Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 01

Anal Fucking

It was nearly 6 years since the lovely vivacious slut Shanti had fucked Ratan and they had not even met after that sordid afternoon where in the Sultry weather of Chennai – it was his girlfriend Reshma who had offered Shanti her beau who had expressed strong desire to mate the Tamil pusssy much for the liking of her simplicity in that Green saree she wore to work than anything else – BTW – Shanti was at that time a teacher in a Govt College instructing student on work life balance and her bisexual instincts brought her in touch with Reshma and the latter for scores enticed and seduced the older woman and they ended munching each other to a fitting finale over 3 nights and 4 days at Reshma’s father’s farm house – in distant Pondicherry – where the old man had his well laid out acres of land – he was not there during some periods and the daughter who had inherited his perverse lust for sex took the blackmailed teacher to the place and enjoyed her in and out – and in her exploits with Ratan who was the steady boy friend at that time – she blurted the true nature of the otherwise soft innocent looking teacher and that brought a huge bulge to the testicles and Ratan but wanted a taste of the buds between the moist thighs of Shanti –who was an extremely beautiful and sexy but married to a cuckold man. At 28 years of age Shanti was one of the most desirable women in the terrain and along with her younger sister Chitra – they made a duo combo which could topple any sex act with ease.

A long time now – because after that episode Reshma became extremely jealous and possessive of Ratan and ensured there was no more between either of them with Shanti – which did not go well with the sultry Tamil lass and well time moved on.

Now in 2006 – after a 6 year hiatus or no contact – Shanti was in the Bank where she had taken up work of late when there was a rather soft tap on the dashboard in front of her desk – and lo behold it was Ratan – looking slightly older than his 25 years – he was 19 when he has reamed Shanti the last time and torn the green saree to shreds and taken all pieces with him as souvenir including the panty and maroon bra – that was the trigger for what ensued later from Reshma.

Well here he was standing in front of her equally stunned and surprised at the spectacle of lust sitting across him – she was wearing a red and black polka combo saree with a black blouse and seemingly black bra – and his dirty mind told him –the panty also ought to be black in color. Shanti stood up ” Hey – what are you doing here” and looked around to see if anyone in the Bank noticed her sudden excitement – and luckily it was a busy day – and nobody had time to bother about anyone. Both looked at each other for some time lost count of time and their eyes were doing more than just watching – undressing each other and she could feel her moist lipstick lips around the thick circumference tip of his dick, moist and musky and licking it all over before pursing her lips and slowly taking into her mouth, her moist manicured pussy and the orb hole were gaping in front of him – slowly tongue slashing and flashing at the duo with equal intensity and frequency.

“Shanti – he is Ratan and has come to take the accounts of Lakes Theold Company – he is the GM Finance – please assist him with al details and provide ‘cooperation’ ” – she suddenly woke up to this voice of her Manager – Arumagyam – a man who had got used to making her the lust in front of clients for the growth of the Bank – and he had no success till date with any date of any kind with her forget mating her. She came back to the present and greeted Ratan and took him to the conference room – and there they waited for the curtains to come down and he took her in his arms and smooched her while his hands were on his boobs – suddenly he came out of his dreams – she was still standing across the counter and slowly signaled him to the other end of the hall where they entered a room – and there were no curtains – and she told him or showed him all the current activites with his company and gave him the account list and other particulars and avoided any physical countact – not a handshake even – but before he left the bank, he took her card which one had to part with and smiled at her which did not belie any lust behind the countenance, he still wanted her as much and would do anything to get her.

That afternoon after the college closed for the Day – Reshma had taken Shanti to her small one room apartment where the two ladies started to lave at each other’s lips and neck and undid each other’s blouses and were tugging hard at the bras when a knock on the door stopped the steamy exercise and Reshma without bothering to do anything with her current state of dress ware, reached out to the door and greeted the visitor and let him in – first time Shanti face to face with Ratan and it was not a love at first sight – it was complete lust and more than that.

“Shanti – this is Ratan my BF and he has been fucking me for the last 9 months hd abla and the other day he noticed you at the Fest and understood there was something going on …” ,, and before Reshma could complete her sentence she noticed Shanti seductive smile coquettish countenance and without delay removing her blouse and stripping to the maroon bra beneath and the dried sweat smell permeated across the 5 to 6 feet providing invigorating energy to Ratan who did not lose any time to undress and presented his cock to the elder damsel placing it on her maroon bra and slowly inserting it in the crevice and with one tug opening the garment which was fastened in the front – the bra was strapless and he quickly removed it took in his hands, smelled it all over, licked it and then started to munch it and finally put it in the jeans pocket lying on the floor.

The man was perverse and lust was embedded in each figment of his body. But the heat and lust for each other was on both the sides and Ratan as well as Shanti longed to feel each other – it was not just this afternoon interlude, they had watched each other earlier too – though never introduced to each other, Shanti had seen him at the Mall a couple of times with Reshma and also at the College Food Bar. Glances had been exchanged and Ratan was smitten by her and it seemed the story was developing similarly with Shanti for him – she longed for a good private sex with no hang ups – sex was important for her – a need and with a man who could be good and virile and above all known.

In a flash, she sprung up from the bed and wrapped her arms around Ratan’s muscular body. Shanti’s pouty lips found his and offered a passionate, lustful kiss. Her mouth simply devoured his, coveying the emotion and sexual wanting that had consumed her body. Shanti’s large, jug-like breasts mashed his powerful chest as Ratan suddenly embraced her to him as well. He reached

down and cupped her ass through the sexy green saree and was surprised there was no petticoat – how did she manage to do this but he kneaded her buttocks with both hands, then felt Shanti’s right hand squeezing his enlarged cock through his underwear.

Both strangers kissed with great hunger and desire, their mouths and tongues meshing together as one single unit. When the kiss was finally broken, Shanti pulled her head away looked victoriously at Reshma and smiled while enjoying at the lust which had overtaken Ratan’s face and eyes.

She had him right where she wanted him – which she was for quite some time – both of them were lusting for each other and for Shanti a cock in the waiting was worth a million – it will eventually find itself into her cavern.

Ratan pulled the slut down to the bed with him and kissed her again. His hands sought out her breasts, and groped the two huge melons through the maroon bra, Shanti was pumping away at his cock through underwear with her right hand. Her left hand and arm was around his shoulder, hugging and holding him tightly. His hands moved to her shoulders and slid the stretchy bra downward. A moan erupted from his lips as he realized she was naked sweaty and extremely alluring – her impressive breasts just bounced out into view, without any constraints to hide them.

Ratan then broke the kiss and leaned over, attaching his hungry mouth to one of Shanti’s thick, plump nipples. The Tamil slut cooed and sighed in pleasure above him as he licked and slurped away at the tip, his tongue and lips doing most of the work. Soon, his right hand was mauling her other breast, cupping and squeezing it roughly.

“Would you like me to lick and lave and suck your cock, Ratan?”

The man suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked up at Shanti, her simple, straightforward question registering in his lust-crazed mind. “What? Sure! Sure I’d like one!”

The green sexy saree bunched together at her waist and hips, Shanti stood up and motioned for Ratan to sit on the edge of the bed. He did, then she dropped to her knees before him and spread his legs wide. The slut moved between his legs and began removing his underwear.

Once finished, she pulled them down and fished out a rather big cock.

As he felt her delicate hand give his meat a strong pump, Ratan gasped. Shanti started by gently licking his round, fat cockhead. Her tongue slid and caressed the bulbous tip as her deep brown eyes stared up at him, lustful glances being exchanged between both new lovers.

His mouth crushed against her parted lips,

Ratan’s tongue entered her mouth and suddenly she swallowed it hungrily, feeling excitement building inside her shivering body. The young Shanti was breathing hot moist air all over her and then all his weight was on her and Shanti knew that within moments she would be penetrated by that fearsome looking instrument she had seen between his legs.

Then, Shanti shifted and slowly took his big cock between her moist lipstick lips.

Shanti gripped his shaft with her right hand and began by first hentai porno licking its very tip with her tongue. Ratan smiled above her and quickly got rid of his shirt. No woman had ever denied him a blow job and he expected this to be the best from Shanti.

She then opened and closed her thick, pouty lips around his big cockhead, and proceeded to start a gentle and slow sucking motion.

With each passing second, Shanti took more and more of his length into her mouth. He was about 7 inches long, but his tool was very thick, which she liked. She increased the speed and tempo, and was soon bobbing up and down upon his cock at an alarming rate.

The Tamil Iyer slut rolled her head in large circles as she continued to suck him.

“Suck, damn you, do it! Give me a blow-job! I’m going to explode if you don’t! That is fabulous kneading on and seeing you do it got me hot. And then the reception you are giving me and … ummm!” and he could see the smoke in Reshma who was shaken at the display these two were putting up – she expected some cordiality and not animal sex.

“Don’t talk dirty,” Shanti said, smiling wickedly around the thick plug of his prick in her mouth. His words had sent tremors of delight blasting into her loins. This was one turn-on for her. She loved it when a man said all those forbidden words.

They did something to her; she didn’t know what, but they made her hotter than a blow torch. Shanti applied herself to giving her new lover the best head possible. Her tongue raced around the thick tip of his hard prick until she was literally drooling. She sucked harder now, her cheeks going hollow under the strain. The man began hopping from foot to foot, the sensation of stark pleasure ripping into his cock and balls.

Shanti redoubled her oral efforts. Bobbing her head up and down, the Tamil slut young woman began sucking his cock. Her lips caressed the sides of his prick as she moved. When Shanti’s nose burrowed into the man’s thick pubic patch, she wanted to sneeze. Breathing heavily made her nostrils flare – and the hot breeze around his balls made the man even hornier. She felt his prick grow even larger. She cradled his cock with her tongue, marveling at the size of his hard-on. Her lips strained to hold all of his cock in her mouth. But she did. The blue-eyed girl had to get more of his cock. She just had to, Ratan’s little play-acting was working its magic on her. She felt as if she were carried back two years ago, before she had turned frigid, before she’d lost all interest in sex. This was fun!

Her fingers reached out and found the hairy bag holding his balls. She lightly caressed them fondling them and playing with them until the jism locked inside came to a boil.

The way his prick jerked and bucked in the tight confines of her mouth told her how hot he actually was. Ratan reached down and gripped Shanti’s head. He pulled her face directly against his crotch. Shanti gasped, feeling the blunt tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth. She swallowed hard and then his prick raced past her tonsils.

His steely hard prick was lodged firmly in her throat.

Shanti almost panicked. All her air was cut off by his cock. But then she began to respond to the erotic potential of the situation. Here was a man’s prick buried all the way down her throat …she should relax, she should enjoy. And that’s exactly what Shanti did. Her tongue slowly moved across the base of his huge prick.

But the most stimulation she gave his cock was with her throat. She swallowed and bobbed up and down on the most sensitive portion of his fuck stick.

“Shit, honey, you do that well than any other pussy I ever found!”

Reshma had enough of this brazen animalistic display, she would get even with the bitchy teacher Shanti and teach her a lesson, she banged the door and left the place, this was the last nail and Shanti didn’t bother either acknowledging or answering.

She was currently into complete state of sluttish lust and gave her new lover the blowjob of his life.

He wouldn’t even think of any of the other women in his life after she finished with his prick!

Shanti had to pull back, gasping for air. Then she tensed her jaws and raked the sides of his cock with her teeth. He groaned. She didn’t give his prick time to actually hurt. She immediately sucked it back in and teased the red cock-tip with her soft lips and darting, teasing tongue.

The use of her teeth against his cock had pulled even more blood into his already hard prick. Now he was hugely erect. Every single beat of his heart caused his prick to jerk wildly. And she toyed with the purple crown using the tip of her tongue in the most delightful manner possible.

“I … I’m going to explode! Let me in your mouth, Shanti honey! Please!”

She shook her head, hair falling across her face. Shanti didn’t mind the taste of jism – in fact, she loved it.

But not now, her pussy and ass were complaining about how she kızıl porno was neglecting it, for the first time in longer than she could remember, she wanted cock – lots of cock. While the meaty, musky taste of his prick was nice, her pussy demanded to be fed, also.

Shanti tossed her head and pulled away, leaving Ratan’s cock bobbing freely in the cold air.

Her saliva ran down the sides of his prick.

“Taste it,” he commanded, as he took the shaft in his hand and pulled the wet skin back hard, making the head bulge and strain as his piss-hole stretched widely open. “Lick the head of

my cock!”

Shanti leaned her head forward and pressed her soft, open lips against the smooth, hot skin of his cock-head. She could taste the salty sweetness of juices mingled with the special flavor of the pre-cum that oozed slightly from open slit of Ratan’s dick. She worked her tightly gripped hand up and down his smooth, thick rod as she covered more and more of the head with her mouth. She worked the entire bulb of his cock-head into her hungry mouth and moaned deep in her throat from the pleasure of the burning touch and the luscious taste.

She held the bulbous head in her mouth lovingly, savoring the exquisite sensation. She’d never gotten this kind of pleasure from a man’s cock before. She continued to stroke the perfect shaft of his cock with one hand and gently cupped his large, hanging balls with the other one. She rolled them adoringly with her hand, then lightly fingered the two swollen orbs separately, feeling his cock-head pulse in response as she still held it captive in her hot mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing more fierce and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She knew she could do it! She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole. “I’m ready for it now,” she breathed lustily.

“I want it inside my pussy … please … now, Ratan!”

Ratan needed no further urging. The tantalizing way she had held his cock-head in her hot mouth had made him ache for the sensation of what he knew would be a tight, throbbing cunt. He positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her tits, angling her spread pussy toward his angry, red cock. He rubbed the head of his prick up and down through the wet, burning valley of her crotch.

“Uuummmmmm,” Shanti moaned as she felt his hot cock-head touch her sensitive pussy-flesh. “Put it in me … shove your cock into me … fuck me, Ratan… fuck me!” she begged passionately.

He placed the tip of his cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy and slowly screwed the big head into her cuntal opening.

“Oh, God, you’re tight!” he grunted as he felt the tight muscles at the opening of her fuck-hole grip his throbbing cock-head.

Reshma who returned to the apartment had been watching passionately beside them, tickling herclit with her fingers as she watched Shanti suck and massage Ratan’scock and balls. She had begun to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as Ratan began to rub his cock against Shanti’s waiting cunt.

She couldn’t resist joining in now, and placed one hand on Ratan’s muscular ass-cheeks while pushing his hips toward Shanti’s pussy.

“Shove it into her, baby!” she cried with excitement,grasping one of Shanti’s firm tits with her other hand and watching the rapturous expression on Shanti’s face as she pushed Ratan’s ass

harder, making his cock plow into Shanti’s straining, stretching cunt. “Make her scream, baby! Fuck it into her!”

Shanti did scream as the huge cock stretched and filled her pussy. She screamed from the pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was creating. Her cuntal passage convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft, squeezing with muscles she had never even used before.

“AAAHHHHH … IT’S SO BIG … SOOO GOOD … FUCK IT INTO ME!” she screamed, wrapping her strong legs around Ratan’s waist and pulling him in deeper.

“Oooooohhh … you’re so goddamn tight,” he grunted as her cunt-muscles squeezed and hugged his thrusting prick. He couldn’t hold back. Shanti’s tightening legs, Reshma’s pressure on his ass,

and the maddening sensation of Shanti’s cunt biting and squeezing his dick caused him to thrust forward as hard as he could. He felt his cock slam its full ten inches into Shanti’s quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk backwards and her mouth open wide in passion!

He began to fuck his cock in and out of her tight, vise-like hole with wild abandonment. She was letting out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her cunt. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper with each thrust. He watched with passionate delight as Reshma grabbed both of Shanti’s straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled the inflamed flesh. Shanti responded by reaching her hand between Reshma’s spread thighs and shoving her fingers into the hot, dripping hole of her pussy.

The incredible tightness and heat of Shanti’s pussy was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he could tell was going to flood her pussy with steaming, boiling jism. He knew he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the lips of her tight cunt.

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