Second Job


My name is Julie and I’m 24 years old, married and have three kids. My husband and I both work hard but with three kids it is hard to make ends meet. Not too long ago I decided to take on a part time job a few nights a week to try to help keep us afloat financially.

I looked all over for a job that would be three or four nights a week that would pay enough to be worth it. I saw an ad in the paper that said that a 66-year-old widower was looking for someone to do general cleaning, some cooking, and other duties around the house. The ad said that he wanted someone Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 6 until 11.

The ad listed the starting pay as $300 per week. That was $20 an hour. The offer seemed too good to be true, but I called the number.

I talked to an older man named John. He had me tell him about myself and he told me about the housework that I would be expected to do. It all sounded too good to be true to me. I had to do housework anyway; I might as well get paid $20 an hour for some of it.

We set up an interview for Monday night. When I got there I saw why he wanted someone to clean for him; the place was a mess.

We went over what his expectations would be for cooking and cleaning but I had a feeling that he was holding something back.

“Well, I think I can handle all of that. If you decide to hire me I could start right now.” I said.

“Well there is one more thing that I didn’t quite know how to put in the ad.” John says.

“Oh, what?” I asked.

“You would be required to do your work in the nude.” John said.

“Excuse me?” I asked in disbelief.

“I would expect you to do your cooking and cleaning in the nude.” John said.

“I…I’m sorry, I don’t think this is the right job for me after all. I’m a married woman.” I said as I stood up and headed for the door.

“I’ll pay you $600 a week.” John said as I reached the door.

Now we were talking about $40 an hour. That kind of money talks pretty loud when you’re as strapped for cash as my husband and I were. I turned and looked at the old man sitting there. He looked as if a stiff breeze could carry him across state lines.

“I’d just have to cook and clean naked. There wouldn’t be any sex stuff or anything like that?” I asked.

“Of course not. My late wife and I were nudists. We hardly ever wore clothes at home unless we had company. Since she’s been gone I miss having a naked woman around. Plus as you can clearly see I miss her domestic skills.” John said.

“Can I have some time to think about this?” I asked.

“Of course. How about this, if you show up Wednesday night it will mean you accept the job, if you don’t I’ll keep looking.” John said.

“That sounds fine to me.” I said.

On the way home my car started acting up. I had to nurse it to get it home at all. When I got there my husband was mopping up water.

“What happened here?” I asked.

“The washing machine sprung a leak.” He said.

“Can you fix it?” I asked.

“Not this time. It looks like we’re gonna have to buy a new one. How’d the interview go?” He asked.

“Not bad. There’s some deliberating still to be done, but we’ll know by Wednesday night if I’m gonna be working there or not. I hate to add to our troubles, but my car started shaking really bad on the way home. Kind of like it did when the transmission went out last time.” I said.

“Oh great, that’s just what we need right now, more bills. I really hope you get that job, we could use the extra $300 a week.” He said.

I don’t know why I didn’t tell him that I’d been offered $600 a week. Probably because he’d get suspicious of a man paying me $600 a week for 15 hours of cooking and cleaning, and who wouldn’t be suspicious of that.

We found a used washing machine for $400, and we had to put $1,300 worth of parts into my car to get it back on the road. That was $1,700 that we didn’t have and had very little prospect of getting without my taking the job.

Wednesday night at just before 6 I knocked on John’s door.

“Julie, good to see you. I guess this means that you have decided to accept the position.” John said.

“Yes, I need the money and being naked isn’t gonna hurt me.” I said.

“Please come in, so you can get started.” John said.

I walked inside a little nervous.

“So where do I get undressed?” I asked.

“Wherever you like, it’s not like you’re changing into anything so what’s it matter where you get undressed?” John asks.

“Okay.” I said.

I kicked my shoes off and with a deep breath I pulled my T-shirt over my head. I unzipped and wiggled out of my jeans, then I unclasped and removed my bra and stepped out of my panties as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t change my mind half way through.

When I was completely naked I stood straight up like a soldier waiting for inspection. John didn’t even look at me. He was too busy removing his own clothes. When he had taken off all of his clothes he turned and I saw his cock. I had been expecting a shriveled old arap porno man cock, so I was mesmerized to see a thick, long cock that I figured would get close to a foot long if it were hard.

“Why don’t you start by cleaning up the living room. I’m afraid that I’ve made quite a mess of it lately.” John said.

I was a little disappointed that he hadn’t really looked at me. I may have three kids, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. I work out all the time and I keep my weight below 125 pounds, which at five foot seven inches tall is a pretty good weight for a woman my age. There isn’t any part of me that sags or has stretch marks as a result of having my children. My husband’s friends all hit on me when he isn’t paying attention, so it kind of hurt that this 66 year old man whose wife had been dead for over a year didn’t even look at my young body in its nude form.

I went about cleaning up the living room. There were dishes and pizza boxes and leftover pieces of food all over the living room. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees or bending over to pick things up. John would have a great view of every last bit of my body if he happened to look my way. John had sat down on the couch to watch a little TV and on one trip back from putting dirty dishes in the kitchen I happened to glance over at his lap.

That monster cock of his was stirring from heaven only knows how long of a slumber. Apparently he had been looking at me after all, but he had been doing it when I wasn’t looking his way. Knowing that he was looking at me gave me an excited feeling down deep inside so I made every effort to display my body for him without seeming obvious about it. From time to time I’d glance back and sure enough his cock was standing out tall and proud.

John’s eyes were always on the TV when I would sneak a peak back at him, but I got the feeling that the rest of the time his eyes were glued squarely on me. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees facing away from him giving him a nice rear view of my ass and pussy as I picked up the tiny pieces of trash that were all over the floor.

There were some stains on the carpet between the couch and the TV that gave me the perfect opportunity to tease him while fulfilling my duties.

“I’m gonna try to get some of these stains out. I hope I don’t block your view.” I said.

“Oh no, go right ahead, I can watch around you.” John said.

I laid it on thick. I had a scrub brush so I scrubbed the stains really hard while on my knees facing away from him. I scrubbed so hard in fact that my hips rocked forwards and backwards thrusting my ass and pussy at him then pulling them away.

I also scrubbed while facing him. Without a bra to restrain them my breasts shook and bounced with each forceful stroke of the brush. I also scrubbed across the stains causing my breasts to jiggle from side to side.

The combination of the physical exertion and the temperature in the room had my entire body glistening with a fine coat of sweat, and I could feel the moisture running from my pussy and down my legs. I could clearly detect the scent of my aroused pussy in the air so I made sure to get as close to John as possible to ensure that he smelled it too.

It took most of the five-hour shift but I had that living room spotless. John’s cock hadn’t gone down the slightest bit the whole night.

He let me go early promising to pay me for the whole shift. I dressed quickly, got in my car, went straight home, took an ice cold shower and went to bed.

Over the next two weeks things went pretty much the same. I would show up around six, take my clothes off and start cleaning a room. John would always find something to do in that room and by the end of the night my teasing had him rock hard and my pussy incredibly wet.

Then on Monday of my third week there weren’t any more rooms that needed substantial cleaning.

“So what’s on the schedule for tonight?” I asked as I stepped out of my panties.

“I don’t really know. You cleaned everything up far faster than I thought you would. Why don’t you make us some dinner and I’ll see what I can come up with.” John suggested.

John sat at the kitchen table as I put together a quick meal. As we ate he asked me how my other job was going.

“It’s kicking my ass. I’m running all over that building, by the time I get either here or home my feet are killing me.” I said.

“You poor thing. Here, let me help you out.” John said.

He reached under the table and grabbed my right leg. He pulled it up so that my foot was resting on his thigh. He started massaging my foot. It was the first time he had touched me since I shook his hand during my interview.

“You don’t have to do that.” I said.

“Nonsense. They work you too hard over there and then I expect you to come over here and work some more. The least I can do is massage your feet. I used to massage my Helen’s feet every day when she got home from work, but if it makes you uncomfortable I can stop.” bedava porno John says.

“Well it does feel good.” I said.

John’s powerful hands massaged first my right foot then my left foot. Before either of us knew it two hours had gone by.

“Will you look at the time it’s after 8:00.” John said.

“Really? That foot massage felt so good that I lost track of time.” I said.

“Me too. I was gonna have you start cleaning out my attic, but since we’ve lost two hours already let’s just clean out the closet in my bedroom.” John said.

We went to his bedroom and he opened the closet door. He hadn’t let me open the door when I was cleaning the room and now I understood why. The closet was absolutely packed. Several things fell off of the pile and nearly hit me when we did open the door.

“Let’s just do this one box at a time so we don’t get overwhelmed by all of this stuff. I’m sure most of this stuff can just be thrown away so we’ll put the stuff I want to keep over here and the stuff that goes over there.” John said.

We took out the first box. It contained a lot of old tax records and other important paperwork. We quickly organized it and got rid of a lot of useless old envelopes then moved on to the next box. The second box contained things that had belonged to his wife.

He tried to thin out its contents but it grew too hard so we set the box aside with all of its contents.

The third box had hundreds and hundreds of pictures in it.

“Okay we need to sort these out. Clothed pictures go in this box, nude pictures go in this box.” John said.

“You sure have a lot of pictures of naked people.” I said as I sorted.

“We took two weeks worth of vacation at nudist camps all over the country every year for 46 years and we spent many weekends on nude beaches or at gatherings of other nudists in the area.” John said.

“And none of these people minded you taking their picture?” I asked.

“Not at all. If you look a lot of the people in the pictures have cameras of their own. We nudists are not the least bit shy about our bodies.” John said.

“Whoa, was this at a nudist camp or at some sort of orgy?” I asked holding up a picture of dozens of people having sex.

“That’s one of the more pleasant side effects of being a nudist. Everybody’s naked and having a good time and sometimes a good time turns into a great time.” John says.

As we continued sorting pictures I kept sneaking peaks at John’s lap and I noticed that John’s cock had begun to get hard. After about ten minutes it was fully erect and as he moved about sorting pictures it shook back and forth like it was angry.

We did a quick sort on three big boxes of pictures that covered 46 years of John and Helen’s nudist vacations, the resulting sexual escapades, and some out on the town shots of Helen as a younger woman flashing in public.

By the time we got to the bottom of the third box it was time for me to go.

“Maybe on Wednesday we can sort these more carefully and put them in some photo albums so they don’t get all messed up in the boxes.” I said.

“Hey, that’s a good idea. I’ll pick up some photo albums so that we can do just that.” John said.

I put on my clothes and went home.

On Wednesday I was running a little late leaving my regular job that I called my husband and told him that I was going straight to John’s. He seemed concerned about me cooking and cleaning in my work attire so I told him that I was going to change into my gym clothes, which are always in my car.

I got to John’s at 5:40.

“Well you’re early and dressed nice, is it a special occasion?” John asked.

“No, my asshole boss had to get his jollies by keeping me after work to belittle me. I got out of there late enough that I would have just been able to get home, get changed, and get over here by 6:00 if I hurried so I saved myself a headache and just came straight here.” I said as I undressed.

I shrugged my shoulders and grimaced a little as I pulled off my bra.

“Are you feeling okay?” John asked.

“Oh yeah I’m fine, I’ve just had a terrible knot in my neck and shoulders all day.” I said.

“Let me take a crack at it. These hands seemed to work wonders for your feet.” John said.

“That they did.” I said.

We went into the kitchen and I sat in one of the chairs. John came up behind me and his powerful hands began working my upper back and neck.

“You weren’t kidding, you’re tied up in knots back here. Get up on the table.” John said.

“What?” I asked.

“Lie face down on the table, sitting upright like you are the muscles stay tense, if you lay down they’ll relax and I can work that knot right out of there.” John said.

I got up on the table and laid face down. John worked his powerful hands on the knot in my back. It felt great as he worked it all the way down my back coming ever so close to my ass and out from my spine working down into my armpits and the very beginnings of both of my breasts.

As cüce porno he worked I had my head tilted so that I was facing him. I watched as his cock went from a sleeping giant to a fully energized monster.

He massaged me for nearly an hour never once straying beyond the boundaries of my back though part of me was hoping that he would.

“How’s that, feel better now?” John asked.

“I feel great. Thank you.” I said.

I sat up on the table and gave John a little kiss on the cheek. The instant that I did it I was terrified that he might take it the wrong way.

“You are definitely welcome. What do you say we get to work on those photo albums.” John suggested.

We began sorting the pictures trying to get each individual trip separated into their own piles. All of the pictures were loose in the box and were mixed together so if you picked up three pictures they could all have Helen having sex with a 30 year old guy but she would be 22 in one picture, 35 in another, and 63 in the third.

It took us most of the night to sort them out as best we could and begin putting them into albums.

As we sorted John told me little details about each of the trips captured in the pictures. He told me about how he and Helen had loved going to nudist camps because you meet all kinds of interesting people from all walks of life. From what he told me the people that go to nudist camps are people that if you met them at the mall you’d never know that they enjoy being naked.

He also broke down crying when he told me how much he missed Helen. I gave him a hug and consoled him and we went back to work.

After going through hundreds of pictures I noticed that one recurring theme across the entire 46 years worth of John and Helen’s life that was being represented were pictures of women’s feet with cum on them. These pictures were taken from very close up and went no higher than mid-calf so that you had no idea who the women were unless you knew their feet well enough to identify them.

I have only had sex with two guys in my life, my husband and my boyfriend from high school when I was 15. Both my husband and my former boyfriend were only interested in regular vaginal intercourse and of course they both wanted me to give them frequent blowjobs.

I however was much more interested in sex and frequently asked my husband if we could try new things in bed. He wasn’t interested in trying anything new, as far as he was concerned our sex life was more than enough. He would go down on me from time to time, but never for very long, and he was never that into it. I had resigned myself to the idea that in exchange for a loving husband I was doomed to a life of boring repetitive sex.

As I sat there looking at all of those pictures of cum covered feet I allowed my mind to picture John’s cock spurting his hot cum all over my feet. The idea distracted me so much that John had to shake my shoulder to get my attention.

“Are you okay?” John asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Your birthday is next Thursday right?” I asked.

“Yes, why?” John asked.

“How about I skip Monday and come on Thursday instead so that we can celebrate your birthday together?” I asked.

“I would love to have you here to celebrate my birthday. You won’t even have to work, we’ll just have a party.” John said.

Friday we finished putting together the photo albums and moved deeper into the closet. Wednesday we baked his birthday cake and worked on the closet some more.

On Thursday I left my other job at 1:00 because I had to prepare for John’s party. I took a shower making sure to scrub every inch of my body until I was squeaky-clean. I shaved my legs and for the first time in my life I shaved my pussy. My bush is usually pretty thick and curly so that even when I’m naked you can’t really get a very good look at my pussy from the front. Now that I had shaved it completely bald and smooth you could see it all very easily from the front.

I went out and got a pedicure so that my toes were looking their very best, I covered my entire body with a sweet smelling lotion, and I made sure that the camera and plenty of extra film were in my purse.

I got to John’s at a little before 6:00. I was so excited about what I had planned that I got things started as soon as I stepped into his house.

“John, I have a very special birthday present for you that I think you’re really gonna like. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and your birthday is the perfect time for me to give you this gift.” I said as I quickly stripped.

“Well where is it? I don’t see a package.” John said.

“Look down.” I said pointing at my feet.

“Well, isn’t that adorable, there are little bows on all of your toes, and there’s a little tag. What’s the tag say?” John asked.

“Why don’t you just drop down there and read it.” I suggested.

John dropped to his knees and bent over to read the tag.

“To John from Julie please clean them up when you are done.” John read.

“Julie what does that mean?” John asks standing up.

“I noticed from all the pictures that you have a thing for cumming on women’s feet. Now I’m a married woman so I’m not prepared to have sex with you, but I figure you cumming on my feet doesn’t actually count as sex.” I said.

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