Sibling Sex Romp


I had been married for a few years and had recently gotten a divorce from my husband. He left me a terrific house overlooking San Francisco Bay and a fair amount of money. I must admit that while I was married I had neglected my family, especially my brothers and sisters. I come from a big family and have two of each, all adults now. My husband was very possessive and never wanted having anyone else around. I felt bad about that, and so now, for the Fourth of July weekend, I sent them all round-trip air tickets and had all of them coming to spend the long weekend with me at my place. This would be the first time all five of us siblings would be together in quite a few years and I was looking forward to it very much.

Alice arrived first. She was my baby sister and, at nineteen, next to the youngest. Alice was a sophomore in college. Joey was the youngest. He had just turned eighteen and was in the service, stationed at a base in South Carolina. He arrived the morning after Alice. Then Doug came in that night. Doug was twenty-one and, like Alice, still in college. My other sister, Molly, was due to come in from Los Angeles, where she lived, the next day. Molly was twenty-three. At thirty-five I was by the far the oldest of the siblings. My mom had me, then there was a long gap and she had the other four. So there was always that divide between me and my much younger brothers and sisters.

Now me, Alice and my two brothers were sitting around the table having dinner and sharing a bottle of wine from one my ex-husband’s Napa Valley vineyards. He had left me not only the house but, with it, an exceptionally well-stocked wine cellar.

“Do you know what Molly’s been doing down in L.A.?” Alice said, a wicked smile on her face. Molly and Alice had remained close and talked more regularly to each other than any of the rest of us. “She’s been acting in porn films!”

I almost dropped my wine glass when I heard this. I knew that Molly had gone down to L.A. a few years ago to try her hand at acting. But how could Alice say that about Molly.

“I don’t believe it,” I said. “How do you know that?”

“Because she told me,” Alice said. “I talked to her a few weeks ago and she told me she was doing fuck films down there.”

My brothers stared at Alice and then at each other.

“Well, she sure’s got the body for it,” Joey said.

“And she sure as hell always loved sex,” Doug added as my two brothers joined my sister in laughing about it. I, on the other hand, was still in a little bit of shock.

“She told me where I could even see her on a porn Web site, “Alice continued, “And so I looked at the site.”

“No shit!” Joey exclaimed.

“Uh huh. So if after dinner you guys feel like watching a little of our sister Molly ‘at work,’ we we could do that,” Alice said, a wicked glint in her sparkling green eyes.

“Oh, I don’t think that such a good idea–” I started to protest. My sisters and brothers had always been so loose and easy going, even vulgar and lewd, I had thought when I was younger. I was much more prim. Maybe this is because I was older but, also, I had boarded at a very proper girls’ academy, while they had all attended San Francisco public schools.

“Oh, come on, let’s watch together! It’ll be groovy seeing Molly strutting her stuff,” Doug said as Joey eagerly agreed.

So after dinner we went into my study and Alice clicked on the site. I was twitching a little nervously, the hostess and oldest sister seeking to maintain a measure of propriety in my home. But my brothers and sisters were all excited and turned on as Alice searched the site to find what she was looking for. We were all staring at the monitor screen when all of a sudden a scene came up where my sister was walking into a room with two guys. As the four of us stared at the screen absolutely spellbound, Molly undressed, then pulled off the guys’ pants and started sucking on their cocks. Before she was done she had fucked both of them and one of them had even fucked her up the ass. I was shocked!

“Look how she just loves taking it up the ass,” Alice said, gazing back at me, “she once told me how much she loved it in the butt. I guess that made me wanna go out and try that. And guess what! I learned I loved it too.”

Alice was always an uninhibited one, but I never expected to hear her talk about her love of anal sex in front of our brothers. She had once mentioned to me that she enjoyed anal sex and I confessed to her that I did too, and wished my husband had been more into it. But he just thought it was kind of perverted. Sometimes when I fucked him and he wasn’t doing the trick I couldn’t help thinking back to this hung black guy I went out with back when gaziantep olgun escort bayan I was in college who really used to ream out my ass. Now, watching Molly with my sister and brothers and hearing all this, was really stirring me up. I may’ve been a little prim and proper back in my boarding school days, but I did loosen up once set free on a college campus.

My head was spinning as I took in the weirdly taboo recognition that here I was standing here with my siblings watching our sister having sex. Joe and Doug were right. Molly did have a fabulous body and she sure did seem to enjoy sex. But I never imagined I’d be joining my my brothers and sister to watch her perform like this!

“Oh shit! Look at them!” my sister said excitedly, staring at my brothers, “They got themselves stiff cocks watching Molly make it.”

I looked over and saw it was true. There was a big, hard bulge in the crotch of both my brothers’ jeans.

Alice has always been very brash and now she stood up off her chair and went up to my brothers, casually resting a hand on either of their bulges as I looked on amazed.

“Alice!” I said in a chiding tone, but secretly this was making be rather aroused, watching my sister have sex and seeing my other sister squeeze our brother’s bulging, erect penises.

“Mmmmmh guys,” she cooed, teasing them, and ignoring my chiding. “You really got off watching Molly make it, didn’t you?”

Then she just as quickly pulled her hands away.

“Our dicks may be hard, but I bet your pussy’s wet, Alice,” Doug said to his sister as she giggled. Though my sister couldn’t exhibit the outward signs of her arousal, as my brothers had, it was obvious that Molly’s performance had turned her on as much as them.

“What if it is? I’m red-blooded American girl with a healthy libido, aren’t I?” she said, laughing lustily.

Even I couldn’t help smiling, caught up in the frisky sexual playfulness now and realizing that I, too, was a tad moist between my legs. I guess watching my sister make it and then seeing those stiff rods bulging out of my handsome young brothers’ jeans must’ve had an effect on me as well.

The next day Molly, who had been the inspiration for all the excitement the previous night, showed up. Of course now that we had watched her doing it in front of the camera we couldn’t help but see Molly in a new light. She looked great dressed in a tightly clinging skirt and a bust-hugging halter top. Doug and Joe couldn’t stop staring at her and she probably thought it was just because of the clothes she was wearing.

That night I made us all dinner and then we retired to the living room to have some wine and talk.

“Guess what, Molly?” Alice said, with a little wink toward me. Right then I knew she was going to blurt it out. “After you told me what you were doing down in L.A., I couldn’t help going to that site you mentioned and watching you ‘act.’ And last night we all watched it. You should’ve seen Joey and Doug. They couldn’t get enough of you, and, man, did their dicks get hard!”

Rather than being at all surprised or annoyed, Molly took it all in stride, turning to Joey and Doug and smiling sweetly.

“Really guys? You got off watching your big sister do the nasty? What was your favorite part?” Molly cooed at them as they both blushed and shyly averted her gaze.

“They loved seeing you take it up the ass,” Alice said provocatively “I looked over at them when you were doing that and they were watching the screen like a couple of zombies.”

“So were you, sis!” Doug said, a tad defensively.

“Sure, I’ll admit it, I got off on it,” Alice said cheerfully. “In fact it made me think about coming down to L.A. after I graduate, sis, and seeing if you can get me into the adult film business. In today’s economy, with the internet and everything, being a porn star isn’t a bad option for a horny college graduate.”

I couldn’t help laughing at my baby sister’s outrageousness.

“And you know what Alice did when she saw our two brothers were getting stiff,” I said to Molly, feeling a little bold myself now, getting into the spirit of things. “She walked right up to them and gave them both a feel, can you believe that?”

“I can believe it,” Molly said, walking over up to our brothers herself now and lowering her two hands down to squeeze their crotches.

“So these got nice and hard, huh?” she teased as Alice looked on excitedly to see what Molly would do next. What she did was to unzip both their zippers and take out their dicks!

“Oh Molly, I don’t think you really should–” I started to say when Alice interrupted me.

“Oh gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan let her, they want it. Look at them,” she said.

Now Molly stroked their cocks until, in a just a few seconds, they both became fully erect. I know I had never seen my brothers’ cocks hard like this, and I didn’t think my sisters had either. Even Alice shut up for a second and stared.

“Wow, look at them!” Alice marveled, “they’re really hung! God, they’re big”

I had to admit to a certain feeling of pride seeing with my own eyes now how extravagantly endowed my two brothers were.

“Come over here Alice and take them in your hands. They feel real good,” Molly said to her sister. “You want to be a porn star? Well let’s have a little audition then.”

Even brazen Alice hesitated a moment, realizing she wasn’t quite the pro her sister was. But then, taking a deep breath, she dropped down next to Molly and took Doug and Joe’s cocks in her two hands, stroking them.

“This is really getting weird,” I said, now feeling a little uncomfortable, especially since I was the eldest and all this was happening here in my house.

“C’mere Jennifer,” Molly said now, turning to me. “You do it too. With that drag of a husband you were married to, I figure you wouldn’t mind a handful of hard young cock.”

“But– but– they’re our brothers,” I stuttered.

“Yeah! Our nice hung brothers!” Alice hissed, stroking them. Suddenly I couldn’t help myself and went to join my two sisters down on my knees in front of my two brothers

“Here, hold them, Alice said to me, handing me their stiff penises. I ran my fingers around my brothers’ thick, hard cocks and stroked them up and down, too embarrassed to look them in the eyes. Now Molly wrapped her lips around Doug’s cock and started to suck the knob as I kept stroking the shaft. Seeing her sister do this, Alice lowered her lips to Joey’s cock, taking it in her mouth. I stared at my sisters’ heads bobbing up and down, giving our brothers head while I fisted them both.

Then Molly pulled away and quickly took off her clothes, revealing in the flesh the tight, foxy body we had all watched fuck so athletically in her video.

“Now I’m feeling horny,” Molly hissed in her gruff voice as she lowered herself over Doug’s cock, straddling him and impaling her pussy on his hard shaft. I had to release it from my grip as the sheath of my sister’s vagina enveloped it. Alice, still eating Joey’s dick, now stared over at Molly riding our brother’s cock. her eyes wide.

“Damn, I want some too,” Alice said. “But first I want to see you suck it a little, Jenny.”

“Oh, I don’t know–” I protested.

“Do it! Suck it! I know you want to,” Alice said, actually pushing the back of my head down on my brother’s cock. My resistance suddenly waned as I lowered my face.

As my lips encircled my brother’s cock and I took him in my mouth, both my sisters stared at me and smiled happily.

“See, Jennifer did it too,” Alice said to Molly. “Isn’t that just so cool!”

I was actually giving my own brother head now!

Now my baby sister stood up and ripped off her clothes. Then, pushing my face aside, and following Molly’s cue, she lowered herself onto Joey’s prick and took him inside.

“Oh God, does that ever fucking feel good!!!!” she groaned.

My two sisters now rode my brothers’ cocks, side by side. All I did was stare, stare at Molly’s and Alice’s tight bodies rocking up and down, at their trim, perky bottoms grinding away at my brothers’ two thick penises, disappearing into them, labia stretched and wrapped around the thick shafts as they plunged upward. I could hardly believe what was happening here. My two sisters were fucking my two brothers and I was not only condoning it, but watching it, watching it right after I had gone down on my brother, after I had sucked his damned dick, for godssakes! I was being swept away by the taboo kinkiness of it all.

“Take off your clothes too, Jennifer,” Molly said, turning back to me. “And I’ll let you have some of this. Believe me, it’ll do you a world of good. Doug is great fuck, I can vouch for that. And he’s got the kind of dick that fits a girl just right. And trust me, I know dicks. Come and try it on for size.”

I stood there frozen, unsure of what to do.

“C’mon, sis, listen to Molly!” Alice urged, turning back to me and seeing I was hesitant. “Come here and groove with us!”

Throwing all prudence to the wind, I took off my clothes as my sister got up off Doug.

“Shit, you still got a great body,” Molly said as she stared at me disrobe. gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan She hadn’t seen me naked in years and I was years older than my sisters. But I always had a good figure and stayed in shape. Now I straddled Doug, finally looking both him and Joey in the eye. Neither one of them had said a thing, but they both had these pleased-as-punch, shit-eating grins on their faces. And why shouldn’t they? After all, their three horny sisters were giving them all the pussy they could ask for.

I lowered my body and closed my eyes as I felt the exquisite fullness of Doug’s beautifully stiff penis filling my cunt. I hadn’t fucked a guy for months, since my husband finally moved out. And believe me, my ex wasn’t anything in the bedroom to brag about! So screwing a virile young stud like my brother was quite a treat for me.

“That’s it, fuck him! Fuck him hard!” Alice urged me, riding my other brother right next to me, our knees touching.

Last night we had all gazed at my sister Molly making it with two studs on a porn site. Now, less than twenty four hours later, Molly was standing behind us, watching me and Alice fuck our two brothers! It was hard to believe this was happening.

Then, all of a sudden, Molly dropped to her knees right behind where Alice was riding Joe’s cock.

“Oh my God! Molly’s got her tongue in my asshole!!!” Alice yelped in utter surprise. Alice may have been a little sex crazy, but I happened to know that she was straight. She had told me she had never had any kind of sex with a woman. Now her own sister was licking her ass!

“Well, Alice,” Molly purred, pulling her tongue away. “You said you want to try being a porn actress. If you’re serious about it you’re going to have to do girl-girl sex. Every girl in the business does it. And you’ll make twice as much money if you do anal. You like doing anal, don’t you?”

“I’ve only done it twice,” Alice confessed, lowering her eyes. Though she had earlier bragged about her love of anal sex, her inexperience and youthfulness were now showing.

“Well Jennifer has done it more than just twice, huh Jennifer?” Molly said, looking up at me.

I had once confessed to Molly about how that boyfriend of mine in college was addicted to fucking my ass and that I had come to like it.

Now Molly shifted over on her knees, getting behind me. And then suddenly I felt her hot, wet slippery tongue probing my asshole just as it had Alice’s.

“Yum yum,” Alice purred, “You girls sure got tasty butts!”

Then she lowered her face even further, below and behind Doug’s balls, and I just knew she was licking his ass now. And then she moved over to Joey, digging her tongue into his asshole next.

“You guys too!” she hissed obscenely.

Now, as I looked back at her, wondering what she’d do next, Molly stood up and walked to the dining table. There was a tub of butter sitting on the table from dinner, which I knew would now be soft. She brought the butter back to the couch and dug her hand into the tub, slapping a mound between my cheeks. Soon I felt her stiff, greasy fingers actually digging into my ass.

“Let’s try this hole, shall we?” Molly said, pulling my brother’s cock out of my cunt and stuffing it right up my ass. It went in nice and smooth as I felt a shiver run through my body, my brother’s hard cock ramming itself up my rectum.

Alice had her head turned, staring in amazement now at what Molly was orchestrating here. Next Molly slapped some butter between Alice’s smooth buns and lubed her up.

“Ooooooh, that feels good!” Alice purred, quickly getting into it. And then I watched as Molly pulled Joey’s cock out of my baby sister’s cunt and worked it right up her freshly buttered asshole. Alice grunted as her brother slammed it up her butt.

“Look at you two, you look great!” Molly cheered. “Getting ass-fucked side my side by our brothers.”

We were howling our lungs out, me and Alice, as we rode our brothers’ dicks, Doug’s thick, steely cock really filling up my rectum and stretching my anus like a rubber band. I even reached back to feel myself stretched out like that, my ass filled with my brother’s deliciously, delightfully big cock. Then I looked over and saw that Alice was fingering herself like crazy, strumming her clit as she rode Joe’s cock feverishly with her eager young ass. I now did the same, rubbing myself silly as I bore down on Doug’s cock with my somewhat older and more experienced bottom. I glanced over at Alice and she glanced over at me, our faces aglow, our eyes sparking, riding our two brothers until each filled our bowels with a generous bounty of hot, thick sibling spunk as we got ourselves off like a pair of sisterly firecrackers. We took a deep breath after that and then slowly dismounted Joey and Doug.

And what do you think my porn star sister Molly did then? She lowered her face and took her sweet and sexy time lapping up every thick drop of cum that dripped out of our two well-fucked asses, going from my hole to my sister’s and then back again, slurping up the ass-warmed semen of our healthy young ass-fucking brothers!

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