Seattle Surprise

Big Tits

You were waiting in the slow line, patiently. Texting a friend, no place to be in a hurry. You had no idea that i was there. I walked behind you as quietly as i could and leaned my mouth down behind your ear and whispered,

“Fuck, Anna, seeing you always gets my heart pounding and my cock so fucking hard.”

Stunned to have a strange man sneak up and whisper so close about his cock, you jump away and spin, ready to slap the asshole when it clicks that i’d called you Anna. Your eyes connect with my face and light up with bewildered recognition, even more startled to find me there than you were by the whisper.

“Dan, i mean Nate, oh my GOSH!!”

And then your arms were around me and your face pressed against my chest. I wrapped my arms around you and breathed deep of your delicious scent. Your body against mine was heavenly. We held each other tight for too long in a moving grocery store line. It’s all i can do not to kiss you, but it’s so public and i don’t know if it’s safe. Or wise. Probably safe, probably not wise. You’re thinking the same. So we squeeze tight. The lady behind you clears her throat politely, and we snap out of it, stepping forward together, me joining you with one more side hug. We catch up as the line now seemed to speed along and got our groceries. I was in Seattle for a weekend software conference. You were there for the same. Our hotels were just a few blocks apart, this store in between the two. Neither of us were traveling with family. Our families were doing well. And how great it was to run into each other! Fate brings us together again, you smile knowingly. The conference starts in an hour, but i offer to walk you to your hotel. I want to put my free arm around your shoulder, but feel i should ask first.

“Oh, i don’t know. I’m here with several coworkers, who of course know i have a family. I can’t let them see.”

I’m here alone, but i totally understand. We continue to talk, giving each other ridiculously happy, flirty grins the whole way.

We arrive at your room, set our bags down, and it’s all i can do not to throw you on the bed and strip off your clothes right then. I tell you as much.

“Fuck, that makes me so horny, Dan! You can’t just say stuff like that or we’re going to get ourselves in trouble this weekend.”

“Trouble sounds awfully fun right now.”

“Doesn’t it, though?”


And then i stepped smoothly to you, leaning down to press my lips into yours. No hesitation otele gelen escort about kissing me this time, you slide your tongue between my large, hungry lips and we both moan in desire. I grab the bottom of your shirt, lifting swiftly to pull it up over your heads. You raise your arms and we break the kiss to be rid of your shirt, i take the moment to look and lust at the round tops of your tits in your surprisingly sensual bra for a software conference, then we’re kissing again as i slide my hands around for the clasp and you reach down to start on my shirt buttons. In moments we’re shirtless, your big beautiful tits feeling so fucking perfect against the firm muscles of my chest. I bend my knees and slide an arm down to pick you up and all but throw you on the bed. I lean over onto you to kiss and suck at your neck, then work my way down to your tits, giving each a series of kisses, caresses, squeezes, and sucks, taking special time to enjoy kissing along the tattoos underneath each, and of course, to nibble on those amazing brown nibbles. My cock is ready to burst out of my pants, though, so i kiss down your belly, tonguing the button and nuzzling at your crotch before standing to pull off your pants. I pulled them off slowly at first, making eyes at you and complimenting the fucking sexy thong and how it matched your bra. And then i whipped them off, threw them playfully at your head and then kissed my way down one leg then the other, stopping just at the panties each time. But just as i was about to slide those off too, you sit up and forward, reaching for the button of my pants.

“These have got to go, Baby. I want to see that cock first if you want to get my panties off today.”

“Fuck, yes, Babe. Take me out to play.”

I tangle a hand in your hair and force your face up to kiss me again, leaving you to deal with my pants and boxers blindly. With expertise, you have them around my ankles in moments and my flagpole firmly in hand. I moan into your mouth at the sensation of your hands finally on my dick again, and you whimper with pleasure, trying to pull away from the kiss to get a look. I’m not about to give up control, though and hold you in the kiss a moment longer, then wrapping my fingers in your hair, pull your head back and down to the bed, so you can’t look. Aroused at being manhandled like that, your breathing quickens and your deep brown eyes lock onto pendik escort my steel blues with a breathless look that has “fuck me now” written into every inch.

“Fuck, you’re such a naughty slut, Baby! I’m going to enjoy fucking you now, like i should have the last time.”

“Oh fuck, Dan. We shouldn’t.”

“But we will.”

“Fuck, yes. Oh fuck yes!”

“Beg for it, you gorgeous slut. I want to hear what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Dan”

I wait expectantly for more, still holding you to the bed by the hair as i lean onto you, between your legs, my feet on the floor. You wrap your legs around me and put a hand on my head, pulling me closer as if for a kiss. I resist a moment, and you go on.

“I want you to kiss me. I want you to put your cock inside me and fuck me so hard. I want you to eat my bald pussy until i come. I want you to make me your bitch, Babe.”

“Damn right. And i will.”

I give you a quick, deep kiss, then stand and roughly pull off your panties, taking no care to be delicate with you or the panties. Then i take your legs and put them on my shoulders, take my throbbing erection in hand and start to tease your pussy with the tip, rubbing it around your clit, then down along the lips, mixing your wetness with the precum dripping from me. I do this for some time, watching the pleasure and desire on your face, reveling in the full sight and feel of this pussy that i have lusted after and jerked off to a hundred times, until i can’t fucking wait. And then i start to press it inside of you. I go slow at first, in a bit, then back up a little, in deeper, then back, until my shaft is getting all wet, and then i let go and get a grip on your thighs and thrust, deep and hard. All the way in, i moan again in ecstasy at the sensation and the intensity of finally turning our deep sexual connection into the most intimate of physical connections. And then i begin to pump, pulling out to different depths each time, reveling in the fabulous control offered by the position and letting my cock truly explore your pussy. After a few minutes of fabulous fucking, you watching this digital lover of yours truly fuck you, me watching those tits i have adored in still shots and old memories bounce and entrance me with every thrust, as well as the sight of my cock sliding in and out of this stunning, bare, brown pussy that’s stimulated my imagination so well. We rus escort both enjoy the sounds of our bodies smacking together and the endorphins and oxytocin racing through our veins and strengthening our connection more with every pump of my hips.

“Fuck me doggy too, Dan. I want you you to ride me like that fucking bad.”

I eagerly grant your wish, pulling out of you with a delicious wet sound and helping you flip over. You get up on your knees and put your ass in the air, bending your back and looking back at my masculine body getting up on my knees on the bed, eager to fuck you harder still. And i do, with practiced motions, i take position behind you, roughly grabbing your hips to pull your ass to me, i let me cock slide between your legs once, rubbing along your pussy to your clit and back, then dip my hips to aim it into your wet, warm pussy again. No hesitance or exploration now, i start to fuck you hard, not too fast on each pull out, but burying myself inside your body to the hilt with a swift pound each time. I lean forward, sliding my left hand up your back and into your hair again to get a grip. Once i have a grip on you there, i release your right hip too and use that hand to give your ass a loud smack. You gasp in pleasure, and i fucking love it.

“Harder or softer, bitch?” I grunt.

“Fuck, harder!”

You try to turn your head to watch, and i allow it for a moment, slapping your ass even harder. You give a cry still more pleasure than pain and then begin to climax.


Moaning in satisfaction, i begin to pump faster, ready to cum too. I keep my fingers entwined in your hair but use my right hand to grab your hip and fuck away with abandon, wanting nothing more but to explode with pleasure at it all. And soon i do,


Spurt after spurt of cum shoots from my cock into your pussy, until i can hardly believe i’m still cumming. The pleasure is intense as i slow, then stop, then let my softening cock pull out. You give a pleased but don’t-want-it-to-end sound, and i release you to flop over to the side of the bed. I back up and come around, putting my cock in front of your pleasure-filled face.

“Clean the cum off me.”

With sexy as fuck smile up at me, you open your lovely mouth and lean over to take me in your mouth. I moan at the intensity of the feeling as you lick and suck my flaccid cock, keeping it from shrinking, though not really getting hard again.

“Do a good job, because next i’m going to return this favor.”

You moan in delight with a mouthful of my cock.

And both our naughty minds filled with dozens of fantasies for what this weekend could offer.

The fun was only just beginning…

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