Saturday…It’s A Blast


I awoke at 11:30 this morning, a typical Saturday morning in the winter. It was too cold to do much outdoors in the way of my typical warm weather fun, so I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty for having slept in late. That coupled with the fact that I didn’t get home last night until 3:15 am from Tori’s apartment, and after last night, I definitely needed the sleep because you see, Tori and I have quite a tumultuous relationship and last night was just one more glaring example of how crazy it can get.

I don’t know what it is about the two of us, it seems like all we do is fight anymore and even though I do love her deeply, all this turmoil and suspicion she’s putting out is wearing me thin. And just as soon as I’ve thought that, and gotten it off my chest so to speak, I think that Tori absolutely enthralls me. Tori is the only woman I’ve ever known that can have me mad enough to break up with her one second and happy enough with her two seconds later to make love. You should understand though, that if Tori is well known in my book as a fighter, she’s certainly better known as a lover. I never could imagine before that two people could have that much raw passion between them, and while I’d like to take some credit for it, I really can’t considering the lukewarm relationships I’ve had in the past. With Tori and I, it’s all passion. Whether it’s fighting or fucking, it’s the best she can give…it’s the best WE can give, trust me.

So here I am having awakened to the warm sun beating down on my bed this morning, a reminder that for nearly the past week, the sheet I’ve been hanging over my window as a curtain, had fallen and it just can’t get up on its own. This morning, even as cold as it is outside, it’s just about hot in my bed because of the sun being absorbed into my dark blue bedspread, and in the first few minutes of my day, after a moment’s reflection on my fight and subsequent “make-up” with Tori last night, I realize just what a raging hard-on the morning brought me.

I know that this is a problem I’m going to have to take care of, but I’m not thrilled with the prospect of doing it alone, so I pick up my cell phone and give Tori a ring to see if she’s interested in hooking escort şişli up for a little Saturday afternoon loving, and much to my dismay, she’s less than interested but she told me to “have a fun afternoon and that she’d catch up with me this evening”. That being the case, I decide that I’ll just take matters into my own hands and after a few minutes of jacking off, the fact that I was rejected by Tori is just a fading memory and my focus changes to all of the sensations I’m feeling and what the outcome of this fun session is going to be.

I close my eyes and reflect on last night with Tori and my imagination is immediately consumed with recollection of my seeing her on top of me riding me like a beautiful cowgirl with her long sweet smelling hair hanging down in my face offering me tickling sensation while I watch her breasts sway while she moves with a woman’s purposeful perfection. I reminisced about the moments immediately before she was getting ready to climax, her breathing quickening and her arms shaking just the tiniest bit, and I think about how her nipple was so hard against my lips as she started cumming and then how she fell down on top of me in one quivering motion to uncontrollably enjoy the rest of her orgasm without having to endure the concentration on holding herself up.

I remember how good it felt and how warm and wet her pussy felt around my cock. I could practically feel the tickle of a drop of her cum gliding down my balls and I could recall every stroke of my hands on her back and her ass as I continued to plunge in and out of her in anticipation of my upcoming Shangri-la. I remembered how when as I was thrusting in and out of her and I was really close to cumming my cock came all the way out of her and when I poked it back in, it captured a little air in there and her pussy made a “fart” noise. We both broke into laughter just as I began my first convulsion of orgasm and I remember being torn between enjoying the pleasure of laughter, and relishing the mind blowing spurting that had just begun emanating from my cock.

With little prior warning, my reality came back to my current situation and my jacking off. The slowly building sensations I’ve taksim escort bayan been having began to peak and I can feel the impending “rush” of orgasm begin to surface, so in a split second I think to myself that this just hasn’t been ENOUGH fun and I stop my jacking just in the nick of time to avoid cumming. I’m holding my cock, squeezing off the urge to allow it to blast the load I am willing to wait a few more minutes for. In doing so, a single drop of pre-cum finds its way out the head and reminds me just how close I was to being consumed by my fantasizing over last night’s reality.

My objective quickly turns to keeping myself right on the edge of orgasm as long as I can without crossing over the point of no return…I can’t say that I’m really good at it, usually it doesn’t take much for me to give in to the pleasure by jacking – just one more time to get me that one little, tiny step closer to the edge and suddenly this excellent game is all over. However, I make a silent vow to myself that this time will be different and I’ll play it out as long as I intend. During the process, I have to stop several times for up to 30 seconds or so just to let things “calm down” a bit and during one of my first “stops”, I took advantage of the opportunity to move over to my desk and start up my computer in hopes of catching up with Tori on my webcam and letting her in on my moment of glory.

That’s another thing about Tori, she has always had a thing for watching me pleasure myself. I love to watch her expression as I blow my top. It’s like she has compassion for me at that very moment I never really see from her any other time. Perhaps that’s because I’m doing something that most people would consider their most potentially humiliating, vulnerable thing to do. As most people can attest, it is difficult to masturbate and appear very cool. Well anyway, I go online and she’s in messenger just as I’d hoped. I clicked on my cam to enable it, and put the cam down on my desk aiming it right at my cock and I was slowly stroking it. She “accepts” then types in “WOW” and I don’t type anything, just keep going until I know I am about to shoot! This time, as is typical for me, after escort beşiktaş I stave off my orgasm several times, I usually have a much more profound one and when I do cum, it’s momentous. Tori doesn’t have a cam at her apt, nonetheless, I can imagine her sitting down at her desk watching me and getting that “expression” I long for at just the right moment. The next message I see from her is “It looks like it’s feeling really good”. As soon as I saw that message, I let it go!

The first shot of semen, a huge drop, literally fires up out of my cock and hits me in the shoulder. Then there’s the next and the next and the next. There’s got to be 8 or 10 in total and every time I shoot, I’m more covered in it. By the time I get through, I have to be extremely careful getting up and grabbing a towel for cleanup because this cum is everywhere. I finish cleaning up, and go back to the computer to take a bow in front of the cam and ask Tori what she thought, and as I approach the computer, I see her message: “sweeeetttt”, “I gotta go”. That is the last I hear from her until about 9 pm.

At 9 pm, I show up at Tori’s place as expected and when I get there although I expected her to be ready to go out, she’s just getting ready to get in the shower. I sit down in the living room and share a little small talk with her roommate Debbie and Debbie starts telling me how she’s glad that we have the time to chat and then she just blurts out that Tori wasn’t at the apartment earlier today when I was on cam, and admits that it was her. In one second my life flashed before my eyes and I’m now analyzing what she saw. I’m FLOORED. She says that it was never her intention to see me jack off, she just heard me sign on and then when she saw the cam invite, she said she just clicked “accept” without thinking. Well by the time she “thought”, it was a little late, and she said it turned her on so much she had to masturbate right then and there. In fact, even now, just reflecting on the whole situation was getting her really wet and with that, she pulled down the front of her sweat pants with one hand exposing her pussy and with the other hand she slipped a finger down and did a quick “clit rub” and then brought the slippery, shiny, wet finger up to her mouth and sucked it dry. She coyly smiled and said if I was interested, she’d let me have a sample of that sometime and then she sauntered into her room and I sat there on the couch in the living room with my jaw hanging down.

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