School friends


School friendsIt was the beginning of the school year. Moving to a new city I had trouble fitting in. Seems like they only wanted to be friends with their buddies from the year before. I was in the shower after gym class when a couple of guys started making fun of my small frame and lack of mussel. One pointed out how small my penis is and they all got a laugh out of it. As the days turned to weeks I wound up waiting for them to finish and leave. I noticed one boy using the last shower head each day. He was a little taller than me and hairier. One day I decided to break the ice, I left my shampoo in my locker and asked if I could use his. Stand off at first, he soon realised I wasn’t there to mock him,and he loaned it to me. After our shower I thanked him for the use of his shamoo,he said it was nothing. I güvenilir bahis told him my name, he said his was Kim. I said nice to meet you. He relaxed some when I didn’t have a comment about his name. I found out he had the same lunch as me,but sat at the other end of the cafeteria. We started eating together and a friendship was forming. He asked if I wanted to come over to his house, I said sure. We listened to music and played video games. I noticed that there were pictures of just him and his mom, I said it was jump mom and me too. My mom had a membership to gym not far from us and I asked if he wanted to go swimming at the indoor pool. He said sure. We went to the gym and changed clothes in the locker room. Bring winter there wasn’t anyone around. We swam for a while,after showing off our dives I türkçe bahis said lets go to my house. The shower was small so we used two beside each other. While washing he asked if I ever played with it, I said no,do you? He said yes sometimes. I asked how it felt, he said real good. I told him I’d be to embarrassed to do it, what if my mom caught me. He said we can do it when we got to my house. I said ok, my mom won’t be home till seven. We finished and dressed. Going home I asked him how he keeps it hard,mine goes down after peeing in the morning. He said to think about girls naked. When we made it to my house we went to my room and locked the door. He said to take off my clothes and get on the bed. I undressed and sat on the bed. When he came over and said to close my eyes and think about a girl in class. güvenilir bahis siteleri I said ok, he said now picture her naked. After a while I said ok and I felt my dick start to grow. I said now what,he said to pull my dick. After a few minutes I said it was boring, he said you’re not doing it right, want me to show you. I said sure. He reached over and started stroking my dick. Slowly he pulled up and down. I watched as he stroked mine and his. Every so often he spat on them he said to keep them slick. My dick started to throb, he said I was about to cum. I couldn’t speak, my breathing was fast and I started shaking. I got a sudden urge to pee then my dick went crazy. It jumped and pumped white thick liquid out. I thought I was going to pass out, them Kim stiffened up and he shot liquid out of his dick. When he was finished he asked how I liked it. I said it felt good. We cleaned up and he went home. After months made dinner I went to bed and rubbed my self till it was hard. Closing my eyes I thought about him,with his hand on my dick.

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