She Helped Me Write Dirty Stories


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She Helped Me Write Dirty Stories

My sister Amanda was standing right behind me and she scared the shit out of me when she asked, “What are you doing?”

I jumped and I tried to change screens on my computer when Amanda said, “You can’t write for shit.”

I turned around and said, “Get to hell out of my bedroom and don’t come back.”

Amanda said, “I’ve read better stuff than that on the wall of the girl’s bathroom.”

I said, “Get out.” Then I pointed at my door but she didn’t leave. Instead she said, “Look…I mean…you write well…you just don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I scowled at her.

She said, “Look, what I read didn’t make my panties wet…did it make you hard?”

I shook my head, no.

Amanda said, “Look, we’re both virgins but I think I can help you write your dirty stories.”

All I said was, “How?”

She smiled, sat on the edge of my bed, and said, “For starters stop using the words penis and vagina. Cock and cunt are much better but most girls like to say pussy.”

I asked, “Is that all?”

Amanda said, “I haven’t even started. If you are going to write about a naked girl then you really need to study one. If you expect to write about tits, ass, and pussy then big brother you need to know about them up close and personal.”

I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Amanda smiled at me and started to remove her clothes. She stopped, locked the door, and then she said, “You should be doing this.”

I was scared to even try.

Amanda said, “Look brother, you really need to do this. Use you five senses, look, feel, smell, taste, and listen.”

I asked, “What is there to listen too?”

Amanda said, “Well, you can press your ear against my tit and listen to my heart beat. You can press your ear to my pussy and listen to my stomach growl. Or I can just burp and fart to amuse you.”

I said, “Funny.”

Then Amanda said, “After you undress me and play doctor with me you are going to have to fuck me.” My eyes got large. She added, “How else are you going to be able to write about it?”

I knew that it was Saturday morning and that our parents had gone to visit a friend. It was the very first time that they had left us alone. They were going to be away for the night and come home late on Sunday. We would have almost two full days to fool around.

I asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Amanda replied, “Sure I’m sure.”

I said, “But you are only thirteen.”

She said, “Yes, and I’m one of only three virgins left in my class.”

I knew what she was saying because at fifteen I was probably the only virgin left in my class. Of course I figured that most of the boys were lying about it.

So I asked, “Can I really make love to you?”

Amanda laughed and said, “Listen big brother, you can have sex with me and you can try to fuck my brains out but we are not going to make love. This is sex, pure and simple. I want it in me and I want it in me often. I’ve been waiting a long time to get you alone like this. Now start undressing me.”

I reached out and grabbed a hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and started to pull it up over her head. I watched Hello Kitty disappear and her white bra come into view. It was brand new, she outgrew her other one, and now wore a 32-B. I looked at her blue jean skirt but didn’t find anything special about it so I just pushed it down her hips to the floor. It must have had an elastic waistband. That revealed her pink Disney Princess panties. At heart she was still a little girl trying to grow up too fast. She turned around so that I could see the two hooks on the back of her bra. She giggled as I fumbled around with it.

She said, “You are going to need a lot more practice. Older bras are even harder to get unhooked.”

When Amanda turned around to face me she slipped her arms out of the straps. I had the bra in my hands but I was looking at her firm tits. They were round and about the size of a big orange cut in half. She had small pink areolas with hard nipples the Kağıthane Escort size of pencil erasers.

After a good look I pushed her panties down slowly. I knelt down to get a better look as her pussy came into view. She had fine reddish hair on it that matched her shoulder length hair that was in a ponytail. As I lowered them more her slit came into view. Then they were down around her ankles and she was stepping out of them.

I started at her ankles and feet and felt of her legs, both of them, up to her pussy without touching it. I stood up and felt of both her arms from her fingertips to her armpits. I felt of her entire head. Then I started in on her torso. I ran my fingers all over her shoulders, back, and her nice round fanny. I even ran my finger up the crack of her ass starting just below her asshole. When I finally got to her front I was really good at feeling her up. Again I started at her shoulders, then her neck, and then I felt of her tits for quite a while before moving on to her slightly rounded tummy and down to her pussy. I felt of her mound and I cupped her pussy in the palm of my hand before I slipped a finger up into her hole. With my finger wet I slipped it along her slit until I hit her clit. That made her jump.

After looking and feeling her up I started smelling of her. Her hair smelled nice like her shampoo, her underarms were slightly sweaty, but her pussy smelled great. I got a hard-on just inhaling her musky aroma. The sense of smell was a powerful one.

I had Amanda sit on my bed and then I pushed her back and spread her legs. She held her head up so that she could watch me. Then I started to taste her pussy. At first it was bitter and foul tasting but the more I licked it, the more I liked it. Soon I was holding her pussy open with both of my hands and sticking my tongue into her gaping hole. I couldn’t get enough. That strong taste reminded me that I probably should have started with her nipples and mouth but it was too late. Before I stopped licking her completely I lifted her legs up further touching her knees to her tits as I licked her asshole. She liked it, so I licked it some more, and I found out that I liked it too.

While I was there I placed my ear on her wet slit and listened to her breathing. It was hasty but I realized that she was just as excited as I was.

Somehow I got my pants down around my ankles and I slipped my cock into her. Amanda let out a gasp but I didn’t stop thrusting into her. I remembered what she had said about not making love to her. I was having sex with her and right then I decided to try and fuck her brains out. I savagely attached her fuck hole. She groaned, she tried to wiggle free, but she never once asked me to stop or be gentle with her. I kept pounding my cock down into her harder and faster until I heard her cry out to God and start thrusting back at me. That bitch was having an orgasm from my efforts so I started to cum in her sex tunnel until I didn’t have another dorp of cum to pump into her.

I pulled my cock out and I held her legs up and spread out wide. Then I watched her pussy lips slowly close up sealing that hole and trapping my cum inside.

Amanda said, “That was fucking amazing. It was everything that the girls told me that it would be. I want you to do it again as soon as you can. No wonder Mom lets other guys fuck her.”

I said, “What?”

Amanda said, “Where do you think they went? Mom needed to get fucked so Dad took her to a motel. Mom will pick out three or four men and take them back to her room to fuck her.”

I asked, “What about Dad.”

Amanda laughed and said, “Oh, he’ll probably record it all on his new video camera. Want to see the tests that he made while checking out his camera?”

I said, “Yeah.”

I finished undressing and followed Amanda into Dad’s bedroom. Amanda went over to Dad’s side of the bed, got down on her knees and pulled the drawer out of his nightstand. She reached in and pulled out four DVD cases. Then she put the drawer back in.

We went to the living room where she turned on Escort Bayan the big screen television and shoved the first disk in.

Mom appeared on the screen and I watched as she undressed to an old song with a really nice beat to it. Then she danced around for a while. I heard Dad say, “Now fuck yourself with that new dildo.” Mom got on the bed, grabbed something under her pillow, and showed it to the camera. It was huge. That sucker was as big around as my arm and as long as my forearm. She squirted something on the head, rubbed it around with her hand, and shoved it into her pussy. She cried out that it was too big, that it wouldn’t fit, and then it was halfway in her. She moaned like a cheap whore. That was my mother on that screen. The movie ended with her orgasm.

The next one showed Mom in the bathroom undressing, peeing, and giving herself a douche. Then there was a really nice shower scene with her fingering herself to an orgasm. Then that movie ended.

The third movie again had Mom undressing but in the kitchen that time. Dad followed her through the house, up the stairs, and down the hallway. She stopped at Amanda’s bedroom door and knocked on it softly. Mom opened it and said, “Honey can I come in?” I didn’t hear a response but she entered anyway. Dad got to the doorway just as Mom was crawling into bed with my sister. The covers were pulled down and Mom got between her legs and started licking. Dad got closer and I saw her tongue sliding into Amanda’s slit. The camera showed Mom working on Amanda’s pussy feverishly. Then the camera moved up to Amanda’s face. She looked very happy and then she tensed, and had an orgasm.

Amanda whispered, “Thanks Mom, I needed that.”

Dad whispered, “Thanks for letting me film it honey.

Amanda said, “Anytime Dad.”

Mom said, “Goodnight sweetheart we will be leaving early in the morning.”

Amanda said, “I hope you find enough cocks to fuck you.”

Mom laughed and said, “I never have a problem…and you won’t either…you can have any cock that you want.”

Amanda replied, “I only want my brother’s cock in me.”

Then Mom said, “Well you’ll have almost two days to get him to fuck you. Don’t waste it.”

Amanda said, “I won’t.”

As the movie ended Amanda said, “Dad filmed that last night so as you can see they are all for us fucking.”

I said, “They must have another reason.”

Amanda laughed and said, “Of course they do silly, Dad wants to fuck me, and Mom wants you to fuck her. She wants Dad in her pussy and you in her ass at the same time, with me filming it. I think I would like to try that myself.”

Since I had our parent’s permission I no longer felt scared about getting caught so I pushed Amanda to the rug and fucked her right there in front of the television as it went to snow and then paused. I filled her again and it wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning. Our parents had been gone less than an hour.

Amanda asked, “Would you like to play doctor and fuck Maggie too?”

I said, “Yes” immediately. Maggie was Amanda’s best friend and I had heard that she puts out.

In less than an hour Maggie was here with an overnight bag ready to spend the night.

Amanda brought her over to my bedroom. I stood up and reached out to lift her top up. She just smiled so I did lift it all the way up. Then I hugged her to me and reached back to unhook her bra. I had been practicing so it went smoothly. As I pulled away from her, her bra came with me. She was a year older than my sister was and she was bigger too so her 34-C breasts seemed amazing. I unfastened her blue jeans and pushed them down her long legs. I knelt down and lowered her panties enough for me to kiss her pussy mound and lick my tongue up her slit. She tasted sweet, nothing like my sister had tasted. When I had her naked I pushed her backward to my bed where she automatically sat down. Then I really licked her pussy. She liked it and begged for more when I stood up and started to slip my cock into her.

Maggie said, “Be gentle, I’m a virgin.”

I said, “No you aren’t! istanbul Escort Half of the boys in my class have fucked you.”

Maggie started to cry and said, “They’re lying, I’m a virgin. My hymen is still intact. That’s why I asked you to be gentle. I really am a virgin. Amanda knows that I’ve been saving it for you. I really like you a lot.”

I leaned in and kissed her. I pulled her to me and I hugged her. Then I said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Maggie said, “It must have been that asshole Tommy. He tried to get in my panties one night after a school dance and I kneed him in the balls. He never tried that again.”

I laughed and said, “I’m sorry, I really am.”

Maggie said, “Then be gentle, go slow, and make love to me.”

That time sex was incredibly different than it had been with my sister. Sex really was different from making love. I liked both though.

Maggie let me put the head of my cock just inside her pussy so that it snuggled up against her membrane. She then let me break it as she clutched me tightly. After a minute or so she let me push the rest of my cock into her slowly. Taking her virginity was much more memorable than taking my sister’s virginity. We just moved by inches as we made love. We kissed a lot and Maggie kept telling me that she loved me. I knew that she wanted to hear that I loved her too, so I told her several times. It was true too. At fourteen she was beautiful and I had been in love with her for at least three years. I was still hard and in her long after I had cum. Neither one of us wanted it to end.

Amanda joined us in bed and asked, “So Maggie was it good?”

Maggie said, “Oh yes, it was great.”

Amanda asked, “So can he fuck us both tonight and tomorrow, until our parents come home?”

Maggie looked right at me and said, “If I can be your girlfriend, I’ll let you fuck your sister and me all that you want too. I’ll let you fuck your mother too, but no one else. I don’t want other girls knowing how good you are in bed. I want you all to myself, however I’m willing to share you with your sister and your mother.”

I kissed her and asked, “Are you going to let your father and brother fuck you?”

Maggie said, “No…but Amanda will let them fuck her instead.”

Amanda said, “I had to agree to that or else her father wouldn’t have let her come over today.”

Maggie said, “She has to go to my house tomorrow morning and let them each fuck her twice.”

Amanda smiled and said, “But until then you can have us both. Then after I douche and shower, I’ll join you two again.”

I looked at Amanda and asked, “So how often do they get to fuck you?”

Amanda replied, “Every Sunday while Maggie’s mother is in church.”

Maggie said, “But I can come over here and let you fuck me anytime that I want too.”

The rest of that day the three of us wrote a dirty story. It was so sexy that we all got horny. I got to take turns using the girls and surprisingly they used each other. The next morning my sister went out the door and both Maggie and I waited patiently for her to return. She was gone a little over an hour and then she came home. She just smiled at us as she went up to the bathroom. Maggie and I followed her. Amanda gave herself a douche and then she and Maggie showered together.

Once she had those two men washed from her body we started another dirty story of a girl getting her first double penetration with the father in her pussy and his son in her ass. That was followed by the son in her pussy and the father forcing his big cock into the poor little girl’s ass stretching it out to the breaking point. Amanda cried as we proofread her story.

Mom and Dad came home and I let them read Amanda’s dirty story. Dad marched right over to Maggie’s house, punched her father in the nose, and told her mother about the deal.

Maggie got to spend a lot of nights with Amanda and I because her mother spent a lot of nights with Mom and Dad in their bed. Maggie’s mother stopped going to church and filled for a divorce and full custody of Maggie. With the threat of being arrested her husband agreed to all of the terms set down by her lawyer.

After that writing dirty stories became a household activity.

The End
She Helped Me Write Dirty Stories

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