Sara’s Diary: Caught By Surprise


Caught By Surprise!


A few weeks after our session with my two fuck buddies (see my diary entry Bound By Three), Bec had been hinting that she’d like to invite her fuck buddy over to share me sometime. I had the thought buried in the back of mind all this time and I’d even had thoughts about what might happen too. So just the other weekend, the time came. On Saturday morning before she went to work, she told me her boyfriend, Sean, was coming over the next day. So mean, giving me only a day to get used to the idea, but also a whole day to wonder about the events of the next day. I’m sure she did that on purpose though. She did say when she first mentioned it weeks ago, that she’s not going to tell me when it’s happening until it’s about to happen. She loves doing that, catching me by surprise.

All day Saturday I’d been thinking and wondering just what will happen the next day. Wondering how hot Sean’s body will look naked. Wondering what Bec will let him do to me. I had some ideas of what she might want him to do, and I’d long decided that I will go along with whatever Bec wants him to do to me. This was going to be her extra special fantasy and I wasn’t going to limit her. She would have me and my body at her full disposal to entertain her boyfriend. We’d already discussed that wearing the binding like I did for my boys, might be a bit much for the first group adventure with Sean. Same for her crop and clamps, she suggested it’d be better not to go too kinky this time. But even then I was still going to be her little toy, for her to utilise to help please them both. I loved the thought of being her toy, doing whatever she tells me to. It was super hot being her sex toy when my boys were invited over! But I must admit I was way more nervous this time, I mean, I’ve only met Sean a few times, and even then it was always just briefly. Plus the fact that this is a guy I’ve never ever slept with before. Big difference from when Brian and Josh were here!

So finally Sunday came, and Sean was coming over just after lunchtime. We had an early lunch and then Bec said it was time for us to get all sexied up for Sean. I already knew what I was going to wear. Bec had seen how sexy I dressed for my boys last time I caught up with them. She wanted me dressed just like that, to show her boyfriend how sexy and naughty I can look. So I put my teenie tiny skirt on and my cropped tank top. Underneath I wore my favourite pushup bra and matching g-string. My outfit was basically the same as when I met my boys at the club a few weeks ago. Except this time I wore my cute ballet style wedges, because they give me some height. Sean is pretty tall so I didn’t want to look too tiny!

Bec dressed herself up pretty hot too! She wore a really tight fitting singlet that makes her boobies look awesome, and her sexy little booty shorts. She also wore her hot black CFM boots. I was going to wear boots too, but since she was wearing hers I stuck with my wedges. Bec put her hair up and she looked super gorgeous and totally sexy as! She brushed my hair and put mine in a cute half pony. Wonder if she did that for something to grab on to? So we were both totally sexified and ready for our visitor. We sat on the couch and had a glass of wine while Bec tried to calm my nerves. She gave me a quick outline of what she expected to happen first, which only made me a little more nervous. But the wine was helping at least!

The nerves started coming back when I heard the buzzer go. Sean was here! I finished my drink as Bec answered the door and brought him into the lounge. She went and got him a beer, and another wine for us as Sean said hi to me and we chatted idly for a minute. When Bec was back he said that we both look “damn hot!” As we had our drinks, Bec basically explained the deal to Sean, telling him that she’s in charge of what happens today, and to just relax and enjoy having two sexy girls to himself. After that, Bec suggested I tell him about when we had my boyfriends over. She had already told me to just leave out any details of the rope binding and the crop, etc. Best not to scare him off! So I reluctantly started telling him what we got up to with Brian and Josh.

I just gave him a basic outline, telling him I sucked one of them off and then played for a while. I was sure my face must’ve been bright red when I was telling Sean how they spit roasted me and double penetrated me, and how Bec fucked me so hard with a strappy in between. I could see his eyes widen as he listened though, he seemed to be enjoying hearing all about it.

Then Bec said to me, “well that’s enough reminiscing.” “How bout you give us one of your sexy lapdances baby?”

As I got off the couch, I replied, “yes Ma’am!”

I could see the smile on Sean’s face, and Bec was grinning too. After the couple wines I’d had, my nervousness was just starting to disappear, so I was ready to be all sexy for them. I put some appropriate music on, not too loudly, Escort bayan and then I had to decide who I was going to lapdance first. Well since this day is all about Bec having her fuck buddy here, I figured I’d start with him. So I seductively pranced over towards him and started slinking around right in front of him. I made sure to turn around and bend over so he got a good view of my butt, especially since I was wearing a g-string and my tiny skirt doesn’t hide very much. They were both commenting how hot I looked and I was loving it.

Next I moved over towards Bec and knelt on the couch, straddling her lap. I moved my chest in front of her face and touched hers. Then I leaned into her and kissed the side of her neck. She gave a quick slap on my bum while I shimmied in her lap. With my nerves quickly disappearing now, I stood up and danced in front of Sean again. After a couple minutes, I turned round and sat on his lap and leaned back against him. I’m sure I could feel something growing in his pants too! I grabbed his hands and put them on my boobs, letting him feel them through my tank top and bra. He gave me a good grope and then let his hands slide slowly down my belly and over my hips.

He said to Bec, “oh she’s a naughty little one isn’t she!”

Bec laughed and said, “yes she certainly is!” “But you haven’t seen anything yet!”

I sprung off his lap and turned back around and straddled him and wriggled and writhed about right in front of his face. His eyes were all over my body and I can feel them. I was watching his face too, he was checking me out completely, probably thinking of all the places he could put his cock! After a few more minutes I moved back over to Bec again and sat on her lap like I did to Sean just before. Leaning back into her I spread my legs and grabbed one of her hands, placing it between my thighs. She squeezed my inner thigh with her fingers and teasingly moved her fingers so close to the edge of my panties, but then moved her hand up my body and grabbed my face to kiss me.

We kissed passionately for a moment and then Bec said, “let’s give him something to really look at baby.”

I got up off her and she got up too, facing me. Grabbing the back of my head, she pulled me in to kiss me so seductively. All I heard Sean say was “mmm” as he watched us kissing each other hard. Bec was tugging my lips with hers and our tongues were entwining as if they were making love. My tongue was mimicking what I would surely be doing to her clit later on, that always turns her on! As we continued kissing, I felt her unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she broke the kiss just long enough to pull my tank top off over my head. So now I was standing there, in front of Sean, kissing my girlfriend, in only my underwear and shoes. I felt her hands on my bum as she pulled my body against hers as we kissed like crazy. Tongues going everywhere, licking each others lips, gasping into each others mouths.

My hands found their way to Bec’s shorts, I undid the button and the zipper. Then I slowly worked them down off her hips and let them fall. She wiggled her legs as she stepped her boots out of her shorts. She had a sexy little string on too, so I groped her butt and dragged my fingers up her lower back as we kissed some more. Sean looked quite relaxed, watching us kissing and touching each other, stripping each other right in front of him. I let my fingers grip the bottom of Bec’s singlet and started to pull it up her belly, but she softly pushed my hands away. Seconds later I felt her fingers at my shoulder blades, undoing my bra! It was then that I realised that I’d be first to bare my bits, which is apparently how Bec wanted it. With my bra unclipped, I shrugged my shoulders forward a little to let Bec slide my bra off, she threw it at Sean.

“Woohoo!” he cheered out as my breasts were exposed.

By then Bec was cupping my little boobs and kissing them lightly. She let her tongue graze across my nipples just briefly. She obviously wanted me in a highly teased state, and my nipples were quickly hardening. Next I closed my eyes for a short while as I felt her kissing her way down my belly. Then I looked down to see her gripping my g-string with her teeth! She tugged at them a little and then slid them down my legs, with the help of her fingers, which didn’t miss out of feeling my legs as I stepped out of my string. Again, she tossed my g-string onto Sean’s lap and he grunted in approval.

Smacking my bum teasingly Bec said, “well go on baby, give Sean a look at you.”

I turned to face Sean, with one arm over my breasts and my other hand covering between my thighs. I slowly removed my arm from my breasts and cupped one them with my hand and jiggling it a little. Then I slowly moved my legs apart a little and then slide my hand from between my thighs and moved it up my belly.

“Very nice!” Sean said.

Then I turned around and bent over just slightly, trying to look hot while letting Bayan escort him perv my body.

“Hot!” he said. “That’s one sexy little mama you got there Bec!”

“She sure is babe, and I know it!” said Bec.

Just then Bec grabbed my hair and pulled me gently back towards her.

“Now you can finish undressing me baby,” she said.

“With pleasure!” I said.

So my hands returned to the bottom of her singlet and I slowly pulled it up her sexy body, watching her boobies pop out and then lifting it up over her head and dropping it on the floor. I heard Sean mumbling an “mmm” as suddenly Bec’s breasts were exposed and our nipples were practically pointing at each other. My hands roamed all over her naked upper half for a while, squeezing her breasts softly as I kissed my way down her neck. She was moaning softly, contently, and my lips and tongue were just as content on her neck and shoulders. By the time my mouth was all over her boobs, my fingers were tugging at her panties. As she did to me, I just briefly teased her nipples and then let my tongue lick down her belly. Gripping the string of her panties with both hands, I slowly slid them down her legs as I kissed my way down her body. I even planted a quick kiss right on her kitty! As she stepped out of her string, I even kissed my way down her sexy boots. I’m sure she loved that too, seeing how submissive I can be.

Now we were both naked, except for boots and shoes, kissing and groping each other in front of her fuck buddy. My hands were all over her, I just love the feeling of her skin beneath my fingertips. Her hand had quickly found it’s way between my legs and I gasped as she quickly slipped a finger inside me. I was already getting very wet, so her finger slipped into me without too much resistance. Just as quick as her finger entered me, she withdrew it again and wiped it over her nipple. Then she pulled my face towards her breast and my lips parted as I sucked my moisture off her nipple. I was listening to her soft moans as I licked and sucked her nipple. For a moment I was even oblivious that Sean was still there! Soon I was reminded though as Bec pulled my face back up to hers.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “how bout you show Sean your tongue ring baby?”

Now I’ll remember this moment for a long time! I turned towards Sean and poked my tongue out so he could see my piercing.

Bec laughed her head off and then she said, “baby that’s not what I meant!” “I think you know what I meant don’t you?”

A chill of nervousness shot through my body as I suddenly realised. I have my daft moments, but now I knew she didn’t mean for me to show my tongue piercing to Sean’s face, she wanted me to show it to his dick! As Bec sat back on the couch next to Sean, I crouched over him and started pulling his shorts down. He decided to help me by standing up and quickly dropping his shorts and jox, and kicking his shoes off. Before sitting down again his ripped his shirt off too, which I’m glad he did because now I felt a little more comfortable with all three of us naked. Oh plus it helped that he has a very nice body too! This was my first glimpse of him naked and well I can just say, he is hot!!

Next I noticed that he had what I would classify a big dick! He was already hard as and his dick was probably about the same length as Josh, somewhere close to 8 inches. But he was definitely thicker! Noticeably thicker! I was staring at it as I knelt down between his legs. I gripped it in my hand to stroke him a little first. Oh my god, did I tell you his cock was very thick? I leaned in with my tongue poked out, licking the huge head of his cock while I looked up at him. I wanted to see him looking at my tongue stud before I let his cock feel it. Well of course he was watching! I’m sure he was aching to watch me take his cock into my mouth too.

Well I didn’t make him wait too long, my lips quickly encircled the head of his thick cock as I started to suck him. Slowly stroking his shaft as my tongue rubbed all over his bulging head. Then I moved my tongue under his thick shaft as I sucked more of his cock into my mouth. Wow I could feel his hardness and his thickness between my lips as I sucked him into my mouth! I made sure to rub my piercing along the underside of his shaft. He was moaning deliciously already! I didn’t try to take all of his dick in my mouth, I was already struggling slightly with the thickness of it. But I did my best and probably sucked 2/3 of his cock in and out of my mouth as I started working him with my lips and tongue.

As I sucked Sean’s big cock I had all sorts of sensations running through my body. It all felt different because I’d never been with him before, and now he had his dick in my mouth for the first time. Also because it was Bec’s boyfriend, that made it feel different too. I kept sucking his dick and treating him with my tongue piercing while I saw Bec grab his hand. She moved his hand to her kitty and I watched Escort intently as she pushed one of his fingers into herself. Oh my god, it was so different seeing this, but really quite hot too. I was sucking so hard on Sean’s cock, I could hear him starting to moan a little, and I was starting to taste his precum oozing all over my tongue.

I’m guessing Bec knows Sean pretty well sexually, because she suddenly said, “that’ll do baby, we don’t want him cumming just yet.”

So with one last dive of my mouth onto his cock, I sucked hard as I moved my mouth slowly off his thick shaft. Bec was moving his hand away from her kitty now.

“Come suck his finger baby!” she said.

Wow! I was just starting to lose myself in the horniness of all this now. I quickly grabbed Sean’s hand and sucked his finger into my mouth, the finger that Bec had just pushed into her pussy moments ago. Mmmm, I could taste her sweetness! I sucked his finger like I was sucking off a cock and he was moaning at it. Maybe the feeling of my lips around his finger and my piercing rubbing all over, must’ve reminded him of my lips and tongue all over his thick cock just a minute ago. I hungrily sucked his finger clean and then smiled up at Bec and Sean, wondering what will happen next.

Now I watch as Bec maneuveres over his lap, straddling him. I’m still kneeling in front of him as I watch my girlfriend rub that bulging cock along her kitty. Then I watch most intently as she slowly sinks herself down onto his cock. What a sight! Watching her pussy spread open as his huge cock enters her. I can see her aroused labia stretching to envelop his thick cock, seeing it disappear inside her bit by bit. Once I see most of Sean’s cock disappear into Bec’s pussy, she starts slowly moving up and down on him. Now I see the slick wetness she leaves all over his shaft as she slowly fucks him. I’m mesmerised, watching my gorgeous girlfriend riding Sean’s thick hard cock. I see her leaning back a little to look at me, watching me watch her pussy take his cock. Suddenly she grabs my hair, pulling me forwards.

“Up on the couch baby, sit next to him and watch,” she tells me.

I quickly sit next to Sean and look over his hot body, watching my girlfriend continue to ride his thick cock. Watching her wetness building up all over his shaft, but it’s probably a mix of her delicious juices and his precum too. Her clitti is totally exposed as she rides his cock, it’s such an erotic sight. I’ve never watched her with anybody else, so this is such an odd feeling, but an erotic one! Just then she reached for his hand and moved it to my thighs. So I took her lead and placed my hand on his, moving his fingers over my wettening kitty. He was starting to moan now and not really in control of his fingers. Poor boy was probably overwhelmed having two sexy girls all over him, one riding his big thick cock, and one wanting his fingers buried in her.

Once I had his fingers all wet and sticky from own arousal, I used Bec’s example and pushed one of his fingers inside my pussy. Ohh I gasped, just feeling finally something enter me! I started fingering myself, using Sean’s finger, I could feel myself making his finger wet as. Still watching my girlfriend impale herself on his thick cock, I squeezed another of his fingers inside me. Mmm it felt so good, I kept my hand on his, pushing his two fingers into my almost dripping pussy, while Bec rode his huge cock like crazy. Sean was moaning and grunting like crazy by now. I could see him trying to thrust up into Bec’s pussy as she rode him deep as she could.

All of a sudden I felt his fingers curling and tensing inside me, and he was grunting loud. I could see Bec grinding onto his cock, hard, taking it deep into her kitty as she could. Listening to Sean’s grunts and moans, and feeling his fingers almost shaking inside me, I could tell he was cumming. Oh my god, such a hot moment, knowing he was cumming inside Bec’s pussy, sensing how he was shooting his sticky load up into her. All I could think was how much I wanted to lick it all out of her, like I have so many times before. Only now I was witnessing him pump his sticky seed into her, ready for my mouth to get cleaning. Bec stayed down on his cock until his grunting slowly stopped. She slowly moved off of his thick, but softening dick. I knew there would be work for me, so I slowly withdrew Sean’s fingers from my dripping pussy now. Neither me or Bec had cum yet, but I’m sure this was just the start.

Sitting back into the couch, crossing her legs, Bec told me, “better lick him clean now baby!”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said quickly.

I moved off the couch and knelt between Sean’s legs once again. Not wasting any time, I starting licking his softening cock all over. Licking all that slick, slippery mess off him. I could taste Bec on him for sure, so yummy! I licked and licked and then sucked his dick into my mouth. I could taste the last dribble of cum oozing out of his cock as I sucked on it. It was mixed with Bec’s juices too and I just started sucking him madly, sucking him like I wanted him to cum again right now. Before too long he had to push me away, still too sensitive I guess. But I knew my work wasn’t done yet.

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