Sexy Sister Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read it already, Sexy Sister is the prequel to this story.

2 – Twenty Years Later

It felt as though I had just turned off the lamp when light seemed to fill the room again and I opened my eyes to see Kathy standing there, one hand under the lampshade. It took just a moment to recall that I was in Rob’s guest room and we had just gone to bed after staying up late to catch up. I was in town for company-sanctioned training and, since Rob lived near the training site, I was crashing with him rather than staying at a hotel. Training started the next morning but I’d flown in early enough that night to spend some time with Rob because it had been a couple of years since we’d been able to get together. While all of that came back to me, I still couldn’t quite figure out why Rob’s sister was standing there at such a late hour.

Kathy and I had been involved, unbeknownst to Rob and his family, for a while when we were both around twentyish. She was a few years older than me and we never reached the point where we felt comfortable revealing our relationship to her family. Eventually, we started to drift apart, dated other people, stopped seeing each other and both ended up married. When I moved to another state, that pretty much killed the potential of anything else between us. As I tried to figure out why she was in Rob’s guest room at that time of the morning, I realized that even after nearly 20 years, I still had feelings for her.

“Hi,” I finally said and she smiled, warming my heart.

“Hi,” she replied but seemed unsure of what else to say.

“Sit down,” I said, patting the bed beside me, “What’s going on?”

As she sat down, she started telling me in a soft whisper how, ever since Rob had mentioned that I was going to be visiting, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me. She didn’t know how to reach me, or if she should even try, and finally just decided to sneak in after she was sure we’d gone to bed, even if just to look at me in person again. I took her hand in mine as she revealed that she’d been sitting in her car down the street for a couple of hours, watching the house, and that she’d come by when Rob was out of town Ordu Escort the previous weekend to see how hard it would be to slip quietly into the house. I couldn’t believe she’d gone to so much effort to see me again and told her that it meant a lot to me as I gave her hand a squeeze.

“I wasn’t even sure you’d want to see me,” she said, “It has been a long time.”

I reached up to caress her cheek, then pulled her face toward mine and we kissed, which very quickly became making out. It felt so nice to be making out with her again that I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that we were both married, but it wasn’t like we hadn’t done our share of sneaking around before. I scooted over some so that she could lay on the bed with me, though she was on top of the covers and I was under them. My hand slid down to squeeze her ass, which still felt pretty nice despite all of the years.

“Is it safe to assume that time is of the essence?” I asked, breaking off our kiss and looking into her eyes.

“Yeah,” she replied, “the longer I stay, the more explaining I may end up having to do.”

“Well, why don’t you get undressed for me?” I asked, anxious to see her naked.

“Okay,” she said, getting up, “but don’t expect everything to look the same as it did twenty years ago.”

“I won’t if you won’t,” I replied.

She stood beside the bed and started by raising her shirt over her head, revealing that her tits weren’t any less large than I remembered them. Her bra was sexy and, as she slid her jeans down, I realized that it matched an equally sexy pair of bikini panties; I was pleased that she’d remembered my fondness for them. She smiled, seeing how attentive I was, and reached back to unfasten her bra, letting it slide down her arms to reveal her luscious tits. Sure, they probably weren’t sitting as high and firm as they once had, but they still looked damn nice and I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth on them. They swayed enticingly as she leaned forward to slide her panties down but my attention went to her trim, brown bush as she straightened up again. She hadn’t lost it one bit in the past twenty years; she still made me hard as a rock, so I flipped back the covers and pushed down my lounge pants to show her.

Her eyes went wide as my rigid tool sprung out and I ogled her naked body as she approached the bed again to help me out of my lounge pants. Once they were cast aside, she knelt between my legs and, while my eyes were still on her luscious tits, she grasped my stiff cock then lowered her head and took it in her mouth. I moaned softly as she started sliding her lips up and down my shaft, pumping the base while her hot mouth engulfed me. Since she knew that there wouldn’t be enough time to wait for me to recover if I was to cum in her mouth before she had a chance to fuck Ordu Escort Bayan me, she only sucked me off long enough to make sure I was fully rigid and to remind me of how good she was at it. After a few too-short minutes, she straightened up again and moved up to straddle my hips, grasping my cock again and guiding it to her pussy. We both moaned softly as she lowered herself onto my cock, her slippery, hot pussy engulfing it. She just sat on it for a moment, feeling it filling her, before starting to slowly ride it while sitting straight up.

I reached up to fondle her big titties while visually absorbing the large areolas and hard nipples that I hadn’t seen in so long. I also glanced down to see her trim, brown bush and wondered whether I’d have an opportunity to bury my face in it. I was thrilled by the opportunity to fuck her again, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get to eat her pussy, but it would be a shame not to with it right there. I wasn’t going to worry about it though, not when I had Kathy’s tits in my hands and her hot pussy sliding up and down my cock. I smiled up at her, noting the faraway look in her eyes and wondering how long she had been thinking about whether this would be the result of a potential reunion. I hadn’t consider the possibility of fucking her again until she had shown up in the room and at that had become instantly hard so I had to imagine that, with several weeks to consider it, she must be unbelievably fired up. Based on how hot and wet her pussy felt and how quickly she was picking up her pace, it seemed to be a safe assumption.

My hands never left her tits the entire time she rode me, since I had no idea when or if I’d get another opportunity to feel her up. It didn’t take a great deal of time, though, before she was clearly on the verge of cumming based on the noises she was trying hard to suppress and how her pussy was becoming even more wet and engorged. Sure enough, she closed her eyes as her whole body trembled, opening them only as the tension all seemed to leave her. She smiled down at me again and, noting my hands still on her tits, asked if I’d like to fuck them. I nodded.

She dismounted me and lay down as I was getting up. I straddled her ribs and lay my cock between her big boobs then she squeezed them together around it. They still felt awesome as I slid my cock between them, savoring the feel of the soft, smooth flesh. Kathy was watching my cockhead disappearing and reappearing while I was still checking out her areolas and nipples, which I had not yet licked or sucked. I’d felt the first stirrings of an orgasm while she’d been riding me and it slowly continued to build as I fucked her tits. I was certainly enjoying the pleasure I was feeling while fucking her tits once again, but I didn’t really want to blow my load onto Escort Ordu her sternum. Initially, I thought I’d just move forward and slip my cock back into her mouth, but upon further consideration, decided that, if she was going to suck my cock, I was going to eat her pussy.

I didn’t fuck her tits right up until I was on the verge of cumming, wanting to enjoy her oral skills at least a little bit, but I did relish fucking them for an ample amount of time, as far as I was concerned. Kathy didn’t seem the least bit put off when I repositioned myself so that my cock was over her face and my face was over her pussy. I was still admiring her trim bush when I felt her engulf my tool in her hot mouth again and had to let out a low moan. While she started sliding her mouth up and down my tool, I slipped a couple of fingers into her slippery pussy and started to lick her clit. Her mouth felt awesome, and I could feel my orgasm continuing to slowly build, but I was enjoying having my face buried in her pussy again just as much as having her blow me. I wanted her to cum again to make this occasion even more memorable, but I suspected it wouldn’t occur until after I’d cum, myself.

Her talented mouth, and apparently a good memory of what worked best to get me off quickly, had me on the verge of cumming before long. I stopped licking her clit to savor the last minute or so before I came, but continued sliding my fingers in and out of her. The building pleasure was awesome and I absolutely didn’t want it to end but, ultimately, I ended up blasting a load into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed. Once I was spent and she’d let her head fall back, I went back to licking and sucking her clit while she was able to relax and focus on her own pleasure. I’d eaten her pussy enough times back in the day that I knew how to get her there quickly or draw out her pleasure, depending on the situation, and figured that this situation called for a quick, intense orgasm. Recalling that, once she had cum, her subsequent orgasms tended to follow pretty quickly, I focused my licking and sucking while pumping my fingers and brought her quickly back to the brink.

I could feel her tensing up right before she let out a gasp, that was probably louder than she’d expected, and her body started to shake. I kept up what I was doing as she came, then raised my head and slipped my fingers free once I was certain that she was done. I moved around to lie beside her while she recovered, then we spent a few more minutes kissing before she decided that she really had to get going. In light of her successful infiltration of Rob’s home, we made plans to have her come by again on each of the next two nights before I left. We traded cell numbers so that I could text her when we were going to bed and she could plan to arrive once Rob had enough time to fall asleep. I watched as she pulled her clothes back on, not wanting her covered up again but feeling good about the potential for two more nights like this. We made out again before she slipped quietly out the door and I fell asleep soon after, with a smile on my face.

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