Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 05


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Chapter 5 — Leading up to the Grad Party

Paige asked me if she could use my house for her graduation party. I pretended as though it was a big deal and I was reluctant. In a fake stern voice, I reminded her, “I told you this wasn’t a place for your friends to hang out.”

Paige played along with my act in her sexy way. She dramatically offered, “What will I do? I really want that party. I would do ‘anything’ to be able to have it here and use the pool.”

“You are asking for a lot you know.” I brushed the side of her face with my fingers. “But if you’ll do ‘anything’, I have a few ideas on how you can convince me…”

Her mocked shock was over the top. Her eyes were large, she placed her open hand in front of her mouth that had formed an ‘O’. “Not that. I couldn’t!”

“Then no party.” I tried to play it cool, but I could not help from smiling.

“Mr. D, you are a monster! What do you want with me?” She had morphed her character into a southern belle.

“Take off your shirt and show me your boobs.”


“Fine, no pool party.”

She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, but held it closed.

“Show them to me now.” I demanded.

She opened her shirt she was wearing a red lace bra that added some extra padding and boosting of her flesh. It made her smallish orange sized boobs look like perky cantaloupe sized melons with lots of cleavage. Originally, I had planned to make her remove her bra, but now I wanted to see her in it a bit longer.

I slid my hand inside her bra and felt her nipple. She lightly slapped my hand away. “I never.” She gasped at me in her fake southern accent.

“For that you have to remove your pants.”


“Take your stuff and go. Find somewhere else for your party.”

“Okay I’ll do it. You won’t tell anyone will you? I have my reputation, you know.”

“Our secret.” I promised. She shimmied out of her pants. She had matching red lace panties on. Dripping wet red lace panties. I had never seen her this wet before. Not without having touched her.

Paige didn’t own any normal underwear. I had once asked her why all of hers was so sexy. Her response was “Why eat hamburger when you can have steak. Don’t you want steak?” Yes, I did. On Paige it was more like prime rib though. I feasted my eyes on her now. She played shy, hiding behind her hands.

It was difficult not to jump her bones on the spot. Luckily, I wanted to play this fantasy out.

I commanded Paige, “Put your arms at your sides.” she was blushing and breathing hard. She was really getting into character.

I leaned in and kissed and licked at the exposed portions of her boobs. I slid one hand into the back of her panties and groped her ass.

“Oh, you brute! Please stop.” However, her hand was on the back of my head pinning my face in place. I enjoyed her flesh for a couple minutes before I stopped. She looked disappointed between her heavy breaths.

“On your knees.” I commanded her.

She kneeled in front of me looking up innocently. “What are you going to do with me?”

“Take it out”

“Take what out?”

“Open my pants and take my cock out you little slut.”

“I’m not a slut.” She said in a very straight voice. This was a real response not part of the act. I had not talked to her like this before. I guess I struck a nerve.

“I won’t tell you twice. If you keep resisting I will tell everyone how you stripped for me and there will be no party.”

She returned to the southern belle act and said “Oh Mr. D, please don’t tell anyone. I’ll do whatever you say. I’m just so scared of what you are doing to me and the way you are making me feel.” She pulled my pants and boxers down and I stepped out of them.

“Go on, kiss it.”

“You are sick.” She informed me, but she stood on her knees and kissed the end of my dick. She lifted it with her hand and licked the underside. She licked all parts of it. I think she was forgetting our game and getting caught up in the moment. I was not complaining.

“Now suck on it.”

“You are so dirty.” She went to work. I loved her style. The way she was alternating between moving her hand and moving her mouth. I noticed she had a hand down the front of her panties rubbing herself. She even deep throated me a little. She would take breaks time to time bathing my member in kisses and licks. She was becoming a master at pleasing me. Truth be told, we were both getting good at knowing each other’s bodies. She quickly got me to the point of bursting. I didn’t warn her I just grunted and put a hand on the back of her head. As I cum she swallowed without reservation.

I after I was spent she inquired, “So, do I get my party now?”

“Not quite yet.”

She smiled. “I did what you said, you are so unfair you bad man.”

I had her remove her drenched underwear and sit on the dining table. I sat in a chair with my face between her thighs. I licked at her for many minutes.

She üvey kız kardeş porno vocally protested, “Stop, why are you doing this to me?” All the while, her hands were pulling my face into her. Her actions clearly stated don’t you dare stop. I worked two fingers into her and probed for her g-spot. After caressing her insides for a few minutes her body bucked as she came. I slid her off the table and onto my hardness. I entered inside of her slowly.

“You are insatiable.” She declared. I let her ride me at her own pace while I massaged her butt cheeks. She moaned, “Oh Mr. D, you are an animal.” I kissed her as she humped up and down trying to get me to cum again. When she finally succeeded, we sat for a few minutes before she asked, “Do I get my party now?”

“I’m coming around to the idea. Maybe after five or six sessions like this I will agree.” I suggested.

“Then I think we should make it an even dozen times just to make sure you are fully on board.” She countered. “I’m going to start planning the party now just in case you say yes.”

“Sounds good.” I paused. “Sorry about calling you a slut.”

“It’s okay this time because you were just playing the part. Please don’t do it again though. I don’t mind being submissive to you or being treated rough, but I don’t like being degraded ever. Let’s forget it happened.”

The doorbell rang. Paige let me up and I put my pants on. The doorbell rang again before I got there to see who it was. I looked through the peephole. “It’s Lauren.” I told Paige.

Paige squealed and ran towards our bedroom. Yes, I said ‘our’ bedroom. Paige wasn’t waiting until after she graduated before moving in as I had suggested. She usually got her way I noticed. When she was safely out of the room, I opened the door.

“Is Paige here?” Lauren asked.

“Sure, she should be out in a sec.”

“Should I come back in an hour? Give you some time to finish up whatever I interrupted?” she grinned. “I heard her yelp a second ago.”

“No. Your timing is perfect. Come in.”

We sat on the sofa and Lauren let me know, “I’m glad Paige found you. You are perfect for her.”

“She is wonderful for me too.” I agreed.

“I don’t mean like that. You know she’s the biggest nerd in our school, right. She only gets away with it because she is also the prettiest girl in school.” I listened without speaking. “No other guy could understand her for who she is. She had a frustrating time meeting guys in high school. And that one guy who she did let in… What an asshole. He just used her for her body a few times. He was too dumb to realize how great she really is.” I didn’t really want to know her history. It wouldn’t lead to anything beyond jealous feelings. “You know how to make her feel special. You appreciate her brains as well as her body.”

“I like them both.” I admitted.

Paige returned wearing a new shirt. “What are you two talking about?” she asked.

“You,” Lauren responded.

“That’s what I’m afraid of. What did you tell him?”

“Actually, I was trying to convince him that he’s too good for you and he should run off with me. I’ll show him what a real woman is like.”

“Well, you don’t have too far to run. You are already in his house. The bedroom is that way if you can fit your ‘real woman’ ass through the door.” Paige pointed with her thumb over her shoulder.

After showing Paige her middle finger, Lauren inquired, “Did he agree to the party?”

“Almost. I was working him over when you showed up. I think he was about to break.”

“Uh huh. I’m sure you were ‘working him over’. Is that why your shirt is on inside out?”

Paige looked down and blushed. To my surprise, she pulled the shirt over her head and stood there in the same red bra she had been in earlier while she fixed the shirt.

Lauren called out, “Damn, you’re going to put someone’s eye out with those things. Where did you buy those tits?”

“They came with the bra.” Paige confessed.

“I bet Paul likes them. Don’t you?”

“They are very nice.” I said flatly.

Paige put her shirt back on the right way. “The show’s over you two.”

I left Paige and Lauren to their party planning.


Paige and I were going to meet up with a bunch of my friends at Baker’s (the place my friends go to meet college girls). We invited Lauren to come with us. She seemed a little reluctant at first, but I was cutting into her friend time heavily, so this would be a rare time for her to go out with Paige.

When we got there, I introduced her to ‘the guys’. She was quiet and shy for a little while. Paige was entertaining everyone as usual. At some point, I heard Lauren laughing so I looked over. She was talking to my friend Rory. Rory is the youngest of my buddies. He is only 21, almost perfect for an 18 year old girl. He is tall, six foot two, with dark brooding features. Girls usually thought he was cute, but he was dorky like all of my friends. He had no game for meeting girls. I think Lauren was xnxx porno trying to work him out of his shell. She contrasted his look nicely. She was five foot six girl with red hair and flawless, smooth light colored skin.

I eavesdropped to hear what she was laughing at. He was using a joking manner, trying to convince her he was a firefighter, but only between missions as a fighter pilot, and that was while he was not on loan to NASA.

“Where do you find the time?” she asked.

“I have had a lot of free time on my hands since I was appointed ambassador to Tahiti.” He claimed.

Lucky for him she was playing along and encouraging his ridiculous behavior. I wondered to myself, when he tells her the truth, will she be impressed. He was a successful small business owner. In reality, he could take her to Tahiti if she wanted.

I elbowed Paige and motioned to them. She looked a little curious and shrugged. I looked around and realized that the other girls in the bar were showing some interest in my friends. Normally the looking was a one way thing. Tonight they were looking back. It could only be the presence of Lauren and Paige. I didn’t understand. I hoped a few of my friends could convert this to their favor. Probably not, but why not hope.

Later Lauren cornered me away from everyone else, “Paul, make sure Rory comes to the party.”

“I think it would make him happy if you asked.” I indicated.

“Just make sure he’s there.”

“Okay.” I was sure Ambassador Rory would make time for her between missions.


On the drive home, Paige teased Lauren about her interest in Rory.

“Who says I’m interested?” Lauren said defensively. “I was being nice to Paul’s friends.”

“Yes, you were very nice. Did you make plans to meet up with him and continue being nice.”

“No, he didn’t ask.” She sounded dejected.

I tried to smooth things over for her, and Rory too, “You’re the prettiest girl he has ever talked to. I am certain he will find a way to ask you out.” If he wasn’t scared to death of her. She was the hottest girl to ever show interest in him. He had to be freaking out a little. He probably had no idea what to do next.

“Yeah, he’s going to ask.” Paige confirmed. Then to me, “So, you think Lauren is pretty, huh?”

Damn her jealous streak. “Knock it off.” I told her. “I could invite him over for an evening of video gaming. He and Lauren could be a team against us.”

“Lauren sucks at games; she is worse than you.” Paige said.

“Hey!” Lauren and I protested in unison.

“Well, Rory is really good. I’m sure He wouldn’t mind helping Lauren out.” I said

“Then we should do it. I am tired of whooping your ass. It would be nice to have some competition, fresh meat.” She did win more than not, but I didn’t think I was that bad. My feelings were a little hurt. Paige noticed she had bruised my ego. “You know how to dominate me in all the important ways though.” She patted my arm.

“Oh god, you guys are so sappy. I think I’m going to hurl.” Lauren intoned.

“Go on, hurl.” Paige said as she leaned over and kissed me.


I planned for the four of us to hang out at my house. When I told Rory that Lauren would be coming over, he didn’t need any further details, he only wanted to know when to be there.

The evening of the event Lauren showed up a few hours early with a large bag of clothes. Paige kicked me out of our bedroom so that they could get ready. Luckily, my getting ready consisted of making sure I was dressed and my hair wasn’t standing up. The last thing I needed to do before Rory showed up was make sure the food was set. (I was teaching Paige to cook. She was coming along but had a long way to go.) I threw a roast in the oven, so that it would ready at the appropriate time and set out some appetizers.

Rory was ten minutes early. He looked nervous as hell in his button down short sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans. “I had no idea what to wear.” He admitted as we went to sit on the sofa.

“You look fine. She and Paige are getting ready.”

“She’s here already?” He looked around.

“Yeah she came over early to get ready. I haven’t seen them in two hours. It may be a little longer still. You know how girls can be.”

Rory was about to say something, but was interrupted by Paige. “Paul, is Rory here?”

I didn’t answer because everything that came to mind was some smart ass comment about that fact she was looking at him when she asked. Normally, I would not let an opportunity like this to tease her pass but now did not seem like the right time. Besides, I could tell she knew what I was thinking and I was getting ‘that look’. Paige looked beautiful. She was wearing a flimsy summer dress with her hair pinned back in that pixie look I liked so much. One thing I always liked about Paige’s look was her lack of makeup. Even though she was, she never looked like she was wearing any.

Lauren walked out to. She was wearing a simple short sleeve button up blouse and knee length skirt. zenci porno She and Rory had somehow matched their outfits. It looked planned.

After everyone said his or her uncomfortable hellos to each other, we went to lounge in the rec room. We nibbled on food and started to play the game. It was an odd date format. Ultra-violent video games being played by two nerds and two hot girls. The girls seemed into it though. Let’s face it; the game was simply a pretence for Lauren to seduce Rory.

I think Rory would have been mopping the floor with Paige and me, but Lauren was rather unskilled at the game and Rory was rather distracted. Lauren was sitting next to him. Right next to him. Any closer and she would have been in his lap. I was not getting the same attention, Paige was totally engaged in trying to win.

At some point, we were out of food and drinks, and Lauren looked like she was starting to feel neglected. I suggested we take a short break. I motioned to Paige we should leave Lauren and Rory alone for a few minutes.

When we returned to the room, Lauren had Rory lip locked in a long kiss. They were devouring each other’s mouths.

I tried to drag Paige away to let them have some privacy. Instead, she got an evil smile and walked straight into the room. “Does anyone want to eat some dinner?” Lauren and Rory broke apart as if she had thrown cold water on them.

I gave Paige a stern look. She replied, “What? They looked hungry to me.”

When it came time to leave after dinner Lauren walked Rory to his car. She was gone for almost an hour.

Paige had tried to go out and look several times but I kept her in the house. On her third attempt to go snooping, I sat down on the sofa with her trapped in my arms. She struggled to get away like a mad woman. I kissed her and she kissed me back but still tried to escape. I played with her butt and she moaned into my mouth but stilled squirmed to get free.

“I can’t leave you two alone for two seconds can I?” Lauren interrupted.

I let go of Paige but she stayed put on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder since there was no reason to get away anymore. I was looking at Lauren and could see her shirt was done up one button off. I was impressed that Rory had gotten to second base.

“How did it go?” Paige asked Lauren without looking at her.

“Okay. He was showing me his car. It’s nice.” He drove an Acura TL.

Paige wondered, “For an hour? Did you get lost in the back seat or something.”

“Paul, can Rory really remember my phone number if I only told it to him once and he didn’t write it down?”

“If he puts his mind to it, yes.”

“Okay. I wasn’t sure. I thought maybe he was brushing me off when he said he didn’t need to write it down.”

“You don’t need to worry.” I assured her.

“I hope I’m not too dumb for him.” She actually looked worried.

Still comatose in my lap, Paige said, “Oh don’t worry, you are. I don’t think he minds though.” I spanked Paige’s butt and she yelped. She also nipped at my neck with her lips. I wondered if there was something here for later.

“Thank you for keeping your brat girlfriend inside the house.” Lauren said to me.

“No problem.” I replied.

“He’ll pay later.” Paige promised.


Later while I was showering before bed, Paige joined me. She pushed me against the wall and kissed me. She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to my knees then pulled my face into her mound. It seemed like she was having fun commanding my actions. After I made her cum, she kissed me and left the shower. It seemed Paige was playing some game of teasing. I guess this was the payback she promised earlier.

When I got to bed laid provocatively looking at me. She was trying to make me frustrated.

“I know what you are doing. Are you having fun?”

She used a saucy voice, “I win when you lose control and take me.”

“You’ll beg first.” I promised.

She leaned forward and swallowed my dick deep down her throat. She swallowed all the way down to the base. This was only the second time she got the whole thing in her mouth. She fucked me with her mouth just until I was about to cum and she stopped.

“That’s what I was looking for.” She stated. I was frustrated but I wasn’t going to let her have her victory by admitting it.

She moved up and straddled my face. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I figured two could play at this game. I was going to get her to the brink and stop. As soon as I got into eating her out, she pulled away. I tried to maintain contact but she wouldn’t let me. Then she sat back on my mouth. She repeated this three times. The bitch. I was getting really frustrated. I started to growl at her. She giggled in response.

She reached back and stroked my member a few times. I tweaked her nipples. She thrust out her breasts for me, so I let go. Paige whimpered at the loss of stimulation.

Paige slid down my body until her pussy was stroking my cock back and forth. I played with her butt cheeks and nibbled at her ear lobe. When she started to pant heavily, I took my hands and mouth away.

Her pussy felt great on my cock. She was getting close to making me cum. She rolled off of me onto her back and pretended to be going to sleep. I licked her nipples and stuck a finger in her very wet slit.

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