Schoolgirl for Patrick


*Disclaimer – everyone in this story is over the age of 18.*

***This is based on a sexy true story being written, by request, for my lovers fantasy.***


I arrive at your apartment, with the items you requested in hand: green and black plaid school girl skirt, white knee high socks, and a button up white top. We had been flirting via text/email for the past week and you tell me you can’t wait to see me in the outfit. You also requested I wear my hair in braids, to complete the outfit. As I climb the stairs to your place my braids bounce as my shorts ride up my thick thighs.

I knock and you quickly open the door, looking me up and down. I smile and you let me in, my cheeks getting red as I blush from your looks on my body. I sit on the couch opposite you and we talk about random things to break the ice. You’re a lawyer so you tell me more about what you do. I tell you about my graduate school plans. All the while your eyes keep wandering to my cleavage which reveals my red lace bra and my thighs, my shorts exposing the pin up girl tattoo on my left thigh.

After we talk for a few I tell you I’m going to the bathroom to change and I feel your eyes on my ass as I walk past you. In the bathroom, I change into the schoolgirl ensemble and make sure my hair is still in place. I walk out, my short skirt flipping up with every step. I come into the room and your eyes get big. You stand and walk over to me, reaching out to feel my skirt. Telling me how good I look, how hard you’re getting.

You walk back over and sit on the couch and tell me to come to you. I oblige and stand in front of you; I reach down and pull my short skirt up to show off my tuzla escort pink lace thong, a small patch of cloth barely covering my cunt. You breathe in hard and bite your lip. I can tell that you’re already harder through your pants. You tell me to get on my knees; I do as I’m told and start to undo your pants. I pull them down along with your underwear and your hard cock pops out in front of me, dripping pre cum. I lean forward and stick my tongue out, licking it off slowly. You shiver and look down to watch me.

I wrap your hard cock in one of my soft small hands and start stroking you slowly as I take you in my mouth. Slowly inch by inch, sucking hard as I do and swirling my tongue all around. I can hear you moaning softly, your hand moving to the back of my head while the other grabs my big tits through my shirt. You lean over slightly to look at my skirt, telling me how hot I look and that I’m fulfilling your biggest, dirtiest fantasies. I giggle with your cock in my mouth then I shove you down my throat fast, making your thighs shake.

You grab me and pull me up so I’m straddling you. You tell me how cute I am, then you kiss me hard. Shoving your tongue in my mouth as your hand snakes up skirt to feel the wetness on my thong. When you feel that it is soaked you tell me to go to the bedroom. I stand up and walk to the bedroom with you behind me, your eyes burning into my ass. I get to the bed and crawl, showing my ass off. You tell me to stay there and you come up behind me. Flipping my skirt up, you pull my thong off and kiss my pussy hard telling me how good I taste.

You flip me onto my back and spread my legs wide, starting at my tight pink hole. Telling me tuzla escort bayan how pretty it is as you kiss my thighs. You come up and kiss my mouth hard, letting me taste my cunt on your lips. You go down, kissing my neck and collarbone until you reach my shirt. You leave it on, telling me how sexy it looks with the rest of the outfit. Instead you pull the top down along with my bra to expose my nipples. You put one into your mouth fast, sucking it hard. Then you move to the other one, telling me how tasty my big DD tits are. I moan and can feel your hardness against my leg.

You get on top of me and spread my legs wide, telling me that you need to feel my tight wetness. You slowly push your cock inside me and we both moan. You say that I’m so tight it’s incredible and that you already want to cum. You start to pound me hard, not giving me any time to get use to you. You grab my tits then switch to rub my clit hard. You rub it fast, telling me to cum. I look down and watch your cock going in and out of my tight pinkness. The image is too much and I start moaning. I close my eyes and the heat starts to build up in between my thighs. I scream and arch my back as my cunt clamps down on your cock. I hear you grunt telling me to keep going as I cum all over you.

I’m still breathing hard as you flip me onto all 4s. You shove your face between my thighs and drink in my wetness. Sucking on my clit then licking all over. You move to my ass and lick from my asshole to my clit. Back and forth making me shiver as I get your red beard soaked. My thighs shake as you focus your tongue on my tight asshole while you finger my tight cunt hard and fast. I scream and tell you it feels escort tuzla good and that I’m going to cum. This causes you to lick my asshole faster and to finger my cunt harder which pushes me over the edge. I scream and grab the bed as my thighs shake and my cunt gushes and clamps down on your finger.

I’m still shaking as you come up from behind me, shoving your cock into my hard. You start pounding me with all your strength. I arch my back so you can get deeper, pushing my ass out. You slap my ass hard, asking if you like how daddy’s cock feels. I moan and tell you it feels so good and you spank me again. Every time your cock slams into my cunt you smack my ass leaving red marks on my pale skin. The sound of you spanking me and your thighs slapping against my ass fill the room while the smell of my cunt fills the air. I tell you how good it feels, calling you daddy again which causes you to shake.

You pull out and sit against the headboard and I know what you want. I crawl over and shove your cock into my mouth, tasting your precum and my juices on you. I suck fast, my head bobbing as I hear you moan and grunt. Telling me not to stop, that you want me to swallow all of daddies cum. I shove you down my throat and that pushes you over the edge. You start to shake and moan, your hands on my head. I feel your hot cum before I taste it but I start swallowing immediately. Your cock twitches in my mouth as you empty your balls into my mouth.

When you’re done, you collapse as I lick the remainder off your cock, cleaning you off. I roll over and we both breathe hard, not speaking, still in a daze. The room smells like sex, your bed has both our cum on the sheets. You roll over and kiss my neck, telling you how amazing you feel. I giggle and wrap my leg over your hip. We lay there as you recover, your eyes wondering on my schoolgirl outfit and I can tell that round 2 isn’t far off.

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