Sexy Wake-up Call


Author’s note: All sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two legally consenting adults 18 years of age and older.

Sexy Wake-up Call

Auntie Gives Nephew a Pleasant Awakening

Eric Johnson was a healthy 23 year old red-blooded American male, a recent college graduate with a double bachelor’s degree, one in Computer Science and the other in Computer Information Systems, with a minor in Graphics Design.

While in college, he worked for a Large Information Technology firm during the summers of his first three years and during his senior year, he worked half days in the afternoons after classes. Eric started as a junior programmer and by his senior year had worked his way up to become Deputy Network Systems Administrator.

As with many Millennials, Eric was highly interested in modern technology and had the latest and greatest gadgets which included an I-Pad, I-Phone and I-Mac computer as well as a Mac Book Pro.

Eric was very tech savvy as well as being highly intelligent, excelling in Mathematics and computers, but he also loved to draw and the Graphics Design courses allowed him to indulge himself in his hobby of creating fantasy art, both videos and drawings.

After Eric graduated high school, he went away to college on a full academic Scholarship. He stayed in the dorms his first two years. After he met his girlfriend Marcia, they got their own apartment and they moved in together where they stayed until they both graduated.

After graduation, Marcia and Eric went their own separate ways. She moved back to her hometown and Eric went his own way. He had taken a job with the firm he had been working with but it was at a different location.

Since he had been doing well during his internships, and they were very impressed at his performance, skills abilities, they offered him a permanent career as Director of Systems Operations, which was a huge promotion and giant leap in pay resulting in a 7,500 dollar a month Salary after taxes.

The primary requirement of the new position was that Eric had to travel to Louisville Kentucky to receive of the promotion. Eric was thrilled to hear the news and the thought of being in a new city with a new job was exciting.

The first thing that did pop into his mind though, was that he didn’t know hardly anybody in the place he was going, but then it hit him. His Aunt Jenna worked and lived in Louisville and he thought he could crash at her place for at least a while until he settled in and found his own place.

He really didn’t want to move into another small, crappy, one bedroom apartment right away, so he called his Aunt Jenna up and asked her if he could stay with her to at least until he found a suitable place of his own.

Jenna said yes and was more than happy to have him live with her told him not to worry about trying to have to find a place to live, but to stay as long as he wanted.

She lived alone and had plenty of room for him. In fact, in a playful and teasing way, she told him that he WAS going to move in with her and that she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Eric knew she was teasing of course, but he also knew Jenna well enough that once she had made her mind up on something, there was no use of trying to talk her out of it.

Eric enjoyed living with his Aunt Jenna. First of all, it gave him a chance to catch up on old times. It had been almost 10 years since he had visited with Jenna. The last time he had seen her was when he was only 14.

Secondly, Jenna knew Eric was an adult now and treated him as such. She gave him his freedom to come and go as he pleased, full reign of her nice and very spacious 4,500 square foot two story home and he had his privacy.

Jenna’s house was a gift from her uncle left to her when he retired, and since he was never married and had no heirs, he wanted her to have it. The house had two very spacious master suites with a private bath and living area in addition to the bedroom.

One was located upstairs where she stayed and the other was on the first floor in the back of the house just down the hall from the kitchen and living area. This is where she let Eric live. Eric also had his own private entrance so he could come and go as he pleased.

The house also had a 650 square foot bonus room over the garage which was adjacent to her room. She used this as a private play area where she could practice her dance moves seeing that she loved to perform and had been on the dance team in high school and college.

Lastly, Jenna was fairly opened minded. She knew Eric being the handsome devil that he was must have had girls chasing after him and had his share of sexual exploits. She wanted him to feel free to invite them over and she had no qualms with them sleeping together and having sex.

Jenna remembered and understood what it was like to be young and have sexual drives, so she afforded Eric his privacy to do as he pleased. She wasn’t going to begrudge him his fun. Besides, Jenna had her own reasons for enjoying Kıbrıs Escort Eric living with her.

She had seen how much Eric had grown over the last ten years. He was no longer the goofy looking teenage boy she had known from ten years ago. Eric was now a handsome, strapping young buck.

Standing 6’2″, weighing 190 pounds, with a slender, muscular, athletic build and chiseled features, along with 6-pack washboard abs, Eric was quite the catch. He wasn’t the pretty boy type, but more of the ruggedly handsome look, along the lines of a young Clint Eastwood or Patrick Swazey.

He also had sandy brownish blonde hair he kept cut moderately short, blueish-green eyes, and his “package” was what any girl would love to get their hands on and most guys would kill to have. It was a long, thick, fat, throbbing 9-inch cock which rivaled some of the most famous male porn star legends.

Jenna snuck peaks at Eric when he was naked in the shower or from the mirror when he was dressing and found herself becoming sexually aroused and drawn to Eric. She knew it was wrong but a part of her didn’t care. The more Eric was around her, the more she wanted him.

She found herself beginning to fantasize about having hot passionate sex with him. At first, she tried putting those thoughts out of her mind and focusing on other things. It worked for about a month or so, but soon the desires became too hard to ignore.

It’s not like Jenna had any trouble getting men. Hell, at 38 she was still one hell of a smoking hot MILF. Physically speaking Jenna stood about 5’7″ tall, weighed about 130 pounds and measured 34D 24-34.

Jenna had dark chestnut brownish-red hair that came down just above her shoulder blades, brownish-green eyes, and the looks and a body of a woman in her mid 20’s and an insatiable appetite for sex.

As far as her professional life, she was highly successful. She had worked in Pharmaceutical sales since graduating college with an MBA and had become very successful in the field, and through hard work, she climbed her way up the corporate ladder. At the age of 35, she reached a personal and professional mile stone, becoming Regional Vice President for the company she worked for, the youngest person ever to achieve that position.

Not only was her reaching this milestone satisfying for her, but she took extreme personal pride and joy in knowing that she had done it on her own merit, and not by sleeping her way to the top like had been common practice in the past. It was hers and she earned and owned it.

At this level, she made very good money, pulling in about $170K after taxes. She wasn’t super rich, but she was able to live a very comfortable life and afford most of life’s pleasures.

Jenna also had another “secret” career in that she was owner of a very successful strip club. On the weekends she performed there making about 1,000 dollars a night from tips and very intimate, very interactive private dances for both men and women and this allowed her to show off her sexy body that she was very proud of as well as satisfy her lascivious carnal pleasures.

As a result, she got laid on a regular basis and loved the feeling of having a guy’s hard cock and hot jism inside of her, as well as sharing the sensual pleasures of hot torrid lesbian love.

As you can probably figure out Jenna never used a condom when fucking a guy but she never worried about getting pregnant. At first she relied on her job in the Pharmaceutical sales company to provide her with the birth control she needed. She was able to get the Depro shot anytime she wanted as well as the so-called “Morning After Pill.”

However, after Jenna had a few pregnancy scares, she decided to have her tubes tied and uterus removed when she turned 30 to add an extra level of protection and feeling of security from having an unwanted pregnancy.

When the main part of this story takes place it had been a little over four months since Eric had moved in with Jenna. At the same time, Jenna was burning with lust for Eric and she had been since he moved in.

When the main part of this story takes place, it had been nearly weeks since she had given up on trying to fight the raging inferno of carnal urges that had been burning inside her. Initially she tried to channel it other ways but to no avail. She knew she couldn’t fight it so she decided to embrace it.

She knew Eric loved her and she noticed that he was attracted to her at a certain level, but since he had been raised in a strict Catholic upbringing, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy to win him.

Catholics, as well as society at large, frowned heavily on incest seeing it as taboo. However, she realized after Eric had moved in with her that he wasn’t practicing, but instead, his Catholicism was more secular than religious.

This fact became known to Jenna after the fourth day Eric had been living with her. He had slept to noon on Sunday and Jenna made the comment that she thought Eric would have Lefkoşa Escort gotten up early to go to Mass.

Eric commented that he hadn’t been going to church since after his freshman year of college and that even though he still believed in God, he just kinda fell out of the habit and figured since it had been so long since he had been to Mass, what was the use. He also joked that he worshiped at “The Cathedral of St. Mattress.”

This fact gave her hope that maybe she could slowly seduce him to her and ensnare him in her carnal web of pleasures. As a result, Jenna spun her web of slow, methodic, sensual, seduction, gently luring him in to her carnal web of pleasures.

Jenna instantly dropped any and all appearances of modesty when she was alone with Eric and allowed him to see her naked. The most she did wear around the house, was a waist length lace robe which she left open with thigh high stockings and matching garters.

Eric found himself getting aroused and had a tough time not looking at her in a way that would not be considered gawking or abnormal for a normal family relationship. Deep inside, he was wanting to make love to Jenna so badly he could taste it but he was still nervous about acting on it.

Jenna knew she was getting to him and inwardly smiled triumphantly and she knew it wasn’t going to be long until she had him completely in her clutches.

Finally the day came when Jenna put her plan in action. It was on a Saturday morning and the night before, Eric had gone to co-worker’s bachelor party where there were strippers. He had come home extremely drunk and Jenna had to help him into bed.

Jenna helped Eric out of his clothes and helped him get into bed and then she got a devilish grin on her face. This would be the perfect time to put her plan in action but she wanted him to remember it, so she decided to wait until morning. She was going to give him a wake up call he would not soon forget.

Come morning around 8 o’ Clock, Jenna awoke and sat out to put her plan in action. Jenna rose out of bed and showered so she would be fresh. Afterwards, she put on some sexy white lingerie with garters and thigh high stockings and sexy white lingerie gloves that slipped over her arms up to her elbows.

She also put on the waist length lingerie robe she had been wearing earlier. She lastly sprayed on a goodly amount of her favorite sexy perfume called “Temptation’s Desire.”

Jenna then descended the stairs and walked down to Eric’s room to give him his wake-up call. She slowly and quietly opened the door which she had left slightly ajar the night before. Peering her head in, Jenna saw that Eric was still fast asleep. Jenna sat out to put her plan in motion.

Jenna went over to Eric’s bed and saw that he was naked and only covered across his mid section. His “package” was fully visible and nearly erect and she marveled at the size and thickness of it.

Jenna crept onto the bed and moved her way up to where the covers were covering Eric. She slowly picked them up and pulled them aside revealing his naked body in all its glory.

Jenna had longed to be this close to Eric and now she was. She pondered how and where to begin. She decided she was going to give him a blow job.

Jenna’s hands trembled as she tried to place them on Eric’s cock. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She quickly calmed herself and then softly massaged Eric’s cock. She then took her mouth and ran her tongue around the head of Eric’s cock and up and down the shaft.

Eric softly stirred but did not wake up. Jenna then lowered her mouth on to Eric’s long cock taking it all in. She nearly gagged as she took it all in but managed to get it all.

Jenna sucked on Eric’s cock with all the skills of a veteran porn actress. She spit on it as she stroked it and massaged his balls. How Eric kept from waking up was beyond Jenna. Most guys would have woken up by now

“Damn, he must have really been bombed last night,” Jenna giggled. “I think he could sleep through a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.”

Jenna kept working her magic until she saw Eric’s pre-cum begin to ooze out from the head of his cock. She then placed her mouth over the head of Eric’s cock and sucked the cum out of his cock as she drank it all down.

After giving Eric the blow job, Jenna decided it was time to wake him up. Jenna laid her lingerie clad body on top of his naked body and softly kissed him on the lips. Jenna then ran her fingers though the bangs of Eric’s hair and with a smile said “Wakey, wakey, sleeping beauty, it’s time to get up and have some fun.”

Eric stirred and opened his eyes and saw Jenna’s smile. At first he wasn’t sure he was seeing correctly but he focused and then said “Auntie, Jenna, what are you doing here.”

“Doing something I have been wanting to do since you moved it,” Jenna answered with a lusty purr.

“But you’re my aunt,” Eric replied with a gulp. “That ain’t natural,” he added.

“It’s Magosa Escort perfectly natural,” Jenna replied, “as natural as natural can be. After all, you’re a man and I’m a woman and we both have needs and desires, so don’t think of me as your auntie, think of me as a sexy seductive sensual woman who desires you very much.

Jenna then slipped off the bed stood up and removed her lace robe and bra, allowing her breasts to fall free She raised her breast to her mouth and placed her nipple to her lips and ran her tongue over her nipple.

“You like what you see hon,” Jenna said as she jiggled her tits

Eric just gulped and timidly nodded his head then Jenna removed the rest of her lingerie so she was totally naked.

“Now don’t tell me that you don’t really want any of this,” Jenna lustfully purred as she slowly and seductively ran her hands over her sumptuous body and placed her finger inside her pussy then into her mouth as she savored the sweet love juices that were already slowly trickling from her pussy.

“Now are you going to really pass up the chance to have all this,” Jenna purred as she got back on the bed crawled over to where Eric was laying and laid her warm naked body on top of his so it tightly against his. Jenna’s pussy was pressed up against Eric’s pulsating cock and her legs were intertwined with his as she rubbed her body against his.

Eric wanted so much to be like the stereotypical aggressive cave man and forcefully take Jenna and ravish her right there, but he was so nervous and still warring with himself. If he would only relax he thought, he could do it.

“Do you feel my sweet pussy against your hard pulsating cock,” Jenna said with a lusty purr, further coaxing Eric ever so gently. “Feel how moist and wet it is, how soft and inviting it is, and how my sweet sugar walls will feel as they grip the sides of your hard tool and caress it like 1000’s of tiny velvety fingers, milking it for all it’s worth until you spew your hot cum inside me. You know you want to slide it inside me don’t you? You can at anytime, all you hafta do is say the word.”

“So are you ready to have fun with a sexy older woman,” Jenna asked.

Eric just nodded.

“I tell you what my sweet, just relax, let Auntie Jenna lead and nature will do the rest.”

“Okay Eric replied,”

Jenna planted another long, wet, deep tongue probing kiss on Eric and embraced him as she turned him so that they were now on their side. Eric was reluctant at first to relax, but then he thought of something.

An image of a scene from the original Star Wars movie popped into his mind. It was when Luke Skywalker was trying to blow up the Death Star and missed his first shot. Then he heard Obi Wan say in his thoughts “Use the Force Luke,” and he relaxed and let go.

Call it corny if you will, but when that image played in Eric’s mind, it was enough to cause him to relax and let go. You could say in a way he used his own version of The Force, because after that, Eric needed no more coaxing, he allowed himself to surrender to his carnal desires.

Eric began deepening the kisses and moving his body in concert with Jenna’s.

“That’s right hon,” Jenna purred. “Don’t fight it, give yourself completely over to your lusts and allow them to guide you into untold and unspeakable pleasures beyond your wildest fantasies.”

Eric did just that and let his lascivious and licentious pleasures take over and he then took charge of Jenna. He rolled her over so that she was on her back with her arms pinned on the bed by her head with his hands holding her wrists down. He then and gazed deep into her eyes and Jenna smiled up at him and he at her.

Eric released Jenna’s wrists and lovingly embraced her as he lay his body on top of hers. They passionately kissed as their bodies rubbed together.

Eric then began kissing his way down Jenna’s soft warm body. He nibbled the flesh around her neck on the sides and her throat and slowly down her upper chest until he reached her breasts. Eric then began sucking on Jenna’s breasts like a nursing infant.

“Mmmmmmmm yes,” Jenna crooned with delight. “Let mommy nurse her baby boy.”

Jenna held Eric’s head to her tits as Eric ran his tongue around Jenna’s nipples and sucked on her and kissed her breasts.

After about five to ten minutes of sucking on Jenna’s breasts, Eric moved his way down Jenna’s body with kisses, down her belly kissing every inch of her soft flesh around her navel flicking his tongue inside it and causing her to be tickled then downward until he reached his prize, her Heavenly realm.

Jenna’s sweet oh so perfectly pink pussy was nicely shaven and smooth as the finest silk. Her legs instinctively parted allowing Eric full access to her gates of paradise and the treasures that awaited him inside.

Eric put his head between Jenna’s legs and inhaled the musky odor of her sweet womanly scent. It was more intoxicating than the strongest liquor and more addictive than the most powerful opiate.

“Paradise awaits my love,” Jenna said with a sultry purr.

With that, Eric went down on Jenna and begin to bring her off to countless orgasms. Eric ran his tongue over Jenna’s slit tasting the sweet nectar that had be oozing from her pussy. It tasted sweeter than the sweetest honey.

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