Sex with a Sorority Sister


This story is entirely true, with a few minor details modified to protect the guilty and to move the story along. It took place a little less than five years ago now, in the fall of 2001, when I was a junior in college.

The sorority girl in question (her name was June) had been a friend of mine since freshman year, but we never had any romantic connections. Both of us were dating other people, so while we were fairly close there was always that knowledge that we needed to maintain a certain distance. Still, there was definitely some sexual tension between us through those first two years. My girlfriend at the time lived in another state, and June’s boyfriend was a very stable, nice guy, but just not at all into sex.

Over the years she would come hang out in my room quite often and we would chat about life, classes, etc. Sometimes the conversation would turn a bit toward sex, and she would complain about how non-existent her sex life was (and I how infrequent mine was). I could tell from her voice and how she sat and how her nipples would start to poke through her top that she wanted to take it a step further (and my cock was certainly telling me to…), but neither of us dared to cheat at the time, so we always stayed one step back from the brink.

The summer before our junior year, though, both of us broke up with our significant others. My girlfriend and I finally came to the realization that we were together more for the sex than anything else, and that while the sex was great it wasn’t enough to keep us together considering we lived three hours apart… June came to the opposite realization – she still loved her boyfriend quite a bit, but just couldn’t deal with having no sex life. She cheated on him, then finally just broke up with him. Starting junior year, then, we were both single, both horny, and finally both on the market at the same time

Things finally came to a head a month or so after classes started in the fall. June’s sorority was having a hay ride, but June had no date. When she had signed up for the ride a few weeks earlier she was still dating her old boyfriend. In the time since they had finally, irreconcilably broken up (he finally found out she was cheating on him), but she had already paid for his place on the ride. Knowing that I was single too and looking for something to do over the weekend, she invited me 4 k porno to come along.

The hayride itself started out with your typical college debauchery. Everyone had “water bottles” full of various cheap liquors. Some local farmer showed up at the sorority house around 9pm with a tractor pulling a wagon full of hay, and we all loaded on. The plan was for him to drive us back to his farm, where there was a clearing in the woods with a bonfire already started and set up where we could party for a few hours, and then get a ride back to the sorority house. Good clean fun, no chance for anyone to get in trouble for DUI, no noise complaints, etc. All in all a nice arrangement.

By the time we got on the wagon, June and I were already more than a little drunk. Everyone was pretty well packed in, so we sat close together and talked for a while as we drove through town, all the while swilling down some cheap vodka. As the farmer drove us out of town and into the dark, I noticed that June was pressing closer and closer to me. Realizing that this was my chance to finally see what I had been missing, I leaned in and kissed her right there on the hay wagon.

She seemed a little surprised at first, but then kissed me back. Soon we were making out pretty heavily, surrounded by a hoard of drunk sorority sisters and their boyfriends. We probably would have made a bit of a show, but one of the other sisters (who had started drinking hours before us) was alternating between flashing and mooning cars as they passed us on the road, and drew away whatever attention might have been given to our own little display.

We were both a bit too shy to do much in public beyond kiss and cuddle, but once we got to the bonfire site we slipped off into the woods to do a bit more serious petting. I pushed her back against a tree and started to kiss her again, pressing my body against hers. She grabbed my ass and pulled me against her, rubbing her crotch against my thigh. Then I felt her stiffen a little – and we saw the farmer walking around the edge of the woods (guess he felt obligated to make sure nobody got lost, injured, etc. – or maybe he just though spying on the make-out area was a bonus!). She whispered in my ear – “we’ll finish this later” – and we went back to the bonfire.

The rest of the night couldn’t pass quickly enough for me. 7 dak porno We both drank and talked and partied, and soon enough it was back on the wagon and back to the sorority house. As soon as we got in the door we headed up to her room…which was occupied by her roommate, passed out on her bed! I wasn’t willing to be stymied, but June didn’t want to risk waking her, so we moved to plan B…

The sorority house had two bathrooms – one large public one upstairs (where most of the girls lived), and a smaller, handicap accessible one downstairs. Beautifully for us, the handicap bathroom had a lock and a comfortably large, open floor area. We grabbed a few sheets and headed downstairs. Most of the girls were gone back to their dorms by this point (only a few lived in the house), but we did get a few strange looks as we passed through the living room and both went down a hallway that everyone knew had only one room at its end…

With the door locked and closed, finally with some privacy, we got down to business. By this point both of us were practically ready to explode – my cock had been rock hard since we started making out on the way too the bonfire, and June’s state of arousal was at least as advanced. She pulled me to her and we kissed again, our tongues quickly finding each other as we pressed our bodies against each other.

This time there was no audience, though, and June’s inhibitions were finally released… I felt her hand go to my belt and undue it, and then the top of my pants, and then her fingers had a grip on the smooth flesh of my cock. She pulled it out and started to stroke it, even as we continued to kiss. I quickly took the invitation to loosen her jeans and slide my hand down inside her thong, past her neatly trimmed bush…and down between her hot, wet lips.

I dipped a finger into her juices and then moved back up a little, giving attention to her clit. She moaned and her knees went weak as I fingered her hard little nub, rubbing it back and forth and covering it with her slick juices… It wasn’t long until we were stripping out clothes off and then I was looking at her, nude, taking it all in. June was a very attractive girl – a little on the large side, but her breasts (probably 38 DDs or so) made her wide hips and ass seem very proportional.

We laid down on the sheets we had alman porno brought and I began to suck on those big tits, licking and teasing her nipples until they were rock hard. My fingers kept up their work as well, and soon her hips were bucking and rocking as I fingered here increasingly swollen cunt…the wet sound of my fingers pounding her was covered only by the low groans that escaped her mouth every time my thumb bumped her clit on my down-thrusts into her sodden pussy.

Wanting a taste of her, I kissed my way down her stomach and then began to teasingly kiss along her thighs and the outer edges of her pussy lips, driving her absolutely crazy with desire. I teased her mercilessly, kissing here, licking there, occasionally giving her clit a quick tonguing. Soon she was grabbing the back of my head and pressing my face into her wet little hole, begging me to make her cum. I started to concentrate my tongue on her clit, rolling it back and forth and occasionally sucking it in hard between my lips.

Meanwhile, I slipped a condom on my aching cock. When I felt she was primed and ready I suddenly rose up, grabbed her legs and spread them apart, and shoved my cock hard inside her. She was so wet and ready that I slid right in, up to the hilt. She gasped at the surprise and the pleasure / pain of being penetrated so fast and violently, but as I bottomed out and my pubic bone hit her clit she moaned again and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in as far as she could.

We fucked fast, hard, and violent. I was glad I had so much to drink – if I was sober there’s no way I could have lasted so long with her tight little wet cunt so hungry to take in my cock. With no bed beneath us I pounded her hard into the floor, her thick ass cheeks the only cushioning. Soon she started moaning harder, and harder – “fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me, FUCK ME”. I felt her cunt start to spasm and she came, and even drunk, even with the condom, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came with a grunt, thrusting into her as hard as I could, feeling her legs wrapped around me, trying to suck my cumming cock into her wet cunt. I collapsed on top of her, beat, satiated.

We dated and hooked up a few more times after that, but we quickly determined we made better friends than lovers. Neither one of us was really the other’s type, and with the sexual tension broken we both quickly moved on to other, more compatible interests. Unusually, though, we did remain friends, and a year or so later she introduced me to another one of her sorority sisters, a woman who I started dating and who is now my wife….but that’s another story

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