Sarasota Motel Encounter: Her


I was already wet when I entered the motel room. Looking at the bed where Tom would soon be fucking me, I could feel my nipples tingle and the moistening between my legs.

After settling into the fuck chamber, as I thought of it, I did a slow strip-tease in front of the full-length mirror. I knew that Tom liked my breasts bare, how his cock throbbed when I rub my nipples against his chest while I suck it and he licks my swollen clit. I stripped to an open-crotch thong that left my sex completely exposed. He would like that too, seeing my wet lips ready to be split by his throbbing cock.

I put on a sexvid and watched a nude girl with very hard nipples sucking off a muscular guy with a ridiculously large dick. When I called him, I was a little short of breath.

“Hello, Susan”, he answered. I knew from the tone of his voice that his cock was hardening.

“I need you to come and fuck my pussy with your big cock,” I wanted to say, though I settled for something milder. I told him my breasts were bare, the way he liked them, and he could be as rough with them as he liked. He asked about my cunt, and I described its condition to him, imagining his erection throbbing in his pants.

It was tempting to masturbate during the 20 or so minutes it took for him to arrive, but I resisted, watching the sexvid girl writhing and moaning as the guy rammed his oversized cock again and again into her stretched bostancı escort pussy. She had large breasts, which the guy was roughly squeezing in his hands as he fucked her. My tits are not so large, but they are very sensitive, and Tom knows that. I remembered to massage a little flavored oil into my breasts, so Tom’s rough treatment of them would not leave them so sore.

I was still massaging the oil into my breasts and moaning when I heard the knock on the door. Knowing I was going to die of desire anyway, I flung open the door without even confirming that it was him. Fortunately, it was, and Tom stood in the doorway, his eyes wide with the sight of my nearly nude, aroused body.

Tom’s pants bulged with the hardest erection I’d ever seen, even on him. For a short man, he has an unusually large penis (though he would deny it), both long and thick, and at that moment it wouldn’t even fit in his pants, thrusting under his belt over his belly. I could feel my pussy tighten, as I imagined how it was going to feel, being fucked by that huge sausage.

I pulled him in and slammed the door. We came together, groaning as his tongue entered my mouth, and the cloth-covered bulge of his erection pressed against my exposed vaginal lips.

“Why did you come here?” I moaned.

“I came here to fuck you,” he replied, finishing the ritual.

The sensation of his cock against my pussy was ümraniye escort bayan almost too intense. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to take it bare and penetrating my cunt, much less fucking me with hard, deep thrusts the way Tom always does. Quickly, I opened his pants and exposed his magnificent erection. I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and take it into my mouth, my lips quivering around his throbbing shaft and tasting a drop of cum. I knew I could make him explode in my mouth, but I wanted the first one to be in my pussy.

Mumbling something about a lapdance, I all but tore his remaining clothes off. Tom’s slender, muscular body was a fucking machine, with his big cock thrusting up toward the ceiling. I sat him in the deskchair and spread my legs across his lap. He grabbed my bare tits and crushed them savagely, making me groan as that always does. As my pussy lips touched the throbbing shaft of his cock, I felt a nearly electrical spark move between us. Hard cock and wet pussy, so good together.

As he mauled my breasts, I rode his pulsing shaft, sliding my wet sex lips along

its underside. As they approached the bulbous head of his cock, I could feel its bulge slip between my lips and shockingly kiss my swollen clitoris. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to be penetrated. Riding up on him, I positioned my sex lips directly over the swollen head of his cock, then kartal escort descended, splitting my hungry lips. His cock, already wet from my teasing lips, sank to the hilt into my wet cunt.

Now, penetrated and impaled on Tom’s throbbing cock, I groaned and began to shake, knowing that an orgasm was coming. He felt it too, and stood, lifting me by his hands on my ass and his cock in my cunt, ramming it even deeper into my belly. I could feel his cock swelling even bigger, as I knew that he was about to come as well.

“Your cock,” I gasped, “I feel it in my throat.”

Tom could not reply. He nearly threw me down on the bed, still impaled, and did his best to nail me to the mattress through my cunt.

In one of those heroic moments that Tom somehow managed to pull off, he lifted my ass off the mattress with his hands and rammed every inch of his orgasmic cock into my spasming pussy. Then he pulled back, completely withdrawing so that the tip of his dick barely touched my quivering lips, them rammed it again, lifting my hips off the mattress with the force of his thrust.

I was able to take about four of these pounding thrusts before my orgasm turned my into a screaming, writhing, sweating frenzy. I knew my spasming cunt must be crushing his cock, but his own orgasm had taken over, and his muscular body was jerking with for force of his pulsing penis as the hot semen shot deep into my belly.

Gradually, the throbbing subsided and our sweating bodies ceased their straining. Tom’s cock was still in my pussy, and he felt as hard as ever, though I knew he must have pumped a gallon or so of cum into my pussy. That’s one of the things I like about him. . . .

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