Sex With My Student’s Mom


Sex With My Student’s MomI’m a average guy fair and reserved, I was doing to get some pocket money I started taking tuition’ got a offer of taking tuition of 3 k**s, they lived neared by my house, it was decided that I should come to their home every day in the evening to take tuition. I agreed for it.First day when i went to take tuition ,mother of k**s opened the door i was amazed to see her ,she was a sexy lady around at the age of 35.she welcomed me as we meet first time, her name was m(doesn’t want to disclose her name let’s call her m) she called her k**s and the tuition started now let me describe her, she was a nice and sexy lady with figure 34-32-36,with nice boobs around 36 wearing old traditional clothes. Tuition went on going for a year and in this whole year after tuition she used to ask about the studies and improvement of their k**s. I started to like her and fantasy about her and sometime masturbated thinking of her, days went.One day after taking tuition I was going home and I saw her alone in her drawing room making some projects of her k**s. I saw her and went to the door but thought this is the right time to ask her for friendship. I came back from the door and ask her what she is doing and she replied me formally, then i told her that “I like you and went away. next day after tuition she asked me y u told that u like me and I replied that I like the qualities in you and want to b friend of yours, she replied with ok and slowly days went and we started talking every day after tuition and we came to know more about each other, And we became close to each other.I started liking her but I was not sure if she likes me or not, she was happily married good financial condition and a complete family, then I decided to ask her for a chat, I ask and she got ready, while having chat I told her “I love you”,she didn’t replied for some moment but afterward she told u know what r u telling, I just replied that I was joking and finished the topic. I was confused what the next day will have for me next day after tuition she asked me what I was telling in the chat and I replied nothing serious but she forced me to discuss that topic and I confessed that yes I like u and I love you she was shocked and didn’t replied andI went home same day late in the night she called me that k**s are having some problem can u come for just few minutes to solve the difficulty and I agreed,this was the first time I m going to her house so late in the night. I went she opened the door and I sat in the hall there was no one near the hall and I could not hear any voice of her k**s,she came and sat near to me and asked me “ do u really love me? With some confidence I replied yes I do you know that I m married and I’m having k**s. I told yes I know everything but I m helpless I cannot forget you, i love u from bottom of my heart then there was some silence in the room and thenI ask her can I hold your hand she was illegal bahis feeling shy but with some confidence I hold her hand, she was confused what to do and what to say, same way I was also confused but my heart said just go on. I hold her hand and kissed her on her lips so forcefully, then started ejaculating in my pant. After that I came to my sense and I saw that she was angry with me and I started to say sorry to her and told her that I didn’t mean to hurt her. She angrily told me to leave her house and I left I didn’t know what to do whole night I was thinking of the episode and couldn’t sleep for a while.for some days she didn’t talked to me .but I finally decided that today I will talk with her after tuition I called her out and I started talking with her but she didn’t replied to any of my question. I saw and finally told her please forgive me .she said ok and we again became friends, then slowly we started touching each other and after some days with some confidence in my mind again I said to her that I love you. this time she was bit confidence and she replied me that she also love me, for a moment I couldn’t believe that she has told yes to me.In the beginning after tuitions we use to talk in drawing room but one day she invited me in her bed room, it was a fabulous bed room ,a great bed ,wardrobe, computer, a/c and plenty of space. we sat there and we chatted while leaving I asked her for a kiss ,she said no but after requesting her she agreed but she told on chick. I kissed her it was heaven u see it was a great moment for me .days passed like this and we were in deep love with each other. I asked her we need time we should spend some precious time that we will never forget,she replied but how ,i told please manage something we were thing and she came with an idea, she told next week her husband is going out of station for some days, we will keep extra tuition in the morning before k**s leave for school and after tuition when k**s go u wait and we can spend some time. she got the permission of extra tuitions from her husband and the day came, I went to her house at 7 in the morning, k**s were getting ready for school. I wouldn’t see my beautiful lover ,k**s came and tuition started ,I taught them for 20 mins and they went away for school and after that my beautiful lady came from inside,She was in her nighty and was looking gorgeous, first time I saw her in her nighty. She told him to me and called me inside her bed room she told me to sit and came back with two cups of tea. We had tea and then I asked her for a beautiful morning kiss. again that same she told me know but on request she agreed and I first time kissed her on those beautiful pink lips, she also responded it and we were lock for more than 15 mins. After kissing we hugged each other and those beautiful boobs touched my chest ,I hugged her tightly, we again kissed and then slowly I started kissing her face and went kaçak iddaa to her neck,We were standing and doing all the beautiful things, she was responding with me. I was enjoying a lot then i put her on the bed and I was on her kissing her neck and slowly I got down and started opening buttons of her nighty I opened the first and i saw her upper chest then the second button and i saw the beautiful white silky bra and the edges of her beautiful boobs and finally the third button and those hot ,sexy, beautiful boobs were clear to my vision inside her bra ,she helped me to remove her nighty and I saw her beautiful body naked in front of me she pulled meNear her chest and grasped my head in her arms and my lips were kissing her boobs, they were sweet and salty I started liking her boobs and put down the right bra strip and the right boob was in front of me with pinkish nipple on it i started kissing her boobs and making circle around her nipples with the tongue ,she again pressed me against her chest indicating me to suck her nipple and i did the same sucked her nipple and started pressing left boob with my hand, she was enjoying it a lot with closed eyed and feelings in her body.I removed the left strip of her bra and those boobs were free from cage of her bra and was ready for me to play I was kissing ,sucking , and enjoying with her body, suddenly she stopped me and said now get down of me it my chance to ride, she removed my shirt and lied me down and came up on me started kissing my neck and down to my nipples, she sucked ,bitted my nipples with great power, she removed my pant and my penis was ready for her to enjoy, she removed my underwear and hold my penis, she was holding my penis very tightly as if she hasn’t hold it from long time. she was kissing my whole body some time she licked sometimes she kissed, whenever she kissed me I felt that whole love in this world is filled in her kiss, and whenever she licked me I felt the whole sex in this world is filled in her licked. She was having sex with lot of maturity.I showed her my erected penis and asked her to take it in her mouth but she didn’t did it, we were deep in the sex holding each other and enjoying suddenly the door bell rang and we have to stop the love making we were not happy to stop it but we were helpless in the same condition i have to left her the day went like that but i couldn’t concentrate in any of my work, evening came i went for the tuition ,I was very happy to see my beautiful love, we had some eye talk andI went for the tuition after tuition the discussion round came we had some talk and I ask for some sex but she refused that k**s are there and it is not possible for us to get some free time. She told me that we will enjoy it tomorrow morning. I waited for the morning to come and the morning came same way I went for the tuition and after tuition we had our session, she was sitting on the chair I went near her and güvenilir bahis siteleri started kissing her, on her face chicks, chin, head and went to lips we had a great kiss, our tongue touch each other I kissed her upper lips with both my lips,This time we were more involved than yesterday, then I took her in my arms and took her to bed and started kissing her. I gave my love marks on her neck, then removed her nighty and kissed her boobs, now her boobs were friends with me I sucked them kissed them pressed them a lot, as if they r mine she was enjoying it a lot she hold my penis and started pressing it with full enjoyment and suddenly once more the door bell rang and we have to stop the love process. this made us wild and we have to think for some more options.I went home and called her and asked her for some more plans then she told u don’t worry come in the evening I will do something in the evening after tuition she came with a superb plan she told me that I am sending my k**s to their relatives for a night and u give some excuse to your parents and come to my house without knowing them. I went home and told to my parents that there is a night out at my friend’s house and I am going there for a whole night in the night I came to her house she was alone waiting for me in a beautiful silky nighty. We sat in the drawing room and had some nasty chat then we went inside her bedroom.We went to her bed and laid there in each other’s arms for some time and had some romantic talks, while having romantic talks we started kissing each other, this time no one was there to disturb us. we were in each other’s arms she started to open my pant zip and hold my penis and started playing with it I too opened her nighty buttons and put my hands in to her nighty and pressed her boobs we started removing each other’s clothes and still we were locked in the kiss. We were not ready to give each other’s lips.She removed my pants and my shirt then my underwear and I was naked in front of her. She asked me u don’t want to see your love in her birth dress(naked).I accepted her invitation and removed her nighty the her bra and her panty now mu hot ,sweet love was naked in front of me. we kissed each other’s body we feel each Other’s body I fingered her vagina I kissed her vagina now it was the time for a blast I asked her for a fuck ,she was scared for it but she wanted to have it she was questioning me about ,I replied u don’t worry we will have a safe sex. I had bought condoms. She was very happy to see the condom and wanted to enjoy it for a long time .I wore the condom and I came upon her she guided my penis to her vagina and slowly I inserted my penis it was a wonderful experience for me.I started stroking her slowly. She had her eyes closed and was enjoying it to the full. While stroking her, her nipple was in my mouth and I could hear her ooohh oouuccchh. And after some time I ejaculated in her. It was a pleasure trip for my penis in her vagina. after wards we took bath and whole night slept in each other’s arms we had this affair for 5 years ,but now I m married and she is also happy in her family but still we r in contact with each other.

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