Siblings with Benefits Ch. 22


It was 6:45 on Friday night and I was sitting in front of my dresser mirror putting on my makeup, and feeling like a nervous teenager waiting for my first boyfriend to pick me up for the school dance. I finished putting on my lipstick and sat back to look at the results. All in all I had to say I looked pretty good. In general I didn’t wear much make up, but had wanted to look really good for Mark tonight so I had not only put on some eye shadow, but eyeliner as well and even some blush.

After all, didn’t every girl get all dolled up for a night out with her little brother? I smiled at my reflection, admiring the way the red lipstick accentuated my full and, let’s face it, made for cock sucking lips. I knew the effect wouldn’t be lost on Mark; he would be thinking of me going down on him all night. Oh Megan, I thought to myself, you are one sick puppy. I laughed out loud, I felt positively giddy, the best I’d felt in weeks.

Looking over at the clock I realized I needed to get moving so I stood up to get dressed. Even though I was running late I couldn’t help but check out what my little brother would be unwrapping later. I was wearing a brand new lingerie set; the outer cups of the bra, which unhooked in the front, were red satin but the rest was black lace that was thin enough to see my pink nipples. The thong was also red, with a patch of black lace over my perfectly smooth pussy. I had deliberately chose the colors that I had worn the first night that I had taken my brother.

I turned around and looking over my shoulder leaned my head back, enjoying how my long black hair looked against the ivory skin of my back. I also couldn’t help but notice how good my ass and long legs looked, of course the three inch heels I was wearing helped with that a bit. I put my arms over my head and playfully spun in a circle, whipping my hair around. When I was facing the mirror again I swung my hips back and forth while running my hands through my hair, lifting it over my head. I posed like that whispering seductively;

“You like what you see Mark?”

I let my hair go and smiled at that. Mark had told me this morning before he left for school that the one rule for tonight was that there was no “little brother” or “Sis”. Tonight it was Mark and Megan. The thought of him saying my name over and over appealed to me more than I had thought it would. Tonight was going to be a big night I could feel it.

I went over to my closet and removed the dress I had bought yesterday at the mall. It was a black one piece with a red pattern across it. I stepped into the dress and pulling it up buttoned the front. Every time I did a button I envisioned Mark undoing it. The dress not only buttoned up the front but had a red belt with it as well, that was going to be fun to take off and who knows what we could do with it later.

Once again I walked over to the mirror and had to say I liked the overall product. The dress was low cut enough to be sexy but wasn’t really inappropriate, the same went for the length; it was above the knee but nothing really risqué. I had no idea where Mark was taking me but he had said to dress nice. Keeping that in mind I had made sure I found a dress with sleeves that went down to my elbows to cover up the huge Medusa tattoo on my right arm.

Going back to the dresser I picked out a pair of silver earrings, and after looking closely at my red finger nails, to make sure I didn’t chip them, took a minute to retie the straps of my high heeled red sandals. Straightening up I took one last look at myself in the mirror then going over to the door grabbed the small overnight bag that Mark had told me to pack. I smiled again as I picked the bag up because that meant whatever else Mark had for a surprise for me there was sure to be a night at a nice hotel as part of it.

When I got to the parlor, I tossed the bag down next to the couch and sat down to wait for Mark. Mom and Dad came into the room and were both dressed up as well, getting ready to leave for their weekly “Date Night”. Mom told me how beautiful I looked and Dad asked me who I was going out with. I frowned to myself realizing how weird it would look to say it was Mark. Then again, if I said it was another guy Dad was the type to stay around just to get a look at him. Taking a chance I told them that Mark’s new girlfriend from school, the one no one had met yet, had a friend and Mark was picking me up for what was pretty much going to be a double date.

Dad shook his head saying that seemed a little weird but Mom said that was nice that Mark wanted me to meet someone. She also winked and told me that I would have to give her the scoop on Mark’s mystery girl. I promised that I would find out all I could and ask her what her intentions were with my little brother. We both laughed and even Dad smiled a little and added that whoever she was he was sure she was hot. As a matter of fact she is, I thought to myself.

They were just turning to leave when dad glanced down at the floor, and mofos porno looking up at me commented that apparently I planned on it being a very good first date. I followed his gaze and wanted to kick myself; he had spotted the overnight bag on the floor next to me. I wasn’t really sure what to say to that. I simply shrugged and told dad that I didn’t know where we were going but that Mark said bring some plain clothes just in case. Dad asked if I was really going with Mark or was I just going out with a new guy I didn’t want them to see and planned on letting him “get lucky” as he put it.

I put my head down and tried to think of what to say. No matter what I would come out with it would sound weird. I looked nervously at the clock. Mark would be here any minute and if he came in before Dad left, and dad asked him where we were going Mark wouldn’t match my story. After what happened after the hotel I don’t think dad suspected us, but he would think Mark was covering for me for something. The night would be ruined before it started.

Dad shook his head as I remained silent, but Mom told him that it was time to go and not to worry about me, telling him that she had heard Mark mention something about picking me up later tonight to go somewhere. I kept my eyes carefully down as she said this, as I really didn’t remember Mark saying anything like that in front of Mom. Dad said it still sounded funny, but whatever; I would just do what I wanted anyways like I always did these days.

I sighed when they left and put my head down as I felt my former great mood slip away only to be replaced by that overwhelming feeling of sadness and guilt that had been plaguing me for the past few weeks. Standing up I walked over to the window, and watched as my parents pulled away, and not seeing Mark yet walked over to the mantel where Mom had a row of pictures of both myself and Mark. Behind it was a mirror and as I looked at my reflection I reached up and put my hand around the locket Mom had given me last month.

The locket was beautiful and far better than I deserved, just like my parents themselves. I had just lied to them again. I was going out to spend the night with my brother; the same brother whom I had been sleeping with behind their backs for a year now. Six months ago Dad had caught me in bed with Mark and I had cried, lied and in the end laid such a guilt trip on him that in the end he had apologized to me for accusing me of what in reality was the truth.

Worse than that, was that Mom had never doubted me, and would have fought Dad tooth and nail if she had to; going against her husband to defend her daughter who was guilty as charged. Her lying, drop out, drunk of a daughter, that didn’t deserve a mother like her in the first place. For that matter even Mark was being too good to me. I had gotten him in a fight that had cost him his girlfriend and then lied to her about him so he would stay with me. Mark had every right to hate me yet had apparently been working his ass off on a surprise for me.

I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to push those melancholy thoughts aside. Whether I deserved it or not my brother was looking forward to taking me out tonight and I wouldn’t ruin it for him by being in a bad mood. Opening my eyes I opened the locket and getting closer to the mirror looked at the picture of me with Mom. Even back then I had that big crooked smile. I closed the locket feeling a little better.

I went back and sat on the couch wondering where my brother was, Mark was usually always on time. As if that thought had summoned him, I heard the deep roar of Mark’s car coming around the corner and saw headlights in front of the house. I heard Mark shut the car off and sat waiting for him to come in, to see if he needed anything before we left. A minute later the doorbell rang. Standing I got up and peeked out onto the porch to see Mark standing near the front door his back to me. Ringing the bell, oh he was too cute! My brother hadn’t even seen me yet and he already had me smiling.

I opened the door ready to make a joke but as Mark turned to face me I simply stood and stared at him. My god did he look incredible! Mark was wearing a charcoal grey dress shirt with black slacks and was even wearing a black tie. The shirt was one an expensive one that he had bought recently and was custom tailored to flatter his broad chest and shoulders, it also fit well all the way down to taper off at his narrow waist.

What had really made me catch my breath however was Mark’s face. For the last few months my brother; tired of being called pretty had been sporting the “bad boy” look; his hair deliberately tousled and hanging in his eyes, and either a five o’clock shadow or even, on occasions, a thin beard. I have to admit although I thought he looked hot as hell like that, especially with his intense stare and bad ass tattoo’s, I had always preferred my brother “pretty”. Well of course Mark knew that and tonight that was exactly what he had given moms girl porno me.

Mark’s thick black hair was perfectly brushed back with a little bit of gel in it and he was completely clean shaven, showing off his high cheek bones and smooth even features. Most amazing as always however, were those gorgeous multi colored eyes of his. Right now those eyes, which were more green than anything else at the moment were taking me in as I had been him and when they made their way to my face he smiled, but before he could speak I beat him to it;

“Mark, you look amazing.”

To my delight my brother not only smiled but it was that adorable shy little grin, complete with him turning his head to the side a little bit. I swear he was even blushing. Before I could say anything else he said softly;

“And you are absolutely beautiful Megan.”

With that he brought his arm around from behind his back with a flourish to present me with a bouquet of yellow roses.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. “My favorites!”

I stepped back so Mark could come in and he closed the door behind him. Turning to me he reached up, and taking my face in his hands, gave me an incredibly soft kiss on the lips that I felt in my knees. Pulling back but still holding my face he whispered;

“You really do look incredible tonight Megan.”

Carefully putting the flowers down on the table I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight. He put his arms around my waist and we nuzzled our faces into each other’s necks, as we did we both sighed at the same time, as if this was the place we were meant to be. I pulled away from him and told him to give me a minute. I quickly went into the kitchen and filling a vase put the flowers in them and ran them up to my room so Mom wouldn’t see them.

When I came back down Mark was standing by the door holding my bag.

“Shall we, gorgeous?” He asked as he held the door open.

I laughed and walked past him out onto the porch and down to his car, where he held the door open for me. Mark came around and getting in, started the car. I shook my head at the roar of the motor; the car was Mark’s pride and joy, and he had put a new motor in three months ago. The car, much like my brother, was dark, powerful and totally perfect. As we drove I asked Mark about the surprise, and with an evil little grin he told me I would have to wait until the end of the night.

I asked where we were going for dinner, and he wouldn’t tell me that either. Shaking my head as we got onto the highway I asked him what he could tell me. Mark glanced over at me and told me that he had gotten a letter from Orion Electronics, the company that had given him his scholarship to PC. The letter had said that if his grade point average continued to be as high as it had been for his first two years that the second half of the scholarship would kick in.

I asked what that meant, and with an ear to ear smile Mark said that it meant they would pay full boat for him to go to Suffolk law. Oh my god! One of the best schools in the country, and my brother was going to go for free. I shook my head feeling that sadness creeping back in. I told Mark I was happy for him and that he should be celebrating. Mark rolled his eyes and said that was part of what tonight was about, he was celebrating; and, he added, with the most beautiful woman he knew. I smiled back at him but it was a fake one.

Mark must have picked up on it because he looked over and asked what was wrong. I sighed and said;

“Like I said the other night Mark, you really got it all together.” I shook my head. “Suffolk law one of the best there is, and the way I’m going I’ll be waiting tables for the rest of my life.”

Mark immediately swerved the car into the break down lane and putting it in park, looked at me and said;

“And like I said the other night Megan, I don’t want you talking like that! You’ll be fine, you’ll go back next semester, now stop feeling sorry for yourself and let’s have some fun.”

He was right of course, and I felt like a jerk. This was his night; no it was more than that, it was our night. I leaned over and after kissing him, told him I was done being a baby and ready to have a good time with the hottest guy in town. Mark laughed and after kissing me on the cheek pulled back onto the highway. After driving a couple of more miles he reached over and took my hand. I squeezed it tightly and smiled gratefully at him. Mark looked over and told me that it would be okay if I didn’t end up being a famous painter. I asked him why that was, and with a smirk he told me that I could be his slutty secretary, and that we could fuck on his desk at lunch time.

I punched him in the arm but found myself laughing. After a few more minutes I slid across the seat so that I was next to him and as he put his arm around me, I put my head on his shoulder. Mark leaned his head on mine as he drove and as I glanced up I saw our refection in the rearview mirror momsbangteens porno and thought we really did look good together.

We drove another twenty minutes and I had no idea where we were going but at this point didn’t really care. Finally we took an exit and after about a mile Mark turned into a large parking lot. My eyes widened when I read the sign on the building we were approaching;

“Donatello’s?!?” I exclaimed. “My god Mark this place is expensive!!”

I had never been, but in addition to being five star, Donatello’s also had a large ball room and live music on the weekends. Mom had been trying to get Dad to take her here for years. Mark pulled the car around to the front where the valet’s were and got out. I smiled at the young guy who opened the door and even took my hand to help me out of the car. Mark came around and taking my arm gave the guy $5 and told him not to touch the stereo. Mark had linked his arm through mine and nodding towards the door said;

“Shall we, my lady?

I laughed and started walking with him when I realized that we were entering a public place arm and arm. I stopped and when Mark looked at me I told him that. Rolling his eyes Mark asked;

“Have you ever been here before?”

I shook my head.

“Think that tightwad Doug would take Denise here?”


“Well alright then.” Mark said and started walking again.

The inside of the Donatello’s was absolutely gorgeous, by far the nicest place I had ever been in. Once again that feeling of teenage giddiness began to over take me; especially when after sitting for a few minutes I heard the Maitre’d call out;

“Phillips, party of two.”

The waiter led us through the packed restaurant to a table that was near the entrance to the dance floor. Mark held the chair out for me and as I sat I picked up the menu and almost dropped it;

“Christ Mark! Do you have the money for this?”

Mark smirked;

“No worries Megan I got it.”


Mark told me that he had been doing a lot of work for Mitch, and not just at the club, and that he had just finished, and Mitch had given him a pretty good bonus. I asked what kind of work but Mark told me it was part of the surprise, but in the meantime get whatever I wanted. As I reopened the menu I saw they had a wine list.

“Hey Mark can we get a bottle of wine?”

Mark looked at me for a minute then shrugged;

“Sure whatever you want.”

The waiter came and I ordered a bottle of red wine that wasn’t too expensive and we both ordered prime rib. After the waiter left Mark smiled at me and once again I was amazed at how truly beautiful my brother was. As if on cue Mark looked at me and said;

“You know Meg, you really are the most gorgeous woman I know.”

I shook my head and blushed. The waiter brought the wine and before pouring it carded us. I had just turned twenty one but I watched nervously for a second as Mark, who had only turned 19 three months ago, handed him his fake driver’s license that said he was twenty two. The waiter nodded and after handing it back to him poured us each a glass of wine then left the bottle. Mark picked up his glass and held it up in a toast;

“To a whole new beginning.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but tapped my glass to his and took a sip of the wine. It was delicious! Far better than the cheap shit Betty bought all the time. While we waited for the food we talked about pretty much everything, well it was more a case of Mark talking and me listening. Part of the reason for that was honestly I didn’t have a lot to talk about. I hadn’t been painting and there was nothing exciting about my job. I have to say though that the main reason I just sat and listened was that I loved to hear my brother talk

As Mark began talking excitedly about Suffolk, I remembered when he came to live with us and we would be lucky to get a sentence out of him. Eventually I got him to start having conversations with me, but it had taken awhile, and as Mark had brought up the other night, many nights of me pretty much just sitting there talking at him. The food came and as we ate Mark continued to talk about his plans for school and what he would minor in philosophy. I half listened as I continued to think back to the first day I had heard him really start to talk to anyone but me.

Mark loved to read so I had taken him to a used bookstore in downtown Providence called Cellar Stories. This was an event in itself just to get him out of the house, but I told him I would be upset if he didn’t go with me so he caved. After the bookstore we went for lunch at D’Angelos where I had arranged for Lisa to “run into me”. Lisa very conveniently brought her younger sister Krissy with her.

While Lisa and I talked about school and guys Mark sat across from Krissy who of course had seen him at school and was chatting away with him. After a few minutes, to my delight, Mark began talking back to her, and not just a little bit, he was carrying on a full conversation and all the while giving Krissy that shy little smile. Krissy herself was a bit of a wall flower back then, but had been told by Lisa that Mark really didn’t talk at all and was also grinning a little nervously. It was absolutely adorable.

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