Seducing Mom , Dad Ch. 02: The Plan


Mandy had lots of dreams about her father, so it wasn’t surprising to have one now. The surprise was that her brother, Davey, popped up in this one. In the dream, she and her father were on the back deck, and Mandy was riding her dad’s cock, facing away from him. She wasn’t even naked. He’d just pulled her bikini top and bottoms to the side and molested her before Mandy hopped on. She happily bounced on daddy’s cock, and then Davey came out of the house, wearing nothing but board shorts, which he dropped when he stood in front of her.

“Do you mind, Dad?” Davey asked.

“Go ahead, son. Her mouth is almost as good as her pussy,” Dad said, pushing her forward.

Davey grabbed his sister’s long chestnut hair in his fist and fed her his cock. Her lips stretched around his shaft and Davey jammed it to the back of her throat. Mandy gagged as her brother throat-fucked her, but she sucked like her life depended on it. She bounced between her father and brother, and it was nirvana.

Mandy heard the sliding glass door but couldn’t look up. She was a little busy. Her mother called out, “Are you guys going to be finished with Mandy soon? It’s getting close to dinner time, and you’ve got to fire up the girl, John.”

“Yeah, I’ll bust my nut in a minute, hon,” her dad called out. His fingers dug into her hips hard and he really started pounding, jamming Davey’s cock down her throat.

Mandy struggled against her brother’s cock, unable to breathe. His held it in her throat, her nose pressed to his groin. She felt dizzy.

“You’re such a slut, Mandy. When am I going to get a turn?” It was her sister Emmy’s voice. It sounded far away.

“Leave them be, Emmy,” their mother said. “You know you can’t take them like Mandy can. You need more practice.”

“Then let me get it!” Emmy whined.

“Keep that up, Emmy, and you’re going over my knee,” Mom warned.

“Promise, Mommy?”

Both her father and brother pulled out at the same time, dropping Mandy onto the chaise lounge. She instinctively rolled onto her back and looked up into the bright sunlight. Her dad and brother stood over her, jerking off. Suddenly, she was showered with their cum.

Mandy cried out, suddenly awake. Her hand was squeezed between her thighs, and her fingers were soaked. So were the little shorts she’d worn to bed. She worked her fingers rapidly against her mound, putting pressure on her clit through her shorts, and in moments her orgasm hit. Mandy turned her head and screamed into her pillow, her cunt gushing. She continued to softly rub her pussy as the aftershocks of her climax made her shiver. Well, that was interesting, she thought.

In the last few days, since the night she jerked off her brother, he’d been on her mind a lot. They hadn’t spoken of what happened, but they shared a lot of looks when they passed in the house. She could see Davey was embarrassed and knew they had to talk. She needed to know if it was about what they’d done, or the bombshell she’d dropped. Either way, she had to keep Davey on side.

Her younger brother was a good-looking guy. Davey was tall, just about six feet, with a wiry frame, and he wore his light brown hair in a close-cropped buzz cut she always called Astroturf. Davey had light, kind eyes and a confident smile. He’d played baseball in high school, and being an athlete gave him that confidence. She preferred thicker guys, but she got her brother’s hotness. He’d taken a year off after high school, as he didn’t want to start college until he had some direction. As far as Mandy knew, he was still looking for it. Luckily for him, his sister had ideas for him.

Mandy told her brother they were going to seduce their parents, but she had no idea how to make it happen. She didn’t think their mom and dad were the type to fuck their son and daughter, but how much did she really know about her parents’ sex life? Their parents liked to go out and have fun, that was for sure. And Carol and John—as she called them when feeling cheeky—were so close to another couple that Mandy used to wonder if the best friends were swingers too.

Their parents were 46 and 51 respectively, their mom being the younger one. They had their children quickly in their late 20s because, as they said, they wanted to be young enough to have fun when the kids were grown. That meant hectic lives when they were young and growing their careers, but it paid off now. The family had a comfortable life, and now that the kids were older, Carol and John were back to going out and having fun. They weren’t neglectful parents, not at all, they just had their own lives, in addition to being parents. If Mandy, or her siblings, need her parents, they were there. Mandy and Davey needed them now, but how to get their parents to understand?

Once Mandy figured out she had more than a crush on her father, she tried getting his attention. She got careless with leaving her bedroom door open while changing or leaned over to give her dad a good long look at her boobs and butt. Mandy never saw the reaction she longed for. It would take something not-so-subtle to really sex izle get her father’s attention. It was time for a planning session with Davey.

Davey’s head had been spinning since the night his sister jerked him off. All he could think about was getting in her pants. Every time he was alone, he pulled up the picture he snapped of Mandy, covered in his jizz. It was insane, but his sister had him distracted from how much he wanted to fuck his mother. At the same time, Davey was wracked with guilt. He knew what they did was so very wrong, and what Mandy proposed was even sicker. How could she think they could seduce their parents? He’d fantasized about fucking his mother many times, but he never considered for a second it would ever happen. He knew his sick obsession was his problem, not hers. Mandy couldn’t be serious, he decided. She was just being outrageous. Davey would set her straight—when he started talking to her again. Davey had been avoiding his sister, afraid he couldn’t control himself if they were alone together.

Davey came home from work a few days later and found his mother alone in the house. It was early on a Friday evening. She was on the back deck with a book and a glass of wine. Davey tried to ignore the way her light summer dress accentuated her tits. She liked to wear thin, cotton maxi dresses around the house in the summer. Damn, his mom had nice tits. He forced himself to look into his mother’s blue eyes. She’s so pretty, he thought.

“Where is everyone?” he asked, finally finding his voice.

“Your dad is out with some guys from work. Emmy is at her friend’s, and I have no idea what Mandy is up to. I can’t keep track of when she comes and goes these days. If she’s not working, she always seems to be out running around with her friends.”

“Maybe she’s seeing some guy,” Davey suggested. Thinking of his sister out with a guy gave him a twinge of jealousy.

“She hasn’t said anything, but I know girls her age don’t share everything with their mothers. I didn’t. I’m sure you’re not telling me all about your girls.”

Davey felt his cheeks heat up. “There aren’t girls, Mom.”

“Come on, now. You’re a handsome young man, Davey. I’m sure you have no problems getting girls. Not that I’m asking for details.”


“You can tell me anything, sweetheart. I’m just saying there are some things I don’t need to hear.”

“You don’t need to worry, Mom. I don’t have any details. There’s nothing to share.”

She studied his face. “I don’t know. You’re awfully red. I bet there is some girl. You’re 19 now. You don’t need to keep girls a secret. I’m your mother, but I remember what it’s like to be young.”

I need to keep this one secret, Davey thought. He didn’t think his mother wanted to hear about his lust for his sister. She wasn’t that understanding. “No secrets, Mom.”

“Okay, Davey. I won’t press. I just look forward to you finding a girl you’re really into.”

Looking at his beautiful mother, Davey’s lust for his sister took a backseat. Her honey blonde hair was down past her shoulders, and her blue eyes twinkled behind her glasses. Her legs looked sweet in a pair of shorts. He couldn’t help thinking about his sister’s plan. Was it even possible? Was there any way Davey could fuck his mother. His cock stiffened, and Davey realized it was time to get out of there.

“I’ll leave you to it, Mom. I need a shower after work anyway.”

“Go relax, sweetheart. You work too hard. If you’re hungry, let me know. I’ll whip up something for you.”

Davey stripped off his clothes and went straight for the shower. He knew he should take a cold one, but Davey cranked up the heat, inhaling the steam. He thought about his mother in the shower, fully nude, her body glistening and wet. He knew she wasn’t a natural blonde, but he imagined her with a little blonde landing strip over her pussy. He imagined her soaping her tits, ripe and firm, and teasing her hard nipples. Davey closed his eyes and started caressing his own hard shaft.

“Is that all you do? You really need to get laid, baby bro.”


Mandy’s voice made him jump, and Davey almost slipped into the shower. He swiped he water out of his eyes and saw his sister’s head poked around the edge of the shower curtain. She stared at his cock and smiled. He still held it, but stopped stroking it.

“Get the fuck out of here. Mom’s downstairs,” he hissed. He knew he should have locked the door.

“She’s got her book and a glass of wine. We’re fine. She doesn’t even know I’m home yet.”

“Mandy, this is crazy. Get out of here.”

“We’re you hoping someone else would surprise you in here? Maybe Mom could get curious and come on up?”

“Mandy…” he whined.

She looked at his dick again. “We’re you thinking of her or me?” When he didn’t answer, Mandy said, “Maybe you’d like to have us both. How about a threesome with me and Mom? I’m open, Davey.”

It flashed through his mind and Davey almost shot his load. “Fuck, Mandy. You’re sick.”

Mandy laughed. “Says the guy jerking off to his mother sexmex porno in the shower. Listen, we need to talk.”

“The other night…I know, Mandy.”

“Don’t get all soft on me, baby bro. If you ever get soft.” Her laughter was musical. “I mean we need to talk about the plan.

“Do we need to do this now? I’m kind of busy.”

“If I wait until you’re not jerking off, I’ll be waiting forever. Just finish up and we can talk. I’ll wait out here.”

Davey didn’t move. He just stared at his sister. His lust seesawed back from his mother to his sister. Mandy was more cute, where his mother was pretty. Maybe it was her age, he thought. But he’d seen pictures of their mom at Mandy’s age, and she was beautiful then, too.

“Are you just going to hold that thing all night?”

“Uhm, I’m just a little…”


Mandy pulled the shower curtain open wider and leaned in. She wore a light pink t-shirt from the ice cream parlor where she was working for the summer, and the hot water cascaded onto it, slowly soaking it. Davey licked his lips as the thin cotton soaked through and clung to her chest. Mandy wore a black bra underneath. Davey gaped and she smiled. Sounding exasperated, she said, “I guess I have to take care of everything myself.”

Her wet t-shirt hit the floor, followed by her bra. Davey watched her tits jiggle as she wiggled out of her tight little shorts and panties. She stepped into the shower with him and pulled the curtain closed. He stared at her body—big, round tits, long legs, smooth, shaved mound. Mandy’s chestnut hair fell forward, almost covering her pink nipples. His sister was ridiculously hot. Davey wanted to grab her, but the moment was so surreal he was afraid she would disappear if he touched her.

Mandy wanted to fuck her brother but knew she couldn’t give it to him yet. She had to keep his incestful lust boiling. Helping him get off was one thing, but if she started fucking him now, it might make him forget about the larger plan. But she wanted to. Her brother had a nice thick cock, and the depravity of the act was just what she needed. She moved closer and pushed his hand aside, taking his prick in her own.

“The other night was fun. You don’t need to feel bad about it, Davey,” she cooed.

“But you didn’t…”

“I took care of myself, don’t worry. And I came hard thinking about it. I’ve done it a few times since then. You’ve got a big cock, but I bet you know that, baby bro.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” he said. Davey stared down at Mandy stroking his cock. He still couldn’t believe they were doing this.

“I bet Mom would love it.”

“Fuck, Mandy…”

Davey grabbed his sister and kissed her. Their bodies crushed together and he filled his hands with her round ass. He liked that it had a little jiggle to it. Davey had been checking out her ass all week. Her arms went up around him and her tits mashed into his chest, while his shaft rubbed her flat belly. It was the hottest kiss Davey had ever had. Mandy was the best kisser in the world. Her tongue teased his and retreated, drawing his into her mouth. Davey pushed her back, pinning her against the tile.

Mandy struggled to maintain control. She was ready to throw the plan out the window and fuck her brother right there in the shower. His cock felt so good rubbing against her. She needed to be fucked. Her fingers weren’t enough. If she didn’t let Davey do it, or get her father into bed, she was going to have to let her manager at work into her panties. She knew he wanted it. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her—just like her brother. If only their Dad looked at her like that. He would. She would make him. Thinking of their father stiffened her resolve.

“Whoa, Davey, slow down a little,” she panted, between kisses.

“Come on, Mandy,” Davey moaned. He was so excited, he was almost hyperventilating. He wanted her. He’d never wanted a girl more.

“You wanna fuck me?”

“Yeah, Mandy.”

“Right here, with Mom downstairs?”

“Fuck… Dammit…”

Davey stepped back and the water hit his neck. Their mother was right downstairs, they couldn’t do this. What would happen if they got caught? Their mother would be horrified. Davey didn’t want her to see him that way—a sister fucker. He wanted Mandy, but he couldn’t risk pushing his mother away. They couldn’t be discovered.

Mandy stared at her brother. The conflict on his face almost made her feel bad. She really didn’t want to torture him, but she needed him so desperate that he’d do anything. She needed him past his inhibitions. He would thank her later. In the meantime, she stared at his cock and her pussy ached. He had to appreciate she was sacrificing too.

“Or maybe we should,” Mandy teased. She cupped her breasts, moaning when she pinched her own nipples. “Maybe we should make lots of noise so Mom comes up here.”

“Mandy, stop it,” Davey said, looking at the curtain, as if he could see their mother all the way downstairs.

“Maybe if she sees that nice big dick of yours she won’t be able to control sikiş izle herself.”


Taunting her brother was a huge turn on, and Mandy rubbed her pussy. He wanted it so bad. It was written all over him. Mandy knew she was depraved, but she wanted her brother to want her more. She spread her lips, showing Davey her pink, and rubbed her clit. She didn’t even try to keep her moans quiet.

“She could watch me jerk you off. Maybe she would take over. Or we could make her. You want Mommy to suck your big dick, Davey?”

“Fuck you, Mandy,” Davey growled.

Davey lost control. He grabbed his sister and pinned her back to the wall again. Her struggling only made him harder. He squeezed her tits and shoved a hand between her legs. She was soaked, and it wasn’t from the shower. He jacked two fingers into his sister.

“God…Davey…yes…” Mandy cried. “Take what you want, baby bro.”

“Shut up,” he growled.

“Do you want Mommy on her knees, Davey? Show me.”

Davey shoved his sister to her knees in the shower. He didn’t think, he only acted. Mandy grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her lips. She blinked her eyes against the water pelting her face. She licked his head and Davey had to hold the wall to steady himself.

“Take what you want, Davey. Do it,” she moaned.

Davey jammed his cock into his sister’s mouth. It was a good thing she had such a big mouth, because Davey wasn’t gentle. He held Mandy’s head and fucked her mouth. She sucked him hard and stared up at him, her eyes on fire.

Mandy whimpered into her brother’s cock. Yes! This is what she wanted. Mandy loved being used, and nothing was better than being used by her brother. Well, there was one thing she could think of. Mandy felt like a depraved little slut. It was perfect. She was choking on her brother’s cock, but she kept sucking.

“Fuck, Mandy…fuck, Mandy…oh, fuck…” Davey cried, over and over.

Davey stared at his sister. Her cheeks bulged and her lips wrinkled as they locked around him. Her pretty eyes were wide as she made choking noises. He flashed on his mother there on her knees, sucking his cock, winking up at him from behind her glasses. Davey shuddered. He couldn’t handle all this. Mandy pushed him past the breaking point. He wanted to punish his sister, not his mother. He wanted to make love to his mother. Yes, his sister was a slut he had to punish. Those sick thoughts pushed Davey over the edge.

Mandy choked when her brother came down her throat. Davey was lucky she knew how to handle the rough stuff, or she might have passed out. Davey released his grip when he started coming and she pulled back, taking his load in her mouth, while she breathed through her nose. She rolled the thick wad around with her tongue and savored it. Her brother’s cum was so sweet. Mandy sucked hard until she had every last drop. Davey fell back from her and almost stumbled on the wet tub. He could himself, nearly ripping the shower curtain down.

“Mandy, shit. I’m so sorry,” he babbled.

Mandy pushed to her feet and hugged her brother. She whispered in his ear, “It’s okay, Davey. I like a man who takes what he wants. I bet Mom does too. After all, I am her daughter.”

“God, Mandy. You never stop.”

“I don’t. I know what I want.”

“I’m sorry for grabbing you like that.” He hugged her back, enjoying her nude body against his in ways he knew he shouldn’t.

“Then make it up to me. It’s finally your turn, Davey.”

Mandy stepped back and put one foot up on the side of the tub, displaying her cunt to her brother. She gave him a look, and he got it. Davey went to his knees in front of her and grabbed her hips. She dug her nails into his scalp when his tongue slithered between her lips.

“Yeah, Davey…right there…mmm…”

Davey took his time and it felt like he was making love to her pussy, while Mandy wished he was more aggressive, like he took her mouth, but her brother knew what he was doing. She couldn’t argue with his technique. He knew how to tickle her clit with his tongue, but then back down before she could hit that peak. Davey also slowly screwed her with two fingers while he licked. He even teased her butthole with his thumb. Mandy surrendered to her brother’s skills easily, and he had her coming with ease.

Davey felt his sister quaking above him as she cried out, and he knew he had her coming. He was proud to get Mandy off like that. He felt like he had to prove himself to his big sister. He was a man, not some kid for her to manipulate. He kept licking her as she came, fingering her hard, and he swept his sister into a second orgasm. Davey lapped at her sweet juices, glorying in his sister’s orgasms.

“God…Davey…that’s it…ohmygod…yes! Ohhh…baby bro…mmmm…yes!”

Mandy sagged against the wall and finally she had to push her brother back. She was going to pass out if he kept licking her like that. That was something she wouldn’t need to teach him, but they might need a few more sessions before he was ready for their mother—or so she would tell him. Mandy couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she fell into her brother’s arms. The siblings kissed passionately. She always loved tasting herself on a kiss. The siblings made out in the shower until the water finally turned cold and they had to get out.

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