Sarah’s Submission: Ch 23 – Prom Night Begins


This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

The following day at school, Ali seemed to be in a much better mood to Sarah. Most likely because she got a full night’s sleep for the first time in a week. In addition, final preparations for prom were in full swing. Everyone talked about who was going with who, what they were going to wear, which after-party everyone planned on attending and the like.

However, Conner’s de***********ion of his awkward conversation with Joe and his refusal to go along with getting ‘pegged’, even with Conner’s assurances that the other three guys had all agreed, had Sarah fretting. When she pressed for further details, Conner told her that he didn’t think Joe really believed that the girls would have anal sex afterward, or do all of the crazy sexual stuff that he had promised, or even that Natalie would really go along with the whole orgy plan to begin with.

Knowing she needed to take matters into her own hands, she got Jenny after lunch to go with her and the two of them pulled Joe into one of the back hallways normally reserved for couples to make out. Everyone knew the special hidden nooks throughout the school. As soon as they had him cornered, Sarah kissed Joe fervently while Jenny rubbed his dick through his pants.

Having taken their bras off before finding him, she put his hand under her shirt and held it on her bare tit. His hesitancy at the surprising ambush soon evaporated and she felt him squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple. Too hard to be exciting, but she didn’t care. She broke off the kiss and looked up at him, “Please don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck both of us. I want to ride you and I really want your big dick to stretch out my tiny asshole. So does Jenny.” She gave him a big pout.

Changing positions quickly, Jenny grabbed his attention, “You do what we want and we’ll to ANYTHING you want. But I hope you will let me suck your cock. I can’t wait to get that huge penis in my throat. And anywhere else you want.” She gave him a seductive smile before leaning in to kiss him, invading his mouth with her tongue, while Sarah stuck his hand into her shorts and underwear making sure he touched her bald pussy.

“Sorry Joe, but we don’t have any pussy hair. Both our pussies are completely bare. If you like a girl with a thick bush, maybe we aren’t the right ones for you,” she whispered into his ear.

The girls left the poor boy with his dick rock-hard just as quickly as they had attacked him.

Finding Natalie a little later after her next class, Sarah told her exactly what she wanted her to say to Joe. With a sneaky smile, Natalie agreed and left to seek him out. Sarah had instructed her to tell him, “I want you to watch Sarah and I eat each other’s pussies. And fuck each other with strap-ons. Don’t you want to see that? All you have to do is let one of us fuck you with a strap-on first while the other sucks your dick. You’ll cum so hard.” Natalie sent Sarah a thumbs up text later in the afternoon.

Sarah wasn’t surprised when Conner let her know that Joe agreed to the conditions and said he couldn’t wait for their special private party. With a sigh of relief Sarah sent a text to Mr. Michaels that she had everything set for the orgy.


Tuesday after school, Jenny drove the three girls to the address Mr. Michaels had given them to go to. In a very artsy part of town with vinyl record shops, lots of local brew houses, many art studios and home goods stores for the twenty-somethings just starting out, some trendy restaurants, they eventually arrived at the tattoo parlor he specified. Once inside, they asked for Luke as they had been instructed. A fairly unkempt guy with a heavy metal band t-shirt and old ripped jeans came out to greet them. Despite looking a little scary to Sarah with tattoos covering the majority of his skin, including a big one on his neck, he proved to be warm and inviting, reminding Sarah that she shouldn’t judge on appearance alone.

With three stencils in hand, he asked who wanted to go first and Sarah got elected by the other two. Figuring it might be better to get it over with as soon as possible, she didn’t object but did ask if the others could be with her. Luke only nodded indifferently before leading the pack into a small private room with a curtain for a wall. A padded table sat in the center of the space. As he stepped out, he told Sarah to take off her shorts and underwear, get on the table, and cover herself with the towel laying on it.

Knowing the moment of truth had come, she trembled a little with fear while she stripped her lower half with sweaty hands. She had seen people get tattoos on TV in reality shows and Jenny had described the process and feeling, but she still didn’t know what to expect and felt terrified. When Luke returned after she called out that she was ready, he held up the butterfly stencil to make sure he had the right one for her. He also explained that he had very specific instructions on where to place the tattoo and Sarah could only nod. After adjusting the towel to expose her bikini line area on the left side, he started by running a razor over it and wiped it with alcohol. Some adhesive followed as he set about placing the stencil. Giving it a few minutes to dry, he pulled off the stencil and examined the transferred pattern closely. Satisfied with the placement, he got his tattoo machine and told Sarah to stay still and relaxed.

Holding the hand of each girl as they stood on either side of her, Sarah tried to breath slow and deep and keep herself from tensing. It hurt but not as badly as she thought it might. Every once in a while the needle would catch a sensitive spot and she wanted to cry out, but she gritted her teeth and kept quiet. Not wanting to look down for fear of making herself even more anxious, she just gripped her friends hands harder and stared up at the ceiling, hoping it would be over soon.

With each wipe of Luke’s towel in between scratching lines across her skin, she knew he must be wiping away some blood. Although it seemed so much longer in her head, the whole process ended up only taking thirty to forty minutes. Luke declared her done to her great relief and helped her up off the table while she did the best she could to keep herself covered with the towel. Looking into the full length mirror on the wall beside the table, she saw a pretty butterfly with a thin outline and lots of color that looked lifelike. Amazed at the sticker like quality of the inch and a half to two inch beautiful insect, it almost looked to Sarah like it could fly off on it’s own. “Oh my God! It looks so sexy! I love it!” she exclaimed and meant every bit of it.

Ali went next and got ready on the table while Sarah continued to marvel and turn in front of the mirror. The procedure being the same, it also took about the same amount of time. Ali clutched at Sarah’s hand and whimpered from time to time, but made it through with no more difficulty than Sarah. Luke proved to be quite the artist getting some nice shading in the mostly green image with some very subtle yellow highlights. It looked just as realistic as Sarah’s with some small veining in the leaves. Sarah and Jenny both told her how good it looked while she studied her new artwork in the mirror.

Being slightly bigger than the other two, Jenny’s tattoo ended up taking a little longer. It combined a beautiful mix of blues, greens, and purples to capture a very convincing bird in flight. Even the tiny eye seemed to twinkle. Luke packed a lot of detail into a very small area.

The girls decided they needed a picture to send to Mr. Michaels. After whispering to each other, they called Luke back into the small area and asked if he would take a picture for them. Taking Sarah’s phone, he almost dropped it as his eyes popped when the girls all dropped their towels and stood side by side with their arms wrapped around each other. Luke mouthed a small ‘wow’ at the naked trio in front of him and the girls watched as his eyes traveled from one bald pussy to the next. When Sarah finally cleared her throat with giggle, he took several pictures of the three of them as they showed off his efforts. After he reluctantly returned the phone and left with one more long glance over his shoulder, they took turns getting closeups of each other as well.

With the pictures finished, Luke returned one last time to cover the new tattoos with some petroleum jelly and small clear bandages, giving the girls instructions for taking care of their ink over the next couple of days. When they asked if they needed to do anything for payment, but he told them it had been covered. Each girl gave him a kiss on the cheek on the way out and Sarah laughed at how much Luke blushed.

On the way home, the girls talked a mile a minute about how exciting the whole adventure had been and about how much they each liked their new adornment, but also relieved that it would still be mostly private. The tattoos might show when they wore a small enough bikini, but otherwise, they would be hidden. Having one made Sarah feel kind of dangerous and naughty, but at that moment, it mainly felt painful. Once again, Mr. Michaels had intimidated her with his demand, only for her to come to realize that it excited and aroused her.


Waking on Wednesday morning, Sarah’s tattoo still felt tender under the bandage. She really wanted to examine it again, but heeding Luke’s warning to leave the bandage in place for a full twenty-four hours, she resolved to waiting. Once at school, she discovered she wasn’t alone with Jenny and Ali both anxious to see their new embellishments as well.

While Jenny and Sarah did their best to put it out of their head, Ali stayed mostly distracted by her fear of facing Mr. Michaels later that night. She kept asking Sarah what she thought he might do. In preparation, Ali had told her parents that she planned on spending the night at Sarah’s house to work on one of their final projects, needing an excuse to cover for her staying overnight with her Master.

Sarah honestly told her she had no idea and tried to get Ali to stop worrying, but knew her words of encouragement fell on deaf ears. Having been in that same spot so many times, filled with worry and anxiety over what she might be facing, she could only sympathize with the poor girl. But she also knew she would likely be in that same position again before long. Still, she kept finding it easier to tolerate, losing her fear of punishment with the each new challenge, confident that she would prevail no matter what he threw at her. She had been through so much already.

After eating dinner with the family, Ali and Sarah spent the rest of the evening in her room until Ali had to leave for Mr. Michaels’ at the proscribed 10:00pm meeting time. Sarah made her promise to call, no matter how late, to tell her how it went.

While getting ready for bed, Sarah admired her tattoo again in the mirror before treating it with the lotion Luke had given her. Tossing and turning restlessly in bed waiting for Ali to call, she got little rest and kept the phone by her head the whole time. Her phone beeped just a little after 1:00am, making her jump up to answer.

“How did it go?” she whispered into the phone.

“Holy fuck, that was crazy,” Ali whispered almost breathlessly. “You aren’t going to believe what he did. What..what he made me do.”

“Okay, okay. Tell me everything.”

She could hear Ali take a deep breath. “Okay, so I got there and he seemed all nice and calm. He wanted to take a close look Sefaköy Escort at my tattoo, so I took my clothes off and showed him and he told me how good it looked. And he made sure I had my bracelet on. He said that he wondered if he had been too harsh on me and if maybe I thought I didn’t deserve to be punished and said that if I could convince him, that maybe he wouldn’t. But I did what you suggested. I got on my knees with my hands behind me and told him that I did deserve to be punished and wanted him to punish me because I failed to do as instructed and that I wanted to prove that I was a good willing slave.”

“Then I told him I wanted to be his special fuck toy used for his pleasure. He sat there for a couple of minutes and then left and came back with a collar and a leash and told me to follow him on my hands and knees. He led me down to the playroom. I almost slipped going down the stairs that way. It felt so degrading being treated like an animal.”

“He put me over that pommel horse thing and tied my arms to the bar and my legs to the base. He put nipple clamps on me and then tortured me with the vibrator, edging me a bunch of times. And each time he denied me an orgasm, he added another weight on the chain or spanked me with a paddle. He did it until the weights pulled the clamps right off my nipples. I screamed. And the whole time, he kept accusing me of not wanting to be a willing slut or not caring if I pleased him. You know, shit like that. I had to tell him each time that I wanted to be owned, or his private whore, or whatever I could think of.”

She heard Ali take a couple of quick breaths to calm herself down. “It all runs together, but I just kept telling him what he wanted to hear and that all I cared about was his pleasure. At one point he told me he thought I cared more about you and Jenny than him. I told him that I cared about all of you and just wanted to make all of you happy. I was so exhausted and just wanted to fuck so bad. I begged him to fuck me. He had my brain so scrambled.”

With a sigh, she continued, “Finally he told me I had to choose. He would let me cum or I could give him a blowjob. But not both. You would have been proud of me. I didn’t hesitate and begged him to let me give him a blowjob and swallow his cum. He put the clamps back on my sore nipples and tied them somehow so that they pulled if I leaned forward and then he got in front of me and made me stretch to reach his dick.”

“Every time I’d push forward to get him in my mouth, it pulled so hard on my nipples. He told me that if I really wanted to please him, I’d take the pain. I did the best job I could for several minutes and then he grabbed my head and just face fucked me. He made me gag a bunch and spit was everywhere and ran down my chin. I thought I was going to die. When he finally came in my mouth, he had shoved his dick so deep that I kind of choked and I got cum up my nose. It was horrible, but I still thanked him for letting me please him.”

Sarah chimed in, “That sounds really tough Ali. But it sounds like you did it perfect. Did he seem happy?”

“I guess,” Ali said before continuing story. “So then he let me out and made me get into the sex swing thing. I thought he was going to fuck me at that point, but he brought over a stool and sat in front of me and ate my pussy and finger fucked my ass, still just edging me and stopping each time I begged for an orgasm. He kept telling me I didn’t deserve to cum yet and I had to prove myself to him. He never let me cum and when he let me out of the swing, I got on my hands and knees at his feet and begged for him to let me prove myself. Then he really scared me when he told me he would and to get upstairs and get dressed.”

“So I ran upstairs and got my clothes on and he came up and took me out to his car. I had no idea what we were doing. He drove me around for a bit until I had calmed down and then he turned into the gated entryway area over by the golf course.” Sarah let her continue without saying anything, but knew exactly what would come next.

“Sarah, he told me to take off all of my clothes and that he wanted me to walk back to his house completely naked! NAKED! I wanted to argue and almost refused. I didn’t know what to do for a minute and just sat there. He looked like he was about to blow up so I just started taking off my clothes and shoes. He told me to take my phone and to take at least five pictures along the way and that I better not get caught.”

“I couldn’t move Sarah. I never dreamed he would expect me to do something like that. I don’t know how I even came up with it but I told him, ‘I only want to please you Master. I’ll do anything you tell me to do.’ Or something like that and I started to get out of the car. But he stopped me and he had this pink egg shaped vibrator and made me spread my legs so he could put it inside of me. He used his phone and showed me how he could make it vibrate and make it go through different patterns. He called it a ‘Lush’. He told me that I still wasn’t allowed to cum and that when I got to his house, I should go around back and he would be waiting for me on the deck. He also told me that once I finished this, my punishment would be over.”

“Wow Ali. Sounds really…intense. So what happened?”

“Well, I got out of the car and hid behind the fence and watched him leave. I kept thinking it might only be a test and he would just turn right around and come back and get me, but I watched him drive down the road. It must have been about 11:30 or so by that time. So there weren’t a lot of cars. I started making my way along the road, hiding behind bushes and trees and stuff.”

“But that fucking vibrator kept going off in me. It actually felt so good, especially when he turned it up high. And it had these wavy patterns. I almost came so many times. I probably could have since he wouldn’t know, but I was determined to be able to tell him I followed his instructions. I finally just ran across the fairway and got to where I needed to cross the street. I took pictures along the way. Even one video telling him that I had been a good girl despite the lush trying to force an orgasm out of his ‘obedient slave’ and that I hoped he would reward me by fucking the shit out of me when I got back to him.”

“I had to wait like five minutes to get across the street and into his neighborhood. Luckily, no cars came once I got onto his street and I finally made it to his house and around back to the deck. He was waiting for me, completely naked, and with a big glass of wine.”

“Oh my God! What did you think?”

Ali sighed, “I know this is going to sound kind of strange. You know, it sounds crazy cruel to make a girl walk that far at night completely naked. But it was exhilarating, Sarah! I mean, my whole body tingled from the adrenaline rush. And between that and the vibrator, the whole thing made me so horny that I wanted to jump him as soon as I saw him.”

“So what happened? What did he say?”

Ali giggled. “I gulped some wine and jumped his ass. He was sitting on the lounge and I pushed him over and I kissed him all over his face, pulled the vibrator out of me and fucked the hell out of him. I didn’t wait or ask. Just jumped on that cock and fucked him hard and fast. He must have loved it, because he flipped me over and rammed me so hard. And I came so many times. I’d beg and he’d tell me to cum for him like every 30 seconds. It never really stopped.”

“He had my legs up on his shoulders and got so deep it hurt. He pulled out and popped all over my tits and I slurped up every drop. Then he ate me out and rimmed my asshole through more orgasms for a while before flipping me on my stomach and fucking me from behind. He put the Lush in my ass and turned it on high and I was so loud with every climax.”

“The second time he came in my mouth. Then we got in the hot tub and relaxed for a while until he pushed me up against one of the jets and made me cum that way. We got out and he threw me over his shoulder and spanked my ass the whole way upstairs. It hurt, but I got the giggles so bad. We got in the shower and he fucked me up against the glass with the water pouring over me while he bit and sucked on my nipples. I came again, but he didn’t.”

“Until we got into bed and he fucked me until about five minutes ago. The last time he came in my pussy. I’m ‘cleaning up’ right now while he is sleeping. At least I think he is asleep.” Sarah could hear her let out a satisfied coo. “Sarah, I know I haven’t really had all that much sex, but this was the best sex of my life.”

“Ali, that sounds so wonderful! I’m jealous you bitch!”

“I don’t know, maybe it was just the total fear and panic of being outside like that. But it was just amazing!”

Sarah debated, but decided to confide in Ali. “Can I tell you a secret? I had no idea what he had planned for you tonight, but…he made me do the same thing one time. The naked walk to his house thing.”

Ali didn’t react right away. “Really? So this wasn’t a new thing. Did Jenny do it too?”

“I don’t know that. She hasn’t told me if she has. If I had to guess, yes she probably has. I could probably ask him if she has and if we can share. If not, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for her. I think it is the shock and adrenaline that makes the sex so good. I know that night was just about as good for me as it was for you tonight. Although yours sounds even more intense and he didn’t make me use the Lush.”

“Well, I better get back. I don’t know if we are done or just taking a break. And you know we can’t keep Master waiting.” Both girls laughed at that and said goodnight.


For a change of pace, Sarah had her normal babysitting job for Mr. Michaels on Thursday night. Having been a long time since she had watched Billy, she looked forward to it. They played games and read books and got ready for bed like normal. But Sarah couldn’t help but feel anxious for her Master to get home and use her. Listening to Ali the night before made Sarah horny as hell. She started rubbing her pussy imagining him forcing her through several orgasms while being strapped down, but stopped herself before she could climax. Knowing it was crazy to think so, she couldn’t help but feel disobedient for stealing an orgasm that he didn’t permit. Instead, she paced anxiously and kept staring at the door waiting for his return.

When Mr. Michaels did return earlier than normal, she jumped up to greet him trying to stay straight faced despite the big grin that wanted to show through. It got even bigger when he told her to follow him upstairs. The anticipation of being surprised by whatever he might demand of her made her skin tingle. She knew she would obediently do anything he told her to do. The sharp edge of the unknown made her pussy wet as they walked through the door into his bedroom.

What awaited her on the bed did manage to surprise her. Even titillate her. Four very sexy bra and panty outfits were laid out in front of her. The first being a green set with sheer scalloped lace cups with a longline underbust, accented with a gold four-leaf clover charm tied with a small lace bow between the cups and simple thong panties with a small triangular front panel. It included a matching satin and lace garter belt with a lace-up front and nude colored thigh-high sheer stockings. Clearly the set intended for Ali.

The next lavender colored set had a bra with sheer lace underwire cups with caged detailing and straps that would crisscross the body several times. Small gold chains attached the straps to the cups as well as the garter belt to the stocking straps and came with bright white Escort Bayan lace stockings. The cups of the bra and small triangle of the panties were sheer enough to let their contents show through and be prominently displayed. A small gold hummingbird attached to the gold chain above the right breast indicated they were intended for Jenny.

Sarah saw her set next. A beautiful bright red, the bra had sheer, open lace cups cut horizontally across the breast and held together with satin tie closures that tied over the nipple. Each satin tie had a gold butterfly charm dangling from it. The open crotch panties had a thong cut back to enhance her pussy but leave it uncovered. She didn’t have a garter belt, but the panties had a strappy waistband, and garter straps that hung down on either side along with the same colored open mesh stockings.

That left the last set for Natalie that were quite different than the others. The black two-piece set consisting of a crop top with a high neckline that had thin vertical black strips of material that held small strings between them and a matching high waisted panty with a cheeky cut back. It looked completely see-through despite having the most material of all four sets and Sarah knew Natalie’s giant tits would look stunning and sexy. And there were a set of very sheer black stockings with a frilly top.

Each of the sets had matching colored high heels setting next to them.

“They’re beautiful!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Try yours on for me,” he ordered. Without hesitation, she started to strip off her clothes. “No, take them into the bathroom and get ready. Then come out so I can take it in all at once.” Sarah smiled excitedly and leapt to grab up the red set and run to the bathroom. Getting her clothes off quickly, she went about putting on her new sexy outfit. She took her time, especially with the garter and stockings since she had so little experience wearing them.

It didn’t surprise Sarah that everything fit perfectly. She had given Mr. Michaels her sizes early on and he had Sarah get Natalie’s after the previous weekend. She knew each set would fit the intended girl. He left nothing to chance. Sarah barely recognized herself in the mirror when she finished. She felt naughty and like the ultimate whore. Her outfit highlighted her body while showing every bit of it.

She took the hair tie out of her hair and brushed it out. The high heels showed off her legs. She couldn’t remember ever looking sexier, wishing only that she had some bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow to finish the look. But she knew she would blow the boys minds when she had a chance to get fully made up on Saturday night.

Steeling herself, she felt determined to return to impress him with complete confidence. With one last quick tweak of her nipples to make sure they were aroused and poking out under the satin ribbons, she walked out into the bedroom. He stood leaning against the bed waiting for her. Even Mr. Michaels couldn’t contain his obvious amazement as his eyes popped and his jaw dropped.

“Wow! You look incredible. Better than I could have even hoped for.” Sarah resisted the urge to turn away or blush and managed to keep her eyes glued to him as she moved to stand with a hand on her hip.

“So what do you think of your little pet now?” she teased.

He looked her up and down with a small shake of his head. “Good enough to eat, my precious.” While he continued to look up and down her body, Sarah stood stock still to let him, knowing she was sexy and relishing in him drinking it in. “Hard to believe this is the same girl from five months ago,” he commented, making Sarah smile and feel even better.

Mr. Michaels pulled out his phone and took numerous pictures while Sarah ran through every pose she could think of. Finally satisfied, he put the phone down and told her, “Those boys have no idea what they are in for. And they have no idea how lucky they are. You and the girls can try on the new lingerie on Saturday morning and then you should take it all over to the hotel. When you all get there after prom, I want you to all get ready in the bathroom and come out together and give them a show, just like you did for me. Take your time and make them watch and drool while you tease them. Tell them they aren’t allowed to touch while you give them all lap dances.”

“Yes sir!” Sarah responded enthusiastically. They talked through a bunch of the possible plans and timing for that night, but he reminded Sarah that she should also let things flow naturally and not to force anything. He mainly wanted the girls to have fun and live out an experience they hopefully would never forget.

Once they felt set on the directions for the night of prom, Sarah took Mr. Michaels by the hand and led him to the chaise lounge and made him sit on the edge. “Is this the type of teasing and lap dance you mean,” she asked as she started to draw her body across his face and rub against his legs. She bent over in front of him and touched and pinched her nipples inches from his mouth, moaning and cooing and playing it up like a well-practiced stripper.

Every time his hands came up to touch her or he leaned in to kiss her she would slap his hands or pull back, never allowing contact. Putting her foot in his crotch, she rolled down her stockings, slowly undid the ties on her bra, and continued the striptease until she had all of her clothes off. She finished by straddling his lap and barely touching his lips with hers in a light kiss.

Having had enough, he grabbed her ass and picked her up as he stood, turned around and threw her to the lounge. He kissed her deeply and she returned it greedily. Moving down her body, he ate her pussy through several body shaking orgasms. Followed by fucking her in several positions to Sarah’s great joy, until she ended in a reverse cowgirl with him sitting up behind her groping her tits and lightly pinching her nipples.

After getting her off again, he pushed her up off of him and told her to kneel in front of him while he sat on the edge of the chaise. Dropping immediately into a slow blowjob, she kept her eyes locked on his, taking his cock to the back of her throat while fondling his balls. For a change, she edged him repeatedly, making him wait for his orgasm. He played along, groaning each time she pulled her mouth off of him, gripping his cock right under the head to keep him from releasing.

When Sarah sensed he had enough, she worked his cock more intently, getting her reward of his lava like flow into her mouth. She held all of the thick cream in her mouth until he finished and showed him the product of his testicles flowing over her tongue before leisurely closing her lips with a sheepish grin and visibly and audibly gulping it down, making a satisfied smacking noise at the end.

He smiled and kissed her before pulling her up over his lap and giving her a mock spanking. “You are such a perfect little slut! You make me so crazy!” She squealed in equally mocking terror and kicked her feet in the air playfully.

He pulled her up into his lap. “I want you to have fun on Saturday. Enjoy the prom and laugh with your friends. And then fuck those boys brains out. I want everyone finishing the night exhausted and happy. Just remember the rules. No sex without condoms. Drink but don’t get too drunk. Boys that are too drunk can’t perform and girls that are too drunk pass out or puke. This is a marathon, not a sprint. And most importantly, you stay in charge. Understand?”

“Yes sir! Thank you for everything. Thank you for making our prom night so memorable. And thank you for always taking care of me.”

Mr. Michaels smiled and looked thoughtful. “Lots more to come. Now come on. Time for you to get home and get some beauty sleep.” He got a couple of shopping bags and they collected up the sexy clothes. She tried to refuse the babysitting money, but he insisted and gave her $100 tip to boot.

Sarah drove home more happy and satisfied than she could ever remember.


Saturday started with a furry. The girls had decided to all meet at Jenny’s house since it was the biggest and they would have the most room to get ready. Mr. Michaels had arranged for them to get manicures and pedicures at 10:30am. And they had hair appointments at 2:00pm. The limo would pick them up at 6:30pm and take them to dinner at the local Italian restaurant, also arranged by Mr. Michaels. With the promise of a surprise for each of the girls, Sarah asked everyone to arrive at Jenny’s at 9:00am.

Once they were alone in Jenny’s room, she told the girls to turn around and she set out all of the bra and panty sets with their corresponding shoes on Jenny’s bed. Telling them to turn back around, she heard the anticipated gasps of happy amazement. “This will be our attire for the boys once we get back to the hotel. Jenny, your lavender, Ali is green, Natalie is in black and I am red.” The girls all talked excitedly at once and moved over to pick up and examine their respective wardrobe and hold them up against their bodies.

Only Natalie looked pale as she held hers up. “Sarah, I can’t wear this! There’s almost nothing there!” She looked back at Sarah holding the top in her hands.

“Natalie, we are going to an orgy. The goal is to be naked within the first 10 minutes.” The other girls laughed and soon Natalie joined in.

“Okay, you got me there. I kind of forgot what we are doing.” But she still looked nervous.

“And did you see mine? It doesn’t cover anything,” she teased, making Natalie smile more easily. “Come on, let’s try them on.” Sarah started to strip quickly, and the others joined in. Natalie still moved more cautiously than the others, but soon stood as naked as the other three.

Sarah surveyed the group as they all finished with their final adjustments. Jenny had a little trouble figuring out all the straps, but Ali helped her. Taking Natalie’s hand, Sarah stood back to admire her body. “Fuck girl. That looks so hot on you! It makes your tits look even bigger if that is possible. And I love the way your nipples poke through the strings in front. The guys are going to lose their shit when they see you!” Jenny and Ali both concurred.

To their Master’s credit, everything fit perfectly. Even the shoes. The girls all agreed that they looked seriously sexy and ready for business.

“But where did all of this come from?” Natalie asked while she looked at herself in the mirror.

Sarah thought quickly. “My treat. Some of my babysitting money. I want tonight to be extra special.”

Natalie shook her head. “No. You have to let me pay you back. I can’t let you do this.”

“Nonsense. The guy I babysit for is extra generous. Jenny knows.” Looking suddenly confused and concerned, Jenny only nodded. “Should I tell her Jenny?” With her back to Natalie, Sarah winked at Jenny.

Jenny smiled. “Sure. She is one of us now. Go ahead and tell her.”

Sarah turned back to Natalie. “I babysit for this guy, Mr. Michaels. He’s divorced and has a young son. And he tips really well.” She giggled and Jenny and Ali joined in. “Sometimes either Jenny or Ali will join me. You see, we uh….well we dress really sexy and let him, you know, get a good look. And the more he sees, the better he tips. I’ve made a ton of money. How about you Jenny, how much have you made?”

Jenny finally got Sarah’s true intention. “A lot. Like almost a thousand, I think. Just in the last couple of months.”

“Ali, how about you?”

Ali looked a little unsure, but responded, “Not sure. Five or six hundred, I guess. But I haven’t been involved as long.”

“Maybe istanbul Escort you’ll want to try it with me Natalie. I’m sure he’d take one look at those tits and fall all over himself giving us a huge tip.”

“Wow, really? I wouldn’t be, ah, taking someone’s place or anything?”

“Look, Natalie, after tonight, I’m pretty sure that we can all assume things between us are share and share alike, right? I mean, we are going to be sharing the boys. Sharing each other. I think you can be part of the babysitting gig as well. Plus, we are all graduating. Ali and I are going to be going to school here in town, but it might be harder for us to babysit every week and it might be good to have someone else to carry on when we can’t. Anyway, let’s worry about it later. We have a lot to do to get ready.”

Sarah had the girls take their outfits back off and told them her plan. She would drop them off at the hotel and put them in the bathroom. When they got there with the boys, they would all get ready and come out and tease and strip for the boys and get them all revved up. The other girls loved the sound of that.

“I’ve got one other favor to ask of the three of you and I know it is going to sound kind of weird.”

“Can’t be a lot weirder than the rest of this night,” Natalie teased to chuckles from the others.

“Okay, so I’ve always had this one fantasy. I saw it in a movie. In a porn actually. You know, on the internet. And it just always amazed me, and I imagine it all the time. If I’m honest it gets me…well…wet every time I see it. I guess it’s also why I wanted to have this orgy tonight in the first place. In these movies, the girl was in the center of a bunch of guys and they all, you know, get off on her face at the same time. And she is just covered in cum. It’s called a bukkake. Have you ever seen that?” Sarah asked tentatively.

The girls all looked a little stunned, but Natalie pipped up first, “Seriously? You want to do that? Have all the guys cum on your face?”

Quickly coming to her defense, Jenny said, “I don’t know. I think it sounds kind of hot. All those cocks right in your face. All those guys getting off. I get it.”

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t know if it is my thing, but I can see why it would be hot. Kind of dirty and nasty,” Ali offered.

Sarah did her best to look embarrassed, surprising herself that she wasn’t more embarrassed at what she had proposed. “I know it’s a little strange. But I want to try it for real once. See what it would feel like. Would you all, you know, help me do it?”

The other girls looked at each other. Jenny answered first, “How do we help?”

“Well, get the guys going. Give them blow jobs until they are ready to cum. The hard part is getting them to all cum at the same time, so we would have to kind of work together to get them close. And then they can jerk themselves off when the time is right.”

“The blowjob part is no problem,” Ali interjected. “But trying to time four boys is probably going to be tricky.”

“It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just close. But it would mean a lot to me to at least try.”

The other girls agreed to do their best although Natalie looked pretty unsure. Sarah decided not to press it anymore and they headed out to get their nails done. The other three went to grab lunch after while Sarah ran to the hotel with their sexy attire. Giving her name at the front desk, they had a key waiting for her.

She walked into a giant suite and felt immediately dumfounded. There was a huge living room as you walked in with a big double door leading into the bedroom to one side. Some of the furniture had been pushed out of the way and a square foam mat had been placed in the center with the couches arranged around two sides of it. Sarah walked on the soft cushy mat and got down on her hands and knees. It felt soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to make it easy to move around. Imagining getting fucked from behind, she realized how nice this would be for the intended debauchery.

She looked around some more and saw sex toys strewn about along with an ice bucket full of condoms. The sex toys ran the gamete, from vibrators and dildos of different sizes and colors, to butt plugs and nipple clamps. She picked up one of the vibrators that had a small bunny with ears and a middle section of small metal balls. Turning it on, she watched the head of the vibrator go around in circles while the bunny ears vibrated quickly. She couldn’t help but be intrigued and even considered giving it a try, but reconsidered in the end. “Plenty of that for later,” she thought to herself.

A check of the mini bar showed it stuffed with hard seltzers and a couple of other trendy drinks. And a cooler filled with beer sat next to it already iced down. She found a couple of small handheld video cameras, even though she had already noted a number of the hidden camera clocks around both rooms and guessed there may be other cameras mounted elsewhere as well. There would be no lack of coverage she knew.

In the bedroom there were three separate strap-on harnesses. One had an even bigger bright pink silicone dildo than her normal set. She wrapped her hand around the girth of the thing and her eyes got big. Picturing herself fucking Jenny with the thing made her pussy gush with anticipation.

She walked into a bathroom big enough to rival Mr. Michaels. Plenty of room for four girls to get ready. Plus a big walk-in shower that could probably, and would probably later, hold four people. She put her bag on the counter and walked back through one last time shaking her head. He was always so prepared. He wanted eight teenagers fucking their brains out and he would get what he wanted.

She beat the others to the hairdresser, but not by much. They all had long hair, so it took several hours. Sarah got hers curled and pulled in a loose brad in the back. Loving the look, she couldn’t stop checking it out in the mirror. Jenny’s had a high loose pony with even more curls and looked stunning. Ali went with a low bun and loose curls around her face. Sarah thought she looked like a sweet cherub. Natalie kept hers down with lots of big curls. Tons of hairspray held everything in place.

When they got back to Jenny’s, they spent the rest of the afternoon doing make-up and getting dressed. Sarah loved her dress even though it was admittedly simple and inexpensive. Dark blue with a low cut front to show off some cleavage and straps across the back that showed skin down to the top of her ass. A nice combination of tight in the hips and looser on top accentuated her body and the slit up the side showed plenty of leg.

Ali’s fairly simple purple dress still showed off her shoulders with just thin spaghetti straps over them. It had simple folds and wrapped around her waist, but still showed some cleavage like Sarah’s and fell about the same full length. Sarah though she looked darling and cute.

Jenny and Natalie definitely had the sexier dresses. Jenny’s black dress crisscrossed at the neck with a big open teardrop in the center that went down almost to her navel. It also had a big slit up the leg and expensive looking beading all over. Sarah felt sure that Jenny’s dress probably cost five times as much as hers, but she loved how Jenny looked in it. She couldn’t wait to eat that girl’s pussy later that night. All three girls had added their ankle bracelets in honor of their Master.

But Natalie’s stole the show for sure. Her strapless green dress had a stiff bodice that barely covered her nipples and cut down the center to a point above her navel. Light sheer material flowed easily from the waist. Sarah didn’t know how the thing would stay on the girl and felt sure that there would be a nip slip at some point. But Natalie definitely grabbed your attention.

Eye makeup and dark lipstick completed the look for each girl along with high heels. Getting downstairs in time for Jenny’s parents to get plenty of pictures of the girls together and individually before the boys arrived.

The boys looked handsome in their tuxes and dutifully agreed to more pictures in couples and groups. Everyone buzzed with excitement that only grew when the limo pulled up in front. More pictures in front of and while they got into the limo followed.

Jenny’s parents had made everyone promise to behave and to not do anything too crazy that night which they swore to behind knowing smirks. With after-parties and late nights being the norm for prom, along with admonishments not to drink and drive, all of the parents had been given false locations of where their teen would be crashing for the night and none were expected until morning. The boys on their way over had left two cars at the hotel and come over in the other two cars to Jenny’s house.

As soon as the limo pulled away from the curb, the party goers marveled at the plush finishings. Having about forty five minutes before their dinner reservation, they turned up the music and the driver put the divider up. Sarah looked into the small refrigerator and found a couple of bags. The first held small bottles of tequila and the second had cut up lime wedges. There were eight and she handed out the bottles along with the limes. Everyone opened their bottle and together, after a quick toast, they downed their shot and sucked on their limes amid squeals and cheers.

The fridge also held a bunch of individual bottles of lemonade. Sarah thought it surprising until she opened one and took a sip and tasted the vodka. She chuckled to herself at his careful planning again. Enough alcohol to get the party started, but not enough for anyone to get too drunk. She handed out the vodka lemonades and they spent the remainder of the drive laughing and talking and getting a little tipsy.

Feeling like rock stars, they exited the limo with the driver offering a hand to each of the girls. The hostess led them to their table, and they enjoyed a wonderful meal. Sarah got the seafood pasta with a salad. She wished she could have had a glass of wine instead of the iced tea she ordered, but only being eighteen, she had to be realistic. After they had shared several deserts, the waiter let them know the bill had been taken care of and they climbed back into the limo to head to the prom. Sarah chuckled to herself that none of the party goers even questioned the lack of having to pay for the meal.

Walking in together, they entered into tropical nights themed decorations with palm trees, twinkle lights, and even a big scene painted on a giant panel that looked like moonlight on a big bay. They danced to loud music and had a great time. Sarah got numerous compliments on her dress, but Natalie did end up stealing the show. Sarah heard lots of people talking about her. The boys lusted after her and the girls denigrated her with words like slut and tramp thrown around. Sarah wanted to defend her new friend but bit her tongue and tried to focus on the party.

They got even more pictures, both as couples and then in different groups, but Sarah made sure to get several with their whole group. She knew she would want plenty of memories of the night. The girls danced together when they couldn’t get the boys on the dance floor. But they forced the boys to join them as much as possible. When they did, the dancing got very suggestive with bodies rubbing against each other. All of it made Sarah horny and anxious for the more important part of the night.

Despite all the festivities going around her, her thoughts focused on the remainder of the evening. It filled her with nervous energy. She got asked more than a dozen times about what after-parties they would be attending. Answering only that they hadn’t decided yet but agreed they would catch up, she stayed non-committal throughout, knowing that nobody would remember after the parties ended. And her after-party would be much better anyway.

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