Sexual Awakenings with a Mature Couple


Sexual Awakenings with a Mature CoupleI’ve been wanting to write this story for a while now, as thinking about what happened the first time I met John & Linda really turns me on and I hope it turns you guys on too!I’m a 40yr old man, living in the UK and separated from my wife. This story took place around 12mths ago, just as me and my wife were splitting, although it had nothing to do with that. I love sex, always have, and what has happened during the last year has really awakened some hidden feeling that I’d never acted upon before or even knew were there. I watch a lot of different genres of pornography on this website, including bisexual porn, but never thought I’d be in a position to have sex with another man. That changed the 1st time I met John…..I was at my golf club and hand just finished playing 18 holes with my mate. We’d had a couple of beers afterwards and he left to go home to his other half. I wasn’t in a rush to get home so decided to have a shower at the club. It was around midday and the club was fairly empty, so there was nobody else in the changing rooms. I stripped at my locker and walked across to the shower, picking up a towel along the way. I soaped myself clean and just stood there relaxing under the warm water for a few minutes. I was feeling very relaxed, and as there was nobody else around, I decided to play with my cock for a bit. I was tucked away in the corner of the communal shower and was confident that I’d hear the door go if anyone came in. My eyes were closed and I was stroking my cock slowly, enjoying myself, when I felt as though someone was watching me. I quickly opened my eyes shocked to see an older guy, fully naked, standing there staring at me. I quickly stopped what I was doing and turned away from him. “No need to stop” he said, “You looked like you were enjoying yourself. There’s nobody else around, why don’t you carry on and I’ll give you a hand?”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so turned round to see if he was serious. He’d moved closer towards me, which is when I noticed what a large & thick cock he had. It was slightly erect and I’d guess around 9 inches long and quite thick, and was a lot bigger than my average looking cock. He had greyish hair and a fairly athletic and tanned body, with some greyish hairs on his chest. He looked to be late 60’s but in good shape. “Why don’t you finish what you were doing and I’ll help you cum……don’t be shy!” I was getting excited looking at his cock so I started to stroke my own cock again. “Good boy” he said as he came closer to me and stretched out his hand to caress my balls. This felt fantastic, and he continued to gently rub them as I stroked faster & faster. “Are you going to cum for me?” he whispered. “Yes, I’m cumming now…..” and I shot out an enormous load all over his arm and stomach, whilst he continued to rub and squeeze my balls. Then, he just washed off my spunk and grabbed his towel and left the shower. I cleaned myself up and left through another entrance to get back to my locker. I was getting dressed when he came round the corner holding a piece of paper. “Listen, that was hot & you’ve made me horny as hell. Here’s my address and phone number. My name’s John and I’d love it if you’d come round a little later so we can have some fun!”, and with that he handed me the note and left. I looked down at the address and noticed it was less than a mile from my own house….how had I not seen him in and around the village before!??I left the club and headed home, wondering whether or not I should contact John, although I think deep down I knew that I would be calling him as my curiosity would be too much. I left it 2 or 3 hours and then dropped him a text message – Hi John, this is Joe from the golf club. What time rus escort kızlar do you want me to come round? About a minute or 2 later he replied – Great, how about 6pm? I text back that I’d see him then and went off to get myself ready as it was already just gone 5pm. The address he’d given me was a country lane with big houses, usually behind big gates, and a road I’d been down many times before. I found it fairly easily and as with many of the other properties on the lane it was behind big gates, but the gates were open so I drove straight in and up to the front door. It was a warm day so I was in some summer shorts, t-shirt and loafers. I’d shaved my cock and balls in the shower earlier, and was really excited about what would shortly be happening to me. I rang the bell and was surprised that a woman answered it. “You must be Joe? I’m Linda, John’s wife, come on in.” Linda looked fantastic!! Again, I guessed she was a similar age to John in her mid to late 60’s, and she was wearing a white summer frilly skirt with red strappy high heels and a low cut red top. She looked to have a large pair of natural breasts and brunette wavy hair. “I’m sorry I can’t stay Joe, but I’m out with the girls tonight. Hopefully you’ll still be here when I get back.” Then she put her arms on my shoulders and kissed me, darting her tongue in and out my mouth. Fuck, she was making me horny and we kissed for a couple of minutes before she broke off. “I have to go. John is through there, I’ll see you later!” She winked at me and then left through the front door. She’s pointed that John was through a closed door, so I went across and opened it. John was in the middle of the room, lying naked on his large corner sofa gently stroking his cock whilst watching what looked like a bisexual porn film he had playing on his large wall mounted TV. He looked across at me and smiled, it was such a turn on watching him lie there wanking his massive cock. I quickly stripped my clothes off and walked across to the sofa, and stood right next him. I reached out and put my hand on his balls. “John, I’ve never touched another mans cock until now. I’ve never sucked another mans cock and I’ve never had another man suck mine. I’ve never fucked another man, and I’ve never had another man fuck me and I’ve never tasted another mans spunk. All of this is going to happen to me for the 1st time tonight!.” And with that, I dropped to my knees and took his massive cock in in my hand and gently stroked it. He d****d on leg on top of the sofa and the other across my shoulder as I leant in and started to kiss and lick his balls. His balls were really tight and I could see he was really turned on. I continued to stroke his cock, slowly, and lick his balls and then his ass. He was shaven round his balls and ass and he tasted nice and clean. I began to play with his ass slightly, which he seemed to really enjoy. His cock head was getting wet, so it was time for me to get my first taste of another mans cock. I slowly ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, peeling back the foreskin as I went, until I reached the head. I opened wide and took it straight in, tasting the salty pre cum in all its glory. I know what I like in a good blow job, so I tried to do exactly that to John, and he seemed to enjoy what was happening to him. I started to wank his cock in to my mouth as I moved my head up and down, caressing his balls and ass with my other hand. I went a little faster, as I really wanted to taste his load now, and it wasn’t long before John stated he was about to cum. I kept my mouth firmly enclosed around his cock when he shot wave after wave of hot spunk down my throat. It was a struggle to keep it all in and I had to keep swallowing to allow rus escortlar the next load to fill my mouth, but swallow it I did with not a drop missed. I continued to lick and kiss his cock until it was clear that no more spunk was left. “Fuck John, that was good!” I remarked, still holding on to his rock hard cock. “You’ll be ready to go again soon!” I said, “This baby doesn’t look like it’s going down at all!” and I was serious. His cock was as hard now as when I first walked in and watched him wanking it. “This would be going anywhere for a while, I took a pill earlier. They’re over on the table next to the lube, help yourself!” So I reached over to the table and grabbed a pill and popped it in my mouth. I then grabbed the lube and squirted a bit in to my hand, before rubbing it round John’s already wet asshole. John knew what was coming and moved over so he was on his knees with his ass in the air. I rubbed a bit of lube on my hard cock and slowly eased it in to his ass. It was tight, but I could tell that mine was not the 1st cock he’d had before as it went in fairly easily. I started to pump my cock in his ass, whilst watching something similar happen on the big screen in front of me. It was such a turn on watching 2 guys fuck on screen as me and John fucked on his sofa. I was close to cumming, but I wanted to see his face as we fucked so I asked him to turn round and lie on his back. I opened his legs and re-inserted my cock in to his ass, whilst he placed his legs around my waste. As we fucked I leant down and started to kiss him, our tongues quickly filling each others mouths. I love snogging women, and snogging John was no different – it was such a turn on. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself starting to cum, so I thrust one last time as far as I could and shot my load in his ass. I pulled it out and moved up to his mouth so he could lick the cum from the end of it, which he duly did. I was knackered at this point, but John’s cock was still rock hard and he wanted more. He suggested me move up to the bedroom so I grabbed the lube and followed him upstairs. We reached the bedroom, where we stopped and kissed again rubbing each others cocks as we did. “Joe, I want to fuck you. I know this your 1st time, so I’ll go slowly, but I think you’ll enjoy it” John whispered in my ear. I’d had previous partners who on occasion had put fingers in my ass, with one previous lover putting a small vibrator in there as we fucked, but I was still nervous as his cock was so big. I bent over and spread myself wide. John came in behind me and kissed my balls and stroked my cock, before moving up and tonguing my ass getting it nice and wet. He took the lube and rubbed it round my ass before inserting a finger. His other hand caressed my balls and cock whilst he finger fucked my ass with one then two fingers. It felt good, and I felt I was ready for his cock. “Stick your big cock in me John, and don’t take it out until you’ve shot your load deep in to me!” I demanded. He positioned himself behind me and I felt the end of his cock nudge at my asshole. He pushed the 1st couple of inches in, and I grabbed at the pillow, to soften the pain. Slowly he inched more of his cock in, making sure I could take it all before he begin to fuck me properly. He pushed all of his length in to me and left it there for a couple of minutes until I was used to the sensation. The pain had subsided slightly and I was ready for him to fuck me. “I’m so horny Joe, this won’t take long at all. I’ll be as gentle as I can, but I need to cum again so badly!” “Fuck me as hard as you want to John, I want to feel your load in my ass. Your cock is so big, but I want to take it all.” John started to pump his cock in to me, slowly at first escort rus kızlar but then faster as my asshole stretched to take his girth. I reached between my legs to rub his balls as he fucked me, which I knew would turn him on and bring him close to exploding in my ass. “Fuck me John, fuck me hard……I want your load now!!” he gripped my hips hard and continued to fuck my tight hole, my hand still on his balls. “I’m cumming baby!” he screamed before I felt his jizz deep in my ass. We collapsed on to the bed and he took his cock out slowly. I turned round and cleaned him up with my mouth, before reaching up to kiss him again. We were both still hard physically we were done for the moment and both promptly fell asleep.It was after 1am when I heard Linda’s stilettos creep across the hall landing and in to the bedroom. She saw us both lying their naked and smiled. John was still asleep so she motioned me to follow her in to the spare room, which I promptly did. She quickly had her tongue in my mouth, whilst I grabbed her ample tits and firm ass. She broke free and lifted her top off and undid her bra, revealing big and slightly saggy breasts. Considering her age she was in great shape! I reached round and undid the zip on her skirt and let it drop to the floor, revealing that she had no knickers on and a lovely looking shaved pussy. I told her to leave her shoes on as I pushed her back on to the bed and spread her legs wide, before inserting my tongue in to her already wet pussy. She was loving it and was pushing my head in to her cunt with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. I moved my head down and started to tongue her asshole. “I’m going to cum baby, keep licking my ass”. She continued to rub her clit and it wasn’t long before she came in my mouth. I moved up her body, kissing her belly button piercing and sucking on her tits before reaching her lipsticked mouth where we enjoyed a snog for a couple of minutes, all the while her hand stroking my rock hard cock. She pushed me on to my back and moved down to my cock where she began to kiss and lick it, sucking my balls and ass too. She knew how to suck cock, and I had to stop my self from cumming as I really wanted to fuck her. She started wanking me in to her mouth, and I could feel myself about to cum so I quickly pulled it out of her willing mouth. “Linda, I need to fuck you and I want to come inside you!” I whispered as I pushed her on to her back and spread her legs, before climbing on top and shoving my cock in to her wet pussy. I began to fuck her, whilst darting my tongue in and out of her mouth. I didn’t hear John come in to the room, I just felt his warn hand on my balls as I fucked his wife. With John rubbing my balls it wasn’t long before I was cumming deep in to Linda’s pussy. I took my cock out and John got on to his knees to clean my up before licking my cum from his wifes pussy. John lay on his back, and Linda got in to the 69 position on top of him and starting to stroke his cock. I moved in between his legs and started to lick his balls and ass hole, whilst Linda continued to wank him in to her mouth. He was clearly working hard on Lindas pussy because it wasn’t long before she was having another orgasm, this time in her husbands mouth. We both continued to lick and suck Johns big hard cock and it wasn’t long until he was shooting his load in to Lindas hungry mouth. I climbed up and lay between them and we all fell in to a deep sleep.I woke a few hours later to find John kissing and playing with my cock, which quickly got hard again. We all fucked each other again with John cumming inside Linda whilst I licked his balls, and me cumming inside Johns ass again. I left soon after to go home and get changed.That was a year ago and we’ve fucked so many times since. Sometimes just me and John, sometimes just me and Linda and other times all 3 of us together. There have been occasions where some of their male & female freinds have joined us, usually in the jacuzzi, and I may well put these down on ‘paper’ if you’ve enjoyed reading this….

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