Her nipples grazed his shoulder, but he did not stir. She rocked again, swaying down and in, brushing against his biceps. The aroused tips pressed into his cool skin, the luscious globes draping from elbow to shoulder. But he was still lost to her, moaning and snuggling deeper into the sheets. A bit annoyed, she sighed and brushed his hair away from the forehead. ‘A little boy,’ she thought. ‘When he’s asleep, a little boy.’

She eased from the bed, padded softly to the bathroom…so keenly aware of the tingles in her damp pussy. In the amber hue of candle light, the faucets turned; seeking wonderful balance between prickling cool and arousing warmth. Aiming the nozzle, turning the dial, she let the pulsing jets slap sweetly against her belly. In a languid arc, she lowered the flow to her well-trimmed cunt, watching it cascade to her inner thighs and calves.


Her entire body was SO sensitive to the wet! It sent invigorating tremors to every nerve. She pinched nipples between finger and thumb and kneaded her tits in a slow, deliberate orbit.

Recalling the time before HE came into her life, her only sexual pleasures had been obscure and gauzy fantasies buried deep in dusty vaults that were seldom opened. There had been, truly, a frantic need that was unidentified. So…when they had met, she asked him many questions, and he had replied very candidly about love, sex; especially dwelling on emotional and physical desire and need. There had been an easy, natural calm in him, knowing she was a bit naïve about many things. And she had listened, almost child-like, to his words. She came to understand that she must focus deep within to understand, accept, and appreciate the dormant lust that lurked within her mind. A lust that sadly she had long ignored.


Finally, with him, she knew that realm very well! God, the thrusts and lunges of his magnificent cock had set her screaming into the night! Gratefully, her cunt had responded to his rhythm and tempo with surprising ease and fervor! …And, oh yes! She remembered the old tapes playing…summoning all the prudish admonitions of the remnants of her inhibited mental trash. No longer could she push aside the heat that glowed between her legs when he merely brushed his lips along her cheek. Initial tiny rushes turned white-hot when they clung naked in the bed. His mouth, tongue, and cock fevered every inch as she melted into him, nipples taut and eager, pleading for caresses, licks, sucks…and fervent exploration. She went ballistic when his urgent tongue trailed down and plunged like a velvet rapier into her drenched cunt! The tape had gasped, rewound and re-recorded. Now there was indelible remembrance of a blinding, splendid fuck!

That memory happily danced in her mind as she moved the nozzle along her hips and thighs. Turning the dial to “pulse” again, she aimed the stinging force into her puffy, pouting cunt. Teasing more, she moved the showerhead against the wrinkled lips. Now her legs were spread quite wide and two fingers found a home within the drenched and begging entrance of her sex.

Back then, as weeks moved on, his eyes, amused and shining, sex izle had pierced with growing passion into hers. They were bright, intense and she had wilted under their perception and depth. Slowly, with patience learned and practiced, he had eased his cock so gently into her wet pussy. She had almost INHALED the fullness! Her abundant lust exploded into brilliant, succulent blossom as she totally surrendered to every cosmic thrust! Now she viewed the catalogs of luscious lingerie with a different pair of eyes. The mirror still reflected the enticing image of her past. What had dramatically changed was self-perception. Also, complete approval! She now saw an aggressive, lovely woman with shapely hips and a prominent jut of nipples. The reflected vision oozed a sultry elegance, and she absolutely ADORED her nude, seductive form! Sprawled across the satin sheets her eyes had been wide and bright as she perused the many pages of delicate teddies, thongs, and bras. So many air-brushed images of the delightful nothingness of G-string lace and silk. What once had shocked provoked a naughty, wicked smile! She devoured the endless styles and colors; all with plunging “V’s” that came to rest a scant one inch above the mound. A splendid romp through provocative promenade…. * * *

The soap was a kinky curiosity. It was long and round, molded in the veined and drooling shape of a cock. The ad had raved about the fervent fragrance when it bubbled, designed to drive one, “Wild with uncontrolled desire and lust…an absolute must for the modern hedonist woman!….” Love, indeed, had gratefully become orgasmic!

The prickling spray pulsed over the delicate membranes when she rubbed the frothy head around her clit. Back and forth, up and down, she traced the knob. She let herself purr and moan as the aromatic soap-cock pursued its lusting course. Guiding the shaft still further, she led it down to graze around the sensitive puckered ring. One more taboo crept meekly to a cryptic shadowy cell.

He startled her when he pulled the curtain aside. Pleasantly surprised, her eyes compressed and scanned his muscled body, shaft erect and pleading. His mouth engulfed her soft lips and his tongue fucked quickly into her mouth. She sucked the tongue with a passion that sent virulent surges of heat throughout her body. His hand found the soap-cock and urged it once again around the ultra-sensitive pucker. She kissed his neck, nibbled on the skin behind his ear. The soapy phallus moved along her ass-crack while he directed the shower spray against her grinding cunt. He weaved it slowly up and down her supple inner thighs.

God, she relished the mind-fuck of his touch, those unhurried licks and love-bites on her tits! “When you suck and lick my nipple-grapes, you give me zillions of erotic bumps!” she whispered, then squeezed his cock and began to stroke erotically. Her rhythm was erratic, unpredictable. The head began to swell and bloat like a bragging, prancing peacock! She knelt down and rolled the bulbous head around her tongue, knowing his eyes followed every move. She loved the sensual staring as she scrunched the throbbing sikiş izle length between her tits. Crushing them together, his balls were wet and bulging at the bottom of her cleavage. He drew the nozzle close again and fucked along the valley. Her tongue leapt out and quickly flicked on the up-stroke. Soon, she was giving him a ravenous, light-speed suck that buckled his knees! Now the shaft disappeared completely into her mouth and she swirled her tongue in a tight, erotic circle.

He could no longer stand and settled in the tub with his face between her legs. His tongue-torpedo snaked into her velvet cunt like a thrusting sword. She spread her pussy wide to accept more of his tongue and she stroked her long clit with finger and thumb. His cock was dangling over her mouth again and it slide deep into her throat. She was famished for the smell and taste of him. Her fingers moved gently over his ass-cheeks and she pulled them wide with her hands. His cock was fucking furiously into her mouth. He opened the puckered ring and lapped from clit to rim! She released his cock and slowly licked his balls, then followed his lead and traced from ass to cock head, slurping him like an ice-cream cone. It was simply a mind-blowing suck and lick…tasting sweet emulsions of each other. He devoured her ass and pussy with swathes and circles of his talented tongue-spear along the folds and around the puckered hole. She had known no other who savored her cunt and ass the way he did. God, she loved him for it!

The tapes knew only a boring, dismal past. She recalled the ugly bodies of grunting, panting men, intent in reaching their greedy little climax. Long after they were gone she would stare into the dark; angry, wanting, needing. So, the thrusting, almost vicious jabs of her humming, fucking vibe soon streaked into her white-hot puffy cunt. She had loathed those dull, innocuous ships that passed so blithely through her long and dreadful night….

Now it seemed so long ago. But THIS man made her feel so beautiful and loved, so precious and delicious. They had stood together, admiring their nude bodies in the mirror. He had cupped and kneaded her tits, rolling the nipples gently. The fire was stoked from lustful thoughts and hands!

Now his tongue fucked deep into her pussy. Soon, she would feel his throbbing length against her ass!

Her multiple cums were like childbirth, gushing a river of cream. She saw iridescent shapes and forms, lights and hues…merging, blending, then flowing away to come again with phenomenal, erotic power. Mind-swirls intermingled like finger-painted nymphs, cascading and dissolving into swirls and colored vapors. She arched and shuddered, fucking his mouth with her cunt.

He pulled her up to him, hard against his chest. They lock-stepped from the shower in soaked embraced, bodies molded in rhythm. Together, they eased down and splayed along the plush, peach rug. He kissed her chin and forehead, licked her nose and eyes, nibbled on her earlobe.

Yes! She was indeed beautiful to him! She quivered when he touched her – ANYWHERE!!!

Both her hands continued to squeeze and stroke türk porno his cock, running the head along her pussy lips. He put her gently down and straddled her tits again. The splendid shaft moved quickly through her cleavage and her fingers pinched her nipples as he fucked through the bouncing mass. She squeezed his ass and pulled him close, flicking the purple head when it throbbed into her mouth. She used both hands, stroking and massaging his large balls, feeling the round flesh pulse and swell from her loving, licking tongue. “Lie down,” she said softly, riveting her eyes into his own.

He was on his back, nestled in the rug. She mounted his cock and let her pussy swallow the thick shaft, drenching the length with her cunt juice and her fire! His hands found her ass-cheeks and he bounced her high and fast!

Delirious inside, she delighted in this new, aggressive freedom that she felt. She LOVED the utter pleasure of response to every urge!

Oh, God! She was so ready! She contracted her cunt and squirted pussy cream all over his cock. It was completely drenched and she sucked it deep and fast, urging his cum to flow. With spastic jerks and trembles, he exploded his tasty nectar into her mouth. Ummm! So tangy, salty! It seemed he would never stop! His cream was on her lips, chin, cheek, and nose…even in her eyebrows! He kissed her deeply, delighted in the taste of his own syrup that edged from the corner of his mouth. Then he licked her face and eyes, rolling the juice around and sharing with her in a kiss.

Again she straddled his hips, facing his feet. She rubbed his cock along her pucker, letting the remaining juice smear around the dark brown hole. Limp now, he would soon sprout into a throbbing peacock again!

Yes! It grew long and thick as her fingers stroked the length. She bent back and down, sucking him deep but gently into her mouth, letting her sucks arouse him further. Soon raging hard again, she eased the fullness to her ass, inching down with patient pressure. She found his balls with her hands and soon bounced high and hard, loving this new sensation in her ass! She expanded and contracted, knowing his cum was building very rapidly.

‘Soon, my baby…soon!’ she thought. ‘Cum in my ass! Give it ALL to me!’

She wiggled and squirmed until that wonderful granite shaft exploded gallons of creamy cum into her trembling, squeezing hole. She wanted every drop, nothing wasted. She slid her 8” vibe into her pussy, knowing the subtle hum and buzz would penetrate through the thin wall to his cock. She felt his juice drip down to her inner thighs.

The moonlight bathed her face as she nuzzled between his legs, flicking and twirling with her tongue, then sucking him again into her hungry, needy mouth. The salty tang mixed nicely with her own cunt cream. They would rest awhile, perhaps drop off into a peaceful nap….

They spooned together like infants, his hand cupping her tits. The moon crept slowly across the night to spy on other lovers. She felt him shudder in his sleep. Who knew what dreams and fantasies caroused like satyrs in his lustful mind? She put her nipple in the crook of his folded arm. ‘A little boy,’ she mused again. ‘When he sleeps, he looks like a mischievous little boy….’

She snuggled closer and let her thoughts run free. The silly old tapes were forever gone. They would NEVER come again!

© March, 2000 Dot Turner

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