S;eep Over


S;eep OverWe partied until late thirty, if you know what I mean. Drinking and smoking until Donny gave up an crashed in his room. Liz and I started making out and soon enough we were fucking on the couch.After a good fuck, with lots of noise we both passed out naked. Not paying any attention in the morning, I left Liz sleeping on the couch and went into the kitchen and started making coffee. I waited for it to brew, poured myself a cup and headed for the living room.I had left Liz laying on the couch naked and didn’t think about Donny waking up, but he had. And he was between Liz’s legs licking and sucking on her pussy. Liz was waking but not wide awake and started moaning and pushing Donny’s head into her pussy. Most likely thinking it was me she kept her eyes closed and started grinding her pussy into Donny’s face.I just stood there watching, not making a sound. I was shocked, hurt, excited and then amused. Here was Donny lapping on my wife’s pussy sucking out the cum I had deposited there just a few hours earlier. My cock was getting hard as I watched and sure enough Liz opens her eyes. She looked down between her legs, realized it wasn’t me and jumped up yelling. “What the fuck!” Donny, what the fuck are you doing.Before Donny could answer I stepped into the room. “He is just cleaning you up for me from last night, Honey.” Liz had pushed Donny away and he just sat there on the floor with her pussy juice all over his face, smiling like he had just ate the best pussy in his life. It was hard not to notice his big fat cock sticking out from between his legs. Liz had commented before on the size of his cock when we were fucking around at the beach and poker parties. It was the first time we had ever seen it at full mast.”So, Donny what do you think we should do about this, I said?” Liz was still looking and Donny’s cock while starting to cover herself with any clothes that were close she could grab. “I think you should share that great piece adiosbet yeni giriş of ass with me……Liz looked at me, looked at Donnie and then back at me with kind of smile that said she would like that.I walked over with my hard-on right level with Donny’s eyes and cock slapped his face. The look of surprise on his face and Liz’s was priceless. I sat down beside Liz on the couch, put my arm around her and gave her a deep long kiss. While doing so I spread her legs open for Donny. I stopped kissing her and while finger banging her pussy I looked at Donny and said, I think there is more pussy work to be done before she fucks the both of us. Donny’s grin was ear to ear as he moving in and started licking and sucking on her pussy.I laid Liz down on her back and Donny followed right along sucking her pussy as she moved. I was talking to them both about how much he liked the taste of my cum in her pussy and they were both moaning and groaning like crazy. I asked Liz if she would like to taste Donny’s big cock and the moans she made told both of us it was a great idea.She had started sucking on my cock but I grabbed Donny’s hair on his head and told him to move up and feed that big cock to her. As he moved up he stopped and started rubbing that big cock against her pussy lips. I was so excited about the scence I couldn’t even think about her being my wife anymore. I just wanted Liz to get that big cock and fuck it.Donny moved up from her pussy, glided his cock between her tits and into her mouth. As she started sucking him he started to finger bang her pussy…Now it was getting heavy and my cock was getting no attention. I got up from the couch before those two smoothered me and moved around to get some of that pussy. Besides Donny’s cock was awful close to me when Liz started sucking him and it made me kind of homophobic. Anyway I got around between Liz’s legs and slipped my cock into her dripping pussy. It was hotter adiosbet giriş than I had felt it in a long time and commented on the good job Donny had done getting it hot by sucking my cum out. I asked Liz if she wanted that big cock in her mouth in her pussy and she just mummbled yeeesssss!I slapped Donny on the ass which was now right in front of my face and told him to get off her tits. He had always commented to me that he wanted to sit on Liz’s tits, joking of course. Now he was doing so feeding his big cock into her mouth. He threw his leg over the couch and came around behind me. You had better get out of the way or your going to get some of this big cock up your ass too he laughed as he slapped me on my ass. I was just getting in some good strokes when he started playing with my balls as then banged up against Liz’s ass. It felt wonderful but I made a slow effort to pull my cock out and move out of the way.I held Liz’z legs open while looking at her and the smile on her face was priceless……..no thank you was required.Donny again started the pussy slide with his big cock. Uncut like me his cock was a good 10 or 11 inches long but not as thick as my 8 incher. As his foreskin and head of his cock sliped back and forth on her pussy lips it started ozzing jizz. Donny took Liz’s legs in his hands and asked me if I wanted to hold her pussy lips while he put his cock in…I looked at him and he gave me a smile……..like its OK, It’s just me. I spread her pussy and Donny started giving her his hard fucking cock. Liz started moaning and meeting his thrusts with her hips. Pretty soon they were fucking like mad. Not wanting to be left out I started sucking Liz’s tits and playing with her pussy as he drilled it.Liz moaned and told me she wanted my cock in her mouth. I stood up, bent over a bit and started feeding her my cock. Donny was almost fully on top of her now and was trying to kiss her as the same time she was sucking adiosbet güvenilirmi my cock. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was trying to lick my cock at the same time as she was sucking. Pretty soon he was kissing her and my cock as it slid in her mouth as the same time.I playfully started pushing on his ass as he humped on her and he moaned with pleasure. Grab my ass and make it hump he said. So I started kneddng his ass as it pumped his cock into her pussy. The closer my fingers got to his asshole the harder he fucked.By this time we were all in a****l heat and I was ready to fuck. I moved in back of Donny and sat there in back of him watching his cock drill my wife as I rubbed his ass and his little puckered asshold. As my hands got lower I started playing with his balls and cock like he had played with mine earlier. This realy added to their heated fucking and Donny let loose of a cum shoot that must have triggered Liz because she came with a groan and a scream.After a minute or two of Donny’s cock throbing in her pussy he got off her and sat back down on the floor. Then laid back with a WOW that was great.I was looking at Liz and she was looking at me. We both had the biggest grins of love on our faces that we had not had for some time.Liz looked at me and very cooly said. Arn’t you going to eat Donny’s cum out of my pussy? He cleaned up your cum this morning. With that I buried my face in her pussy and started cleaning up all the juices they had made together.While I was eating her pussy I had not paid much attention to what Donny was doing until I felt his mouth on my cock. I was startled at first but I could tell by the way he sucked it, it was not the first cock he had sucked.As I brought my face up and turned to look at him, he said. I have been wanting to suck your cock since we were in Jr High School. Getting to suck your cock and your wife’s pussy is the best thing that has happened to me since we have been friends.I looked at him and we both looked at Liz. I was grinning from ear to ear. I said to both of them. Let’s all take a shower and move into the bedroom….They both jumped up and we headed for the shower. What we did after the shower is another story…………….

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