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Anal Wrecking

She help usIt was her goal since her friend Mike went out and finaly told her he was gay and liked boysShe was happy he trusted her and for a while joke about finding him a cute cock sucker , Mike shy about this, her teasing him while doing stuff pointing boys and asking if this one would make a great cock suckerThey joke about it every time she saw a cute fem white boy, Mike always seemed to look at them more”this one there , cute little ass too ””yeah he is cute””maybe i should go ask him if he want to give you a bj for you birthday ””ahah you crazy i need to go wanna smoke one later?””sure you place?””yeah sure iam alone tonight roommate is out””great”Izabel was determine to make Mike happy and the idea just popped in her head on her way homeinside the sex store minutes later buying a very sexy white fleshlight mouth toy, eager to give it to Mike for his birthdayThe was put on the table after she arrived at Mike apartment, as Mike sat back down to finish rolling his weed and they chooses some movie to watch Mike light up the weed and took his gift box in his hand”you shouldnt have you are too nice”unpacking it and not understanding as he got it out ”remove the cap swivel it”and mike saw the cute white boy mouth ”oh shit Iza …””now you can practice getting suck by a cute boy mouth ””wow i never saw those , its ….its nice””it needs lube so i got you this also ”and she had a bottle of lube”want me to show you how it works?””what….?””comon i want to see that boy suck you , we could say its Simon close you here””you are crazy halkalı escort ””no iam not”she took the toy and walk to the light switchclosing it , and closing the tv off ”Mike are you there , i have simon here wanting to tell you something””ahah iza you are crazy””oh ok simon i can help you off course””here on your knees, you spread his legs , yes like that good boy simon, you really ready to suck on your first cock?””good boy i know its ok, dont be shy once youve started everything will fall into place and you will just want to suck Mike all the time ””shit iza you are ….””mike pass me the joint simon need some relaxing ”Iza smoking , playing with Mike legs making the toy kiss him reaching to his crotch and Mike let it happen , his bbc hard and feeling her make the toy touch his sweat pants bulge”here take the spliff simon need some help ””you want to see his nice big black cock Simon? wanna kiss his hot cock for me?”Iza sliding Mike sweat pant down , his bbc flapping out , Iza putting the toy all around to imittate little kisses”oh you cute boy Simon , kiss his big cock its cute””fuck Iza you make mego crazy””Mike like you Simon, spit on his bbc Simon ”and she drop lube on mike bbc tip mike moan the mouth engulfing his bbc tip”Oh yes Simon, mikes like your mouth go deeper , yes like that suck Mike big cock, yes Simon good boy”Mike bbc sucked by the toy, Iza having so much fun”Mike it feels good? you like his white cute mouth on you?””’fuck i do , shit olgun escort this is good””’yes Suck him Simon you keep sucking, Mike love you sucking his cock dont stop, by a good white boy for him, suck his big black cock , keep sucking simon ”Iza became so freaking horny she coudnt resistthe toy replace by her hungry mouthMike moan and put his hands on her head the toy fell on the floor, Iza mouth fucked by Mike , slow and deep shoving his cock in her face”Simon love big black cock ? ”back in Iza mouth hard fucking her . iza tried to reach up only to get her hands took over her head and he kept shoving her down on his bbc now fully haird and excited not carring about iza , he was making love to Simon mouth deep and nice ”fuck Simon you are such a good cock sucker””here lay down like this simon”on her stomach on the couch Mike sliding her pants down she skirm as he lube her ass a finger getting in and fucking her little ass wet , mouth full of his cock , helpless and ass lubed up , fingered and teased open”simon you have such a tight white ass””please please Mike Mike i was just playing””Simon you been sucking me for this , dont be a stupid white boy””mike mike its Iza dont fuck my ass pleassseeeee ahhhhh fffffuckkkkk mikkkkkeeee””ohhhhhh yes Simon open up open up that white ass cunt , fuck you are tight Simon i love that ass , i love white tight ass””mikke mikke ahhhh ahhh my goood my asss mike its Iza iza mikkkkkkee ahhhh””’oh şişli escort fuck no you go no were tonight you are my cock hole”10 minutes of Mike stretching Simon hole and he was done and moaning”yesss simon love my bbc, gonna give it to him all the time”iza moaning her tiny ass taken , open and made love to , she cum twice on him , moaning and cumming on his bbcShe was lost and taken , called Simon in the dark Mike fucking her ass into a cunt , a wet cunt ”you are a very good boy Iza i never knew you were one”deep fuckig her ass taking her in his arm”i love my new white boy ass , thank you iza thank you”iza moaning mike unloading in her ass making her cum a third time and drop to his side”good boy, lets sleep a bit and i will fuck you again Simon”Iza woke up ass fuck , mike pounding her again spooning her , calling her his good white boyit was wrong she shouldn’t have started not yet moaned in his arm”you like fucking my tiny white ass ?””yes very much ””wanna try my pussy?””nope, im gay i told you, im practicing like you suggest simon”iza pounded and used , her ass a toy for Mike , calling her Simon and deep fucking her like shes a white little boy he repeated”Simon loves bbc and i love simon”putting his hand on her mouth starting to fuck hard and fast”simon a fucking slut for my cock, oh yes a good white slut”open like a faggot boy by mike, iza felt like a fag boy fucked up and it made her cum , mike kissing her neck”cum you fucking white slut, i will make that ass mine forever”she still remember how Mike use to see her as a girleverytime he walk her to the boy restroom at school she remember when mike didnt fuck her ass whenever he wanted, called a faggot white boy and taking his bbc in her tiny assshe remember the time she didnt cum on her gay friend bbc in her assbut now it doesnt seemed to mattergoing back from school , simon love sucking Mike bbc in his car and called a good boyin route to be ass fuck like a good white boy

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