Sex With Neighborhood Kavitha Aunt


Sex With Neighborhood Kavitha AuntI am from a family where both my parents are workaholics. Next to my house is my angel’s house where Kavitha aunty lived. She is in her late 30’s. Her family is very small just like us.She has a son studying in school who is very innocent. Right from my c***dhood, he used to play with me and our families are closer than ever. I took care of Kavitha aunty’s just like my own brother. She is very happy because of my true care towards her son and used to treat me like her own son.When this happened I was in my early 20’s. I am an athlete I have a fit body. About Kavitha aunty, trust me when you look at her no one will believe she is her late 30’s. Also, you won’t believe that she has a son who is about to complete schooling. She has a fair skin, lean body with cute boobs.Her husband is a polite person but his earnings are not enough. So after her son reached higher classes she started going to work. She didn’t have any professional degree but with her great looks, she worked as a receptionist. She goes early in the morning but comes early in the evening around 5 pm.Her husband reaches home by 9 and her son, taking all tuition and everything also returns around by 9 pm. That is the time when I completed my UG at one of the well-reputed Engineering colleges in our area. I was waiting for a job offer call letter from an MNC.So I was at home right from morning till evening, simply sleeping it off watching TV and movies and etc. One fine day I went to have some bakery food for myself and while returning I saw Kavitha aunty getting down from the bus. It was around 5 pm. I naturally said hi and offered her lift to home as it will take some 10 to 15 mins walk from bus stop to her house.She was happy to see me and got in the back seat. As she is a traditional lady she always used to wear saree. She always looked very beautiful. While riding she was happy to speak with me but she was upset with me. Even though we are next door neighbors when I started college my visits to her house stopped and became very distant.I didn’t ever think she would feel bad. When she asked why I became like this I was just replying Engg. Studies are hard this that blah blah blah. By that time we have already arrived at her house. I dropped her and went to my house. After a few days again I met her on the road by around 7 pm.I went for a casual walk so I didn’t ride my bike this time. She was standing in a shop thinking about something. When I said hello aunty she was very happy to see me. What happened is she brought a lot of groceries but didn’t have enough money to ride an autorickshaw to home.I also didn’t have any money. But I offered her a solution which is that I will carry her groceries home. As there were 5 bags which are heavy she said no as it may sprain my muscle if I carry it for a long distance. But I insisted and took and the bags in both my hands and started walking.She said stop Synan but I didn’t so without much choice she continued walking with me but now and then she asked me whether it is heavy or to share some bags with her but I kept on walking until we reached her house. She opened her house and I went inside to keep all the grocery bags in the kitchen.While I was about to return to my house she saw my palms as it was very reddish because güvenilir bahis of carrying such heavy bags for a long time. She asked me to wait and brought an ice bag and asked me to keep my palms on it, by that time she prepared juice for me. We enjoyed each others company.After a while, I was about to leave she asked whether I can come to her house now and then. I said sure. From the next day, I used to visit her house every day by 6 pm. We used to watch TV together spoke about this that and everything. Sometimes I will drop some casual jokes and she will laugh with tears.After a while, we were like close friends shared everything but with a limit. She never even asked whether I have a girl in life or such. This continued for many days and even started learning how to cook with the help of her. Things were going as usual until one day when she returned home late than her usual time.I was waiting for her so as soon she entered her house I went there to ask why she is late. But when I saw her I understood as she is not keeping well. She had a fever. She visited a doctor that evening that is why she is late. I scolded her for not taking care of herself properly. She was astonished for my caring words.She got well and went to job as usual from next day. The next week Thursday, she came to my house by 10 am in the morning in a nightie. I was confused about seeing her like that. She said she have finished all the work at her house so she came to check on me. We were talking in the hall and asked what I was doing. I replied I was still in bed when you rang the doorbell.She asked me to come to her house as she is feeling bored. After I had breakfast I went to her house. She was simply sitting in hall sofa reading some old magazine. I asked whether she needs to cook for lunch or wash clothes. She already did everything and she is literally free and left with no other work to do. I asked her why doesn’t she takes a nap she said she will after some time.She went to the kitchen and took some snacks to offer me. She bent down while she was giving it to me and accidentally saw her boobs were hanging freely inside the nightie. I saw complete right boob even the sweet nipple as she didn’t wear any bra.I don’t know what was happening. There is no TV turned, so the room is filled with the noise of a fan running and her sweet voice. I looked at her she is completely normal and sat back in the same place and took the same old magazine. But for me, after I saw her like that heartbeat heavy.I felt like I have trouble breathing also felt everything around me became very louder. I looked at her and said, aunty, you take rest I am going home. She asked what happened why you are leaving suddenly I said I forgot some work that is to be done by today. She said ok and asked to come tomorrow morning as it is a holiday for her.I rushed into my house and lying on my bed thinking what just happened. She didn’t do it intentionally that is for sure but what happened is in the next 18 hours I became a different person. I couldn’t stop thinking about her boobs. I never had bad intentions before but what will happen to a boy of shy character with no girlfriend.I determined that day that I will have tomorrow. So I devised a huge plan tomorrow. The next day I went to her house wearing a thin türkçe bahis t-shirt and track pants without inners. By the time I reached her house, she was just like yesterday sitting in the hall and reading something.I asked how’s the marriage function yesterday. She replied it is very grand. In her house, she has a single room on the first floor where she kept all her son’s study materials, a writing table, and a bed. I asked whether can I take Maths book for recalling a formula. She assisted me in the first floor. While I stepped on the last step to reach the first floor I slipped and fell for 2-3 steps as I planned.She got scared and she tried helping to reach the ground floor but I said I can’t move my body. I asked whether she takes to the first floor as it is just 3 steps away. She helped me by putting my right hand around her neck and her left hand around my waist. While reaching the bed I felt like she didn’t wear any bra today also.So in my mind, I high-fived myself as it was going just like I planned. She put me in the bed. She asked whether should I take me to a doctor I said no aunty it is ok but it hurts a little. She asked where it is hurting I said near my neck and low back. She sat near my waist in the bed and bent down to have a close look whether there is abnormal in my neckline.While she bent I saw both sweet boobs again hanging freely which gave me an instant hardon. She didn’t notice any abnormality in my neck but she did notice the bulge in my trackpad. It stood straight as I wore the thinnest material. I asked to check on my low back.To make that easy I turned sideways to the side where she was sitting. Once I turned my erect tool took a place on her upper thigh as she was sitting very close to me. She didn’t know what to do. Her breathing got heavy but still, she checked on my low by moving by t-shirt upwards. She literally didn’t say a word at all. I asked whether there is any problem she nodded her head signing no.Now I came back to my original position lying in my back which means my tool back in the same position as before like a straight flagpole. She didn’t know what to do she didn’t even know where to look. I said it was hurting at one more place. She turned towards me with a big question mark in her face. I showed the lower area of my belly button and asked to check.Following my words, she moved my t-shirt upwards and placed her soft hands below the belly button. She didn’t even utter a single word all this time.She slowly rubbed the area where I said it was hurting. I said below that. She was confused as she is already at the entry point of my track pant. She didn’t know how to respond. I lowered my track pant a bit until the start of my tool. She started to realize what was about to happen but she couldn’t do anything.I placed my hand on her hand and moved it further down until her pinky finger touched the starting area of my tool. Her breathing got heavier and I felt like my tool became like a hot iron rod. I saw how she is reacting. She is looking at me with her innocent face with thousand questions. Now I said it not the area where she is keeping her hand.She knows what I am going to tell next. She literally gulped. And yes I said it hurting below from where her hand is now. I pulled my track pant completely down and looking güvenilir bahis siteleri at my erect tool she looked away in shyness. I took her soft hand and carefully placed around my tool.Wow, it that an unexplainable feel I have ever felt in my entire life. She was sitting near me all this time so since she didn’t move away. Nor she showed any hesitation I proceeded further according to my plan. I stroked my tool with her beautiful hand. After a while got down from the bed and stood before but she closed her eyes.I went near her placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Then I made her stand for which she did but with eyes closed. I removed my t-shirt and track pants and came close to her. Being naked I hugged her over her nightie. She didn’t respond she didn’t move she didn’t open her eyes as well.Now I slowly unzipped and pulled down the nightie from her body. The sight of the scene is just heavenly. Her sweet and beautiful boobs were before me without any obstruction. Her boobs were so perfect and as she had a lean body her stomach looks little ribbed. She was standing before me just wearing a black panty.I took my time to enjoy the view of her beautiful body. When I touched her panty to get it removed she puts her hands around my hands resisting and nodding her head signaling no with her eyes closed. I waited for a minute in the same position and instead of removing her panty.I took my hand and put two of my fingers around her pussy above her panty. Her whole body twitched the moved I did that. I rubbed my fingers for around 2-3 minutes and I started feeling wet around her pussy area. Now I removed her panty she didn’t resist the time.After removing I put her in the bed gently and she was lying on her back. Now I know it is time to enjoy her. Keeping one hand on her boob I took one boob in my mouth. I was licking, sucking, gently biting. Her boob is so smooth and soft and her nipple is small and it is very cute for her boobs.I was kissing all over her body then I went down to have a taste at her pussy. It was not bushy but with soft small hairs. I played with her clit and she started to moan softly. After a while, I bent her both legs placing in both of the shoulders and placed my tool above her pussy.Standing in a perfect position I put my tool in the start of her pussy hole and gave a big thrust. My tool completely went inside at the same moment she yelped, gasped for air, opened her eyes. That is the exact moment she submitted herself completely to me. I felt her throbbing pussy walls around my tool.I started doing to and fro motions and for that, her boobs swayed beautifully. We enjoyed a long lasting beautiful sex. She had her orgasm and she looked very happy and her face was glowing with fulfillment. When I was about to cum I tried to pull out my tool from her pussy but she signaled it is ok so I cummed in her pussy.We had a sweet session of sex lasted for 1 hour and 15 mins. After that, we were lying on the bed. Then she came close to me kissed me in my cheek with a smile and put her dress back she went downstairs. I slept for a while and while I came downstairs she was watching TV.Looking at me she smiled, I replied to her with a smile and left for my house. That day evening I got the offer letter and asked me to report in 2 days at their office which is located in one of the busiest city of India. I left my town by saying goodbye to her.We have never spoken about that moment then after it happened but it will be in my memory forever as a beautiful thing to cherish and remember.

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