She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 2

Double Penetration

She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 2Rainy DayI was sitting at home and heard my phone chime with a text massage. I picked up my phone and it was from her. I could tell it was a picture, so I opened up the phone and saw a picture of a penis. My penis with the caption (I want to see it again.) I don’t remember her taking a picture, it must have been when I was looking down. Still how did I not notice, and does she have others. Another text came in (Don’t keep me waiting to long or I might get upset.)I hadn’t talked to or seen her sense that day. I was going to just forget about it and move on.Now she has pictures, what to do. She’s waiting for a response. She is aware I’m a landscaperand its raining today, I don’t work when its raining. Times ticking and I haven’t responded yet,what to do, what do I do! I kind of panicked and just typed ok and hit send. I should have not done that, what was I thinking.She texted back. (See you in 20 minutes.) I’m sort of trapped in it now. I’ll just go over and find out about the pictures and tell her I would rather just forget about the other day.I parked in the driveway out in front of her house. As I was siting there it brought back feelings of the other day. My stomach started to sink, but I had to confront her about that picture. So I headed up and knocked on the door. She opened the door with a smile, and cheerfully asked me in. As I walked in I could see the spot I stood, the coach she sat at, were I was controlled. She closed the door walked over to the coach and sat down and patted on the seat next to her.“Come have a seat.” She said.I sat down trying to work up the nerve to ask about the picture. She turned on the tv and started flicking though the channels as if everything was normal. When I finally got the nerve and was about to say something, she cut me off and started to speak. I instantly lost my nerve and just sat and listened. She just kept chatting and flicking the channels not pausing to let me chime in. She was acting as if we were just two old friends just hanging out. I didn’t know what to do but after awhile I relaxed and just sort of watched the television. As I was watching she reached over and started unbuttoning the top button of my shirt. I tensed up. She undid the next one. I turned my head to look at her. She stoped. Slid her hand up to my neck grabbing it, not hard but forcibly enough to turn my head back. With the other hand her grabbed and squeezed my balls.Saying, “You look at me only when told, only when aloud.”I tensed up, finding myself back in another situation I was unsure of. She went back to undoing my shirt while leaving her hand on my balls but easing the pressure. I felt trapped, she had that picture of my penis. What if she had one with my face in it as well. She seemed so sweet and understanding at times, yet her action where much more harsh and unpredictable. Before I could get a real grasp of what was happening she stood me up and had my shirt off.“See how much better it feels without that on.” She said.She stepped behind me pressing her breast against my back. I could feel her hard nipples poking though her t-shirt. She reached around and undid my pants and dropped them to my ankles. She started to trace her fingers around the waist ban of my underwear. She then guided my hands to them.Whispering, “Your being good today. Now push them down, take off your shoes and step out of them.”Again I was naked.She started to walk around me letting her finger tips drag along gaziemir escort my back. She continued to walk around the front of me and stumbled on my discarded clothing. “Well this is just in the way.” She said. With that she picked up all my clothes and headed out the front door with them.I just watched her leave the house with my clothing. She headed down the driveway to my truck opened the door and threw them in. As she was heading back it really sank in that I was standing in her house completely naked. I Had no chance of putting on, or even getting at my clothes without her permission.When she came back in I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I covered my genitals with my hands from her view.“Thats so cute, “your embarrassed.” She said. “Don’t you worry. “I’ll help you get through it, the fun is just beginning. “Now get down on all fours, I want to see what I have to work with.”I was reluctant but she gave me a look and said. “Your going to doing it, so you might as well before I turn into a bitch.”I got down on my hands and knees. She walk up behind me placing one of her feet between my legs. “Lets see here.” She said. “Widen your legs out more.”I pushed my knees a little further out and paused. She just stood there behind me taping her foot.“I want your legs out farther!” She ordered.With that she reached down grabbed my cock and pulled it downward causing me to push my legs way out.“Thats more like it!” She said. Releasing me cock she knelt down beside me and started running her hand up and down my back.“Put your chest on the floor.” She ordered in a stern voice.I did nothing, I was thinking this is to much for me I can’t continue with… At that I could feel a hand gabbing my balls and starting to squeeze. She pulled them back not so much as to cause agony, but enough to let me know who’s in control. Who owns my balls.She placed her other hand on my back and leaned over into my ear whispering.“Now, I’m starting to feel a little bitchy! “Get your chest down on the ground.”I lowered my chest to the ground and she released my balls.Saying. “See how your ass just automatically arches up when you do that, just like a girls.”She stood up walked over and sat down on the coach.“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks,” she giggled.It was a tough position but I managed to gab both cheeks and pull them apart.“Their’s your butt hole.” As she laughed. “To much hair though we’ll have to do something about that. “What shall we do, what shall me do?”“I don’t know.” I mumbled out.“Yes you do, don’t be shy.”“Remove it.” I said.“Yes, what a great idea. “Get up to your feet and follow me.”She lead me into the bathroom. She turned the bath water on and filled it about half way.“In you go.” She pointed.I stepped in.“On all fours again.” She said.I got down and she started to soap up my back side. She reached over and grabbed her razor and started running it over my ass. Placing her other hand in the small of my back so she could guide my hips back and forth to better position my ass as she shaved.After a while she said, “Ok I got the big areas done, now for the crack.” Reach back and open one of your cheeks.As I reached back I looked back at her. She glanced at me and smiled saying.“Aren’t you lucky, I’m so nice for doing this for you.”“Yes mam.” as I straightened my head back forward.She was shaving all my hair away. Pushing the razor in between my cheeks and pulling the hair off on the way out. Then she place the razor on my anus. gaziemir escort bayan I cringed up. She said. “Relax we are almost done.”With a couple more stokes she started running water over my ass.“All done.” She proclaimed. “Ok, lets get you dried of and back out to the living room for a better look.”Once back to the main room she had me back on all fours.“Back into the position.” She said. “Look there, much better, so smooth. “Reach back and open that ass!” See how much better you can see that ass hole.” In all its glory. “Hold that position.”She stoped talking for a minute. Then I could hear a clicking sound, then another. It was her phone, she was taking more pictures of me. I just froze. This was why I originally came here for, to get the other pictures of me. Now there are more.“Hey! “Loosen up. “You look so stiff, and I don’t mean down there.” she chuckled. “Now wink it at me.”“What, “how do I do that?” I asked.“Don’t play dumb with me.” In a annoyed voice. “Like before when I was shaving you, pucker it up.”So I tensed and relaxed my hole at her as she just started hysterically laughing. “Boy do I have plans for that thing.”I guess there is no part of my body that is off limits to her.“Ok thats enough,” she said. “Time to get serious. “I’ve had my fun time for your treat.”“On your knees,” she said. Leaning back getting comfortable in her seat. “Rub the head of your dick with your index finger.”I placed my finger as she directed. “Soft circular motions to get it started,” she instructed.As I followed her instructions my cock instantly started to grow.“Your responding much better this time,” she grinned. “Grab it and start stocking.”She was right my cock was fully erect this time.“Look how hard you are.”Your progressing nicely.” I was still embarrassed, feeling ashamed, but my cock was rock hard.“Tell me how you feel?” She asked. “Be truthful.”“I feel uneasy, embarrassed.” I answered “But your cock doesn’t, does it now.”“No.” I mumble out lowering my head.“Your so cute.” she said. She reached over and grabbed a small glass off the table beside her and placed it on the floor in front of me.“Stroke faster,” she said. “I can tell your getting close.”I meekly looked up at her and asked. “Can I stop please?”“Why?” She asked.“Please don’t make me orgasm.”“Really, your cock is so hard you obviously what to.”“but I..”She cut me of. “Enough of this, stroke faster, now when you come you are to cum in the glass. “I can tell your not going to last much longer.”I started to whimper kind of in protest but I could feel it coming.She instructed. “Pick up the glass and point your cock in it.”I was trying to hold it back, but couldn’t shooting my first shoot in. Then uncontrollably another than another. I just kept blasting into the cup. My whole body just uncontrollably convulsed. I could hardly maintain my aim into the glass. As I continued the biggest orgasm I ever had, I could here her chanting .“Yes, shoot it in there, good boy, shoot it in there.”I slumped down when it was finally all out of me, tried to regain my senses. I could here her saying“Get it all out, wipe the cum off the tip of your cock on the edge of the glass. “Get it all in there.”She reached down and picked the glass up, her eyes widened. “Wow that’s a lot, don’t you think.”She raised it up to show me. Before I could answer.“Straiten your back, head up!” She ordered.She started to swirl the cum around the glass examining it. I got a very sinking feeling, escort gaziemir as I was figuring out what was coming next.“That is so much,” she said in amazement. “I’m proud of you.”For some weird reason it kind of felt good to hear her praise me, but I new what was coming.“Open your mouth.” she commanded.I did dreading what was about to happen.“You know, I think this is to much for you right now.” As she leaned in to me.She dipped her finger into my cum and whispered. “I’m just going to give you a taste.”At that she placed her finger on my tongue “Suck it off!”I closed my mouth around her finger and started to suck. Slowly She pulled her finger out.She dipped her finger back in the cum and replaced it back in my mouth. “I want to feel your tongue.” She said. As I sucked and worked my tongue on her finger I could tell she was starting to slowly gyrate her hip. She removed her finger and pushed it back in with a fresh load of cum on it. Now she was starting to softy moan and tilled her head back. Again she dipped her finger in and returned it to my mouth this time working her finger in and out as I suck harder and harder. One last time her finger went into the glass this time scooping up a glob of cum jamming it back in my mouth.“Suck it, Suck it!” She screamed.Moving her hips much quicker now. “Yes ! Yes! Yes!” She sieged.With one last squeal of a moan she pulled out her finger and fell back leaning against the coach. She looked up at me with a smirk.“What a whore you are.”I did feel like a whore.“Ya, but you’re my whore now.” She said. She had such a demeanor of satisfaction on her face. Her stature of power, such dominance she had over me.“Get up, its time for you to go. “I have stuff to do today.” She said.I stood up as she open the door.“Come on I don’t have all day.”“Arn’t you going to get my cloths?” I asked.“Look if I go get your cloths I’m going to keep them.” Come on, move it!”I slowly moved toward the the door.“I’ll tell you what, I’ll go out with you seeing you did so good today. “I’m such a considerate Mistress aren’t I.” She said.I nodded and said. “Yes mam.”She pushed me through the door and I heard the door shut. I quickly positioned the truck between myself and the road so it would be harder for passing car to see me. As I got to the front of the truck.She yelled out. “Wait!”I stoped, getting as close to the tuck as posable. She walked up to me standing to the side the truck.“I have a home work assignment for you tonight.” She said.I wasn’t really listening to her just check if any cars were coming. This annoyed here so she reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me over to her making me stand in the open.“Did you here me!” Keeping a firm grip on my penis. She had my full attention, but I was still very aware of any cars or noises that were going on around me.“I have something for you to do tonight.” she said. “You here me.”“Yes.” I replied.“Yes what!”“Yes mistress.” I just naturally spoke out.“You are to shave your arm pits clean, you got it.”“Yes mistress.” I replied hearing her, but really just wanting to get out of view.“The next time I see you, you’d better have hairless arm pits to go with your smooth ass.”At that she let go of my cock and allowed me to step back in front of my truck.“Go on, get in your truck and go!” She said.I quickly opened the door and got in. I reach out and grabbed my shirt to put it on. She open the passenger door.“I told you to leave!” As she took my pants and underwear. “If you don’t leave now, I’ll take all your clothes and make you walk home.”At that I started my truck and backed out of her driveway. Driving down the road I put my shirt on but had to drive the rest of the way home with my bare ass on the seat. I was so nervous I didn’t even care about the taste of cum still in my mouth.

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