“This bra isn’t working” said Josie as we drove to the restaurant.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I can feel it against my nipple. It’s making my pussy wet.”

Josie has very sensitive breasts and nipples, so sensitive that she has to wear custom bras that fit so as to not cause any movement. She has to avoid wearing bras made out of material like satin or silk. Even so she has to change her underwear at least three times a day. When her nipples are touched it’s like rays of pleasure shooting from her breasts to her pussy and she can’t help but orgasm.

One time she was outside sunbathing topless and it got a bit windy. The feeling of the hot sun and the breeze on her nipples and breasts actually made her come multiple times.

When we have sex it’s not unusual for her to have 18 or 19 orgasms, most from nipple and breast play alone. We also keep lube handy because having that many orgasms makes a girl dry up pretty quickly.

I looked over at her, my right hand hand on the steering wheel, and placed the other hand on her thigh.

“Anything I can to do help?” I said, with a mischievious grin.

“I must have lost weight. My boobs aren’t as big as they used to be.”

I stroked her thigh.

“God don’t make me come, baby, not yet anyway. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet enough already.”

I took the hint. While being driven to a restaurant is not the time Josie güvenilir bahis liked to have an orgasm. The prospect of having to change her panties even before she entered the restaurant door was not something she would look forward to. I put both hands back on the steering wheel.

We reached out destination and I got a good spot close to the restaurant. I got out and went around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Josie.

“Thank you honey” said Josie, “but I know you’re also doing it to check out how hard my nipples are”.

We entered the restaurant and were ushered to our table. The appetizers were nice and the mains were delicious. Josie had lamb on rice with mint sauce and I had a medium steak with sauteed mushrooms. When we had finished eating I pulled a parcel out my jacket pocket.

Josie’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god what is it?” she said.

“Open it.”

Josie unwrapped the box and pulled out a gold necklace that had a single diamond encrusted in it.

“It’s beautiful, thank you honey. I’ve got a present for you but it’s at home. But if you want I can give you another present here.”

I smiled.

“No one can see us you know” she said.

Josie got up and headed for the womens’ bathroom. My heart beat a little faster at the thought of what was going to happen next.

A few minutes later Josie came back. The first thing I noticed was that she no türkçe bahis bra on. Jose sat down and pressed her blouse against her chest. I could just imagine the pleasure that doing that would give her as the material touched her nipples.

“Mmmmmm” Josie said softly. “I can feel it all the way in my pussy”.

Next Josie slipped a hand inside her blouse and touched just underneath her breasts. The feeling of material lightly grazing her nipples would have been like an expert tongue. My cock was straining against my zipper.

“Want to watch me come, baby?” she cooed.

I nodded.

Josie traced a circle around her nipple with her finger. She moaned and took in a deep breath. And then breathing heavily she did the same with the other nipple. Even before she had finished her body shook and I knew she had come.

“Is there anywhere we can go?” I asked.

“Womens’ bathroom” Josie said. “There’s a lock”.

We walked to the bathroom and when we were sure no one was looking we went in. Josie locked the door and immediately pounced on me. I caressed her as she came again from the pressure of my chest on her nipples.

“Ohhhhh” she moaned.

Josie braced her hands on a long series of sinks facing the mirror.

“Fuck me from behind baby.”

I freed my cock and pulled down her skirt. She had no panties on just like I knew she wouldn’t. Her pussy was glistening, inviting, and güvenilir bahis siteleri my cock was ready. God, I don’t remember ever wanting her so much.

With both hands on her hips I entered her and thrust hard. Josie screamed with pleasure as the combination of cock and the movement of her breasts made her come again.

“Oh god yes,” she moaned.

I moved my hands underneath her blouse and touched her breasts. I felt her pussy muscles spasm around my cock so hard that I had to slow down.

“I want your mouth on my boobs, baby.”

Josie moved around so that she was facing me. I entered her with her ass against the sinks. Josie wrapped an arm around my neck and supported herself with the other.

I bent my head down and caressing her breast, sucked a nipple into my mouth. Josie literally screamed with delight and came again. Her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock over and over again as multiple orgasms overtook her body.

I was getting close to coming and Josie knew it. She had had my cock in her pussy so many times it almost spoke to her.

“I want it baby, don’t hold off”

I thrust as hard and deep as I could. I felt the initial feeling of wetness as the first lot of come shot out of the head followed by the feeling of my cock spasming come into her. Josie came at the same time as I sucked her nipple while caressing her other breast, her pussy milking my cock.

We held each other, basking in the glow of aftersex.

We got up and unlocked the door. Checking that the coast was clear she took my hand and we walked out back to our table.

“Dessert?” I asked.

“Already had it” Josie replied.

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