She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 7


She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 7We Finally Have SexFor the next couple of weeks everything kind of calmed down and fell into more of a normal routine. The last outing was very rough for me, and maybe she thought I had been pushed to hard. She was playing a much kinder role which I learned to enjoy every much. Now even when I came over I no long had to knock on the door, she just allowed me to enter into her home. We even had not done any sexual things within this time. Even though I still had to follow all her rules it felt normal and relaxing. Being naked with her all the time felt natural, just the normal way things were suppose to be. When I walked into the house today I was expecting the same. I closed the door and looked over at her to see she was wearing jeans again, but they did seam to be a tighter pair than her relaxed lose fitting ones. Instead of a t-shirt she had on a deep red collared blouse with the top three buttons undone, slightly revealing a frilly black bra underneath. Instead of her cute little bare feet, she was in high heels that matched the color of her blouse.Still when I entered she smiled, and motioned for me to come and sit on the couch next to her. She started talking about her day and I just listened like normal. She was really a chatty girl, loved to talk. As she kept talking, she place her hand on my thigh and lightly rubbed it. Smiling and talking like a normal sweet everyday girl, the type of girl you could see spending the rest of your life with.After about two hours we moved into the kitchen to make dinner. She loved to cook and I would be her little helper in the kitchen. I liked cooking with her because it was the one place I could mess up and she would not punish me. She would be understanding and even get a laugh out of it sometimes. We ate dinner and she went back to the living room to find a movie to watch, as I cleaned up and did the dishes before rejoining her.When I had finished I return to the living room. She had taken off her heels, pulled her legs up on the couch with a blanket over her lap. Her little cute bare feet were sticking out. I didn’t notice at first but she had undid another button on her blouse. I went over and sat next to her and she instantly placed her hand back on my thigh, but this time she slid her hand deeper down almost touching my cock.The movie started and about fifteen minutes in she started rubbing my thigh again, not by moving her hand but by inching her fingers into her hand then lightly relaxing them out again. Then she took her index finger, and started moving it in that area were the inside of your leg attaches to your torso. I didn’t tense up but I also did not move. Things had been a lot more relaxed lately but still she was my Mistress. She then traced her hand to the base of my penis where my pubic hair use to be, and slowly dragged her finger over the top till she reached the head of my cock. Which became fully erect by the time it got there.“I just love how easily I can make your cock come alive.” She spoke softly. “It makes me get wet.”I just watched her keep playing with my cock with her finger, tracing up and down the under side. She started circling the head, my cock jerking up and down with her touch. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer, I could feel it getting closer and closer.She took her hand away. “Kneel down in front of me.” She said.I got down on the floor in front of her. She slid her legs down off the couch keeping her legs together, and removed the blanket from her lap. I was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri so aroused thinking she was going to remove her jeans next. I’m going to eat her pussy I thought to myself, I almost came right then without even touching my cock. She put her hand on her chest slid it down over her right breast across her stomach as I watched. Right before her hand got to her jeans she opened her legs allowing a strap-on dildo to pop up.Her eyes widened and with a grin on her face she grabbed it, pointed it right at me. “Suck!” She commanded.I hesitated, as it was the exact opposite of what I though was going to happen. She leaned forward and with her other hand slid it behind my head and slowly guided me into her crotch. I opened my mouth and felt it push in. Instinctively I closed my lips around it and she lightly jerked her hip upward. She leaned back, and I started moving my head up and down in the manner I thought I should. My erection was now completely gone.“Get it wet.” She told me. “I want to hear you slurp on it.”I let my saliva drip all over the cock instead of keeping it in my mouth.She reached down and placed one of her hands on top of my head. As I went down she pushed a little harder causing her cock to push in farther. I came back up and when I started back down she did it again, but this time also pushing her hips up. Her cock hit the back of my throat and I started to gag quickly pulling my head back. She grabbed my hair tight with her hand. “keep it in your mouth!”As I regained my composure, she loosened her grip and started rubbing my head.“That was to far for you?” She asked.I nodded my head“Thats OK for now, “we’ll get it deeper later.” She pushed on my head to get me sucking again.Before leaning back again she took both my hands and placed them on her hips. As I was sucking I glanced up and noticed she had fully unbuttoned her blouse. She was now moving her hip in a rhythmic movement which my head got in sync with suck her cock. She leaned all the way back flinging her head back, causing her chest to heave. I thought her breast were going to pop out of that black bra. I got so excited that I lost rhythm with her hips, causing the cock to hit the back of my throat again. This time I fought back the urge to gag and kept sucking.She grabbed my hands and looked down at me. “Use your tongue and lick up and down the shaft.”She watched me lick down the shaft to the balls then back up to the head again. I Started licking down again, and she leaned forward sticking out her tongue and let a big glob of spit role off the tip of her tongue. It landed on the head of her cock and slid down the side, catching my tongue as I licked back up.“Get it good and wet” She said. “I want it as wet as I am.” She leaned back again. “Suck it!” She yelled out.As I started sucking, she started sliding my hands up her body. Her body felt so good under my hands. She was moaning heavier now, and the blood was starting to rush back into my cock. “Suck faster!” As her hips started moving more rapidly but not out of control.She placed my hands just under her breast, not on them but with my thumb just under them and my hands wrapped around her sides. I held her tight, which allowed her to steady herself and just concentrate on moving her hips.“Suck harder!” She commanded. “I want to hear you!”With my hands just below her breast. I started sucking so hard as I moved my head up an down, the sound must of started echoing though the room.She let out a huge scream and collapsed into the couch. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I stop sucking but left the cock in my mouth not knowing what to do. She pushed my hands away from her body, reached down and pulled me up to her. She gave me a hug and licked the side of my neck up to my ear, then looked down and smiled seeing my cock was still as hard as her strap-on. She reached down and wiped off the pre-cum that was leaking out of my cock, and placed it on my tongue.“Now its your turn.” She said grabbing my cock and leading me to the back bedroom.We got to the bed room, she laid me face down on the bed. She took each of my arms and tied them to the corners of the headboard. She had me lift up my hips sliding a pillow under them, pushing it backward causing my still hard cock to point back between my legs. I could feel her hand back on my inner thigh, she run it up slowly and cupped my balls and pulled them back lightly. I could tell she was putting something around then, maybe that strap form the the mountain trip or something. She got off the bed and walked to the back of it, then suddenly I felt a tight tug on my balls causing me to stretch out some. She pulled again which made me raise my head and scoot back until my arms straiten out. I glanced back to see her tying the rope to the foot of the bed that was attached to my balls.“I can’t have you pulling away now, can I.” She said smiling.This caused me to start having a small panic attack, being immobilized stuck in this position. She got on the bed and sat down on the back of my upper thighs and started rubbing my back. Her touch settle me down some. She continued to slide her fingers along my body which felt terrific, but I also could feel the strap-on that was laying on my ass between my cheeks.She slid back, lifted herself up and placed her knees in between my legs pushing them outward. The rope on my balls tightened up some, so I arched my ass up in order to push my balls back relieving some of the pressure. A moment passed, then I felt a cold wet sensation press up against my asshole. I immediately jerk forward, but my balls tighten on the rope instantly pulling me back. I completely tensed up and froze.I could hear her chuckle lightly saying. “Relax, I will be gentle with you.”With that she pushed a little harder into me. I could feel her hips making a sort of circular pattern, with every forward motion pushing a little harder into me. She came forward one more time pushing harder, but not backing off. Realizing this was going to happen and being strapped to the bed, I relaxed and the head of her cock slid in. She let out a light moan of delight, but didn’t push it in any further. This sensation was different than the butt plug. When she put the plug in my ass, I could close my ass in around it after insertion. Her cock kept my ass open no mater how hard I tried to clench down on it. She started doing the circular motion again but not pushing in any farther, just sort of letting me know its in there. I started feeling the humiliation of the situation. I mean, the one thing a man is not suppose to do is get fucked up the ass by anyone. It was a hopeless feeling of weakness, but also very confusing because knowing it was Mistress on top of me kept my cock hard.She placed her hand on my lower back and pressed down, I arched my ass up as high as I could.She whispered. “Take a breath.” Then pushed farther in, she let out and excited sigh.I let out a grunt feeling it enter in. She slowly pulled it back out güvenilir bahis şirketleri just a little than push in all the way, as she laid across my back. Letting out a breath on the back of my ear she whispered. “How does it feel.”I didn’t reply, being confused and not wanting to emit my feelings. She didn’t mind my nonresponse at first, being to inthralled in the thought of having her cock in my ass.She raised up onto her elbows.“Wheres my cock?” She asked.I stayed silent.I felt her grind her hip down, pushing her cock deeper in.“Wheres my cock?” She asked again.“In my ass, Mistress.” I whimpered out.“Wheres my cock?” She said in a more assertive voice.“In my ass, Mistress!” I spoke up.She didn’t move but I could feel her thighs and buttocks tighten up, she let out a deep breath at my response.As I was laying there trying to get some sort of reasoning with my emotions. I felt a piece of fabric slip over my eyes and everything went dark. She had taken off her shirt and was tying it over my head leaving me in the dark. She pulled herself back up after placing her hands on my back just above my hips. She was now working her hip more strongly pulling her cock out more and pushing it back all the way in. Her breathing was getting more and more intense as her hip motions were getting stronger.She fell down across my back again putting her arms under mine shoving something in my mouth.In a more grittier intense voice she said. “Now I’m going to fuck you hard!” Then licked the back of my ear, tightened her arms around mine grabbing the back of my hair. She started slamming her hips down onto my ass.At that time I realized what she had put in my mouth, it was her bra. Her tits were now free, and pressed up against my back. Just then she gave me a full powerful thrust causing my head to jerk back hard. She tightened her grip on my hair, letting out a high pitched squeal of excitement.She was now fully fucking my ass. I had no choice but to push back into her as she thrust forward, in order to not rip off my balls tied to the bed. I didn’t mind much though, because all I was thinking about was her tits sliding along my back as I bit down on her bra grunting through it. She reared back up placing her hand on my lower back, she continued pushing her cock deep inside me. Reaching back she grabbed my cock to check if it was hard, or to just remind me that I was hard. She started really picking up the pace and was now openly moaning loader and loader. All I could imagine was how her breast must of been bouncing up and down in the air. I couldn’t believe it but I was getting more and more aroused. I was now moving my hips in sync to her thrust. She was going wild and screaming in pleasure at the top of her lungs. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, not even trying to fight it back.I spit out the bra that was still wedged in my mouth and yelled. “I have to cum Mistress!”She started bucking even more wildly and yelled out. “Yes! “Yes!” Cum you whore!” Cum you fucking ass whore!”I let out a deep loud moan as I started to cum, but it was over shadowed by her even loader screams of ecstasy. With every thrust forward she would scream loader and penetrate deeper into my ass, until she finally collapsed onto my back.We must have laid there for over fifteen minute without moving. She then kissed me on the neck and lifted herself off me, pulling the cock out of my ass. I heard her leave the room, but she return quickly. Untied my balls first then my arms before removing my blind fold. I could tell she removed her strap-on and had also changed into some sweatpants and put on a t-shirt. She rolled me to my side and got into bed behind me, place her arms around my waste and tucked her head into my neck. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning and making breakfast with her, before she sent me home.

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