She Never Ceases to Amaze Me -Part 7


“OH FUCK, SANDY! FUCK YES! THAT’S IT! LICK ME! SUCK ME! HARDER! DEEPER! FASTER! OHMYGOD, YEEESSS!!!!”“Damn!” I exclaimed, “I’ve never made her scream like that!”“Sandy has that effect on women,” Glen added. “Most of the women she fucks end up screaming like that. She’s very, very good.”“I believe you,” I said. Beth had stopped screaming and had her fists full of Sandy’s shoulder-length blonde hair, holding her mouth onto her cunt as her orgasm faded slightly and then built again. This time, the noises were as loud but unintelligible as Sandy once again brought her to the peak of ecstasy with her fingers, lips, and tongue. I could see she had three fingers in Beth’s snatch and was pistoning them in and out and she suckled on the sweet little nub at the top of her opening. The sheet under Beth’s ass was wet with her fuck sauce.“OMIGOD STOP!” Beth begged. “I CAN’T TAKE IT! STOP! PLEASE!”Sandy took her mouth off Beth’s pussy and looked at me. “Should I stop?” I shook my head no and Sandy’s head dove back down. Beth let out another unintelligible scream as Sandy’s tongue worked its magic on her clit. Finally, she relented and stopped licking Beth’s cunt, I could see it was gaped open and leaking profusely. Her chest was heaving from her exertions and she was bathed in sweat. Her makeup, what little of it she had left on, was a wreck and her hair was a rat’s nest. Never had she looked so beautiful to me as she did at that moment.I sat on the bed beside the two women and leaned down to whisper into my wife’s ear. “So, tell me, are you bi now?” On hearing my voice, her eyes blasted open and she stared at me fiercely.“How long have you been there?” she asked.“FUCK, SANDY! FUCK YES! THAT’S IT! LICK ME! SUCK ME! HARDER! DEEPER! FASTER!” I mimicked her voice, albeit badly. “That looked like fun!”“It was!” she exclaimed. “And to answer your question, yes, I am now officially bisexual!” She reached out to me, Sandy untangled herself and let Beth hold me. I kissed her softly and caressed her face.“I wouldn’t have it any other way!” I said. Beth beamed at me, her broad Sex hikayeleri beautiful smile told me she loved me and that was all I needed.“Ahem,” we heard Sandy say, “Somebody owes me an orgasm or two!”“Oh, fuck Sandy, I’m spent, Can you wait a few minutes for a girl to catch her breath?” Beth had said the “F” word more times this night than I had ever heard her say before.Sandy moved to sit beside us, “Certainly not!” she said firmly. “If you are unable to give me what I need, perhaps your darling hubby can show me these oral talents you were bragging about!”“It’s only fair,” I said. “She gave you a few orgasms, she deserves a few of her own!” Beth laughed and collapsed back onto the bed for a moment before excusing herself to the washroom. She returned a few moments later, her face washed clean and her hair straightened out somewhat. Her hips and breasts swayed in time as she walked towards the bed.She climbed up beside me. “So, my darling husband,” she whispered into my ear, “Are you going to eat our lovely hostess’s pussy, or will I?” She kissed me softly, which I eagerly accepted before nudging her away.”As much as I would love to see you go down on Sandy,” I whispered back, “and as much as I believe in ladies first, I think I will, as you put it, eat our lovely hostess’s pussy.” She smiled and nodded at me before moving away.I blew Beth a kiss before turning to Sandy who was now reclined on the bed, her legs wide open. “Oh, by the way. Glen has something for you,” she said.I watched as she turned and saw Glen’s full manhood in all its raging glory for the first time. “Fuck me!” she breathed as she beheld it.“I intend to,” grinned Glen and he patted his lap, motioning for her to sit on it.I turned to Sandy, “Can you wait a bit? I really want to see this!”“So do I!” she whispered. I moved up beside her and she sat cross-legged between mine. Her butt was rubbing up against me, ensuring I would stay rock hard. “Mmmmm, nice cock! I have a plan for that later!” she purred.“Glen told me,” I replied as the show began in front of us.Beth arranged Sikiş hikayeleri herself as comfortably as she could in Glen’s lap, smiled at her husband and her lover, and turned to Glen. “Hi,” she said breathily as she rubbed her bum against his erection, “is that all for me?”“If you think you can take it all,” he said. “Not many ladies can.”“Well then, we’ll just have to see!” They began kissing, very tentatively at first then getting more into it. “Mmmm Sandy, your husband is a very good kisser!”“I know he is,” she replied, “but not as good as I am!”“No, he is not!” Beth said and she turned her face back to Glen’s. After a few more moments, she stood up and pulled him to his feet. Reaching over and grabbing a pillow from the bed, she placed it on the floor at his feet. Taking his long thick erection in her hand, she admired it from all sides and then to my surprise, she looked up at him. “Challenge accepted!” she said quietly, and she opened her mouth wide and started sliding her lips down his shaft. The contrast of her naturally pink lips against the paleness of his skin was striking, the shaft was shining in the dim light as she drew her head back. She took her mouth off him for a moment, took a deep breath and looked at Sandy and me. “Here goes!” She smiled and she opened wide.A fraction of an inch at a time, his cock disappeared from sight as she went down. It was about halfway in when she stopped. I could see her take a couple of deep breaths through her nose before inflating her chest and holding it. I watched her throat relax and then her lips slid forward some more. After another inch or so she stopped for a moment then I could see her throat make a swallowing movement. Quickly the rest of his shaft disappeared until her nose touched the skin between his belly and his cock. She held him there for a moment then started back up slowly.“Oh my,” whispered Sandy as she rubbed her bum against me, “I thought I was the only one who could do that.” I knew the feeling of having my cock slide along her throat, the pleasure must have Erotik hikaye been excruciating for Glen. When she had come up far enough that his cock was no longer in her throat, she took a few more breaths and went back down again. “Look at her throat!” breathed Sandy, “it bulges when he enters her throat!”“I see,” I replied. “I’d like to see your throat do that sometime!”“And so you shall!” she cooed. She stood up off my lap and excused herself to the washroom, I could hear water running and then she returned and sat back on my lap. “I’m filling the whirlpool bath, when we’re done watching those two, I would like you to take me into the bath and show me if your tongue is as talented as Beth says it is!” She craned her neck around to kiss me deeply before turning back to watch our spouses devour each other.Beth continued fellating Glen for a few more minutes, then she stood back up, getting on tip-toe to kiss him. At 5’ 5”, she was not particularly short but Glen’s 6’ 3” frame towered over her.“Challenge completed!” she said triumphantly. “Now for challenge number two!” She led him to the bed, Glen paused for a moment and opened the nightstand drawer to retrieve a bottle of lube.“We might need this,” he said, showing it to her. She nodded then pushed him back onto the bed. She took the lube from him and dribbled some onto his cock, using her hands to cover it all before moving to rub what was left on her fingers into her pussy. Climbing on top, she straddled him, rubbing his considerable length along her slit. As his glans made contact with her clit, she slowed down to enjoy that extra bit of pressure on her magic little button before sliding her hips forward again. Each time she slid backward, the tip of his cock went a little more out of sight, coming closer and closer to her opening.Sandy stood up and pulled me to my feet, “Let’s move this chair so we can see everything better,” she suggested. “I want to watch his cock disappear into Beth’s pussy!”“I want to watch her face as she takes him for the first time,” I said.“Okay, you do that,” Sandy replied, “I’m going to watch my husband split your wife wide open!” I leaned in and kissed her before getting up onto the bed beside my wife. I placed my lips next to her ear and whispered, “This is it, baby, this is that fantasy cock you always dreamed about!”

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