She Got the After Dinner Special


Em had watched all the action. It had taken place deliciously between her legs on the sofa in the man’s hotel suite. She was still tingling all over with the excitement and ecstasy of it all. Em had been half-lying, half-seated on the deep sofa. This position had afforded her a full view. He had first stripped her to her panties. They were little white bikini-cut lace ones through which the attractive darkness of her bushy mound was plainly visible. Her short midnight blue cocktail dress had fluttered to the floor first. She had raised her arms to make it easier for him to remove it. Her little white lacy bra had followed the dress to the floor very soon. The man had kissed, licked and bitten her hard erect nipples. They had instantly grown even bigger and harder. While the man was removing her dress and her bra Em had made little noises of intense anticipated pleasure. Her pussy, still encased in her little white panties, became suddenly very wet. Her panties moistened between her legs. She was imagining the delightful sensation of an eagerly illicit hot cock parting her pussy lips and sliding into her. It was a sensation she craved and which she mersin escort liked to find the means to enjoy. A new man’s thick and hard cock slickly thrusting into her wet vagina was her favourite fantasy. It was even better when it was the real thing. Sometimes such thoughts and their inevitable results happened much earlier in the play, when she was chatting up a man she had decided to fuck. If, say, she was wearing a little black dress and a very small bra at a dinner or drinks, this was obvious to her quarry. It always worked. It was her winning poker hand. On this occasion, which was taking place in the man’s plush hotel suite after a business conference dinner, she had allowed herself to be picked up. Not only was this one unscheduled but it had come excitingly right out of the blue. She had been having a drink alone in the bar after the dinner when he approached her. That had been half an hour ago. Now, in his suite upstairs, the man was excited beyond measure by what he had found under her dress. It had further thickened and lengthened his cock. He had then gently placed her on the sofa, stripped off all his clothes except mersin escort bayan his open shirt, and Em had seen his thick long cock and his dense curly bush, trimmed into a powerful triangular shape, just above it. This in turn had excited Em beyond all measure. She had licked her lips and opened her legs. The man’s cock had pulsed delightfully when he looked lasciviously at her hard nipples, her flat tummy, her spread thighs and her already open entrance visible because her panties were just a little string between her legs. He had licked his lips too. She had watched him kneel down and eat her bush through her panties. The feel of his strong tongue on the thin lace fabric of the little garment quickly aroused her to orgasm. It was one that came with a lot of noise. When she had partially recovered from this delight while he still knelt between her legs, she watched him slip her panties gently off her hips and ass and pull them down her thighs, over her knees, down her shins, over her ankles and off her feet. The feel of free cool air on her wet slit caused her to spread her legs even wider. When she had done this, escort mersin she watched the man’s tongue slide into her slit and felt it part her pussy lips. She felt it excite her clitoris and then penetrate her open entrance. He tongued her with great passion and surprising gentleness. His tongue fully penetrated her vagina. His fingers gently massaged her slit. She began to moan and then to yelp in excited little utterances that kept time with his tongue. Then her nipples began to tingle hotly and her pelvic region suddenly became very hot. The low lights in the room turned rosy pink. She shouted loudly and repeatedly and writhed and came a second time. The man again waited for her to recover, his tongue still gently inside her entrance. She felt him sexily and gently massage the insides of her thighs. She watched with resurgent lust as he played briefly but hotly with her bush. Then she watched him stand up. She saw his cock, all nine rock-hard inches of it, standing out horizontally from his bush. She saw his big balls beneath his cock. She wanted his cock very badly and she wanted it right now. She watched him grant her wish. He moved forward. The head of his cock parted her pussy lips. She watched it slide in and felt it deliciously and fully fill her heated vagina. She heard herself shouting with pleasure all the while his cock was fucking her with keen precision, with very firm and carefully measured thrusts.

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