Saturday in the Park Ch. 02


For the next several days you continued to return to the park in hopes that you will see your mystery woman again. Unfortunately, you don’t see her. After a week of looking for her; you suddenly see the flash of sunshine sparkle off an ankle bracelet peeking out from behind a tree. As you stare at this, you see a finger signaling you to come closer. As you approach the tree your mystery woman jumps out from behind it and wraps her arms around your neck and gives you a deep, passionate kiss. As she breaks the kiss, she tells you that’s for keeping you waiting.

It seems she had several business meetings during lunch and couldn’t get away. She then tells you that she has the rest of the afternoon off and desperately needs your cock inside her pussy. You are taken aback by her bluntness, but recover quickly and ask where she would like to go. She suggests going to your place and you readily agree. As you pull up to your house and let her in, she asks where your bathroom is and then asks if you have any wine to drink. You direct her to the bathroom adjoining your bedroom and go to the kitchen to get the drinks.

As you finish uncorking the wine and filling the glasses you look up to see your mystery woman holding up a pair of pantyhose and some pink high heels. She does not look happy and your mind races to figure out how you are going to get out of this predicament. As she stares at you, she asks who these belong to. It seems that after she used your bathroom she spotted the two items on your bed. You had been playing dress up and forgot about them and now had to figure out how to tell this stunning woman they were yours without driving her away.

Before you can answer she tells you that she will not get involved with someone who is already taken and looks to you for clarification. You figure you better tell her the truth and so you explain that you were married, however, you are in the process of getting a divorce and that you and your ex are not living together. True the divorce isn’t final, but the thought of being with this woman has filled your mind every minute of every day for the past week and you don’t want to lose her.

She just looks at you incredulously and asks then, why are her things on your bed? You just stare at her mouth agape. Since you don’t seem to be saying anything, she tosses the hose and heels on the couch and tells you she’s out of here and starts heading for the door. You quickly catch up to her and grabbing her arm tell her that they are yours. This admission causes her to stop in her tracks and turn around to look at you.

She looks at you and asks if that is the truth or are you just saying that so she won’t leave. You hurriedly explain that you like to dress up and that your dressing is actually one of the reasons for your divorce. She just stares at you with her arms crossed. Finally, she tells you that if you truly do like to dress up, then she wants to see how well you do and ushers you off to your bedroom to get dressed up for her. As you head toward your bedroom you notice her grab a glass of wine and the bottle and sit down on the couch to await your arrival.

After retrieving the items from the couch you head to your bedroom and upon entry can’t believe what all has happened. You can’t believe Uşak Escort you shared your secret with this complete stranger. I mean you don’t even know her name and here you are getting dressed up as a woman for her. Not wanting her to get upset because you are taking to long, you quickly pull on the pantyhose she found, then pad over to your closet and retrieve your favorite pink skirt.

After pulling it up your hosed legs, you are grateful that you shaved this morning. You then open up your dresser drawer with your bras, select a white one, put it on and put in your inserts. You then choose your dressy white blouse, button it up and tuck it into your skirt. You then step into the pink heels and buckle them.

Finally you head into your bathroom and quickly apply some lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. The crowning touch is a sexy blonde wig. As you look at yourself in the mirror you see a very hot looking blonde and hope your mystery woman likes what she sees. You take a deep breathe and return to the living room.

As you enter, your eyes are down cast and remain there when you hear her command you to stand still and keep your head down. As she approaches you can hear the click of her heels on the wood floor and you start to lift your head, when she tells you to not even think about disobeying her. As she walks around you, her fingers slide over your feminine attired body and you can see that she doesn’t seem to be wearing her skirt anymore. She tells you that you make a very sexy woman and that she can’t wait so see what other womanly things you like to do.

You are trying to figure out her last comment when she grabs your chin and lifts it. As your eyes trail up, you see that she is not wearing her outer clothes. In fact she has on a silky black Basque that has garter straps, with nylons attached. You also notice that there are two slots near the top and that her nipples are poking out of them. As you look her in the eyes, she tells you that based on how you look, she believes what you told her earlier and that this new piece of information will bring about a whole new outcome.

You are trying to figure out what she means when she grabs your blouse and pulls you to her and begins to kiss you passionately. As you reach up to embrace her, she puts one of her legs in between yours, kicking your feet further apart and begins to let her hands roam all over your body, pinching and grabbing as she goes.

After several minutes of making out she grabs your rock hard cock through your skirt and leads you back into the bedroom, where she sits down on the edge of the bed, parts her legs and commands you to kneel before her. As you quickly do so, you see that she does not have any panties on and that the small strip of hair she has on her pussy is located right above her very wet pussy lips.

She then tells you that she has always wanted a lesbian lover and asks if you are willing to be hers. You eagerly nod your head and then she tells you to start at her feet and show her the kind of affection she deserves. You quickly drop to the floor and begin licking and sucking her red painted, hose covered toes.

As you work your way up each leg making sure to not get too far ahead, you notice she is spreading Uşak Escort Bayan her legs more and more for you and as she does, you smell her sexual arousal. As you kiss and lick her inner thighs she reaches down with her hand and directs you toward her pussy. You kiss her outer lips first and inhale her intoxicating scent. As she runs her hand through your hair, she pulls your closer. You then begin to lick the length of her slit making sure to not penetrate.

This teasing causes her clit to begin to get hard and actually protrude from her folds and you are able to gently tease it with quick flicks of your tongue. She moans in response and begins to pant. Realizing you have the advantage for the moment, you continue to tease her clit, until she tells you to lick her.

You then reach up with your hands and gently parting her outer folds reveal her very wet inner folds and begin to bath them, licking up her juices. As you lick the length of her inner folds your nose rubs against her clit and suddenly she clamps her thighs around your head and you can feel her body shake as her first orgasm washes over her.

You try not to struggle for air as she comes down from her sexual high and are finally allowed to breathe as she releases your head. As you look up at her from between her thighs she stares down at you in a dreamy fashion and pulls you up to her as she leans down and begins to lick her juices off your face. Once she is done, she tells you to lie down on the bed, spread your legs and put your hands above your head. As you do, she retrieves some pantyhose from your drawer and proceeds to secure your hands and feet to the bed.

Then in a very teasingly manner begins to unbutton your blouse and unclasp your bra, pushing them out of the way and then begins to lick and kiss your hairless chest working her way from the outside in. As she gets closer and closer to your nipples, she never really touches them as she glides above them teasing them, until they are erect.

She then gently blows on them and darts her tongue out to quickly lick them. This teasing is too much and you buck your body to try to feed her more of your nipples, but as you lift up, she anticipates your move and lifts up, tutting at you. Then without warning she takes one of your nipples into her mouth and begins to suck on it while rubbing the other one.

You let out a deep moan and beg her for more. Meanwhile with her other hand she is pulling your skirt up around your waist and begins to run her fingernails up and down your pantyhose covered cock causing it to twitch violently with anticipation.

She then lifts her head and asks you if you have any toys and without thinking tell her they are in the drawer of the nightstand. As you feel her shift her weight and reach over to open the drawer, you hear her let out an ooh and realize what she has found. Sitting on top of your pile of toys is your favorite big black rubber strap on. As she pulls it from the drawer she says, that you truly are a kinky cross dresser.

It doesn’t take her long to strap it on and as she climbs back on the bed, she brings the rubber phallus to your lips and tells you to open up. You lick your lips and open your mouth as she begins to feed you your Escort Uşak own toy. While playing with this toy by yourself, you were never able to get much inside your mouth, but this mystery woman seems to be able to get you to do things you never thought possible and before you know it her little runway patch of hair is rubbing against your nose and the rubber dildo is down your throat.

As she reaches back and begins to stroke your hose encased cock she also begins to slide the dildo in and out of your mouth. All this stimulation is too much and it isn’t long before your cock is erupting all over her hand. As she withdraws the dildo from your mouth she immediately begins to feed you your own cum, which you eagerly lick and suck from her fingers.

Once she is finished feeding you your cum, she unties your ankles and then re-secures them to the head board. She then pulls your pantyhose up exposing your ass and proceeds to liberally apply lube which she also found in your toy drawer.

Once both your hole and the rubber cock are lubed up she places the head of it against your rosebud and begins to push. Initially, you resist, but as she strokes your legs with her hands and tells you how sexy you look, you relax and can feel the dildo enter you. She gently pushes more and more inside of you until her thighs are resting against your ass cheeks. She rests there for a minute allowing you to become accustomed to your intruder and then begins to pull the dildo out of you ever so slowly.

When only the tip is inside of you, she begins her journey back to fill your backside. After a few more strokes like this, she picks up her rhythm and begins to really pound your ass. At first you feel a little discomfort, but as she increases in speed, you begin to feel a sense of pleasure start at your core and spread through out your body. After what seems like an hour you feel her shudder once again and realize that she has gotten herself off on fucking you in the ass.

With all of this sexual stimulation, you are extremely close to cumming, so much so that when she unties your ankles the mere movement of your pantyhose across your cock almost causes you to explode. Once again she secures your ankles to the foot of the bed and pulls your pantyhose down, releasing your monster. She then leans down and ever so gently kisses the tip and licks at the precum that is coating the head.

She then straddles your body and with her pussy hovering above your cock asks if you will become her sissy sex slave. You can feel the heat radiating from her pussy and feel her juices as they drip onto your cock and you tell her yes. She tells you to beg her to be her sissy sex slave.

And so you do. She then informs you that when ever you two are alone and you are dressed as a woman, you will address her as Mistress Sonya. As you tell her, “Yes Mistress Sonya”, she impales herself on your cock and flexes her pussy muscles causing your cock to erupt gallons of cum inside her.

As you slowly come down from your orgasm, you realize she has crawled forward and is presenting her well fucked pussy to your mouth. Without even being told, you open your mouth and begin to clean her pussy of your combined fluids. Once she feels you are done, she climbs off of you, unties your hands and feet and curls up next to you and drifts off to sleep. As you lay there in lingerie, with the taste of your cum in your mouth and this beautiful woman asleep at your side, you gently hum, “Saturday in the Park” and drift off to sleep.


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