She Gets Him Bi – Part 3a


She Gets Him Bi – Part 3aShe Gets Him BiJohn could barely contain his excitement as he sat on the couch. Tonight was the night of the party Alex had invited him to. John had taken a prolonged shower earlier in the day to make sure he was properly shaved and smooth, but his mind was spinning with the possibilities of what the night might entail.Tiffany, John’s wife, excitedly pranced into the living room in her white, cotton panties, carrying an iPad and a box covered in wrapping paper. She sat down next to her husband.”Is that Krystal’s iPad?” John asked.”It is. I love the way she teases you with dirty pictures, so I asked if I could borrow it to ensure your pre-party arousal.” Tiffany answered with a giggle. “And then I also got you a present.””Oh, sweetie. You didn’t have to get me anything.””I know, but I’m very proud of you.” Tiffany said, slowly sliding her right hand down her abdomen and over her panty-covered muff. She began to rub herself as she continued, “You’ve done an amazing job opening up to your lust for penises, and you’re really expanding your horizons. I just think it’s incredible how much you’ve improved your oral sex skills and how well you’ve done getting slammed up your butt with big cocks. First Kyle, then Alex, and now you and Alex are a couple and I’m sure you’ll be fucking constantly. I’m thoroughly impressed, baby.”John was beginning to get turned on hearing his wife talk like this. “Thank you, Mistress. I could not have done it without your love and support.”Tiffany smiled. “Hey, I get it. I’ve loved big dicks all my life, so I wouldn’t feel right denying you that same love. And you still occasionally pleasure my pussy with your tongue and cock, so everyone is a winner!””What did you get me?” John asked, looking at the present. Tiffany stopped rubbing herself, a small wet spot becoming visible in the crotch of her white panties.Grabbing the iPad, she said, “Soon. First, let’s look at some naughty pictures, shall we? I want to make sure you’re thirsty for nonstop sex tonight.””Yes, Mistress.”It didn’t take long for Tiffany to locate a picture she believed would be enticing. Pulling it up full screen, she showed her husband:”Now obviously you don’t have fake, super sexy tits like her, but what if this happens to you tonight? What if a powerful man lays you on your back and feeds his meaty cock into your mouth?” John’s penis was definitely on its way to a full erection as he contemplated Tiffany’s suggestion. “I hope it does happen. Maybe even right after the cock has been inside my ass. I’d certainly tongue the tip like she’s doing, and beg for him to shoot a load into my mouth.” John said.Tiffany giggled. “That sounds so hot. I love hearing you talk about all the dirty things you’re willing to do for a sexy cock. Thank you for that.”John smiled. “Thank you for allowing me to do that, and thank you for being willing to show me sexy pictures to give me dirty ideas. Your support is such a turn on, sweetie.”Tiffany quickly began searching for another picture to tease her husband with.”Take off your pants.” Tiffany said.John wasted no time pulling off his shorts and the black panties he had been wearing underneath. The moist spot in the crotch of Tiffany’s white panties had expanded slightly as John’s bare cock was now exposed to his wife. “I love seeing you erect from thinking of fooling around with other guys, baby.” Tiffany said.She smiled as she showed him another picture:”Remember when I took your anal virginity with my strap-on?” Tiffany asked with her sexy giggle.John’s cock was now at full erection. “I do, and it was incredible.”Tiffany set the iPad on the couch cushion. “I know you love these sissy captions, sweetie. So I’m going to let you stare at this picture while you jerk off on my ass.”Tiffany hopped up, dropped her underwear to the ground, and bent over the couch. John stood up and got behind her, grabbing his erection as he stared at his wife’s perfect ass.Tiffany said “As you masturbate, look at me and imagine presenting yourself like this to lots of men tonight, ass bare and hungry. Then look at the picture and imagine those same men, cocks out, commanding you to break to their every sexual desire. When you cum, I want you to spray it all over my ass, ok sweetie?””Yes, Mistress.” John answered as he slowly began to give his throbbing member a hand massage. John was extremely aroused as he peered into the crack of his wife’s perfect butt, imagining an erect man looking at him the same way in the near future. He then looked back at the picture, noting the woman’s sexy panties, and her beautiful pink strap-on, loving the idea of being completely submissive to both girls and boys.John tightened his grip and moaned, his balls flexing as the first stream of sperm shot out and hit Tiffany near the top of her crack. A second spurt landed closer to her tight, pink anus. The third shot hit alongside her right buttcheek, on the inside, and began to slowly trickle into her backside valley. John moved closer, now just a few rounds of droplets left. He held his penis close to her rim, making sure the remaining ejaculate found its home on the wrinkles of her sacred hole.With a sigh, John released his spent dick as he admired his work on Tiffany’s bottom. Tiffany giggled and wiggles her butt.”You aren’t done yet!” She announced, reaching back and spreading her buns apart. “I want you to clean up your entire mess with your tongue.”John again did not hesitate, dropping to his knees and placing his face just inches from her delectable derrière. Leaning in, John’s tongue touched the very bottom of her asscrack and swiped up, grabbing just a few drops of his own salty mixture. Tiffany’s aroma was irresistible as John’s tongue darted against her sphincter. John began French kissing Tiffany’s anus, tasting both her beauty and his sticky cream. His tongue rolled around her rim several times before swiping up the upper half of her crack. John then kissed the extra cum drops from either cheek before pulling his face from her wonderful backside. Tiffany giggled. “That was fun. I love feeling your tongue cleaning me of your own spunk. And now for your present…”Tiffany handed the box to John. John, still naked, began to unwrap the wrapping. Once that was out of the way, he opened the nondescript box and gasped. Inside he saw a pile of brand new panties, all sorts of colors and cuts. “There was a panty sale so I decided to increase your wardrobe. Do you like them?” She asked.”I love them!” John said, grabbing them in his hands and holding them up, his penis getting aroused again, this time at the feel of the sexy fabric. Tiffany noticed her husband was already erect. She grabbed her phone and said, “Put the panties around your cock and let me take a picture. You’re so hard for women’s underwear!”John discarded the box and dropped the pile of panties around his cock. He then d****d one pair over the head of his penis as Tiffany snapped a picture. “Beautiful.” Tiffany said with a smile, setting her phone back down. She then looked back at her husband and said, “We should güvenilir bahis probably get ready to go soon. I was hoping you’d wear those hot pink panties to the party. They are super girly and I think they’d be perfect. Okay?””Yes, Mistress.” John answered.”Great. I’m so happy for you, sweetheart. You’re going to have so many cocks cumming on you and in you tonight. I want you to really relish the experience, ok? Don’t be nervous. Just take every big, veiny dick you’re offered, okay?””Yes, Mistress.””Good. Now let’s get dressed and head out.”Tiffany hopped off the couch and headed for the bedroom, her husband staring at her tight ass as she walked away. John then got up and headed to the bathroom to shower, taking his new panties with him.***John, wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts, walked into Kyle’s house alongside his wife, Tiffany, who was wearing a white dress and no underwear. John, of course, had his privates wrapped in the lacy, hot pink panties Tiffany had given him earlier that afternoon. Kyle stood before them in slacks and a blue button-up shirt. His girlfriend, Krystal, had on only a black thong. Her robust breasts and perky nipples were visible to all. Finally, Alex was sitting on the couch in jeans and a nice, black sweatshirt. Alex was also holding a black marker. All three greeted John and Tiffany as they entered.”How are you?” Kyle asked.”We are fantastic!” Tiffany exclaimed. She then winked at Kyle. “As requested, I’m not wearing any underwear. I figure it’s going to be a long night of pure, sweaty sex, and panties would just get in the way. I’ve been so wet thinking about having your cock inside me.”Kyle chuckled. “Good, good. Just wait until Tyrone gets here.””Tyrone?” John inquired.”Yeah, he’s a good friend of mine. I showed him some pictures of your wife and he was more than willing to come plow her vagina. His dick is well over ten inches, too. Your wife is going to be a wreck after tonight.” Kyle explained.”Yay! I can’t wait to get DP’d by you and Tyrone. I’ve never had a black cock before, so I can’t wait to taste his.” Tiffany said.Krystal giggled and hugged Tiffany, kissing her on the lips. Tiffany gave Krystal’s thonged butt a sensual squeeze. “I can’t wait to lick your clit while you’ve got multiple dicks in you.” Krystal told her. Tiffany smiled, turning to her husband. “Sweetie? Aren’t you going to say hello to your boyfriend?” She asked, referring to Alex.John blushed and walked over to the couch. Leaning down, he gave Alex a hug, as Alex kissed him on the cheek. “Ready to be absolutely demolished tonight?” Alex asked.”Yes, Master.””Take your shirt off for a second.” Alex said, taking the cap off the marker and standing up. John obeyed.”Each bottom, sissy cocksucker in panties has to go by a female name at these parties. Have you ever thought about what your name would be if you were an actual girl?” Alex asked.”Well, I’ve thought about it before.” John began, which made Tiffany smile. “I’ve always thought it should be a name close to my own. So…if the choice is mine, I choose Joan.”Tiffany giggled. “I can’t believe you’ve actually thought about that before. I think you’d make a perfect Joan!”Using the marker, Alex wrote “JOAN” on John’s chest. He then tugged down John’s shorts a bit, and wrote “JOAN” on his lower back, just above the waistband of his panties. Alex then instructed John to put his shirt back on and pull up his shorts.”Well, we should probably get going to our party and let you all get down to your own fuck-party.” Alex announced.Tiffany gave John a kiss on the lips, telling him, “You do everything Alex tells you. And I want to hear every detail of every inch of cock you experience when you get home, okay?””Yes, Mistress.”Alex and John headed to the door to leave when Kyle said, “One more thing.”John turned to face him.”Tyrone is taking your job.” Kyle said. “He was needing a new job, so I told him I could help. I decided your job was perfect for him, so I’m laying you off.”John was stunned. “You enjoy your night tonight.” Kyle continued. “I’m still going to fuck your wife, along with the guy replacing you. And I still expect you to offer your mouth and ass to my dick whenever I have the desire. But next week you’ll need to find a new job. If nothing else, you could maybe whore yourself out to rich guys.” Kyle said with a laugh. John didn’t know what to say. Despite just being fired, he was still excited about the upcoming party. But now he was worried about finding a new job. “Let’s go, Joan.” Alex said.Without a word, John followed Alex out the door and to his car.***As Alex and John pulled up to the Cock Tails gay bar for the sex party, John was feeling much better than when they left Kyle’s.Alex had reminded John that tonight was about serving alpha males and their penises, not about worrying about a job. Alex also assured John that if he didn’t find a job soon, he would help to pimp him out and would only take 70% of the profits. The final thing that had helped settle John was that Alex had allowed him to use his cell phone to look at gay porn to get him properly refocused for the party.Alex put the car in park and turned off the engine. He looked at John and asked, “Are you ready for an all-you-can-handle cock buffet?”John smiled, his sense of arousal heightening. “Yes, Master.””Good. Remember the rules I told you about. You’ll need to go ahead and strip down to your underwear now.” Alex stated.John opened his door and stepped out of the car. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the seat. He then slid his shorts down, also placing them on the seat. Alex eyeballed John’s bottom in the pink panties.”Good gurl. Now let’s head inside.”Alex, still in his jeans and sweatshirt, took John by the hand and led his panty-wearing ass to the door of the bar. Before entering, John paused and took notice of the flyer on the door:”HAP-PENIS PARTY”John felt his manhood tingle with excitement over the wordplay on the word ‘happiness’ and how it was being applied to cocks. He was then led inside by Alex, as Alex said “Let’s get some wood in you.”There was a large group inside. John noticed all the guests were either wearing boxers or panties, with all the panty wearers having their ‘name’ written on their chest and lower back, as he had “Joan” on his. Several people were engaged in intercourse right there in the open. Giving handjobs, blowjobs, even a few of the gurls being penetrated by multiple cocks. And everyone was smiling, enjoying the action.John heard a zipping noise, and turned to see a now-shirtless Alex unzipping and pulling off his jeans, leaving only a pair of black boxers to cover him. John noticed that Alex grabbed his cell phone, most likely to take pictures of John’s upcoming defilement.John and Alex were approached by a handsome, older gentleman, maybe late 50’s but very fit, wearing gray boxers. He extended his hand.”Hi I’m Stan.” He said.John started to extend his hand, but Stan grabbed it and brought it toward him, kissing John on the hand. Stan looked at John’s chest and continued, “It’s so nice to meet türkçe bahis you, Joan. I was excited when Alex told me he was bringing fresh new meat to the party.”John blushed.”I’m a physician here in town, and I’m the one hosting the party tonight.” Stan added. He then began to fondle John’s panty-clad buttocks. “Very nice. I love your choice of attire.””Thank you.” John said.”I like to personally get to know all of the newcomers. What say we head to a private room together?” Stan asked.John turned to Alex with a hopeful glimmer in his eye. “May I go?””Sure.” Alex said, smiling. “I’ll join you.””Excellent!” Stan declared, leading John to a private room with Alex following behind with his cell phone in his hand.Once in the room, Stan closed the door. John noticed a massage table and a small couch. John looked at Alex.Alex gave John a smack on the rear and said, “Krystal told me about your massage fantasy and I might have relayed that to Stan.”Stan slapped the table and said, “Hop up here on your stomach, Joan!”John’s heart was racing as he climbed onto the table and laid on his stomach. Alex took a seat on the couch as Stan grabbed some massage oils. “Tell me about yourself, Joan. What turns you on? What made you want to come to this party?” Stan asked.John nervously cleared his throat and answered, “I’m married to a wonderful woman named Tiffany. She caught me jerking off to gay porn one day, and I thought she was going to kill me. Instead, she helped set up multiple meetings so I could explore my sexual fantasies with other men. We still fuck, but she’s helped me have so many wonderful experiences with other, beautiful cocks. It’s because of her support that I met Alex. I love her so much.”Stan squirted some oil on John’s upper back. “She sounds delightful. And she knows you’re here tonight?”John felt Stan’s hands massaging his shoulder blades as he answered the question. “She does. I left her at my boss’s house… well, ex-boss…and she’s enjoying his and his girlfriend’s company, and apparently a man named Tyrone. I’m jealous that she gets to try black cock before me.”Stan chuckled. “There are several black men here who would be happy to ram their manhood into you, Joan. Don’t hesitate to beg them to do so, and don’t hesitate to beg anyone for that matter.” Stan’s hands had made their way to John’s lower back at this point. “I’m surprised you have such an amicable relationship with your former boss.”John sighed. “It wasn’t really my choice. His name is Kyle, and he was the first real cock I got to experience. Amazing penis. But it was right as Alex and I were leaving tonight that he told me I was being laid off. So now I need to find a new job.”John felt more massage oil hitting the backs of his thighs.”So your wife is making love to him right after he fired you. That’s wonderful that you didn’t try to step between their lust for each other. It’s very mature of you.”Stan was now rubbing John’s thighs with each hand.”Joan…” Stan said. “…I may be able to help you out.” Stan’s hands were on John’s inner thighs, very close to his crotch and ass.”I’ve been pondering creating a new position for a secretary at my practice.” Stan continued. “Obviously you would need to do an official interview, but maybe we could work something out.””That would be incredible!” John said.Stan squirted some oil onto his hands and rubbed them together. In one swift motion, he ran each hand up the back of John’s legs and under his panties, grabbing each buttock with either hand.”You should probably get a check up, too. So you understand how I approach my work and patients. We could do a combo check up and interview.” Stan told John, as he continued to rub his buns under the girly underwear. “Would you like that? Would you like to work for me, Joan?”John moaned as he felt Stan’s right index finger slip into his crack, pressing ever so lightly against his anus. “I would love the opportunity, sir!”Alex had been getting very aroused at the massage and conversation when he heard his phone vibrate. Checking it made him smile.”Your wife just texted me. Check out what she sent.” Alex said.John lifted his head to view the message.”Holy fuck! Look at that massive cock!” John shouted. Stan laughed. “She’s a lucky girl. But you can be a lucky gurl too, Joan. I promise you that any of the alphas here tonight will happily let you play with their oversized peckers.”Stan retracted his hands from the panties.”Go ahead and roll over on your back now, so I can massage your front.” Stan instructed.John obeyed, rolling over, his pantied boner impossible to hide. Stan smiled when he saw the bulge, and he gripped it lightly through the panties.”Is this from my rubbing or from that sexy dick your wife just sent you?” Stan asked.”Both.” John replied with a smile. “Your massage has been incredible so far. And then seeing that big black penis just made me rock-hard, knowing it’ll be inside my wife soon.”Stan squirted a healthy dose of oil onto John’s stomach, and it pooled up initially in his belly button. He then began rubbing all over John’s abdomen and chest.”Do you find me attractive, Joan?” Stan asked.”I do.” John answered. “I’m extremely aroused right now, as you know.””Would you like for me to remove my boxers, so you can see my penis?””Yes, please. Please show me your cock!” John begged.Stan interrupted the massage to tug down his boxers. His eight inch erection hung in the air as John’s mouth involuntarily opened.”It’s beautiful. Magnificent.” John said. “Would you like a taste?” Stan asked with a smile.”Yes!! Please let me taste your impeccable cock!” John begged.Stan got onto the table, a leg on either side of John’s head, his manhood erect and hovering over John’s face. John reached up and put his hand around the shaft. Positioning it downward, John opened his mouth.”Atta gurl.” Stan said. “Take my cock into your mouth, Joan.”John swiped his tongue on Stan’s cumhole. He then lifted his head slightly and wrapped his lips around Stan’s tip, as he felt Stan’s hands resume massaging his chest and belly.Stan moved his hips forward a little bit, allowing his dick to go further into John’s mouth. Stan moved his hands lower, again dipping under John’s skimpy little panties, and John felt two manly hands begin to fondle his own cock and balls.John moaned as his privates enjoyed the massage, and his tongue savored the taste of Stan’s erection.”Joan, I don’t want you to ruin such a nice pair of panties.” Stan said, lifting his hips and causing his cock to slide out of John’s mouth. Stan then briefly climbed off the table, rolled John back onto his stomach, and pulled the pinks panties completely off. “You have a very sexy bottom, Joan. Spread your legs a little for me.”John opened his legs, his erection against the table and pointing downward toward his feet. Stan gave John’s penis a brief squeeze as he squirted some oil into the crack of his ass. Stan used his hand to massage the oil into John’s anus for a few moments before climbing back on the table, this time straddling John’s ass and resting his erection along the crack, güvenilir bahis siteleri Stan’s hefty balls resting against John’s hairless testicles. “It’s time for the deep tissue portion of the massage. Would you like to feel me inside you, Joan?” Stan inquired.John pleaded, “Absolutely! I am longing to feel your manhood within me. I need you to fuck me like a cheap anal whore. Fill my ass with your semen!!”Stan pointed his cock between John’s cheeks, and gently began to push his penis inside. John moaned as he felt his rim expand to permit entry to Stan’s stiff member. John couldn’t believe his fantasy had come true. Here he was, having been massaged by a strong man who was now going to pound his asshole while he lay on his stomach.As John felt Stan slide a couple more inches into his anus, he heard Alex’s phone vibrate. Alex grabbed the phone, and with a smile stood up in front of John. Alex had obviously been enjoying the show, as he had a full tent pitched in his boxers. “Looks like you and your wife are sharing a special bond.” Alex said.John looked up at Alex.”Check it out.” Alex told him, showing him the message from Kyle.”You’re both getting your ass fucked at the same time! How cool is that?”John’s eyes rolled back in his head and managed to answer, “That’s fantastic.” This answer as he realized his wife was also feeling intense anal pressure from a thick cock probing her rectum, as he currently was experiencing.Stan had finally worked the entire length of his cock into John’s asshole. John couldn’t stop staring at Alex’s boxer bulge in front of his face. “Alex…” John said in a timid voice. “…could I please suck your cock?”Alex laughed. “Let me get this straight. Your little cock-loving, panty-wearing, sissy ass is being stretched out by a man who is going to thoroughly fuck and fill you up, but that’s not enough? You also want me to slip my dick inside your mouth and fuck your face until my balls empty their fluid down your throat?””Yes, Master. I want to know what it’s like to pleasure two wonderful men at the same time. I absolutely need to feel your superiority inside my mouth. Please, pretty please take out your dick and allow me the pleasure of sucking it. PLEASE!”Alex smiled. “Okay, you insatiable little slut.”Alex, rather than remove his boxers, reached into the opening and fished out his erection, pulling it out for John’s enjoyment. John admired its thick beauty, his mouth again involuntarily opening.Stan had increased his rhythm of fucking John’s bottom. “Your boi pussy is lovely, Joan. I think we should do this more often!”John reached out and grabbed Alex’s cock. He lifted it up licked along the underside of the shaft. When he reached the tip, John enveloped it with his mouth. John now had cocks in both ends. Stan was really grinding away up his asshole while Alex was slowly sliding in and out of his mouth. It was pure ecstasy. “This gurl sure loves dick!” Stan shouted.”No k**ding.” Alex agreed. “I’ve never seen anyone, man or woman, become so addicted to cock as this little cumslut is.”John loved being degraded like this, being reduced to a personal pin cushion for big, solid dicks. John used both hands to reach behind Alex. He cupped each of Alex’s boxer-clad buttocks and helped him drive the cock deeper into his own mouth.”It’s like Joan is cock-starved and hasn’t had penis for months!” Stan said. “I love it.”Both men were working over John’s holes and enjoying the pleasure they were feeling. John’s cock was throbbing wildly at this point and was close to exploding right there on the table. The feeling of Stan’s penis jabbing his prostate while he sucked Alex’s pole was exhilarating.John briefly removed his mouth from Alex’s dick. “I’m about to cum!” John shouted. “Don’t stop!” John then resumed sucking the perfect specimen.Stan, steadily pounding John’s bare ass, slipped his cock from between his buns and hopped off the table. He grabbed John’s asscheek and pulled it open, using his other hand to slip in his index and middle finger. John moaned with pleasure as Stan very literally finger-fucked his rectum.”Joan, I want you to cum all over this table.” Stan said, fingers vigorously slipping in and out. John moaned, unable to control himself any longer. His cock flinched, spurting hot semen onto the massage table, coating it with creamy dick-spunk.Stan chuckled, saying “Good gurl!”, as he continued to massage John’s prostate. “That’s a good start for that fuckhole.”Alex was now holding the back of John’s head as he rocked his hips, poking John’s mouth with his throbbing meat. Stan took his fingers out of John’s ass and joined Alex at the head of the table, his own erection still full-go.”We’re going to really stretch that mouth now, Joan.” Stan said as he put the tip of his dick next to John’s mouth, currently full with Alex. Stan slowly pushed forward, his penis working into John’s mouth alongside Alex. After a few moments, John had both of the incredible dicks in his mouth, Stan’s still with the recent flavor of John’s own buttocks. John moaned in ecstasy, his mouth being double penetrated for the first time. Stan looked at Alex, asking “Ready to fill this little cumbucket?”Alex laughed. “Oh yeah!”Both men worked their slimy cocks in and out of John’s mouth, rubbing and throbbing against each other, and they each started to moan. That’s when John felt both pipes begin to unload, jettisoning hot, salty cum into his mouth. Rope after rope of man gravy shot out, with John working hard to swallow it all down without spilling a single drop. Finished, Alex pulled his cock from John’s mouth and slipped it back inside his boxers. Stan also retracted his spent penis and walked over to retrieve and slide his own boxers back on, also picking up John’s pink panties in the process.John looked at both men and said “Thank you!” “Want your panties back, Joan?” Stan asked with a smirk.”Yes, sir.” John answered, blushing.”Well clean up your mess first. We can’t leave this table in its current condition.”John rolled off the table, standing beside it. He then lowered his face to the puddle of cum he had released earlier. Without hesitation, he put his lips right into the mess, licking and sucking up his own semen. “Good gurl.” Stan said, handing John his panties. John stepped into them and slid them up his legs, feeling their soft fabric wrap comfortably around his cock, balls, and butt.Alex showed John his phone, saying “Kyle texted me again.”John’s eyes rolled back in his head with lust seeing the massive dick in Krystal’s mouth, knowing that same black cock had just drilled his hot wife’s ass.Stan smiled. “Alex, can you go out there and make sure the stage and microphone is all set?””Sure thing.” Alex responded, exiting the room. “It’s time for your introduction, Joan.” Stan said, resting a hand on John’s pantied ass.”What do you mean?””Well this was just me getting to know you, as I’m the party host. But at every party, any first timers have to introduce themselves to the group. You’ll be letting them know what a submissive bottom slut you are.” Stan announced. “Now let’s go out there and you can introduce yourself to the mixture of gurls like yourself and the alpha males who will make sure you go home sticky and with a full belly!”Stan gave John a squeeze on the ass and let him out of the room.

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