Sean’s Family Pt. 01: Kaitlin

Friends Mom

Author’s Note: This is a fictional tale. All characters engaging in any sexual activity are over the age of 18 years.

This one is inspired by some real-life events but regrettably or fortunately didn’t take the same course like this one.

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The sunlight streaming in from the window lights up my mom’s thin nightdress as she busily moves about in the kitchen. Sitting here at the dining table while I eat my cereal, my eyes are fixed on her ass. I catch myself before she turns around though.

‘Man, I’m really horny!’

She comes to sit down with me.

“How was your term?”


She smiles and shakes her head at my response.

“You know, you used to tell me everything. Now it’s just one-word responses.”

“Come on Mom, I’m not a kid anymore.”

“One year of college life makes you a man, does it?” she teasingly says and pokes my shoulder.

“It sure does.” I wiggle my eyebrows with a mischievous smile on my face.

We both burst into a laugh after a moment of pause.

She wags her finger at me, “Naughty!”

We talk for a little while about my semester and studies. But I only halfheartedly reply to her questions. After the taxing finals, I haven’t had proper rest as I had to drive down 600miles to get home. So I am in no mood to discuss my major on my first day back.

It’s the start of the summer holidays and I’m hoping to get lucky when I later go to Nick’s pool party. And I better find someone there because I can’t take much more of this dry spell.

Mom probably sees that my mind is elsewhere so she gets back to her work.

“How’s Aunt Katie been doing?”

“Oh right, it almost slipped my mind. You should go to her house. She called me yesterday to ask about you.”

“Why? What happened?”

“There have been a few break-ins in her neighborhood this last week and Andrew is away, so…”

I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

“Do I need to say any more?”

I suddenly realize that this is Aunt Katie we’re talking about. Now it all makes sense. I chuckle along with my mother.

“She’s the same as ever huh?”

“Pretty much.”

“What happened with Andrew?”

“What else?” Mom shakes her head as if truly fed up with him, “Gone for a job, that too for a whole two months. And it’s not even been a month since they got married. Such a shame they had to cut short their honeymoon…”

“Yeah, such a shame.”

I nod my head to express my pity but inwardly I couldn’t be any happier. Andrew is gone for the whole of the two months; Aunt Katie is all alone in her house, and I have nothing else to do.

‘The heavens themselves are smiling down on me.’

You see, Aunt Katie is my favorite aunt of all the aunts in my huge extended family. She is my Dad’s kid sister and each of her siblings tends to coddle her because of this. Growing up I have been especially close to her. She’s kind, funny, smart all the things you can wish for in a girl but there’s one thing about her that is quite irrational. She is paranoid about security, believes in ghosts and can get scared rather easily. To me, this is quite funny and cute but I get that some people can get pissed off because of this weird trait of hers. Since she is alone and there have been break-ins in her neighborhood, she must be scared and skittish.

‘It’s only natural she would ask for me, her favorite nephew, to come to her rescue.’ I can’t help but smirk.

“You’re dripping milk on yourself…” Mom interrupts my thoughts, “… and stop smiling like a villain.”

‘Well, I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.’

It’s been a few months since I last saw her in person and because of my finals I couldn’t even attend her wedding. She was pissed at me for missing it, and I was pissed at her for setting the date without once consulting with me. And worst of all, it was all because of that asshole Andrew. I mean what kind of a sick person interferes with the bride’s plans. Well anyway, we have made up after that but this is a great opportunity to iron out any hidden resentment on her part.

“Where’s Dad? I haven’t seen him since morning.”

“In the shed, fixing your bike.”


I put the empty bowl in the sink and go out to the yard after giving Mom a kiss. I find Dad as he’s coming out of the shed with my bike in his hand.

“Fixed it?”

“Just oiled it a little bit.”

“Thanks!” I take it from his hand and pedal it around the yard to get a feel of it.

“You going to Katie’s?”

“Yeah, right after I take a shower.”

“Good. And don’t run off to that Wilson kid’s party.”

“What? How do you know about that?”

“Humph. Just keep in mind that you’re not of legal drinking age.” He snorts and turns to go in the house.

“Well, I’m not going so don’t worry,” I shout from behind him.

I am honestly shocked that Dad has any idea about it since Nick told me it wasn’t going to be a huge thing with only a few close friends invited. I guess word got Maltepe Escort around. But it doesn’t matter anymore. If my guess is right, then I would be staying the night with Aunt Katie. So Nick’s party is redundant now.

I take a quick shower and get dressed in summer shorts and a t-shirt. Packing some essentials and a change of clothes in my backpack, I go down the stairs. Mom is waiting by the door with a serious look on her face.

“Behave!” She says as I’m about to pedal off.


“Sean Murphy! I’m your Mom,” She pokes me on the head and continues, “I know what goes on in that mind of yours. Don’t do anything to make your Dad mad at you, understand?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I quickly take off before she could say anything more. When I turn back to see her she is smiling in the same gentle way as always.

‘Mom’s the best.’

Aunt Katie’s house is only a few blocks away. So it doesn’t take me much time to reach it. As I stand there waiting for her to open the door, I try to picture her in my mind. Last time I saw her, it was in the wedding photos that she had sent me. She looked delicious in that bridal white.

So yeah, I have a major crush on her. You know how everyone has that one relative that they always want to bang, that’s Aunt Katie for me. Sure nobody likes to admit it but there’s always that one relative, could be a cousin, an aunt, a sister, or anyone that you just wish wasn’t actually related to you so you could pursue them. But that’s where the irony lies because if they weren’t related to you they wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Aunt Katie, or Kaitlin Murphy, is the poster girl of my fantasies. Ever since I hit puberty and came to understand more about the wonders of life, I’ve had a thing for her. First of all, she is pretty. I mean Amy Adams pretty. But there’s also a homely feel to her. She is about five feet six inches, so ideal height I would say, her hair is strawberry blonde in color, my favorite type, but her most striking feature is a pair of nice, full breasts and an ass to die for. I’ve peeped on her several times, and her ass is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.


I hear her unlock the door and push it open.

“Sean! I missed you so much.”

She jumps on me as soon as I step inside. I can feel her breasts through her kimono as they press against my chest. I suck in a breath and barely keep control of my impulse to grab and fondle her ass. I hug her tightly as she kisses me all over my face.

“I missed you too.”

She releases me and rubs her hands over my chest and stomach.

“Working out I see.”


“Have you had breakfast?”


“Well grab an orange or something while I’m eating.”

She says and then turns around, giving me the first look of her backside. I watch her hypnotic ass, swaying from side to side, as she struts away from me. I swear I can just watch her walk all day long.

“Sean? You coming?”

“What’s with all the locks and alarm systems? Didn’t mom call you?”

“So!? Don’t you know just two days ago there was another break-in?”

“It’s the broad daylight!”

“You can never be too careful.”

When I give her a pitiful look, she giggles.

“Leave me alone,” she pauses to take a bite out of her sandwich and re-addresses me, “What happened with that girl you were seeing? You didn’t give me the details.”

“It had to end, sadly.”

“Why? What did she do?”

“She didn’t do anything to me, but she did drop out.”


“Well her scholarship got canceled and she said that she didn’t want to mule away for the rest of her life paying loans, so…”

“Such a shame.”

She pats my shoulder to console me which wasn’t needed, as I wasn’t any serious about that girl, but I appreciate her touch, nonetheless.

“Well, what can you do?”

I comment as I look out to the pool. Images of Katie in a bikini start floating around in my head. It’s the perfect excuse to get her to shed her clothes.

“You’ll have to clean it first,” Katie says before I can even ask her for it.

“I’ll do it!”

“You sure? It’s a lot of work.”

“Pretty sure. Good thing I brought my swimwear. You know, just in case.”

I quickly change into my Speedo. Well, because I’m not one to be afraid to flaunt around my body. Cycling has kept in shape and I’ve put on some muscle over the past year. Now would be a good time to show that to Katie.

While I’m busy and waiting for her, she comes out but not in her bikini as I was hoping her to be. She is still in her kimono.

“Listen, I’m taking a nap for a few hours. I really need it after the last few days and since you’re here now, I can finally sleep easy.”

She puts her hands together in an apologetic fashion and says, “Sorry! I’ll make it up to you in the evening, I promise.”

I mournfully watch her disappear, and along goes my hopes to ogle her ass all afternoon long.

‘That was so sneaky!’

Well, Ümraniye Escort it’s fine. I’ve got the whole evening for it. And anyway, I should have expected as much. It’s just like her to trick me into cleaning the pool. Just as I used to hide in the corners and scare her silly, she too loved to play pranks on me.

‘Those were some fun times!’

It used to be my favorite thing. More often than not, she would jump right in my arms when startled, and then I had the freedom to explore her. There were many instances when I was able to cop a good feel of her ass or her boobs. Maybe because we were the youngest child of our respective parents so she felt a special connection to me or maybe for some other reason, but she always had her guard down around me and never got angry at my childish antics.

‘Hah,’ I sigh at the memory.

I then get busy cleaning the pool and changing the water. I swim around a few laps before I get a little too tired myself and crash on the sofa while watching TV.

After dinner, where she made my favorite lasagna, we watched a few shows and a movie. All that time when her eyes were on the screen, my eyes were on her. She caught me looking a few times but didn’t seem to mind or say anything to discourage me, only just nudged me playfully while smiling to herself. Overall it was a fun time. But she says she is getting sleepy so it has come to an end, for now.

‘Two months. Two months,’ I chant to myself while I lie awake in the guest room. I am waiting for the lights to dim in her room so that I could go and jack off. After a full day with her, it’s a surprise that I’ve held it in for so long, and even more impressive given that I haven’t had any pussy in over a month.

“Sean, you awake?”

Katie is leaning on the door frame and looks a little concerned.

“Uh huh. What’s up?”

“Why don’t you sleep in my room?”


I jump at the opportunity. I don’t care why she’s asked me to sleep in the same room with her, and I don’t give a fuck that I have to sleep on the floor. Every second spent in her vicinity is more precious than life itself.

“Just like that!?”

“Just like that.”

I follow her to her room and take my time to check out her ass from behind.

“What’s this? Where do I sleep?” I ask her as we enter her bedroom.

There is no futon on the floor and there isn’t a couch either.

“You don’t expect me to make you sleep you on the floor, do you?”


“What? Are you too embarrassed to sleep with your aunt?”

‘What’s happening? Am I in the twilight zone or something?’

She gets inside the covers and turns the AC to full. I am still in shock and haven’t moved an inch.

“Come on! We used to do it all the time.”

‘Yeah, and I didn’t use to have a raging boner back then.’

Seeing as there’s no other choice, I get in beside her. I maintain a good distance between us though.

“Good night.”

She turns to my opposite side and switches off the light leaving only the dim night lamp switched on.

It’s been nearly two hours and I have been lying like a log. I’ve made no movements in all this time. My arms are by my side, straight and rigid, and my eyes are wide open, staring at the night lamp. I’ve got a boner for the ages, and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on.

Now I realize what it means when my Dad says “Talk is cheap”. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. In a bed with Aunt Katie with no one else to disturb us, here’s my opportunity to cuddle with her, to take her in my arms, to feel the heat radiating from her, to smell her shampoo, to squeeze her ass, but I haven’t even faced her direction once, too scared of myself, of the consequences.

‘There’s a lot of Seans in the family but there’s only one Katie.’

I’m pretty sure my dad would kill me if he ever found out. I am not even a single child. What’s more, there is the whole raft of their siblings who would be out for blood. But most importantly, I don’t know what I would do if she rejects me.

‘Would I still force her or leave her alone?’

It’s too scary to even think about that.

‘And what if she accepts it? Will we be alright in the morning? Or will it permanently damage my relationship with her?’

There are too many questions and no definite answers.

‘Fuck! Just try to sleep.’

Since the last battle of dick vs. brain, it’s been fifteen minutes. Somehow I’m still holding on.

‘Maybe I should just go back to the guest room!?’

That would be for the best. If I stay the night, I’m bound to cave in. So it’s best I leave before I really do something outrageous.

As I’m getting up to go back, my fingers brush her fleshy ass. Instantly, I’m frozen. I turn to see if she’s disturbed and I really shouldn’t have done it. My eyes fall on her and I can’t seem to move anymore. Any and all resistance towards touching it again is destroyed as I see her enticing figure. Sometime during the night, she has kicked away the thin sheet İstanbul Escort and the dim light from the night lamp is bright enough that I can gaze upon her creamy thighs to my heart’s content.

‘Yes, she won’t know. Nobody will know if I’m careful.’

I extend my palm to grab her. Slowly I reach her. I pause just before making contact and listen in if she is asleep or not. She is breathing steady, long breaths. I gulp in a mouthful of saliva to wet my dry throat.


I let out a moan as my hand brushes across the kimono on top of her buttock. A drop of pre-cum drops on my short as press my fingers to feel her elastic butt.

It’s wonderful, the tender feeling of her flesh mixed in with the smoothness of fabric. I close in the gap between us. Our bodies are almost sticking to each other. I stick my nose to the back of her neck and breathe in her scent. It has a fruity hint; I’m sure from her shampoo. I rub my hand over the kimono and am surprised to find that she is not wearing any bra or any underwear.

‘When did she take it out?’

I have no idea what happened there because I’m pretty confident she had her bra on when she called me to her room. My dick jumps thinking about the possible implications of her action. Suddenly she shifts slightly and makes me stop all actions. My panic quickly is over when she doesn’t make any more movements.

I impatiently wait for a few seconds before once more digging my fingers and clutching her ass, but gently. The urge to just maul her is very strong, someway, somehow, I have staved it off. Once more I move towards and this time I only stop when my dick makes contact with her. Slowly I take it out of my shorts and rest it against her ass.


Braving the danger, I encircle it from the other side and trap it between my fingers and her ass. As I slide it on the silky surface, a dollop of pre-cum drops on her kimono and forms a wet circle. Slowly I move my hips. The friction between my fingers and her kimono is enough to make me moan.


As there’s no sign that she is going to wake up, I get sloppy with my actions. The fabric over her ass has risen up. My dick is in direct contact with her ass and my fingers are feeling the softness of her flesh without any interference. I am breathing heavily, and either my eyes are playing tricks on me or the thin line I see is the trail of pre-cum I’ve left on her ass.

I swing my hips much more freely in the face of such immense pleasure, as the fears and inhibitions of getting caught have left me. Leaning forward I place a very chaste kiss on her neck and push my dick in the crack between her two buttocks.


I barely keep myself from shouting in joy. It’s almost as if I’m really fucking her. I hump her in that position with increasing abandon. My fingers are digging in her flesh and fondling her ass.

‘I didn’t know such pleasure could exist in this world.’

It’s criminal how good this feels, how much joy I’m getting by violating her. I lightly peck her shoulders and her back. Suddenly she sits up.

‘Crap! It’s over. I’m dead.’

With my dick in my hand and my eyes wide open I watch her as she unties her kimono and throws it on the floor. She reassumes her position but also pushes her ass right into me.

When I don’t make any movements she giggles and takes my hand to place it on her boobs.

“Don’t you want to feel these too?”


“I know you love my ass but these aren’t half bad.”

She wiggles her ass making me moan.

“Come on Sean, don’t you want me?”

It’s enough to bring me out of my momentary daze. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or how this will change things; right now I just want to do her and do her good.

I maul her tits and her ass. I am horny enough to not care about hurting her as I really go to town on her ass. Spanking it, pinching it, twisting it and jiggling it, I do it all.

“Easy baby, we have all night.”

“Right now I want you to…” she takes my dick in her hand and lining it up with her opening she pulls it inside, “… fuck me.”

I thrust forward instinctively, and my dick slides in effortlessly.

‘I wasn’t the only one who was wet.’

She rubs her clit and her lips as I place soft kisses all over her neck and her backside. My dick is feeling hot as if getting baked in an oven of heat and moisture. I pull out and thrust in once more.

“Yes, just that. Do that…”

Eager to please her, I repeat my motion, and the thwack sounds resound in the room.

“Ooh. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of your waist hitting my ass.”

Encouraged by her words I pump her with long slow strokes, each time making a loud thwacking noise.

“You like that huh?”

“I love it!”

Her hand pulls my head forward and she turns her head to kiss me. I am a little surprised even as I excitedly reciprocate. It’s our first time kissing, though it doesn’t feel like it. Her lips are a perfect match for mine and her technique is complementary to my own.

I pinch her nipples and she opens her mouth to let out a moan, I quickly slide in my tongue. Her response is to suck on it which drives me to fuck her more forcefully. As our kiss intensifies, our bodies fall into an easy rhythm.

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