Sex Slave To My Neighbours Part 2


Sex Slave To My Neighbours Part 2Sex Slave to the Neighbours Part 2This is Part 2 of 5 in which I go back to the house where I had been humiliated and excited, not to mention, got sucked off by an attractive older woman.The next morning with the sun just clearing the horizon, I jumped on my bike for a ride by that woman’s house. The previous day had been a dream and a nightmare. It was all so sudden and I was rushed out of the woman’s house so quickly that I didn’t know what had happened to me. So, I’d ride by the house and maybe I’ll get invited in again and get my cock sucked and my balls drained. Or maybe I’d avoid the house because the episode was so disturbing because I had been completely in her control . Suburban semis all look the same and without the woman to beckon me in, I couldn’t remember which house it was so, dazed and frustrated and pissed with myself for not remembering the house number, I rode home.Moments after got home, the phone rang. Caller ID said “unknown caller.” I picked up the received and was greeted by a man’s voice using my full name to ask me how my bike ride had been this morning. “I noticed you slowed down near our house but rode away quickly. Where are your manners. You forced my wife to suck you off yesterday and now you want nothing to do with her?” I was speechless. He continued. “Here’s what my wife would like you to do. Get on your bike and get back here- now. You’ll recognize the house by the box on the porch. Don’t bother to ring the bell. Just pick up the box and come right in. We’re expecting you. And, if you don’t come in an hour, we have some interesting pictures and a video to post on some adult sites that we know you watch. And so do millions grandbetting giriş more.”He hung up and I stood there with the receiver humming away and my mind reeling from what I’d been told. It was a moment of true terror. I grabbed my jacket and helmet and started my fearful ride.I did exactly as I was told and was greeted in the living room by the woman and a man sitting on the couch. Both were naked, sipping wine and smiling. I put down the box, collected by courage and demanded “What’s this about? How did you know my phone number? What do you want?” The naked couple kept smiling. He reached for a bottle of wine and poured another glass, passing it to me. I grabbed it as if it was a lifesaver. The woman spread her legs and started playing with herself with one hand and began to stroke the man’s cock with the other. The man continued, “What’s your problem? Isn’t this what every man dreams of? You got your balls drained yesterday and maybe you’ll get more today. Since you rushed over here, you’re obviously worried that we might broadcast our pics and video of you forcing my wife to suck you off. My wife can be available for you again but the deal is – I get to watch. So, please strip down. I wasn’t able to see your cock really well last time since you had it lip-deep in my wife’s mouth. I like to see what she’s getting”I was shaking from fear. This was beyond any fantasy I’d ever had before. My preferred story is suck, fuck and leave, anonymously. These people had me over a barrel and I couldn’t see a way out. I took off my helmet, jacket, shirt and pants. “No, that’s not how it works.” he said. “Stripping means we get to see your cock.” I took off my underwear grandbetting yeni giriş and felt myself getting hard.”We seem to be interesting you. Good boy! Now stroke that beautiful tool of yours until it’s as hard as it was last night when my wife struggled to swallow it.”He must have been trying to raise my confidence because my dick is about average in size, circumcised and generally doesn’t get very hard any more. He on the other hand had a long and thick cock that suited his stocky body. And it was now hard, the blue head shining in the dim light.When I had gulped most of my wine, I reached down and took the end of my cock between my fingers finding precum to massage around the head. I rubbed this around to get my self more excited and then took the shaft into my hand and stroked. When I looked up, the husband and wife masturbating, his wife with a dildo moving in her well-lubed cunt, her pussy lips big and thick, wrapping themselves around the dildo. The husband was matching every stroke of his much longer dick with mine.”You don’t look like you’re fully enjoying this.” he laughed. “Perhaps you need a little more encouragement. Have another drink. Or maybe you’d like something stronger.” I had noticed when I came in that the room smelled of marijuana. He got up and passed the a joint. As he brought it to my lips, he cupped my cock and balls in his other hand. He smiled. “You like that, yes? Perhaps you’d like me to stroke you for a while.” I was somewhat repulsed by the thought of this but his touch had started something. He wrapped his large hands around my penis and stroked firmly. My cock was harder than I’d known in some time. He tickled a little grandbetting güvenilirmi more precum out of the head with a finger and licked it. I closed my eyes to avoid seeing what was happening to me but the feelings were overwhelming. I was enjoying this despite myself. Just as I was getting used to it he stopped touching me and moved back to the couch. I was drawing on the joint stroking my cock. The wine, the cock on my prick and the dope were making me delightfully confused. “Hey! You’re really getting into this now. Cast your eyes on my wife’s cunt. Take that dildo out of your cunt baby and let the nice man see a bit of what’s inside you, the dark place, the wet and warm place.” She looked straight at me as she pulled her pussy lips apart, fingered herself to make the lips and the hole glisten with pussy juice. In a quiet sweet voice she said,. “You’re going to have to speed up a little bit. We want to see you blow your load. You’re stoned and your drunk. You’ll love it. Just keep your eyes on my cunt.” it was working. I yanked my cock, my hips moving back and forth with every stroke, like a dance.Moments later I came with a series of grunts and moans in time with each spurt of cum that fell onto their living room carpet. As I did the man immediately stopped jerking himself and she closed her legs and crossed them.”That was wonderful.” she said in a deeper, intimidating tone. “Put your clothes on and go home.”Again, after cumin in front of her, I was being dismissed. She became cool and indifferent and anxious that I leave quickly. I went through the door pulling up my pants. On my bike ride home,I tried to pull my thoughts and feelings together but there was one fact that made it all very difficult – these people were a mystery to me – and a threat. They had those pictures and a video.In Part 3, I am refused admission to the house for a while but once in, I was blackmailed into sucking the man’s cock and found it wasn’t disagreeable. Pleasurable as it all was, I was still trapped.

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