Sextra-curricular activities with my step-mom


‘Fuck that exam was brutal,’ I think to myself as I leave the exam room.Thank God it was the last one I’ll ever have to write. I had just written the last exam of my university career and am set to graduate in a couple months. It feels good to be done after four years and I can’t wait to get home. I broke up with my girlfriend a little over a week ago because I found her with my roommate’s cock in her mouth. I had packed all of my stuff the night before so that I could grab it and go this afternoon. I’ll come back for the rest before the lease runs out at the end of the month. For now, though, I just want to get out of this place.I grab my bag and call a taxi to the take me to the bus station. My roommate’s on campus cramming for an exam so I don’t have to see his face as I leave. I board the bus and have a little over two hours to decompress and think about the relaxation that awaits me back home; spending my time lounging poolside and sleeping in. The only downside is that I’ll have the awkward experience of meeting my step-mom for the first time. My dad remarried without telling me a few months back and I don’t know much about her. I haven’t even seen pictures. All I know is that she’s about 20 years younger than him, which puts her around 35.I get off the bus and grab a taxi to my dad’s place. I take a deep breath before opening the door, not really knowing what to expect.“Dad, I’m home,” I belt out.The place is large so I have to shout if I have any chance of being heard. No answer. Okay. I go upstairs and throw my bag on my bed. Well, at least my room’s still the same. It hasn’t been converted into some shitty aerobics room. I walk downstairs and head into the kitchen. No one’s in there either. He must be out. I grab some snacks, a drink, hop onto the couch, and turn on the TV.Twenty minutes pass before I hear the door open. There he is. I hear footsteps get closer and turn around to see him, but before I can open my mouth, I see her. She’s wearing tight, form-fitting jeans that hug her round ass and a tight white top that pushes her breasts together, accentuating her hourglass figure. She’s about 5’6” with dirty blonde hair that goes down to her mid back and her make-up is immaculately done, showcasing her big doe eyes and puffy pink lips.’Holy shit,’ I think to myself.Before I can say anything she asks, “Oh my God, are you James?”“Uhhh, ya,” is all I can manage.“Oh my God, I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Cynthia, your new step-mom!”“Oh no kidding,” I reply stunned.“Let me put my stuff away and we can sit down and talk!” she says. “I’ve been so excited to meet you! I’ll be right back.”With that she scampers off down the hall with her bags. She must’ve been out shopping. She comes back a couple minutes and sits down on the couch beside me.“Uhhh, so where’s my dad?” I ask her.“Oh, he’s gone on a business trip somewhere. He left a couple weeks ago and won’t be back until the end of the month,” she replies.“Really?” I say feigning surprise, “that sounds like him.”“Ya,” she says, continuing the conversation, “so, you’re done school now. How does it feel?”“It feels good. I’m glad to be done and out of there. The exams were stressful and I’m just glad to be finished.”“Well I’m glad you’re home,” she says cheerfully, resting her hand gently on my knee, “I’m going to get started on dinner.”She gets up and walks towards the kitchen. I can’t help checking out her perfectly formed ass wiggle with each step she takes.“I’m going upstairs to unpack,” I say.“Okay, sweetie. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready,” she responds.Upstairs in my room I unpack my bags but can’t help but think about Cynthia’s gorgeous figure and beautiful tits. I picture her soft lips wrapped around my cock as she gently massages the escort beylikdüzü shaft with her tongue, moaning softly with pleasure. I can feel my cock get harder in my shorts thinking about her. I manage to get all my stuff away before she calls me down for dinner.“James, dinner’s ready,” she calls out. I can only imagine her moaning out my name as I thrust into her again and again.“I’ll be down in a second,” I reply.I get downstairs to see her dishing out some Italian pasta dish.“I hope you’re hungry,” she says with a smile.“Starving,” I reply.“Good, because I probably made too much.”We sit down at the table and begin eating. I wouldn’t have imagined it but she’s a pretty good cook.“So your dad tells me you’re studying anthropology,” Cynthia says, trying to break the slight awkwardness that has built up in the room.“Uh ya,” I replied. “I just finished my last year.”“Oh how exciting! Do you have any plans for next year?”“Uhh, not at the moment. I applied to grad school but my application got turned down.”“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” she said sympathetically, “well I’m sure everything will work out for you.”“Thanks,” I replied. “So how did you meet my dad,” I inquired to keep the conversation going.She laughed, “Well that’s a funny story. We met on a cruise. I was there with my boyfriend at the time who I caught cheating on me. So I decided I was going to go to the bar and hook up with the first guy I met who just happened to be your dad. I ended up staying with him for the rest of the cruise and we found out we lived only an hour away from each other.”“Well that worked out well,” I replied.“I hear you have a girlfriend. Will I be meeting her anytime soon?”“Had,” I said, “we broke up yesterday.”“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I had no idea,” she apologized.“It’s alright,” I said, “It’s for the best.”“Well I’m sure a good looking guy like yourself will find another girl in no time,” she replied optimistically.We finished up our plates and headed back to the kitchen.“Do you need me to help you clean up?” I asked.“Oh no, I’m alright,” she replied, “but could you put this in the top drawer of the nightstand in your dad’s room?”“Sure,” I said. She handed me a small box that was sitting on the counter and I went upstairs. I walked into my dad’s room and pulled the top drawer open to find a thick, 10” vibrating, black dildo.’Hm, interesting,’ I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if she forgot that was in there?’I put the box inside and closed the drawer, pretending I didn’t see anything.Back downstairs I found Cynthia still working on the dishes so I decided to help her out.“I know you said you didn’t need any help, but I’m gonna help out anyways.”“Aww, thanks sweetie,” she replied, “How about you dry the dishes and I’ll finish up washing them.”“Sounds good,” I said. I started drying and could see her stealing glances at me. She was a few inches shorter than me and her white top held her perfectly round breasts in place, which stuck out generously from her chest.“Don’t even think about trying to splash any water on me, mister,” she said coyly as if she was reading my thoughts.“Me?” I responded playfully shocked, “I wouldn’t even dream of it.”“Uh huh,” she replied, clearly not believing my insincere statement. “So you got any plans for the summer now that you’re out of school?” she asked, handing me another dish.“Nah,” I replied, “I haven’t really thought about it too much. The last week and a half have been pretty emotional for me with the break up and all. I’m just gonna try to find something to get my mind off of it.”“Ya that’s a good idea,” she responded, “you know, whenever I’m feeling really crappy, I just go out shopping and buy something really sexy or cute. Like two weeks ago I bought this really escort akbatı cute red thong and matching strapless bra and seeing how hot I looked in them really made me feel better.”I laughed nervously as I tried to stop picturing how she looked in that. I don’t even know how a strapless bra could hold up her breasts. “I don’t know if bra and thong shopping would do it for me, as much fun as it sounds. I don’t think I’d look good in a red thong.”Cynthia laughed, “You just need to find another girl. That’ll take your mind off of things. You know what they say, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.” She gave me a knowing look.“I don’t know if there’s too many girls around here who are just looking for a fling,” I responded trying to evade the awkwardness that was creeping in.“I’m sure there’s a few around here,” she said confidently. She handed me the last dish and drained the water from the sink. “I have to go out for a bit and run a couple errands,” she said while drying her hands with a dishtowel, “do you need anything while I’m out?”“Nah, I should be good,” I replied.“Okay, I’ll see you in a bit then.” She sauntered off, ass wiggling with every step she took. I heard the front door close and she was gone.I sat back down on the couch and replayed the conversation we had over in my head.’Why would she tell me about her red bra and thong?’ I thought to myself, ‘And why would she tell me to fuck random girls? Was she hitting on me? Naw, that can’t be it. She couldn’t be implying that she wants to fuck me. She’s like 15 years older than me, though she definitely doesn’t look it. There’s no way. She’s just a flirtatious woman; a free spirit. You saw the dildo in her drawer.’I convinced myself that a woman as hot as her, with her luscious round breasts, tight full ass, long blonde hair, and inviting pink lips would never hint at having sex with me. It was just a figment of my imagination. I turn on the TV to find something to watch until Cynthia gets back but nothing seems interesting. I can’t get the image of her in her red thong, on her knees with her pink lips pressed against the head of my cock, with her big blue eyes looking up at me. The thought of her sliding her tongue up my thick shaft causes me to get an erection.’Shit,’ I thought to myself, ‘I have to get rid of this before she gets home.’I try to ignore it as best as possible and it works to some degree but I still have a partial erection. I contemplate what it’d be like if I take off my clothes and let her find me naked here with my raging erection. What would she do? I pussy out and just go to the washroom instead to masturbate. I pull down my pants and give my cock a few good strokes to get it hard. I imagine sucking her tits and fucking her tight pussy all the while she’s moaning out my name. I cum all over the toilet. I clean up, flush the toilet feeling relieved, and go back to watching TV.A few minutes later I hear the door open and Cynthia comes into the room.”Hey,” she says cheerfully, “I got you something.””Oh ya?” I respond.She hands me a box of condoms, “I picked them up at the drugstore. I figured you could use them.”I stared at them speechless.”Is something wrong?” She asked cautiously.”I….I’ve never used one before. I mean, I don’t know how to use one,” I admit embarrassed.”Oh,” she exclaims excitedly, “that’s not a problem, I’ll show you.”I immediately thought she was going to have me whip out my cock and she’d suck it hard and put one on me. Instead she brings a banana in from the kitchen. I feel like a kid.”Take a condom out of the box and tear open the wrapper,” she instructs.I do what I’m told and hold the unraveled condom in one hand. She takes the condom from me and places it over the escort beylikdüzü top of the banana.”You want the tip pointing away from the head,” she’s says, “then just roll it down.””Seems pretty simple,” I say.”Yup,” she replies as she removes the condom from the banana.’Maybe you can show me on me,’ I think about saying.She unpeels the banana and wraps her luscious pink lips around it, taking a bite out of it. I can only watch her in stunned silence. She takes the condom wrapper from me and walks over to the trash can to dispose of it.She comes back and sits down next to me. “So, what are we watching?” she asks, taking another sensual bite of the banana.“I don’t know,” I reply, “I haven’t been able to find much on.”“Well we can always watch a movie,” she responds cheerfully, “let me go get changed first; these jeans are killing me.”She disappears around the corner and I hear her footsteps up the stairs. A few minutes later, she comes back wearing white yoga pants that partially reveal the red thong she’s wearing underneath.“Better?” I inquire.“Much better,” she replies with a grin. She sits back down and crosses her leg over her other so that it’s almost touching mine. “Have you ever seen The Graduate?” she asks me.“Nope, what’s it about,” I reply.“Well, it’s about a young guy who just graduated college and he has an affair with an older woman. It’s one of my favourites.”“Is that the stuff you’re into,” I respond, trying to flirt and press her for details.“I think it’d be exciting to be in that sort of situation. It’s really naughty but so hot too,” she replies smiling at me.“Ya, it’d be something else alright. Let’s see if we can find the movie on Netflix.”I was able to find it and we watched it together. I looked over at Cynthia a couple times during the movie and saw her biting her lip as if she was thinking about how to seduce me, and being honest, I wanted her to. I wanted her soft lips sucking on my cock and her breasts pressed into my face as she rides my shaft.“Wow, that was hot,” she says excitedly, “what did you think of it?”“Well I’m definitely turned onto the idea of being with an older woman now,” I reply, unsure of whether my comment is appropriate or not.“I’m positive you’ll find one. Lots of hot, sexy, horny women out there.”“Probably at least a couple in the neighbourhood,” I respond and pause for a second. “If you were going to seduce a younger guy, how would you do it?”She pauses to think about it and replies, “Probably dress really sexy and flirt with him,” giving me a sly smile.“Well you definitely have the body for it,” I respond.“Aww, you’re such a sweetie. I bet you’ve been checking me out too,” she says with a knowing gaze. I play it off.“Maybe a glance here and there,” I respond demurely.“You’re gonna be trouble for me, aren’t you?” she replies playfully.“Only if you plan on punishing me,” I quip back.”Oh you are trouble. I’m gonna go hang out by the pool. Try not to misbehave, mister!” she says as she turns away and walks outside, ass wiggling with every step.I go upstairs and hop on my computer. I couple hours pass by before I hear a knock on my door and Cynthia opens it.“Alright sweetie, I’m going to bed. So I’ll see you in the morning.”“Alright, good night,” I reply. Shortly after I head off to bed.The next morning I get up and head to the washroom. Going downstairs to get my breakfast, I see a note on the counter from Cynthia saying she had gone out and will be back soon. I finish my breakfast and head back upstairs to take a shower. I go to the washroom and turn on the shower, but no water comes out.’Fuck, is it broken again?’ I ask myself, ‘Guess I’m gonna have to use the one in the master bedroom.’I strip down and hop in the shower. Finishing up, I dry myself off. I figure I can just leave the towels there since no one’s home. I walk through the bedroom naked and turn the corner bumping right into Cynthia; her breasts pressing into my chest and her hand grazing my cock. Both of us take a step back startled.

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