I had made contact with Shona at a Adult Personals type web page, she had only just signed up and when I read her profile I decided that she was exactly the type of person I would like to meet. She was listed as a lesbian who was living with her lover. She had very little sexual experience and loved oral sex, her greatest fantasy was to meet someone at a pre-determined place, then without saying a word to each other just undress and make passionate love. This was something I was dead keen to try!

I dropped her a note and very quickly received a response, she seemed almost shy, a real quiet type. I asked if she had MSN or Yahoo, but as she was on the net from work and could not chat through the firewall, so we had to rely on our e-mails. Not the most efficient but I didn’t see any other way!

Although she was based in another city, I regularly travelled there on business and we started to discuss how we were going to get this fantasy fulfilled. About 2 weeks before I was due to travel we started to talk on the phone. She had read my erotic stories and found that she was a lot more sexually inexperienced that she had thought, she told me that her lover was very possessive and surprisingly very unimaginative in bed. As a rule they had sex once a week, which would involve little more than oral sex. I was somewhat surprised; I suppose that most guys imagine lesbian relationships to be more erotic than they sometimes are. I at least thought that she would have tried using some toys and maybe dabbled with pubic shaving. She hadn’t! . She had enjoyed sex with a man when she was much younger but he had been killed in a car accident when they were 17 and she had never been with another man since.

About 2 days before we were due to meet we spoke on the phone, I could sense that she was very apprehensive and I was fairly sure that she would back out. I spoke to her very gently and made it very clear that what ever happened it would be her decision entirely and if she decided to back out there would be absolutely no hard feelings. I went across to the hotel breakfast room on the morning we had agreed, I was still not sure whether she would show up. I had my doubts. After breakfast I went back to my suite and checked my mail, I immediately saw that she had sent me mail, I thought the worst, I opened the mail and it simply read “Room Number?” I immediately went back and gave her my room number. I didn’t even have an idea of what time she would arrive. I sat at the desk and tried to get some work done, but my mind was clearly on the job. I got up and closed the curtains to make sure that there were no distractions.

As I paced around the room I heard a knock at the door, I hoped that it wasn’t the staff to clean the room, but rather one of my fantasies about to come true. I opened the door and before me stood Shona, I recognised her immediately from the picture she had sent me, she looked prettier than her picture indicated. “Hi.” She said and walked into the room. She was wearing a business-like, dark blue suit and wearing stockings with high heels. She walked into the lounge and slipped her shoes off, I walked in behind her to see that she was unbuttoning her jacket and hung it over the chair. She was wearing a thin white blouse and underneath I could see that she was wearing a sexy white lace bra, she had remembered my love of sexy lingerie. She turned to face me and I took her in my arms, She had fairly small breasts (I would guess about a 34 c) and a small petite body, her blonde hair was cut neatly in a bob, she looked so sexy. We held each other close, our mouths met and we kissed deeply, our tongues immediately probing and dancing together. I could feel my erection pressing against her and she was already starting to press her hips against me. olgun porno We eventually broke our embrace and she started to unbutton my shirt, she ran her hands over my chest and down until they reached my belt, her hands ran down and rubbed my erection through my trousers. I could see her hands were shaking slightly. She unbuckled my trousers and let them drop to the floor. My cock was now starting to strain against my briefs. It was now my turn to disrobe her. I started with her blouse and tugged it from her skirt. I slipped my fingers up the centre of her stomach and unbuttoned her blouse, my fingers also shaking with sexual anticipation. Next I unbuttoned her skirt and received a most pleasant surprise, she was wearing a sexy white, lace and satin, thong along with a full garter belt and stockings. My favourite! I took a step back and just looked at the sexy sight before me. This made her a little shy and she covered her front with her hands. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her once more. I released the clip on her bra and freed her breasts from their lace confines, her nipples we small but firm. I could feel her body was warm with excitement, her milky skin soft like silk, my cock was so hard and I could feel I was starting to ooze, a small wet spot had formed on my briefs.

I took her by the hand and led her through to the bedroom. I had closed all the curtains earlier and switched on the soft lights. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her sexy body. She let go of my hand and walked through to the bathroom she was about to close the door and I looked over and shook my head, she shrugged and left it open. She turned in front of the toilet and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of panties and with one fluid movement pulled them down. She had a matt of fine downy blonde hair. Not my favourite, I much preferred a shaved pussy but I could easily live with this. She sat down on the toilet and looked me in the eye, my eyes were glued to her pussy, and I could see the pee start to trickle out. I wasn’t into water sports but have always enjoyed watching this very private act. Still not a word was spoken! She finished and wiped her pussy carefully; I could see her lips part. She stood up and pulled her panties back snugly against her pussy. She had remembered that I liked to remove them myself.

I led her to the bed and lay her back. She lay very quietly on the bed; this was the part where she was on unfamiliar ground. I gently spread her legs. I could see that a small damp spot had started to form between her legs. I pulled my briefs off and I could see that her eyes were glued to my cock. I lay down between her legs and started to rub her legs from the knees to her thighs, I planted kisses at random over her inner thighs. I could feel her tense initially but as my rubbing continued she started to relax. My hands slipped higher until they reached the soft skin around her pussy. My kisses soon followed my hands; the musky aroma from her pussy was intoxicating. My tongue snaked out and started to gently lick her slit through the panties, I could taste her juices, which by now had almost totally soaked her panties. She was obviously starting to enjoy the sensation and I could feel her push her pussy hard against my mouth. Her hands were on the back of my head, pulling my face harder against her until with a quiet squeal of pleasure, I could feel her orgasm wash over her. Her juices started to ooze into her panties until the entire crotch was saturated. I eased them down over her legs and brought them up to my face to savour the smell of her fragrant pussy.

Shona lay there watching me intently; she had a look of curiosity on her face. I decided that I would do my best to go as slowly as possible so as not to freak her out. porno I crawled up next to her and took her my arms, we kissed deeply, she was obviously feeling very turned on, I could feel her trying to push her pussy more firmly onto my hard cock. My shaft was nestled between her swollen pussy lips, I slowly broke the embrace reluctantly, I straddled her chest and started to rub her firm tits, my finger tips lingering over her hard nipples, my cock dripping its juices between her tits. She tentatively touched the head of my cock; it was almost as though she was frightened of hurting me. I pressed my hands on either side of her breasts and they barely covered the shaft of my cock. I started to thrust backwards and forwards slowly, I could feel my juices had coated her soft skin and her cleavage had formed a hot tunnel for my hard cock. Her eyes were fixed on the head of my cock, she was almost mesmerised. She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue out, I was sure she was asking me to slip my cock between her lips. I released her tits and moved further up until my cock was nearly between her lips, her tongue snaked out and she tentatively licked the drop of cum peeping from my slit. I could see indecision in her mind, she had never tasted cum before and this was a new experience for her. I could see her face relax and she slipped her lips over my cock and sucked me into her mouth. The warmth from her mouth and her tiny hands and on my balls felt like heaven and I started to pump my cock in and out of her hot mouth. I was trying hard to make sure that I did not push it too deep and put her off, she was on a journey of discovery and I was very willing to be her guide. I could feel that my orgasm was fast approaching. I was in two minds whether I should warn her, on the one hand I was trying to guide her along, but on the other she wanted total silence. I wasn’t able to give it much more thought before my cock took the decision from me and I could feel the rapid rise of my hot cum through my cock and into her waiting mouth. She immediately stiffened and as quickly I saw her relax and start to suck me once again. My softening cock slipped from between her lips and I could see my cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth. I lay down next to her and we started to kiss.

We had discussed this very act in our e-mail exchange and she was aware that I got quite turned on by the taste of my own cum and opened her mouth to meet mine, her pink tongue coated with my cum slipped between my lips and I started to drink my sexual juices. We kissed deeply; my knee had slipped between her legs and was now pressed firmly against her wet pussy. Her juices were flowing freely and I could feel that she was trying her best to press pussy harder against my leg. I could feel my cock starting to return to life. Before this went any further there was something I needed to do.
I broke our embrace, I could feel her reluctance, and each new step was met with initial reluctance and then total enjoyment. I stood up and let her to the bathroom. Fortunately the suite I was staying in had a sturdy marble counter in the bathroom and taking her by the hips I gently lifted her on to the counter. I ran some hot water into the basin and started to get my shaving stuff together, a small smile crossed her face; we had discussed this earlier in the week.

She leant back and parted her thighs, her pussy lips swollen and pink, so inviting. I took my shaving foam and brush and started to brush it over her pussy, I was careful not to let it get between her lips. The massaging from my shaving brush seemed to turn her on even more and her hips were starting to respond. I took my razor and started to gently remove her soft, blonde hair. Her light complexion and blonde hair made sure Porno 64 that the skin underneath was smooth and silky. By the time I was finished I could see that she was getting very turned on, she was starting to breath heavier and I could see her juices oozing out from between her smooth lips. I rinsed her off and patted her dry with a soft fluffy towel. I helped her off the counter and led her back to the bed. I wasn’t going to waste any time! I needed to taste her.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I knelt between them and lowered my mouth to her, now smooth, pussy. The aroma from her pussy almost driving me wild! My tongue snaked out and made contact with her smooth skin, having never been shaved I knew that the sensitivity of her skin probably made her even more sensitive. My tongue traced around the top of her pussy but eventually I could not wait any longer and traced my tongue down her wet slit. I took her hard clit into my mouth and started to gently suck on it. Her hands were quickly behind my head, her back arched as she pulled my face into her, her hips rotating and grinding hard against my face. I slipped my tongue down her crack and slipped it into her pussy. I could feel the smooth warmth on my tongue, her juices starting to flow freely, I had never experienced a woman who was so wet! It didn’t take much before I felt her thighs tighten around my head as she started to cum, the quiet squeals of pleasure are in my mind forever.

I could wait no longer, I needed to satisfy myself, my cock was throbbing and my juices were oozing steadily from my head. I rolled over onto my back, I much prefer to have a woman on top, and in this case it just seemed less intimidating for her. I lifted her easily in top of me and my cock seemed to be self-guided to her hot pussy, I could feel the sheath of her pussy start to ease down over my head, my foreskin peeling slowly back. Her almost virgin pussy was so tight. I could see from the look on her face that she was very worried about feeling pain as I slid into her. I think a mixture of our juices and her desire to try this made it much easier until I could feel my cock slid all the way in. The warmth from her pussy enveloped me and I lay still, trying to give her a chance to get used to this. I could feel that she was starting to relax and it wasn’t long before she started to rotate her hip against mine and I could feel her lift herself from me allowing me to trust gently. She started to make grunting sounds as our hips met. It didn’t take me long before I could feel the cum rising from deep within me, slipping up my shaft and deep into her pussy.

We lay in each other’s arms; I could feel our juices oozing from her and down my balls, tracing a path down my ass and onto the bed. I pulled out slowly and laid her down on the bed. I retrieved her panties and pulled them back over her legs. We had discussed in the past how sexy we found it for our combined juices to mix and coat her sexy panties.

I got up from the bed and went through to the lounge to get us a drink, when I returned I found her slowly pulling her clothes back on. The temptation to talk was great but she put her fingers to my lips and stopped me. She walked into the lounge and pulled her skirt and blouse back on. I put a robe on and watched regretfully, I really wanted to progress this relationship. She took my hand and led me to the door. When we reached the door she took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. She stepped back and lifted her skirt, she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her sexy panties and eased them down her legs. She lifted them from her feet and handed them to me.
“For you, thanks!” she said and left.

This story is absolutely True. It will go down as one of the most pleasurable of my life. Probably my only regret is that we never saw or heard from each other again, but I supose if we had half the eroticism would have gone. Please spare a thought for the writers of all these stories by voting and comenting on their hard work.

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