Self-Defence Class


I’m in the shower washing away the remains of sleep from my body. The water runs over my hair and scalp and down over my face bringing me back to life. I shampoo and condition my hair and soap my body paying particular attention to my breasts and underarms and working slowly over my torso and down in to my pubic hair where I linger longer ummm this feels good.

I wash my inner pussy and outer lips languidly lifting down the shower head to douche me internally as I part my lips and aim the jet inside my tunnel, repeating this action with my anus, knowing there is nothing better than personnel hygiene to start the day. Lathered and rinsed all over and smelling clean I let the hot steamy water cascade over my squeaky clean skin as I contemplate my agenda for today, knowing I’ll be in close proximity to others, I need perspiration protection.

I drive to work promptly, arriving a little early, slightly nervous of what today will hold. I’m dressed in sports attire and white cotton sports bra and thong, as I was told to dress casual and appropriately for physical exertion. I enter the building to meet the group of colleagues with whom I’ll be training with, we all look sporty, tense and excited to what the day will hold. I’m apprehensive to how and when I will incur bruising.

We are lead to a secure room and given background information on self defence techniques and asked to contribute to theories and ideas. All the time I’m watching the instructors with curiosity as to which one I’m likely to tussle with. One is married, I notice the band of gold on his finger, but the other appears to be single and straight. I can’t help but watch his mouth as he talks and wonder how his lips would feel kissing mine?

He is well built, slightly chunky, tall and attractive with it. He dons a protective suit which makes him look like a transformer toy. Kitted out from head to acıbadem escort toe in armour he is twice my size and dwarfs me. I cannot see his face through the helmet and his groin is well accentuated by the padding.

I’m told I will be given a scenario in which I must use my wit and the techniques learned to avoid, defuse or protect myself from my attacker. Do I really want to out fox my opponent? Taking into consideration this is to my advantage I partake in the role-play. He tries to corner me and I stand my ground. My heart is racing with adrenaline, is this because of the threat or with desire? I feel my large breasts heaving with every breath I take as I try to calm my nerves before the rest of the class.

He shouts obscenities at me and I blank them, he approaches me and at first I am submissive, remembering I must prove myself I stand up to him like a proud alley cat. I give him a warning and I see his eyes glisten at my defiance to back down. He threatens to strike me and I go in for the counteracting blow. With just one punch he’s laying at my feet. I am valiant! He gets to his feet and congratulates me on my skill, telling me he knew I’d be a fighter.

The class is ended and my fellow pupils disperse. I hang back to collect my watch and belonging as he removes the padded suit. He is sweating and his hair is slightly matted. I wait to thank him for the lesson when he speaks to me, “nice defence, fancy trying it one on one, now we are alone?” My heart leaps and I feel myself swallow hard. A personal session or does he mean something else?

He walks to the heavy door and inserts his key without even looking at the lock instead he looks directly at me staring into my eyes with a mischievous smile, one turn of the key and we are secure and alone in the padded room. I lick my lips unconsciously and he smiles revealing a perfect set of atalar escort teeth. Before I have time to speak he closes the space before me and locks me in a grip that I cannot escape. He kisses me roughly, plunging his tongue inside my mouth, grabbing my breast. I gasp as my knees go weak with the excitement from his surprise attack. I want more, much more!

Feeling his now undisguised groin against mine I feel is erection pushed against my stomach, I begin to lower my hand to touch him through his uniform but never get the chance. He grabs me in a hold and ‘click’ my hands are handcuffed behind my back. I am partially incapacitated. My eyes go wide as he unties my joggers and pulls them abruptly to my ankles, only my thong hides my pussy folds and my arse is bare, he bends me to the floor in doggy position.

The mat is cold but soft underneath my knees, the room is soundproofed so there is no point in me screaming and suddenly he strikes my arse. Tears well in my eyes as I feel the blood rush to my skin and a handprint begins to rise to the surface. Just as the pain subsides he slaps my other cheek. I must look like I have painted on handprints like a child paints at school? I’m amused at myself for thinking that at this moment in time.

He breathes down my neck and as he comes closer I feel his cock in my back as he bends closer and spanks my cloth covered pussy. It stings and I feel myself getting turned on. I must have groaned because he asks me “do you like it bitch?” I cannot answer because I’m biting my lip to stop me from shouting out. My inability to speak rationally implies defiance and he rips my thong down to my knees and spanks my pussy repeatedly and then thrusts in a couple of thick strong fingers inside me. “Good girl,” he says “that’s better, now you are getting wet.”

Uncertain of where this is leading, I try to turn around to aydınlı escort look at what he will do next, but he pushes my face to the floor bending me over further my arse pointing towards the ceiling. He strikes me again lower this time on the bottom half of my arse and the top of my thigh, taking turns on which side to hit me. My skin is getting hotter and hotter but the pleasure is more intense than the initial pain. I feel my juices begin to run down my inner thighs as I become more and more excited.

He scoops up some of my cream with his thumb and I’m hoping he won’t make me eat it from him. He doesn’t offer me his hand to suck, instead he rams it in my dark hole taking me by surprise and this time I can’t help but cry out! He wriggles his thumb in my anus and continues to spank my pussy. Fast then slow, hard then soft, I know I can’t take much more because I’m going to cum. He notices my pussy lips are swelling in size and they are darker in colour and it’s not just from the rough treatment he is giving me.

He removes his thumb and I have a brief reprieve to gather my senses but not for long. He crams four fingers into my pussy and reaches underneath me to rub my clit. Tremors surge through me in tidal waves of pleasure I can’t hold anymore, my legs tremble as I reach a crescendo and I’m cumming wet and hard on his fingers as it sprays down my legs and onto the mat below. I hear him chuckle and he undoes his flies, he is rubbing his cock on my arse he is wanking himself against me. I feel him leaning against my thighs as he arches his back and he too is cumming, spunking all over my pussy, bum and back. It spurts onto my skin in a pumping action thick and warm. He sighs when he is spent, contentedly.

I feel him wiping me with a soft cloth. I think to myself it must be his jacket. Before I have a second thought he pulls me back to my knees and unlocks the handcuffs. I stand to my feet and pull up my thong and joggers before turning to face him. He has a wicked smile on his face and his eyes are shining. He walks me to the door and unlocks it for me to walk out. “Well done” he says to me, “you have passed the course.”

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