Serendipity Ch. 28


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 28 Gladys makes her pitch

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

28 – Gladys makes her pitch

Sunday was the first day in quite a while that we were going to get a lazy day at home. I went to bed curled up with Nicole and Brittany. I woke on my back, but with two different women. Sam was laying on her side beside me, intently watching Maria slowly sucking on my morning hard on. “I could have sworn I went to bed with two other hot women… must be Alzheimer’s or something…” That got me a nice deep kiss from Sam and a hell of a blow job from Maria. Maria was sucking and playing, stroking and nibbling, doing her best to get me down her throat, almost like she was trying to make up for lost time. The feeling of her working it down a bit, along with Sam doing her best to distract me with a tonsil inspecting kiss and, “”HERE IT COMES….”

Maria held on and took everything I could give her, even trying to get me down her throat again for the last few squirts. Then she hopped up, licking my cum from her fingers and lips and announced, “I’m going to see how Mistress is coming on breakfast,” and nonchalantly headed downstairs.

Sam rolled down and licked the last of my cum oozing from my softening cock. “That was wonderful last night Master. I’ve had my ass fucked many times, but never like that. I don’t know if I could ever go back to doing it any other way. I’d swear I can still feel your load moving in me.”

“You’re quite welcome Sam, but I’m not sure if I want to do the chocolate squirt thing again. I’d swear you were going to rip it off the way you were clamping down on me!”

She gave me a quick kiss. “Serves you right Master, trying to overload a girl when her hormones are raging.” and headed downstairs to join her co-conspirators.


I went down to breakfast to find my naked girls….plus one! “You’re getting an early start on things Gladys?”

She stood up on the chair thrusting her little chest out at me, “Hey there handsome!” and pulled me down for a NICE kiss. More than I expected, especially in front of the girls, even leaning in enough to rub her nipple into my chest a bit. I’m being set up for something…but if it involves naked women then what the hell. I’ll play along.

“So what’s got you over here so early?”

“The rest of the girls should be along soon, we’re having a brain storming session on Chrissy’s wedding.”

I looked at my girls while Nicole was dishing up the bacon and eggs, they were all grinning like they would bust. “So I guess I’m out voted on this I assume?”

That got me a FIVE way chorus of “YES MASTER!” and then a lot of giggling. I just shook my head and ate my breakfast enjoying the show of jiggling tits and hard nipples. It was an animated scene with all the hand waiving as they were describing things to each other. Pretty soon the rest of the herd arrived and they all scooted to the living room. So far it was my girls, Gladys, Christine, Mary, Amy, Teresa, and several other girls I did not know but enjoyed looking at.

It’s interesting to compare pussy hair to age. For the most part, the older the lady, the more hair, but not exclusively! One of the older ladies had an arrow pointing to her pussy trimmed in her hair, and grinned at me when I took notice of it and her shaved lips. A few more trickled in, so I thought I’d disappear to my man cave. I sat down and tried to play on my slot machines, but since they were free play it didn’t take me long to get bored. I heard the spa pump go on so I went out to investigate and found Martin.

“Hey Danny, hope you don’t mind, I needed to unwind a bit.”

“If anybody deserves to use these, it’s the man that built them. Everything OK?”

“Yea, I guess so. Sometimes I want to just reach out and slap Moya silly though!”


“My brothers bitch wife!…….sorry.”

“Ouch! What did she do if it’s OK to ask?”

“She’s the one that made Maria move out with her sister and tell everyone her husband was in the service.”

OH SHIT…. “Uh…”

“It’s OK Danny, Maria told me what happened. I knew something was up, but I never expected her to try to pull something like this. And to let Maribel act like she did was adding insult to injury……”

“You need some time to think and soak?”

“No, I’m OK, it feels good to talk about it. Are you sure it’s OK for Maria to stay here?”

I smiled, “It’s quite all right for her to stay. She will be quite an asset if she does, but it will be her decision regardless.” I had to get up out of the hot water a bit and sarışın porno sat on the edge to cool off.

“You sure? Some people aren’t going to be very nice about her and Maya with no husband.”

About that time the herd had outgrown the living room and were making their way over to the sorority house, I love a parade of naked women, all the swaying hips and jiggling tits! My girls peeled off to make a detour by us. Nicole gave me a nice kiss and said “HI” to Martin, followed by Brittany and Sam.

Maria hesitated a second and then gave me a nice kiss even longer than the others and said “Hi Uncle Martin” and then followed the rest of the girls over, little Maya bouncing along on her hip and a bit more of a wiggle than I remember. “Yes I’m sure Martin. No different than your daughter and her husband right?”

That made him smile, “Yea I guess you’re right. Moya is such an uptight socialite, too worried about what some odd ball few might think to care about what others really think. Even family, she won’t come to any family functions they are at.”

“Well then your kids are REALLY welcome here if it will keep her away!” And we both kicked back laughing. “So how’s things going with Mary? You two seem to be getting along pretty well.”

That made him really smile, “We’re doing OK. It’s different with her from all those years with Ria, but it’s nice to have someone to talk with about things you can’t just blurt out.”

“Does Mary know about Maria?”

“Not yet, but Maria said it was OK to tell her when the time was right. You know I could take Maribel’s things over tomorrow if you want?”

“I appreciate the offer, but I want to make my meaning perfectly clear to her and the rest of her family and deliver my message directly.”


Now it was my turn to make his day. “When they deliver her stuff they are going to tell them that the story is Maria’s to tell if and when she chooses. If they choose to cause her problems I will make it my life’s mission to make theirs a living hell.”

He smiled and shook his head, “Mary said you were good people. She was right.”

We kicked back, enjoying the sights, “You know Martin, it just amazes me how anyone would have a problem with all this beauty on display.”

“Yea, it’s just soooo difficult to handle something like this…” We kicked back enjoying the view from down in the spa. Whether it was from the head down and a nice pair standing, or a few of the ladies that just ‘happened’ to be lying with ankles toward us giving us a NICE view right us to their shaved, and slightly spread, pussies. Of course it was… accidental… I mean why else would they lay like that and not rotate to the sun like all the other ladies did?

Amongst the sea of oiled bodies, I saw a un-tanned pair of huge tits and nipples standing up. “I think I see someone I need to talk too…” I got up and out and wandered into the sea of women. “Well hello Francis.”

“Hi Danny,” as she pulled up to her elbows eyeing my firm cock. Those huge oiled tits shifting a bit, but standing proud and not sliding off to the side as most large chests do.

“I wanted to ask you about some research on some property.”

She glanced around nervously, then spied the empty kiddie pool. “Ummm, I was going to take a quick dip in the kiddie pool, Care to join me?”

I waived toward the little pool. I sat down near the pool, but I’m a hot tub type so I just watched her dip in, lowering herself slowly into the cool water, making her nipples stand up even more than they already were, just below the clear surface. She sat down and leaned back, watching me watch her nipples just below the surface as the water gave her chest a delicious buoyancy. “What do you need exactly?”

“Well I’ve been reminded that I will soon be looking at some property in the area. I figure it would help to have the assistance of someone that knows the system. If I need some information on something, how difficult would it be to pull the relevant property info?”

“How soon would you need it?”

“Usually in a day or two, once in a while quicker.”

“Not a problem, worst case I can do it on my break.”

There was a parade of naked women again, but this time back to the house. Nicole peeled off and came to us. She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, “Hey babe.” I reached up and squeezed a nice handful of butt cheek, and her aromatic pussy just happened to be right in front of my face.

“Hey handsome,” Then turned her upper body to Francis, leaving her pussy facing me like she was marking her territory. “I don’t believe we’ve met?” giving both Francis and I ‘the eye’.

“Babe, this is Francis, she works for the county in the zoning department.” Francis was gaping and looking at me like she could kill me. “Francis, this is Nicole, Mistress of the house.”

Francis did her fish out of water imitation for a moment, then nodded slowly, “My apologies Mistress.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked sex hikayeleri at me. It was my turn to be non-committal… “You call me Mistress, and yet I do not see a collar on you little one.”

“I have not yet made the decision Mistress.”, While eyeing Nicole’s nipple bands, bright white today!

“I look forward to that day.” She turned back to me, “There’s something we need to discuss in the house.”

Francis smiled and headed back to her towel, I watched the water cascading down her tits and dribbling from those huge nipples until my gaze was interrupted by a clearing of a chocolate pixie throat. “So did you girls get everything all worked out?” I asked quickly standing to look her in the eye.

“Just getting started, we’re heading back for lunch.” I leaned forward to nibble at her nipple, which got me a swat, then she scampered ahead of me to the house.

I trailed along far enough behind to enjoy her wiggle as she walked to the house. What I found there was ANYTHING but expected.

I saw Nicole kneeled a bit back from my chair, with Brittany, Sam, and Maria behind her. The big shock was seeing Gladys kneeled in front of and slightly off to one side of Nicole….. I opened my mouth to speak, but Nicole beat me to it.

“We have an… unusual…. request Master.” Now Nicole used Master a few times around Gladys, but not in a serious situation as this appeared to be. But that wasn’t the bomb shell…”Master, we’d like to ask for Gladys to become a member of our group.”

I dropped into my chair and sat there in shock for a few seconds letting that sink in, then… “Nicole, you of all people know we don’t get in the middle of a married couple.” I didn’t shout, but from the looks on the girls’ faces I said it pretty forcefully.

It was Gladys that spoke next, “I’m here with George’s knowledge and permission.” she said very quietly.

“If this was anybody but you, I’d run you out the door for even contemplating this.”

“Thank you for that, but if I could explain I think it will all become clear.”

“This had better be one hell of a story Gladys.”

“Intricate at least, do you mind if I stand? My knees don’t do well like this.”

“You are free to do as you wish.” I looked over at my girls. “Get comfortable ladies, this should be a good one.” Nicole gave me ‘the look’ for saying that as they all turned cross legged, but DAMMIT! She knew better….

Gladys stood up, now almost eye level with me sitting in the chair. “As I said, George is aware of my being here. In fact it was his idea for me to come here.”

“I find it VERY hard to believe George would let a beautiful woman like you go.”

Gladys smiled at that. “Not go, so much as visit.”

WHAT???? I must have had the same expression on me face from the way she was smiling.

“The first part comes a few days a go. George enjoys hearing about the strip club meetings, it livens up our life at home, although he rarely attends. But he took an interest in what was happening here, and after hearing about Maria’s situation and your reaction to it he almost insisted on coming the other day. The real story, however, actually begins several years ago.”

Okay, where is this going….

“Several years ago just after the kids went away to college, George was in a bad accident. He spent several months in the hospital, the first month or so it was touch and go if he would even survive.”

OH…..but I didn’t notice anything the other day….

“Needless to say, George survived, and for the most part is completely healed. There are several small side effects from the accident, but the one relevant to this discussion in more….personal.”

“Without special expensive medication, George can only get firm, not hard for actual sex….”

“I didn’t…..”

“And there is no reason you should have. We have a very loving relationship, both before the accident and after, and have the two kids off in college to show for it, a boy normal size, and a girl my size. After his accident, we did many things to try and get our sex life back, but the medication also has several unpleasant side effects, and we cut back on its use.”

There was no reaction from the girls… they had heard this before…..

“While George’s ability and drive were reduced from the accident, mine only got stronger after the kids moved out,” she said with a grin. “We fought it for a while, and then came to an…. unusual… solution. Over these last few years I have, with his knowledge, used the services of various escorts and brothels, even had a bit of a boyfriend for a while. All with unsatisfactory results.”

“So this would not be a ‘full time’ thing?” I asked.

“Not generally, it has varied from every other week, to a few months between my need to ‘scratch my itch’ so to speak.” that made the girls giggle.

I looked between the girls, all looking like they were straining to want to say something, and Gladys. She was a lovely woman, and I şişman porno had entertained many X rated thoughts about her, even groped and nibbled on her, but that was before I knew she’s MARRIED!…. “You have given me quite a bit to think about Gladys…”

She smiled a little, “I imagine so. George also said you may contact him if you need to, but he would understand if you choose not to.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, now if you’ll excuse us, I believe we have some thing to discuss.”

Gladys nodded and went to the kitchen to retrieve her clothes before heading out. I’m not sure if the extra wiggle was my imagination of her doing it in the hopes I was watching.

I turned back and looked down at my girls scanning back and forth, “And it seems you ladies knew about this already?”

The girls looked nervous, and Nicole spoke up. “Gladys thought it best to ask us first to make sure there were no…female….issues.”

I had to grin at that, they were four to my one. “In retrospect, I can appreciate that.” The girls were a bit more relieved. “And since we got this far I’m assuming you all approve of this?” I got smiles from all of them.

“That’s what I thought. I believe Nicole and I have a few things to discuss ladies.” The girls got up and left us one by one, stopping to give each of us a kiss and a smile, even Sam and Maria gave Nicole a not so quick kiss. I pulled Nicole to my lap, and she snuggled in against me. “Sooo?….”

She just snuggled in further, “Sooooo….” putting her head under my chin.

“What do you think…honestly?…”

“It was almost scary when we first talked, like looking in a mirror almost…..”

“HUH?” that wasn’t even CLOSE to what I was expecting.

“All those months when you were with Mickey, having you everywhere but where I wanted you, deep in me, stretching me open… what it took for both Gladys and George, each of them having to trust the other for her to have the pleasure she needed and yet still come back to him…”

“This is something I’m going to have to get my head around….”

“That’s what we figured, now let’s eat!” And just as expected, there were my girls around the island, eating and talking. Acting like they hadn’t been listening but suspiciously quiet until Nicole said ‘let’s eat’. I noticed they avoided anything to do with Gladys.

We were just about finished eating when I heard a somewhat familiar sound.

OOOOOGAAHHHHHHH!! I would bet Steven has made another appearance! We grabbed our drinks and headed out the front door. For as serious as the mood had been, it just made a one hundred eighty degree turn.

There was Steven in the middle of about a dozen or so naked women and a few men, most of them middle to older age admiring his car. The funny part was Steven. He was standing there in his slacks and suspenders, his white shirt and bow tie… with his hand over his eyes!

“Well helloooo Steven!”

He turned my direction, still covering his eyes, “Danny, that you?”

The crowd parted enough to let us get close to him. “Yea, what’s up?”

“Danny, they’re all…..”

“Naked?” he nodded, “So are all the guys admiring your car.” It was actually only four of us….

“BETSY!” he exclaimed and turned to his car forgetting to keep his eyes covered, seeing all the naked women again and only the four guys. He had just turned back to us and was about to cover his eyes again, when Maria stopped in front of him.

She raised her arms above her head, lifting Steven’s hands before crossing hers on top of her head to give her chest that little bit of extra lift since she was braless and twirled around letting him see every part of her he wanted to look at, several times even. “What’s wrong Steven? Don’t you like the way I look?” she said between the first and second turns, going MUCH slower on the second and third turn before stopping grinning at him. Hand on hips and shoulders held back.

Now every man alive knows that’s a trick question.

Steven broke into a grin and shook his finger at her. A couple of the older ladies had had enough of his car and were starting to take an interest in Steven.

“Ladies, why don’t you take Steven back out by the pool and explain some of the things he didn’t learn on his first visit.”

Two of the ladies took an arm each and brought it around their waist as the rest of the crowd turned back to the pool. Steven seemed to enjoy the sight of all the ladies walking away… must be an ass man.

The lady on his right noticed this as well and moved his hand from her waist to her ass and put her head on his shoulder as she used his hand to squeeze her own ass.


Several of the ladies cackled at that, and Steven used the hand NOT on an ass cheek to waive at me over his shoulder. He had a good ten years or so on them, but I would bet they find a work around for that….

We headed back into the house to get rid of the glasses, when the door bell went off. Maria hopped up to answer it, but then shrieked and scooted behind me.

“Uh…HI.” A head popped around the door.

“Hey Justin!” Nicole shouted, “Come on in.”

“Hey guys.” He came in, enjoying all the naked women, even though he was a bit nervous in doing it.

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