. She broke their kiss to say she was about to cum. Fred wrapped a strong arm around her as her legs turned to rubber, she moaned loudly as she shot stream after stream of her hot sticky juices onto his pant leg.

After she ceased she knelt down in front of him saying she was sorry and that she could clean him up. She lapped her fluids off his pants, slowly moving higher. After she had licked his pants ‘clean’ she stopped at his crotch. She looked up at him and asked if there was anything else he needed while she was there. He groaned. She bit down on his fly and pulled it open. She reached in and said:

“Uncy what’s this?” In her best baby voice.

She then pulled it out, his snake spat precum in her face. She tried to fain surprise, but obviously she was an experienced girl.

His cock wasn’t huge by any means, it looked to be 6 or 7 inches in length, and had quite a skinny shaft. It did have one thing going for it though. amatör porno He had a mammoth cock-head. I’m not sure a description could do it justice, it was certainly the biggest one I’ve seen in my young life for real or in porn. The skinny shaft it sat of just made it look even bigger in comparison. The next thing I knew, Sarah had him all the way in her mouth. I thought straight for a second, what was I doing? I was sitting there admiring my friend sucking my dad’s brother’s cock.

There was my friend bobbing her mouth on my uncle. She took her lips off to say:

“Hey sis, I think uncy wants you to come help.” Even though she wasn’t my sister I thought why not play her game?

“One second sis.” I responded. “I’m cumming over to help you with uncy Fred right now”

I scooted over and joined my friend on her knees. We sucked and sucked on Fred. Taking turns licking his massive lollypop. Like all good little nieces should we made a point to not forget the balls. We slobbered all over him, intertwining our tongues on his cock-head. He groaned loudly in appreciation of our efforts. His bulbous pecker would periodically shoot wads of precum at us. He tasted so sticky and nice, we fought over who got to swallow them.

I popped my lips off his dick.

“Gosh uncy, I’ve got this strange feeling.” I purred> “Do you know how I could feel better?”

He lifted me up and walked me over to the bed.

“Now where does it feel funny?” He asked. “Here?” He patted my tummy.

“NO.” I said. “A little lower.”

He moved his hand down and pointed at my bu=belly button, I told him the feeling was lower down. He slid his hand down and gripped my panties. I said I thought it was coming from under them. He pulled them off me. He ran a finger through my bush and quickly found my clit.

I moaned, “yea that’s the spot!”

He informed me while rubbing that I had a very serious condition, and he could only think of one way to help me feel better.

“Anything, uncy, to help me feel good.” I said.

He climbed up on top of me and warned, “this may seem weird at first, but trust me in the end it will feel great.”

With that he gripped his member and slid it into my pussy. He pushed it in slowly arap porno at first, but soon was pumping it in and out real fast. His pants were down around his ankles now, I could hear his fat balls slapping on my ass. My pussy was so wet and it had dripped down all over me, almost every inch of me from the waist down was ultra sticky. My big tits bounced while he pumped, he squeezed them to hold them in place. I was getting so hot.

I screamed out, “Oh uncy this feels wonderful!”

I moaned loudly as he rhythmically humped me. I felt my pussy tighten around his big head. I screamed. Uncle Fred was giving me a huge orgasm. When I finally caught my breath. I heard a voice.

It was Sarah saying, “uncy I feel funny too, can you help me like you helped sis?”

I got out from under him and she slid in to take my place. He found his rod with his hand and pushed it into her wet pussy. She screamed in pleasure. He quickly removed his shirt and pants having learned his lesson, he didn’t want her to mess them up anymore. She gushed everywhere as he pounded, jet after jet squished out covering his entire mid section it seemed, the sticky juice rolled off his abs. Yea I said abs, my uncle was in great shape. He let out a loud yell:

“You girls made uncy feel real good too.” He groaned.

My ‘adopted’ sister grabbed my uncles hips and coaxed him to pound her as hard and as deep as he could. He let out a loud moan. she did too. I could tell he was filling her up. When he stopped moaning he withdrew his still twitching prick. It was spewing a few last globs so I gave it a suck and squeezed the last drops of his tasty juice out.

“Well I see you are doing alright Sarah, I’ll be on my way>\.” Fred said, as he scrambled to get his clothes on. Once dressed he left in a hurry, I imagine he was in full sprint through the downstairs and out the door.

I turned to Sarah and said “Hey sis, let me clean that up for you.”

I moved my tongue to her pussy lips then put my mouth around her opening and sucked his seed out. I sucked as much of it I could and swallowed every drop that I did. She shot another jet in my face. I looked up at her with a silly expression on my face we laughed and snuggled.

“So who was that guy?” She asked, using her normal voice now.

“My uncle Fred.” I replied.

She looked amazed and playfully gave my shoulder a shove:

“You slut! I can’t believe we just fucked your actual uncle!” Saying that she nuzzled her head into my chest, we embraced and close our eyes.

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