SARAH WENT WILDAnyone living in England knows hot summers are rare, but the summer of 1976 was one such. We,d been married seven years by then, lived in Essex with a three year old son and two year old daughter and I had a well paid security job in Prittlewell a part of Southend. One weekend I,d managed to get time off and my wife,s parents had kindly volunteered to look after the k**s and collected them Friday afternoon to take them to their home in North London to return them Sunday evening so we asked some friends over who lived just down the street. With the next house being the only one overlooking our garden being vacant and for sale that summer we could sunbathe naked and often did in the hot summer days when we could spare the time. Our garden Wasn,t all that big, but our cheap patio loungers, table, chairs and rusty barbecue got used a lot that year. Our friends John and Rita Coombes turned up,about 3 pm while we were wearing swim suits my wife in a revealing black bikini which showed lots of her thick pubic bush and me in brief trunks. John and Rita soon changed into swim wear using esenyurt escort our bathroom and joined us for drinks in the garden. Once we,d had a few drinks the women had dozed off and were softly snoring when I had an idea for some sexy fun. I went in to get some velvety cord I,d bought months before to bind Sarah during a kinky session and as I had two sets John and I Soon had the female,s wrists and ankles tied to the chairs carefully removing their costumes without waking them prior to tying them up so they were immobilised. John and I decided to start with Sarah and as John began to tickle my wife under her arms and her titties from the side I began to finger her juicey slit. Of course she awoke almost straight away. “What do you guys think you,re doing?” She gasped between uncontrollable giggles and moving her body in response. “Tickling you sweetie!” John laughed and tickled her more as I leaned over, kissed her navel running my tongue through it which made her squirm and wriggle even more while giggling loudly. Meanwhile a totally naked bound Rita avrupa yakası escort dozed on as I now used my fingers, mouth and tongue on my wife,s furry snatch making her juices flow even more freely down her inner thighs and onto the plastic chair. Now John switched places so now he was eating out my wife as I tickled her , John occasionally tickling her inner thighs as well. Sarah began to groan softly as she gasped knowing an intense climax was nearing and then her juices were shooting out almost as far as a man could ejaculate heavy semen, a prelude to an almighty orgasm that course through her entire body forcing her to rare up,to meet Johns tongue thrusts forcing him to swallow some of her copious fluids. So turned on now was my friend that he moved up and slipped his large prick in her pussy and started to fuck the juices out of her while I started to fuck her luscious warm mouth as she sucked my circumsised cock, the strong aroma of aroused cunt wafting to my nose as John fucked Sarah. It was me who pumped anadolu yakası escort my baby gravy down her cum hungry throat Loving her swallowing happily and as I withdrew it was John now filling her hot cunt with his cream till it flooded out and down her thighs. Amazingly despite what had taken place and the strong aroma of heady sex Rita slept on and it was only when I began to tickle her as John tickled her inner thighs that she awoke. “You Naughty Boys! What do,you think you,re doing?” she sighed. “Relax my love! You know you love being tickled!” John soothed her as he worked two fingers deep in her Fanny prior to,kissing her outer fleshy lips. “Kiss me Joe.” She urged so I gave her a long passionate snog before going back to tickling her under her arms and her big boobs. John was now eating Rita,s cunt loudly slurping away as she squirted small fountains of clear liquid almost as far as I could shoot sperm, groaning her pleasure as she did so. “Come On Joe Fuck My Twat!” she groaned, dirty words sounded strange coming from usually straight talking Rita. But of course I never refuse a ladie,s request and was soon pounding her sweet pussy as John forced his cock in her mouth till she was nearly swimming in our cum, Sarah squirming to be freed so she could join in. The women were so,turned on that Sarah licked all our cum out of Rita. Tired now we took a break for drinks and a few sandwiches before resuming our sexy antics.TBC

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