Sidney’s Vacation


One summer when I was married, my husband and I were driving to Hilton Head for a vacation. On the way we stopped by an old friend, Kate, with whom we use to work. In the afternoon she and my husband went to see where she worked, and I have always assumed they had sex at her office, she was very nice looking and I had often thought of her breasts which were round and looked firm. After they had returned, and we were making dinner, and having some drinks, I asked her what she thought of joining us for sex that evening. She was interested, I could see her nipples getting erect as we talked, I told her that my husband had no idea I asked, but I was sure he would be willing. She reached over, put one hand on my breast, and with the other felt my ass and said she would follow my lead. I gave her a quick kiss and headed for the dining room.

We finished dinner and as we cleaned the table and dishes and my husband settled in to watching TV and more drinking. Kate and I kept touching each other as we worked in the kitchen and we both were getting very aroused.

We returned to the living room, turned off the TV, and began talking. My husband was sitting on the couch, I sat in a chair and Kate sat on the couch next to him. As we talked I began to play with the buttons on my blouse and soon it was completely unbuttoned, I stood up stretched and asked if it was ok with everybody if I got comfortable. No one objected so I dropped my blouse, and removed my bra, my hair was long enough to just cover my nipples. As I headed to the kitchen to refill my wine, Kate said that I looked very comfortable and she would join me in that look.

I came back into the room with the bottle of wine and filled my husband’s glass, leaning over to kiss him, I then filled her glass and sat down next to her. I leaned over and kissed a breast, telling my husband that he should think about getting comfy also. Kate started teasing him about showing his chest since we were showing ours, and then she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. She laid down with her head in his lap and her ass next to mine, she picked up one of his hands and placed it on her breast. I dribbled a little wine in her navel and leaned over to suck it out, as I did I slid my hands on her ass inside her panties. As I sat up I undid her pants removed them leaving her only in panties, which were transparent, she had a nicely trimmed patch.

We were laughing as she raised istanbul escort a leg to put around me and I willingly started to kiss her thigh working my way up to her patch and as she spread her legs, I slipped her panties off and my tongue began to search her lips and find her clitoris. My husband was kissing her and playing with her breasts. She soon came, and as I licked her, she released her leg hold on my head. I stood up, dropped my shorts and panties and moved to my husband’s lap where her head still was, I knelt down, putting my breasts in her face as I kissed him and unfastened his pants. Her tongue was dancing on my nipples, then she helped me remove his pants.

We all stood up naked and she took our hands and led us to the bedroom. She had a couple of candles already lit, the king size bed looked inviting, she told my husband to lie down, Kate poured some massage oil into her hands and came over to me. She began massaging my breasts and kissing me, then working her way down my body finally ending up in my pussy which was dripping. I was feeling weak so I sat on the edge of the bed, she kept working her tongue till I came.

Kate got up and looked at my husband, she looked at me and said that she’d take the head. She climbed up and straddled his face with her crotch, as he started to massage her ass with his hands, and pussy with his tongue. I climbed up eased his hard cock into my very wet pussy, I took his hands from her ass and placed them on my breasts, and I reached around her to play with her breasts. I began to move up and down as she moved her pussy around his tongue. We started to come one at a time continuing till we all were there. She lay back and I leaned forward kissing each other. Then exhausted we each laid next to my husband with a hand in each pussy and our breasts on his chest.

I started to play with his cock, knowing that there should be more action available, as he started to get hard, I leaned over him and started to kiss Kate. I told her that she had missed out on one thing and I moved her hand to his now stiff cock. I told Kate to lie down with her ass at the foot of the bed and her feet on the floor, then had my husband stand up and enter her, She wrapped her legs around him, and I straddled her face putting my pussy over her lips but looking at my husband. As he pumped her we kissed and I played with her breasts. kadıköy escort Once again we began to come, I reached into her pussy while my husband pumped to be sure that her clit was getting the right attention. When we finished we climbed into bed and had a wonderful sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Kate licking my pussy, and after I came I returned the favor. We left my husband sleeping and went to the kitchen, naked, to fix breakfast. She slid fresh strawberries in her pussy, and orange slices under her breasts, I have never enjoyed fresh fruit so much. After breakfast we showered together, then got my husband up and while I packed Kate fed and bathed him.

I always try to enjoy traveling as best as possible, I generally dress very minimal and comfortable. My favorite travel outfit is a t shirt dress, very short, and panties, this was what I was wearing as we headed for Hilton Head. I often sleep as we drive and this time I was dreaming of the recent events, I woke up to find I had spread my legs as much as possible, slid one hand up my dress to fondle my breasts, and the other was in my panties, deep within my pussy. I was a little embarrassed, but then aroused as I realized that my husband had unzipped his pants and had his very stiff cock in his hand. I brought my hand out of my pussy, licked it, and then said that I could help him. I moved so that my head was over his cock and started to lick, he took his hand and slid it on my ass under my panties. I danced my tongue on the tip of him until he started to moan, then began long slow strokes up and down the length of it. He came filling my mouth, and I closed my lips tighter around his cock, swallowing, and continuing to stroke. Soon I had him clean, so I sat back up. I was very wet so I removed my panties, hung them on the review mirror, leaned my seat back, and raised my legs to “dry.” This is a game we play to pass the time as we drive, as we go, my husband checks my pussy every fifteen miles to see if I’m dry. He usually slides his finger deep inside, and says that I’m still wet, sometimes I place my hand over his to keep it there for a couple of extra minutes. As we got close to our hotel he had me sit up and put my dress down, the panties however stayed on the rear view mirror.

We checked in and went to our room which was an efficiency, basically a motel room with a kitchenette, kağıthane escort there were sliding glass doors on both ends, one led across the street to the tennis courts, the other to the beach.

As soon as we got the car unloaded, my husband pulled my dress up over my head and off me, put me on the bed and began to kiss and suck my breasts. He worked his way down to my pussy, and I soon had him in a leg lock as I came. I released him, removed his pants and climbed on, slowly moving my pussy lips up and down his shaft, as he played with my breasts. Moments later he filled me and I lay down on him.

We had decided that this vacation was strictly for relaxing and had nothing planned so we often ended up having sex during the day. One evening after dinner we went for a walk on the beach. My husband had brought along a blanket to sit on, it was a very warm night. As we walked and talked, I unbuttoned my blouse and let the evening breeze caress my breasts. We found a nice secluded spot and spread the blanket, I removed my blouse and laid down. My husband said that tonight was a gift from him to me, nothing was required of me. He started kissing me and fondling my breasts, and as I became more aroused, he moved his hand to my pussy. He slipped his finger inside me as he started to suck on my breasts. Soon he had removed my shorts and then as he continued to play with my nipples with his mouth, he brought me to climax with his finger. As I came I arched my back, driving his finger deep in side me, he kept the stimulation on my clit for what seemed forever, then he removed his hand and I began to relax. I reached up and guided his finger into my mouth, I have always enjoyed my taste. He kissed me and then moved his head in between my legs, I willingly spread them as his tongue began to play with my clit.

He put my legs over his shoulders and reached around my hips to play with my nipples. I was soon coming again, squeezing my legs around his head, arching my back so that my pussy was pushed further in his mouth, he kept licking, and I kept coming. I guess his tongue gave out cause he finally stopped licking and I started to relax and release him from the leg hold. He lay next to me, still fully clothed. After a rest, he sat up and took his shirt off, then he slipped his pants off. He was hard and ready for action, he rolled over on top of me, and as he was kissing me, slowly slipped his cock into my pussy. He was taking his time, using long slow strokes, kissing me and playing with my nipples. It seemed to take an eternity, but one that I enjoyed, until he came, then while still inside me, he slipped a finger in to find my clitoris and once again bring me to orgasm several times.

He rolled off of me and we lay there naked under the stars on the beach.

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