Sera Ch. 15



As we sat waiting for Stevie at twelve minutes after one, my mind drifted back to the previous evening when Delores called at my door to inform me of the family meeting he was currently late for. The only thing in my mind when I answered was watching Gina getting fucked from behind by Lamarr while sucking a serving boy’s meat, but the seamen dribbling from Delores’s scalp caught my attention right away. I laughed excitedly when she told me my Stevie was responsible and invited her in to watch what was happening to Gina with me. She enjoyed watching Gina guzzle their loads as much as I did and told me she’d see to my request for fresh cock.

Not having to worry about Gina’s opinion anymore, I wore a pair of black leggings with a tight, white cotton undershirt. I decided not to bother with either panties or bra, but grabbed my white hair band and slipped on my good old snakeskin ball-breakers. In the mirror, I smiled at my practical, fifties styling outfit that made me think of June Cleaver’s slut daughter.

Sitting in the apex of our semicircle around the unlit fireplace, Auntie Ashleigh brought me back to the present, clearing her throat in growing irritation as she glanced again at her watch. She wore a very sexy, but surprisingly conservative mauve business suit with a tight skirt that almost reached her knees, a fair amount of cleavage showing between the long, narrow lapels of the blazer.

Auntie Kathleen watched her from her seat across from mine with an amused expression. She wore a white skirt that was thinner and fit closer than Auntie Ashleigh’s did, but was almost as long. Above this, she wore a short sleeved, pink knit sweater that buttoned up, but not very far. The top of her bra was clearly visible as she sat there with her drink, legs crossed, her feet in white, three inch, open toed heels.

Sheila sat on the loveseat, also across from me and between both her sisters in a long dress, a form flattering thing of shimmering, electric blue that brought out her eyes in spectacular form. I wondered why she’d gone to such trouble with herself, with the dress, her flawless makeup and hair. Black pumps added a little height, but were mostly hidden behind her floor length hem. Interestingly, even with the high collar, the sleeveless, open shouldered garment still attracted attention to her fair sized bust, just not as much attention as the slit that ran all the way up the left side and to her hip. I kept trying to see if she was even wearing panties and was becoming a little distracted by that when Stevie finally appeared.

“Thanks so much for joining us,” Auntie Ashleigh said politely, but sarcastically.

“Whatever. Is this shindig another self-serve thing, or should I wait for one of your zombies?”

He was plastered. He actually staggered into the room, his careless smile slipping over each of us, a halfhearted wave ending with his hand lifelessly slapping his thigh. Even his mummy looked at him with surprise as he staggered to the wet-bar, but there was also a devious smile on her lips that Ashleigh wasn’t looking at just then.

His hair was a bit wet and slicked back again, his gray dress pants and wine coloured silk shirt surprisingly neat, even though his black tie was loose at the collar. He was just fabulous.

“Yes, it’s self-serve,” our hostess angrily ground. “Get a god damned biscuit and sit down!”

He made a hissing sound and held his hand up his clawed hand before shambling towards the bar.

“How are you today, sweetie pie?” Auntie Kathleen asked.

“Good, Mummy. You?”

“Fine,” she returned.

Auntie Kathleen kept looking at him, almost laughing as he sloshed some whiskey into a glass. After adding ice, he made his way to the semicircle of women, falling into the armchair between mine and Auntie Ashleigh’s, giving me a smile and a wink.


He grinned and nodded to Sheila last, the glamorous blonde shaking her head at him, but smiling back.

“I hate your hair like that,” Auntie Ashleigh coldly informed him.

“Tell me that’s not what this meeting’s about?” he asked hopefully.

Her lips tightened and they both stared one another in the eyes. I waited for something crazy to happen but, after this tense pause between them, Auntie Ashleigh’s restrained voice began while she continued to glare at my cousin for several seconds into her words.

“Thank you all for coming, no matter your condition. I do so love it when the family can get together in peace and harmony like this. … (Ahem) Actually, this meeting is necessarily long overdue, so without wasting too much time, I’d like to get started before one of us ruins things with his or her attitude.

“The reason this has been overdue is because, until now, not all of us have been quite on the same page,” she said, eyes falling on me, “but now that we are… Kitten honey, I’m sorry the truth of your heritage had to be kept from you. The last thing youporn porno I wanted to do was to keep anything from anybody, but this was a delicate matter and it had to be handled just so. I mean, you can imagine how you’d have reacted had I simply called you to my den and came out with it, right?”

I nodded, completely understanding this, just not the way she went about things.

“I wanted Steven to break it to you because you two are very close to the same age and… well, that requires further explanation that I’ll be getting into later. For now, let’s just try to get a bit comfortable with one another. Yes, I know you all have questions, but before I get into the heavy stuff, and in the interests of you all feeling more comfortable with me… I should begin with myself.”

She shifted in her seat, crossing her legs and leaning a little towards the small table by her chair. Looking up at the ceiling as though the words she started saying were written up there, she began.

“As you all know, I’m the eldest of Mum and Dad’s three children. From the earliest times I can remember, Dad had a long day’s work. He was older than Mum and raised during the great depression era in Northern New Brunswick. Let me spell out here that, during the great depression in Northern New Brunswick, there was less than nothing. We’re talking third world living conditions, un-insulated houses with walls like Swiss cheese in the middle of the winter. Dad himself quit school in grade three to go to work picking potatoes, his pay being potatoes that he brought home to feed his family with. As you can imagine, he grew up to be a very driven man, like a lot of kids from that era did. He educated himself when he got older and worked hard, putting in long hours at the office and coming home late every night, often with more work.

“Mum, on the other hand, came from Montreal and her family had fared much better during the depression. Her mother, who we’ll get back to in time, was… well, like us, and able to more than provide for Marie when she was growing up here in this very house.”

That gave us all pause.

“Yes. So, when I tell the four of you that this is your family home, you can see that I am in no way bullshitting you. Again though, I’ll get back to that later on. I only bring it up now because I know neither you, Kathleen, or you, Sheila, were aware of Mum’s mother and I wanted to make clear the life that Marie had been used to before she met Dad in Saint John.

“So, although Dad was a compulsive workaholic, he would’ve been working around the clock anyway in order to keep Mum satisfied. If you’ll remember, she always looked great, always had lots of new clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, so-on and so-forth. She was spoiled and Dad loved her too much to ever tell her no. Of course, Dad was under her influence almost from the beginning, but that’s the way our relationships with others are, to one degree or another. In any case, my point is that he worked a lot and, with Sheila and Kathleen little more than toddlers at the time, that left Mum and I.

“Now, Mum was… alright during those early years. At least she was with me. She’d play with me, spend hours with me and our Barbie dolls, and saw to it that we had all the Barbie accessories and all the other games and toys we wanted. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but then I noticed that my friend’s mothers didn’t do that when I was over to their houses. I even asked them and they told me that, apart from some activities such as board games, their parents never got down on the floor to play Barbie dolls with them. Even then, I didn’t think it was too weird. In fact, I counted myself lucky because I had more fun playing with Mum than I did with my friends, anyway.

“We played with dolls together for quite a while, well into my teens, longer than most girls are interested in dolls and that was because, umm… Well, with my awakening sexuality, and Mum’s raging hormones, the situations Barbie would find herself in began to change. We started dressing her like a slut… Ken became somewhat more aggressive. Heh, it was good fun. Soon, Barbie’s little skirt started ‘accidently’ falling down in front of him and- Okay, I digress.”

She laughed at herself, as though a little embarrassed at her admission, but went on after she took a sip from her drink.

“Uh… so, we’d get ourselves all worked up and… Well, we became very close. She became my everthing and there was nobody I trusted more.”

Saying this, she looked directly at Auntie Kathleen, and there was no mistaking the displeasure in her eyes. Her little sister looked down to her lap to pick at her nails, yet with her lips set tight in silent defiance. Whatever that was about, Auntie Ashleigh went on.

“This closer relationship started later on. We’d already moved to Toronto on account of an… incident. Mum was becoming a little unbalanced at this point. She wanted zenci porno sex from Dad as soon as he got in the door, often four to six times a day if she could get it out of him. When she couldn’t, her mood was… not good.

“This was also when I became aware of just how ineffective Dad was with her. That inner awareness that we all share was already champing at the bit from within me, thanks to all the underage drinking and toking with my friends. However, once Mum inadvertently ‘turned my eyes on’, I started understanding a lot better about what had been going on in our house. She’d sit him down at the kitchen table for what she would call an ‘interview’. I’d watch her stare at him, Dad staring back, then she’d ask if any secretaries were sucking his cock at work, etcetera. Of course, this wasn’t the case because she’d have had him well conditioned not to cheat. Rather this was jealousy and growing paranoia that forced her to constantly make sure. So, she’d get the answers she wanted, then tell him to go upstairs and get ready for his reward.

“This became more and more common and, soon, Sheila and Kathleen were old enough to be aware of, and included in the social interactions of the family, if not on a supernatural level. … Both of you were beautiful and I remember when she started looking sideways at Sheila. You see, I didn’t look anything like her, much more like dad, even to the point where Mum would sometimes call me Walton, so she never saw me as the threat that she perceived in Sheila. Kathleen was okay because of the uncanny likeness to Mum that fed her ego, but once it became clear that Kathleen’s loyalties lay strictly with Sheila, she started in on her as well.

“Then, one day, I got into trouble at school. I was caught cheating on an English test and kept after to sit alone in front of Mr. Nice’s desk with the door closed while he explained to me what a heinous thing I’d done. As I’ve said, my eyes were opened by then, and I’d been feeling subtly different, as though a new type of awareness that I never knew prior to intimacy with Mum stood in the shadows of my mind. So, having seen the expression on Dad’s face after Mum would sit him down for her little interviews, I knew exactly what was happening when I saw Mr. Nice’s eyes go all funny.

“Heh. Once I got over the initial shock of seeing my teacher like that, the instinctual knowledge that he was under my complete control… It just came to me. I couldn’t even believe I was doing it, but I told him to give me my cheat notes back and he did. Then I told him to take his pants and underwear down, which he also did. After getting him to stroke himself hard for me, I took a good look at his dick, a rather nice one, as I told him at the time. Ha! Anyway, I had him pull his pants up afterward and that’s when I told him that if I ever got any flack about my cheating, he’d have a pretty hard time explaining how I’d know about the mole on his scrotum.”

We all laughed with her about this, took more from our glasses, and listened as she continued.

“So, it’s off home for me. I’m elated, but pretty freaked out, too. I’m halfway home and… well, I’d used the ability and it awakened further on account of it. Far enough, at any rate, to allow memories that Mum had suppressed within my mind to break out. At first, I thought I was remembering recurring dreams, because that’s what these memories felt like until they could take better shape in my mind. … She, uhh… She was putting me under her influence, telling me to look directly into her eyes. Then she’d slap me back to awareness. Hard. I couldn’t believe it, but the memories were there, accessible now. She’d been doing it for a while and I even remembered how she laughed until she literally wet herself each time. I felt like a fool, remembering how my cheeks would sometimes be stinging sore and red over the past few years, but without any idea of why at the time.

Moreover… I suddenly felt afraid of her. This was something I had a hard time even wrapping my mind around, a fear of Mum. Like I say, we were… I trusted her like I trusted nobody. Well. … That all ended that day.

“I stopped at the playground and sat on the swings for a while in shock, trying to incorporate this, trying to make excuses for her, but I saw it all then and I knew there was something very wrong with her. I finally went home and, of course, she wanted to know why I was late. Since Mum and I never had any secrets, I’d never lied to her before, but that time I did and she knew right away. Mum was always pretty smart like that. She grabbed me by the arm, told me to look her in the eyes and I did. Yes, I knew what she was up to, but I thought I could resist because of what had happened with Mr. Nice earlier on.

“I was wrong about that. She battered down my resistance immediately, her power and experience completely overwhelming me at the age I was then, and she did things… I’ll never forget xhamster porno how she… mind-raped me. It was horrible. (Sigh) At that point, she’d recently seen Star Wars and had discovered her little Jedi analogy and all the terms that went with it. To her mind, I was a Jedi Knight, out to destroy her, the Sith Empress. I saw this when she did what she did to me and then I knew how dangerous she really was. And now she knew that I knew, and why. She turned on me just like that and I was no longer safe in that house. I knew it as well as I knew she’d raped my mind of every little private thought I’d ever had, as I knew that she’d destroy me as a whole other kind of threat, apart from the one that Sheila and Kathleen posed in her mind.

” … I hate to say it, but I was so afraid that I didn’t even think about them, my poor little sisters, about what she’d put you two through and how you’d never even understand what you were facing until you got older, but there would have been little I could do to protect you in any case. It’s not like I had a prayer in standing up to Mum; she’d proven that very quickly and very effectively, and what would I have told the authorities? Like they would have believed me had I told them the true nature of the threat in that house? Dad was of no help, she owned the poor man so, as I saw it, I was out of options. I left that night with all the money from her purse, some food and a small suitcase of clothes and other immediate essentials.”

Ashleigh took a break here, sipping from her glass and then wiping a tear from beneath each eye.

“(Sniff) Uh… yeah, so I- I got out. … I managed to get into a cheap room and just sat there in abject fear of Mum and what would happen to me. Even if their parents would get involved, I didn’t dare go to my friends because I could never explain to them why I had to leave any more than I could to the authorities. Also, now that I was alone, my newfound abilities made me fear that somebody would find out about my secret, recognize me as an outsider, that something bad would happen to me. What more likely circumstances for that to happen than within the close confines of a friend’s house? Worse yet, I had to have some measure of privacy for my… frequency. Masturbating.”

“Ye ole Burchell drive…” Sheila toned.

“You said it, sis,” Ashleigh replied, dry eyed now. “It’s absurd that it would even be a consideration at a time like that, but there it was. So, I sat in that disgusting little room, acutely aware of how each night I spent there would take a fair chunk out my very limited cash reserve. In addition, the small amount of food I took from home wouldn’t last forever. When I’d slipped out of my window earlier that evening, I had no plan at all, beyond buying myself enough time to make one.

“The next morning, things looked slightly better. I wasn’t so scared and, to calm myself further, I spread everything I owned out on the bed and took inventory of all resources at hand. The final resource, the one from within that I’d been half avoiding since I’d left the night before was then finally addressed. I took full inventory of the information I had on it, both from my experience with Mum, what she’d done to Dad and from the Mr. Nice incident at school. Once I was finished, I was quite happy that Mum didn’t kill me as soon as she’d finished mind raping me.

“I took a deep breath and put it all together for myself. I knew my best chance of survival was to utilize the protection of an adult, and soon. So I thought about what I needed in such a person and it wasn’t long before I came up with an answer. Now I had a plan and, while that made me feel a lot better, this plan required some strange groundwork. It meant the necessity of gaining a little more familiarity with my abilities. Despite my anxiety over what that meant, I still felt better when I left to go see to this groundwork than when I’d arrived the night before. But then… I suppose anybody would be the predator, rather than the prey…

“I’d applied my eye makeup, especially the liner, somewhat heavier than usual to bring them out, and the first place I went was downtown, straight to Yonge Street. By that age, I’d been there many times before with my friends. It was where we got our weed and alcohol, so it was familiar ground for me, yet with the impersonal atmosphere of the ever changing crowd. Even if I saw any of my friends there, it was way too early for anybody, especially them, to know I’d even run away, so I wasn’t that worried.

“I soon had my first mark in sight. A woman who was in her mid-twenties, maybe older, walking down the sidewalk in an ugly coat and touk, sure that everyone was watching, judging her every movement. I was a bit surprised at how quickly and easily I read that from her, but I didn’t hesitate when we came face to face.

“I love your coat.” I tell her.

“She stops right up, looks me in the eyes before she can think about it, and two seconds later I have her. It was incredible and I even knew I didn’t have to test her, but I did because this was about gaining experience.

“Tell me your deepest secret,” I say.

” … I don’t belong in this country,” she says back to me with a Slavic accent.

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