Seeing Double

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My name is Kelly I am twenty-one years old with long blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and nice, tan 34d tits. I live with my identical twin sister, Kayla in a nice condo right off of campus. We are both juniors at a local University, and frankly pretty bored with all campus life has to offer here. We were also both virgins, until we were recently that is, let me share the story.

For as long as I can remember my sister and I both have considered being a twin a tremendous blessing. Besides doubling the clothes, shoes and other belongings, we have had quite the fun, playing games and tricking our friends and boyfriends. One of us would go on a date to a movie with our boyfriend and then excuse ourselves, and the other would come and replace her and make out with the guy most of the movie. Not like a guy would notice in the dark, and even if he did, like any guy would really be mad?We pretty much had a rule, that however far one of us went with a guy the other one had to do the same, so we were always equal. We in essence shared all our boyfriends, but we never knew what they really meant until we met Dave.

Dave was this professional surfer we met on vacation with our family in South Florida one year. We usually like when a guy only meets or knows one of us, so that he can be more easily fooled. However in this case, we were both down at the hot tub when he got in. He was perfect with his nice tan body and abs of steel. He had been drinking a little and it was painfully obvious, asking us if he was seeing double and other nonsense questions like that. We sat in there with him for almost an hour before my sister and I decided to get out. Only after making plans to meet him the next evening on the beach that is. We then, turned in for the evening.

The next evening my sister went alone to meet Dave on the beach in her little red bikini and jean shorts, looking so hot. When she got out there he was already sitting down and she sat beside him. They talked for what seemed like forever and then he grabbed the back of her head and started kissing her. Pretty soon, she was lying on the beach with him on top of her and his hands exploring her breasts and stomach. He slid his hand down and unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled them down. He then started rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms, feeling the wetness sock through to his hand. At this point, both of her large breasts were exposed as he worked his way down kissing and licking his way down her chest and stomach. He got down to her bikini and just gently moved it to the side and started to kiss and softly lick her pussy. We had definitely not even gone that far with a guy before, but she said it felt too good to stop. I, of course was close by watching and waiting to trade, but it was hard to see exactly what was going on. I could faintly see two bodies and hers writhing and moaning in pleasure. He soon had Maltepe Escort a finger inside her exploring her tight little snatch while continuing to lick her pussy. He licked and sucked and tongue fucked her little body until she was moaning and Cumming in pure ecstasy. A little unsure of what she just felt and a little scared it would go much further, my sister quickly got up kissed him goodbye and said she had to go, grabbed her shorts and ran back towards our room at the resort.

When she ran up to me, she said we should quickly get back to our room before our parents noticed we were still out. We then, retired to our own room without me experiencing what she did. She told me second by second exactly what had happened, and that is was the most intense feeling she had ever experienced. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to do anything with him, or see what that felt like, and my sister knew that. I made a comment that I had wished I could feel what it felt like. With that, Kayla pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me passionately. My sister and I had kissed before, but usually after we had been drinking, and never more than kissing. Before I knew it she was kissing my tits and licking my nipples until they were rock hard. She slowly worked her way down between my legs and then untied my bikini bottoms. I was a little nervous, but I didn’t stop her, it felt too good. My sister stuck her middle finger inside of me slowly moving it around until her finger was nice and wet with my juices. She took it out and looked up at me while putting her finger in her mouth to suck it off and taste me for the first time. God, it was so hot just watching that, and made me so much wetter. She quickly dove into my pussy and started licking and sucking and teasing it with her tongue and mouth. My back arched and my body trembled and soon I came with such urgency. My legs were shaking and my whole body burning up, and she kept licking and sucking till she swallowed every last drop of my cum and juices. Wow, that was amazing, but with that we fell asleep together.

We didn’t see Dave for the next couple days of our vacation, but then my sister and I were both at a bonfire on the beach given by some local kids from there, and Dave was also there. He came up to me, thinking I was my sister (guys always like to think they can tell us apart), and apologized if he did something wrong the other night o make her run off so quickly. I quickly assured him that he definitely did everything just right; in fact we would have to do it again sometime. He quickly jumped at that opening and asked if we could take a walk on the beach. I said yes, and with a quick wink to my sister I went off with him. We were only about 100 yards from the bonfire party before he stopped and started kissing me. He asked me to sit down with him so I did and he immediately started kissing me İstanbul Escort again, feeling my large breasts and hard nipples. I started kissing his chest and he kept gently pushing my head down towards his crotch. A little nervous and anxious I told him I had never done that before. So, he told me not to worry, just act like I am sucking on my favorite lollipop, and never use my teeth. I thought easy enough, as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his huge stiff cock out.

Still terrified, I dove in without having to be asked twice. I licked his shaft up and down and slowly and gently stroked his huge rod. I licked his balls and he started moaning, so I loved doing that, and kept doing it while he kept one hand on the back of my head guiding me down his cock and the other playing with my hard nipple he could reach. He soon, exploded in my mouth and sighed in relief and gratification. I sat there with a mouth full of his cum not quite sure where to spit it out, and he sweetly put his hand on mine, and said swallow it for me baby, it’s ok. So I did, and it turned me on so much to have that hot, creamy cum going down my throat. We didn’t sit there for much longer before I told him I had to go because we had dinner plans with my parents. He showed disappointment that I was always running off, so I told him I would meet him late that night.

Of course, on the way home from dinner I told my sister everything we had done on the beach and how much I enjoyed it and that got her really excited. When we got back to the resort, she and I quickly changed and ran out the beach to meet our guy. He was already waiting for us and invited us back to his room for a couple of drinks. We went and while my sister was sitting on the bed watching TV, he pulled me aside and asked me if she would be cool if he kissed me in front of her. I said only if she could join in. He got this huge insatiable grin on his face, and said “absolutely”.

Dave walked over to Kayla and pushed her back on the bed and started kissing her. I got so incredibly hot as I watched them and wanted to join so bad, just didn’t know where to start. Dave looked back at me and asked if she and I had ever kissed. We told him yes, but he wanted to see it, so I moved in and my sister and I started making out. He moved out of the way, and quickly got undressed without us noticing. He said we had no idea what we were in for. I got a little panicky seeing his huge cock again. I remembered it large, but it seemed so much bigger. I thought to myself that would rip either one of us wide open. He had me stand up and slowly and seductively undressed me, then asked me to undress my sister. I pulled her top over her head and threw it to the side and then made her lie back down again. I bent over and started to pull her shorts off when I felt Dave’s warm, wet, tongue up my slit from the back. This Anadolu Yakası Escort got me so wet and hot I started to finger my sister and play with her half exposed pussy. Kayla scooted up on the bed, so I could finish pulling her shorts off. I then, got on my knees on the bed between her legs and started slurping, sucking and eating her pussy like a famished dog. I felt Dave stop tonguing my pussy for a moment, and wandered what he was up to. That was until I felt his rock hard cock rub around in my wet juices from my pussy. I felt myself tense up and get really nervous, remembering how large his mammoth cock looked (especially compared to my virgin pussy). I didn’t have time to worry or wander much, because before I knew it, he was inching is pole deep inside my little snatch. I thought I was going to rip in half, it hurt so badly, but oddly enough I didn’t want him to stop.

I lapped at my sister’s pussy while Dave inched his huge cock into me little by little. Finally he was completely submerged in my warm, dripping wet tight little pussy. Once he was entirely in he started fucking me with a smooth unswerving rhythm which felt like heaven. As I ate my sister’s pussy I screamed into it with each plunge Dave’s cock was taking in my sore little pussy. It still hurt so badly, but it felt so good and was well worth any pain I had to endure. Kayla soon came and flooded my mouth with her delicious juices that I quickly devoured. Dave however was still in a nice pace deep inside me, and in fact speeding up his thrusts. When he started speeding up it didn’t take him long to shoot is load deep inside my drenching hole. He didn’t have to say a word, my sister quickly got between my legs, pushing him out of the way. She dove into my pussy and started hammering my pussy with her tongue, licking up all of my juices and Dave’s cum. It was so fucking hot to watch. I wanted her to make me cum just so she could taste both of our cum together.

Seeing my sister lick up Dave’s cum like a hungry little slut, it didn’t take long for his huge pole to stand at attention again. Dave snuck up behind Kayla and without warning or easing into it like he did me; he slid his hard shaft deep into her wet pussy with one fast stroke. My sister screamed into my pussy and grabbed my hips tighter. I could tell she was in as much pain as I was, but I could also tell she was starting to enjoy it as much as I did. Dave fucked her hard and fast making comments like “God, you guys are so fucking tight around my cock, you feel amazing”. After a few minutes of hard pumping and grinding into my sister, Dave shot his load deep inside of her. After he was spent he was still hard and kept pumping inside of her with his cum gushing out of her.

The three of us pretty much spent all night, fucking, sucking, drinking, licking and enjoying a once in a lifetime experience. Since that was our first time, my sister and I often bring it up to one another and talk about it. Every time without a doubt it makes us hot and wet for each other. But, since then we have gotten plenty of toys to enjoy one another with. One toy in particular, I am pretty sure that is the exact length and size of Dave.

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