Second Chance


I met my second wife in the local supermarket on a Sunday afternoon when I saw a 6′ tall, blonde, blue-eyed, busty, and very beautiful middle age woman walking toward me with an older man. When they passed me, I noticed in a glance neither of them were wearing rings on their left ring fingers. I decided I wanted to meet her and try to get her to go out to dinner in the near future so I shadowed them and when he went up one aisle and she another; I walked up to her.

“Please tell me the man you’re with is your father or some other male relative.” I said to her when I was next to her.

“He’s my uncle, but why did you need to know that?”

“Well, if he wasn’t and was your husband or boyfriend; the chance of you having dinner with me would have been zero. Speaking of a boyfriend, a beautiful woman like you probably has one and I’m wasting my time, right?”

“Actually, I just broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago.”

“Well, I see your uncle coming so here take my business card. It has my cell phone number and e-mail address on it so please call me or e-mail me. I would like to get to know you and hope you want to get to know me too.”

“Mikoli Greene, small electrical projects my specialty. Are you that Mikoli Greene?”

“I don’t know who that “Mikoli Greene” is, but I’m the only Mikoli Greene I know of in this area so I probably am.”

“Jane, who are you talking to?” The woman’s, who I now knew was Jane, uncle asked her as he shambled up to us.

“Uncle Hank, this is Mikoli Greene. Mikoli, this is my uncle Hank Simmons. I’m Jane Simmons by the way. I would like to talk to you some more, Mikoli. What are your plans later this afternoon?”

“I don’t have any plans, why?”

“Why don’t you meet me at the Dairy Queen, say about 5 o’clock?”

“I’ll be there.”

The above conversation happened eleven months after my beloved Sandy had passed away from a silent heart attack in our bed one night. The coroner attributed it to the many years of steroids she had taken for controlling her Crohn’s Disease. I had thrown myself into work and physical exercise to help with the loss of my true love after thirty six years of marriage. I had lost the small paunch in my belly and was in the best shape I had ever been in. I was fifty nine years old and had begun to get the familiar sexual urges I’d had since I was fifteen and began dreaming about sex with classmates, actresses from movies and TV, and other beautiful, unattainable women. I hadn’t felt them for months following Sandy’s death and Jane was the first woman to trigger them in me. I went to the Dairy Queen, got me a Blizzard, and waited on Jane.

“I’m glad to see you, Jane. I was beginning to think you had stood me up.” I told the tall blonde when she came and sat at my table ten minutes after 5.

“I’m sorry I’m late. My uncle was a bit cantankerous this afternoon and I didn’t get away from his house in time to get here earlier, I’m usually very punctual. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about this meeting so let me say this first. I don’t think I can have dinner or any other dates with you.” Jane said to me with a frown on her face.

“Can you tell me why and maybe give me a chance to change your mind?”

“I blame you and Sandy for the breakup of my marriage in an indirect sort of way. Maggie Smith was a good friend of my husband’s and me and when we saw how happy she was one time, we asked her why. Imagine our surprise when she told us about you and Sandy and the night the three of you had shared together. Then when she told us about the Saturday night and Sunday she spent with the two of you plus Tiffany, my husband began thinking we could try something like that. I eventually gave in and we had sex with Maggie, but I didn’t like it. I’ll never eat another woman’s pussy again. My husband loved it and after I wouldn’t do it anymore; he and Maggie took up together. I divorced him and they got married. They have a younger woman living with them and I know they’ve been seen around town with two other women. I won’t be a part of that life style!”

“So that’s what you meant by me being “That Mikoli Greene.” at the store. Yes, guilty as charged, but I’ve changed in the past fourteen years. After Tiffany’s death, Sandy was devastated and spiraled down into a deep depression. It was years before she came out of it and we didn’t indulge in that life style again. I’m not looking tuzla escort to repeat the past. I want to find a good woman who enjoys sex and will be faithful to me. Most of society wouldn’t agree; but Sandy and I were faithful to each other, except for a brief period on Sandy’s part. Every woman I was with during our marriage was from Sandy’s urging and with her blessing. I have been with only one woman the past thirteen years and can honestly say one woman is enough for me. If you give me a chance you might be surprised. You have my contact info so let me know if you do change your mind.” After saying that, I shook Jane’s hand and left.

Jane called me in the middle of the week and we talked for an hour. I made her laugh a couple of times and had a feeling that she was warming up to me. When I asked her if I could pick her up for lunch on Saturday, she accepted. I packed a picnic lunch on Saturday and picked her up at her apartment, having her go back and get some different shoes. She was a tad apprehensive when she discovered my plan for the afternoon, but finally relaxed and began to enjoy herself. When we had arrived in the National Forest close to our town, we hiked a short distance to a small waterfall I had discovered during my scouting days. No one else was around and we sat beside the stream as we ate our lunch and talked to each other. I made Jane the same promise I had made to Sandy those oh so many years ago. She could ask me anything and I would tell her the whole truth, I would never lie to her, and I wouldn’t keep secrets from her. Imagine my surprise at her first question to me.

“Mikoli, you’re nothing like I had imagined you would be and you’ve made me feel something I’ve not felt in a long time. I’m attracted to you and it’s been so long since a man satisfied me sexually. That’s why I dumped my last boyfriend. Am I sexually appealing to you? “

“Man, that’s not the first thing I had imagined you would ask me! Yes Jane, you are! In keeping with what I just promised you, you were the first woman since Sandy’s death to give me a hard on when I first saw you. I had to take a chance and try and get to know you. I have had fantasies of us naked together for the past week.”

“Wow, you really do say whatever is on your mind, don’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever known a man like you.”

“I believe in being truthful in all things, but especially in relationships. I might say something that hurts someone, but at least they know how I feel or what I believe in.”

“Will you fuck me, Mikoli?” Jane said as she stood and began removing her blouse. I sprang up beside her to stop her.

“No, I’d rather make love to you. Please, let me take your clothes off of you.”

I began kissing her and caressing her body through her clothes. I finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it from her torso, throwing it behind her on a bush. I kissed my way down her throat after she had moaned into my mouth from my kissing her and touching of her body. I kissed and licked the breast flesh across the top of her bra as I fumbled to unhook it. She finally reached back and unhooked it herself before allowing me to remove it from her breasts. I would find out later that they were 36C in cup size and her nipples were very sensitive. Her whole body shuddered when I licked the nipple on her right breast. She moaned even louder when I took it in my lips while tweaking the left nipple with my fingers. She continued to quiver as I suckled first one nipple then the other with my mouth. She had a small orgasm from just my ministrations on her breasts. She began removing my clothes from me while I worked on removing her jeans and panties. I knelt in front of her as I pushed her jeans to the ground. I ran my tongue up her slit when my head was level with her crotch. I eased her down onto the blanket I had brought and plastered my mouth to her wet snatch. I licked and sucked at her center before moving to the nub at the top of her slit. When I began sucking on it, she began to scream in pleasure. I continued to suck her clit while she moaned and whimpered through another orgasm. I pushed my jeans down past my 6″ turgid rod and plunged it into her when she begged me to fuck her. I used long strokes for the next ten minutes giving her another orgasm before lifting up and beginning to hammer her pussy with short, fast, and hard strokes. I loosed my seed into her depths which triggered her biggest orgasm of tuzla escort bayan the day. I held her in my arms as I told her how beautiful she was and how much I had enjoyed her body. She told me she had enjoyed my fucking of her pussy and that that was the most she had come in years. We put our clothes on, returned to my truck, and went back to her apartment.

She invited me in and re-heated some grilled chicken she had in the fridge which we ate with a pre-made salad she had. I was surprised when she asked me to stay the night. We showered together were she made a halfhearted effort of giving me a blow job. I stopped her and led her to her bed. I ate her to an orgasm before flipping her over onto her belly and lifting her up into doggie position. Jane voiced an objection and struggled a bit until I got my rock hard dick into her pussy. I gave her two orgasms with my dick before I unloaded my sperm into her hot snatch. I pulled her into a cuddle and whispered to her how much I loved fucking her. She pulled away from me and went to the restroom, closing the door behind her. She was in a robe when she returned to the bedroom.

“Mikoli, I want to know where you see a relationship with me going.” Jane asked me as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Jane, it’s only the first date. Granted I’ve only had sex with a couple of other women on the first date and totally enjoyed this afternoon and this evening, but it’s too early to tell if we’ll even continue to have a relationship. We need to get to know each other better before we can decide where we’re going in a relationship.”

“I want you to get to know me better and want to get to know you too. I need to know why you stopped me when I was sucking your dick in the shower.”

“Honestly, you didn’t seem to be into it and you’re not very good at it either.” I told her watching the tears come to her eyes. I stood and took her in my arms and hugged her to me.

“My ex-husband didn’t like oral sex and wouldn’t let me suck him off. Mikoli, I know it’s only the first date, but I think I’m falling for you and hope you’ll want to keep seeing me. Today was the best sex I’ve had in twenty years. After the first few years of my marriage, my ex didn’t even try to please me. It was always ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am, I’m going to sleep’. I couldn’t believe the change in him after our threesome with Maggie. I couldn’t change to be the woman he wanted and had to get out of my marriage. If you’re looking for that type of woman, I’m not her.”

“Jane, I already told you I’m not looking for that type woman. I want to find a woman that will love me and only me, who is willing to try different things sexually as long as its confined to only the two of us, and who will have my back at all times against any and everybody, including her own family. Sandy was that woman and I might not find another that will do all those things for me. I would enjoy getting to know you better and in time maybe I’ll begin to feel the same toward you as you do toward me. Sandy’s gone, Tiffany’s gone, and neither one of them are coming back. I know what love feels like and I’m not there with you, yet. Let’s continue to date and see where it goes, okay?”

“Okay Mikoli, do you want to fuck me again or go to sleep?”

“Let’s go to sleep and I can fuck you again in the morning.”

Jane removed her robe and lay down naked with me on her bed. She went to sleep with her head on my chest and it brought memories of Sandy doing the same thing to me. I shed a few tears from the hurt of missing her so bad. I finally drifted off to sleep with my arm still around Jane. In the morning I gave Jane another orgasm with my mouth before I fucked her like I had Sandy in the past. It was pure animal sex and Jane had so many orgasms I lost count. After spurting a couple of small shots of my ejaculate into her, I cuddled with her and told her how much I had enjoyed the last couple of days with her.

I promised to call her later in the day as I prepared to leave after taking a quick shower. I stopped at the supermarket and did my grocery shopping for the week. When I got home, I went to sleep on the couch with a Braves game on the TV. When I awoke, I called Jane and we talked for a half hour before she had to go. I gave her directions to my house after she agreed to have dinner with me the next night.

Jane was standing at my front door wearing a long duster the next evening escort tuzla even though it was the middle of summer. I was shocked when she removed it and saw her naked body in front of me. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my slacks before pulling my hardening dick out into the open. She began sucking my cock with greater enthusiasm than she had shown the previous Saturday. I made small suggestions to her to try and help her improve her technique. I warned her ten minutes later that I was close and she finished me with her hand. She aimed my spurting cock at her chest, and when I was done, rubbed my scrotal cream into her breasts. I showed her to my shower and laid a robe out for her then went and finished the meal I had prepared for us, holding her chair when she came to the table.

“Jane, you didn’t have to suck me off in the front entryway like that you know. I enjoyed it, but I want you to be yourself, not someone you think I want.”

“I did that because I wanted to, Mikoli. You’ve given me three orgasms with your mouth and I wanted to give you one with mine. Was I better this time?”

“Yes Jane, you were. Let’s eat now and talk later.”

Jane and I enjoyed the meal I had prepared and moved to the living room couch. Jane started to remove her robe, but I stopped her and sat her on the couch beside me.

“Jane, I need you to listen to me before anything else happens between us. I have enjoyed the time we have spent together and the sex has been good, but we don’t have to have sex every time we’re together. I like being with you and hope you like being with me.”

“Mikoli, I want to have sex with you when we’re together. You have reminded me of how great sex can be with the right person. I more than like being with you, I love being with you. I know we’ve only known each other for a week, but I have fallen in love with you and before you ask, yes I’m sure part of it is the great sex we have had; but the other part is how I’m thinking about you all the time and the way I feel when I do think of you. Mikoli, I want to be that woman you told me you were looking for so please give me a chance like I gave you!”

“Okay Jane, we can continue in our relationship and we’ll see where it goes.”

I rose from the couch and went to my recliner and motioned for Jane to sit on my lap. I again stopped her from removing her robe, and began kissing her and caressing her body while we sat in my recliner. When I ran my hand into her crotch and felt how wet she was, I motioned for her to stand so I could. I placed her beside the recliner with her front facing the arm, got behind her, threw the robe up over her back, bent her over the recliner arm, and plunged my freed dick into her hot center with one stroke. I fucked her hard and fast from the outset and felt her have two orgasms before I spurted my seed deep into her body fifteen minutes after beginning to fuck her. I pulled her up, turned her to face me, and kissed her hard and long; having to stop when we were both out of breath. I led her to my bed where we lay together and talked about our future together.

I told her some of the things I liked for a woman to do for me sexually and she told me I had already done more than she had ever wanted from a man sexually. She assured me she was willing to try almost anything with me as long as it was just the two of us and I assured her that only the two of us was all I wanted.

Jane moved in with me two weeks later. We began working on being with someone new for the first time in a long time for both of us. I knew I loved her when she told her mother to mind her own business the one time we went to her mother’s house and her mother started in on her about living in sin with me. Jane was the one that said we were leaving before we had even finished eating. I asked her to marry me that afternoon and she said yes. We had both done the big church wedding before so we were married at the courthouse by a county judge.

Jane and I have been married for two years and are still madly in love. I have gotten her to the point where she swallows my seed during a blowjob, enjoys anal sex, and doesn’t hesitate like she had in the past when I suggested something new. I have overcome my hesitancy for having sex in semi-public locales, something that turns Jane on immensely, and surprised me about her. We are both happy and our future together is looking bright. My memories of Sandy have started to fade, which sometimes makes me sad. I loved her with all my heart until her death and don’t understand how I can forget her so easily. I guess we all have things that happen to us that we’ll never understand.

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