Sex in the Rental Store


The story you are about to read is a true story. In fact, there is more truth to this story than any other that I’ve done. I’d talked several times to my friend (the female in this story) and what you are going to read here is the information that she gave me about what actually transpired, placed in a story form. I hope that you enjoy this story.

* * * * *

The first time I ever saw Jason was when my husband and I went to the Rental Store so he could pick out a big screen TV. I admit it was not something that I was really interested in but for some reason the idea of going in each week to see Jason caused me to tell hubby that we should just go ahead and take the TV that he’d picked out.

During the course of the next few months I found out that it was Jason’s Aunt and Uncle who owned the rental store. Jason was only eighteen years old and had gotten into body building with his Uncle when Jason was fourteen. In truth, it wasn’t so much Jason’s looks that caused me to find myself lusting after the boy, it was more the way he looked at me. It seemed to me as if every time I looked at him he was not only looking at me, he was doing so like a hungry dog eyes a steak. In fact, at one point he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as if wiping the drool from him mouth and I imagined our Doberman sitting in the kitchen when I trimmed steak and how the drool would fall from his mouth. The mental imagine caused me to chuckle which caused both my husband and Jason’s Aunt, who was telling my husband about the TV his was looking at, to eye me as if I’d just lost my senses, due to the fact that she wasn’t saying anything funny.

Every week I was in the rental store to make my payment. A few of those times Jason wasn’t in the store or he’d be busy with someone else and either his Aunt or his Uncle would take my money. I have to admit that Jason’s Uncle was quite a handsome man and I was a bit envious of his wife. I learned from Jason that his Uncle had started body building in High School and didn’t do it to compete but rather cause he enjoyed the exercise.

Now, the times that I had the opportunity to talk with Jason were definitely an experience. I would learn later that Jason was a virgin and for some reason he lusted over the thought of having me as his first. Now, for a 35 year old woman with three kids, one of which was the same age as him, it was quite a flattering thought.

To be perfectly honest, there is no way that I can blame what eventually took place between Jason and myself on my husband. At the same time, I have to admit that it had gotten to a point between my husband and myself where it was more of a convenience and staying together for the kids. What there was of our sex life was quick and not at all satisfying. At the same time, I’d only been with one person, on two occasions, other than my husband, since our marriage and to the best of my knowledge my husband had never been with anyone but me.

At first, I found it very exciting how Jason would look at me. Even when we were talking he never seemed to look at me but rather seemed to devour me with his eyes. At the same time, he would carry on a conversation with me and seemed both a pleasant and intelligent person. I found out from talking to him about how he was simply working at the store through the remainder of the current school year and then he was going off to College. I learned how his Uncle had been the one to get him interested in Body Building, how he’d never had a girlfriend, what his goals were for his life and a lot more and yet I can’t remember him ever looking me in the eye, he constantly had me undressed with his eyes.

Finally, I got to being concerned about the effect that Jason had on me and changed my times of coming in to pay my bill to Thursday due to the fact that was his day off. However, I did continue to Masturbate several times a week to the thought of Jason doing anything to me that he wished.

I am going to blame Fait for what happened between Jason and myself for it was certainly not anything that was planned. First of all, it was a Thursday. I knew that it was he day off since Jason had told me that he never worked on Thursday cause he had to close the store both Friday and Saturday. So, I really didn’t expect to even see Jason. In addition, I didn’t expect to find Jason in the store and learn his Aunt and Uncle were out of town for the weekend. Of course, if that wasn’t temptation enough, there was a matter of how I was dressed.

My girlfriend Kim and I didn’t get out very much and it just happened that on this particular Thursday she and I were going to go to a bar that was having an all male review. Since I don’t drink, masaj porno I was going to be the designated driver and since I had to pass right by the rental store on my way to pick up Kim I’d already decided that I’d get dressed for our night out, pay the rental bill and then pick up Kim.

I don’t get dressed up very often and even less often do I dress in an attempt to attract some attention but this was one of those rare occasions. I’d gotten my hair and nails done in the afternoon, taken a bath, took extra time to put on my makeup and then dressed myself in black hose with a thick seam running up the back and held up with a black garter belt. I had a pair of pure silk, black panties and a black bra that was open at the top and would squeeze my tits (what there is of them) up and together to give the impression that I actually had tits. Over this I wore a black dress that ended about mid thigh and although it was tight enough to give you the idea that I had a nice body it wasn’t tight enough to bring attention to my belly. It had spaghetti straps and was low cut, which is why I needed the bra with no top to it. A pair of four inch heeled black shoes finished the outfit.

If I do say so myself, standing and looking at myself in the full length mirror, I didn’t think I look bad at all. In fact, what went through my mind was that if Jason was to see me dressed as I was that he’d probably rape me right in the store in front of his Aunt, Uncle and any customer who happened to be in the store at the time. To tell the truth, the idea of it did get me more than just a bit excited.

You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I got to the store and saw Jason. By the time I did see him, he’d already seen me and so I had little choice but to stay. When I arrived Jason was with a older female who was looking at livingroom furniture. I had time on my hands and so I started browsing at different things and would look back at Jason from time to time and each time I did, Jason was paying a great deal more attention to me than to his customer. Actually, I’m sorry to say that I found it rather amusing and started to tease him. Not only would I do things like bend over, as if to look at a price or something and this would pull my dress tight across my ass. I sat down once and let my dress ride up over the top of my hose before adjusting it. I’d also move about the store so that the woman he was dealing with was between Jason and myself which would force him to move in order to see me. Jason never failed to move and it didn’t take long and the woman was telling Jason off as she moved toward the door. Needless to say, she had a couple of choice comments about myself and how I was dressed, also.

Again, even though it wasn’t planned, when the woman decided to leave I was moving into the computer section of the store. I admit that I did this on purpose since it was an area where Jason couldn’t see me from the area where he was at and I was rather curious to see exactly what Jason would do. Now, the computer section is in the rear corner of the store and it probably the most secluded portion of the store, but it can still be seen by those persons outside the store and looking in or by a person in most parts of the store itself.

The woman wasn’t even out of the store and Jason was joining me in the computer section. Needless to say, he wasn’t looking me in the eye. In fact, the way Jason was looking at me I seriously thought he was about to push me over one of the desk and start fucking me. For some unknown reason, I wanted him to do exactly that. I’d thought about Jason devouring me often as I Masturbated. I’d talked to a friend of mine several times about Jason and since he is more than a bit perverted, he’d encouraged me to simply enjoy myself with Jason giving me the excuse that since I wasn’t getting any attention from my husband and distance was keeping us apart that I should just enjoy Jason and then tell him about it.

The woman was gone now, leaving Jason and I alone in the store. There were no other customers but I didn’t know, at that time, that his Aunt and Uncle were out of town. Jason was standing just inches from me and the way he was looking at me I was just a little scared. I didn’t know what to do but stand there. Here we are in his Uncle’s store. Even if we are alone anyone could walk in at any moment and besides, I live in this town and it is quite possible that a person walking past and seeing me or walk into the store may know me. In fact, a girl who was at my wedding works at the shoe store, right next door and I’d talked to her one day and know that she is also a customer of this rental store.

I don’t know öğretmen porno what caused me to do it but, as if my hand was being drawn to him on it’s own, it moved till it rested on his chock. OK, so, this was one muscle that didn’t get built up as much as the rest of his body but it was as hard a iron. I think for the very first time Jason actually looked at my eyes. It seemed like hours that we simply stood there, each looking into the eyes of the other and my hand constantly massaging and moving over his hard chock, with only the material of his pants separating us.

The next move was Jason’s and he reached out and first put his hand on one of my tits. Maybe it was just to see what I’d do and when I did nothing to stop him he suddenly started to actually attack me. He pulled his hand from my tit so he could use both hands to reach around me and grab me by my ass, pulling me up tight against him. His face he buried into the side of my neck and later I learned that he was biting me hard enough that he left marks on my neck.

I guess I was suddenly caught up in the lust of the moment and even though I refused to release his rock hard cock I was using my other arm to pull him even tighter to myself. Of course being squeezed up against him as I was part of my hand was massaging my pussy. Suddenly, I was over the edge with desire. I’m not sure that I would of stopped if someone had walked into the store at that moment. Then, I realize that Jason was about to tear my dress. The poor boy had no idea as to how to unfasten my dress and he wanted it off of my body.

I only had two choices and I didn’t want the dress torn so I released his cock and started to push him away. He wasn’t about to stop now. I started promising him repeatedly that it was “OK” and finally it seemed to start to register to him but even then he wasn’t willing to simply turn loss of me. There was only one solution to this predicament. I simply slid downward so that as I slid out of his arms I found myself on my knees. This happens to be one place that I’m very happy being for I do enjoy giving head and it had probably been a couple months since I’d been able to enjoy my husband’s.

Jason didn’t seem to mind this arrangement one bit and he was quick to start undoing his pants. I think that if he had only hesitated for a moment and let me gain some composure, once I was out of his arms, that I would of realized just what a chance the two of us were taking and I would of put a stop to what we were doing. As it was, I was probably every bit as excited as he was and on my knees in front of this teenage boy, I had a need to see his cock. Actually, the need was strong enough that I began to help him undress and at the earliest possible moment I pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles in one quick pull.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a glorious site in my entire life. It wasn’t the size of his cock that had me so excited at that moment, for based on size I wasn’t impressed. However, what did have me so excited was the fact that here was this teenage boy who was so excited over me. Looking back on all of this I don’t think I can ever recall a time when a man seemed to be so desirous over me. I started to cum, right there, kneeling on that cold, tiled floor, without touching either myself or him.

I had yet to finish my first climax when I felt him pull my head toward him. He wasn’t being forceful about it, only trying to get me to do for him what I’m sure that he’d imagined, over the years as he Jacked Off. I wasn’t taking the time to think about it then, but talking to him since, he has told me repeatedly that often times, since the first time he’d laid eyes on me, that he had indeed, gotten himself off as he played with his cock and imagined that he was fucking me.

I was more than willing to suck his cock and the slight encouragement that he was giving me was all that I needed to lean forward and take him inside my mouth. It may be difficult for you to believe this but I actually climaxed right then and there over simply having that five inches of iron bar hard cock inside of my mouth. I then started working on him. I wanted to taste him. I wanted him to go off inside my mouth.

I’d pull my mouth up to a point where my lips were surrounding the head of his tool and then slam my face forward to take all of him inside of me. I’d hold my face tight against him and swallow then repeat the action. It didn’t take but about six times of this and I could tell his was about to cum for me. I then simply worked my mouth up and down his cock as hard and fast as I could for about for more strokes and then I was rewarded. I swallowed repeatedly oral porno and yet some of his load managed to get away from me. Of course I kept him in my mouth as I swallowed the nectar he was providing me.

Now, probably, we should of quit at this moment but I was to far gone. I had to have more of him. I needed to be fuck and I needed him to fuck me. Based on the fact that his cock was still rock hard I didn’t think there would be a problem. I pulled my mouth off of him and as I stood up I was reaching behind me to locate the zipper. “Can you fuck me now”, I asked him.

He cave me a response and even though I didn’t understand what it was he said I was confident that the answer was “Yes” for he immediately reached out and began to assist me out of the dress. Of course, being out of it simply ment to unzip it and pretty much let it fall to the floor. He turned me around and pushed me forward and he sort of shuffled up behind me. I think he would of been better off to at least step out of them but as long as he was able to show me a good time I really didn’t care how he was dressed or undressed.

I probably would of pulled my panties down but he didn’t seem to want to give me the time to do so and so he simply pulled them over to a point where I was exposed enough that he could get himself into me. Being as wet as I was, he slid easily into me and once he was there, he grabbed a hold of my hips and started to drive himself into hard and fast. Thinking back on it I’m surprised that he was as good as he was, since he had no experience. I was looking forward and it dawned on me that anyone walking past could easily see the two of us if only the took the time to look in. Here I was, bent over the desk with Jason behind me just humping away as I watched persons walking past the window and loving every stroke that I was getting.

Jason wasn’t fucking me for long when I could actually feel him climaxing and yet he wasn’t missing a single stroke. I found this to be to much and I started to climax myself. Suddenly you could hear the sounds of our fucking as his cock worked in and out of my pussy so full of the fluids that the two of us had just released there. All of this was just to much for me. The excitement of Jason fucking me, how excited he was for the same reason, the idea of possibly getting caught and the act that we were doing in the location as well as the condition. I started to cum again and felt so light headed that I lay my head down on the desk.

I really couldn’t tell you if Jason fucked me for a minute or thirty but I felt him slam into me so hard that the desk itself actually moved forward and I thought I’d fall but fortunately the desk didn’t move that far and Jason had a death grip on my hips as he pushed himself so tight against me it was as if he was trying to get more of himself into me. I could feel him cumming again. That was at least three times he’d deposited a load inside of me.

I guess he was spent and I started to realize just what a stupid thing the two of us were doing. I couldn’t afford to get caught like this. So, I slid myself off of him and had to have him move his foot so I could get my dress off the floor. Fortunately, it wasn’t to dirty to be seen in public but it was certainly to dirty for me to wear to the club. Not only that, but I was so wet that even with my panties back in place the juices were seeming through the material and running down my leg. I asked Jason where the rest room was and once there folded up a couple of paper towels and put them inside of my panties. They were so wet and sticky. Then I gathered up some toilet paper to try and get some of the juices off my leg. Once I’d cleaned up as best I could I put on my dress and made my way back out into the showroom. To my surprise, Jason was with a couple looking at computers. I couldn’t help but wonder if they could smell the odor of out fucking.

I didn’t even wave to him as I went out the door but did call him on my way to Kim’s later in the evening to tell him how much fun I’d had. He had customers again and wasn’t able to talk but did tell me that he had also and was glad I’d called him. I left the Rental Store and had to go home, take another quick bath and dress again from the skin out. Kim called me before I ever got out the door cause she was worried, being as late as I was. I was just happy my husband wasn’t home or I would of been Dead Meat for sure. I made up an excuse and got out of the house as quick as I could.

After talking to Jason, I’m sure that I’ll get with him again before he leaves for College but I think the next time will have to be in a more secluded location than the showroom of his Uncle’s store.

Note: As of this conclusion of this story, it has been nine days since that Thursday night and as of yet, no more has transpired between the two. I have been promised that if and when it does that she’ll tell me and I promise to attempt to put it into a story form and post it.

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