His eyes adjusted to the gloom as he entered from the bright heat of the summer sun.

At the far end of the room, the crowd turned on his arrival and then returned to their drinks. Over by the window stood a woman. She met his gaze and returned it. He nodded and pursed his lips slightly. The corner of her lip lifted into a thin smile and, holding his gaze, she turned to her left and stepped into the short hall that led to the next room. He followed a dozen steps behind.

When he entered the room, she was facing the mirror above the mantle with her back to him, but her eyes followed his reflection as he crossed the room. She turned her head and opened her mouth to speak, but before she could utter a sound, he touched his finger to her lips. She paused for a second, then slowly extended her tongue and lightly licked his fingertip.

She brought her hands up and placed them palm down on the mantle.

He took two steps back and broke from her gaze to examine her. Her pale blue eyes followed his as he looked her up, down and up again.

She wore a short black dress and white sandals. The dress was Thai silk and clung to her curves in the heat.

Stepping forward, he locked eyes with her again. She bent slightly at the waist, and pushed her butt back two inches into the front of his trousers. Through the cloth, she felt his penis stiffen and settle into the crack between her buttocks.

His hands moved around to her breasts and he gently brushed the nipples with his thumbs through the sheer fabric. They both dropped their gaze and watched the reflection of her nipples stiffen and disturb the fall of the silk over her chest.

The sound of laughter and the clink of ice wafted through the humid air from the next room.

He placed his hands on top of hers on the mantle and held them there as if to glue them in place. She nodded almost imperceptibly and her tongue slipped out from between her teeth to wet her lips. His right hand came up and he caressed her lips with the index finger while the palm of his left hand softly grazed across her nipples. For her part, she applied a bit more pressure to the front of his trousers.

The air around them seemed to thicken. The sweat on his palm stuck to the fabric and the silk started dragging across her nipples. She shivered in the heat as each thread seemed to spark across the tips of her breasts.

He stepped back and both of his hands went to the hem of the dress. The silk had stuck to the back of her thighs. Slowly, gently he lifted the hem up over the curve of her bottom and set it on the small of her back. The perspiration that had gathered there and the slope of her back was enough to keep the garment from sliding back down. A simple pair of plain cotton panties was revealed.

He caught the elastic with his thumbs just inside her pelvic bones and slid the garment down. Thy caught for a moment on her backside but she flexed her buttocks and the cotton slid down to her ankles. As she stepped out of the undergarment, he reached down and picked it up. The crotch was moist. He brought it to his nose. Her musk caused his erection to tighten in his trousers. He lay the briefs on the mantle directly in front of her. Her nostrils flared slightly as the sweet fat smell of her sex crawled across the space between her and the crumpled cotton.

Again the sound of laughter and ice wafted through the open door from the adjoining room. The moisture between her legs was evaporating as a cooling breeze güvenilir bahis rubbed against her sex. She spread her feet apart to allow a greater access. Her outer lips, now swollen and sticky, parted slightly revealing a pink inner lip.

He took his right hand and ran it across her buttocks and then up the inside of each thigh. At the top of her thighs his index finger touched the length of her slit. He lightly parted her lips and moistened his finger with her juices. Then he took the hand from between her thighs and brought the wetness to his lips then hers. She touched it tentatively with her tongue and then took it into her mouth.

Again she stared into his reflection. She pulled her lips from around his finger then broke their gaze and lowered her eyes. Looking down she saw a drop of sweat or vaginal fluid trickling down her leg. She felt his hand go between her legs again and this time she dropped her shoulders, arched her back and rotated her pelvis, thrusting her sex back at him. He cupped her sex in his hand and ran his fingers through her damp pubic hair.

He stood back, then unzipped his fly and eased his penis from his trousers. It bobbed like a magnet pointing to the sacred north of her sex. He eased it between her thighs and dragged the head along her slit. He repeated the move, moistening the end with her juices. Then, he gently eased the head past her inner labia and paused for a heartbeat before gently pressing inwards. He looked down to savour the sight of his flesh disappearing effortlessly into the folds of her sex.

Her view down the front of her dress was blocked by the hanging skirt, so she half closed her eyes and concentrated on the warm glow as her loins distended and were filled.

When he was in half way, the mucus had been scraped from the entrance of her vagina so he stopped, paused to exhale and then reversed his course and, just as slowly began to withdraw. Her labia gripped his shaft and pulled away as he extracted the first inch. They hugged his shaft as if to hold him buried, then let go, allowing his penis to emerge coated and shiny with her juices. The sight electrified him and she felt him twitch upwards. She gave a playful squeeze of her vaginal muscles when only his head remained buried. He inhaled and started pressing inwards again. This time she squeezed lightly as he disappeared inch by inch into her swollen pink. The warmth that had started as a sharp heat at her lips slowly softened and suffused into her belly.

When the front of his trousers met her buttocks he reached around to the front of her pelvis, pulled her back and slid another last inch into her heat. His fingers met on her pubic mound and he slowly ran them through the dampened tangle of curls. Instinctively her shoulders dropped and her back arched, straightening her channel. A slight roll of her hips settled him even deeper and more comfortably.

They both paused.

At this moment everyone in the next room stopped talking at the same time. That surprising silence that occasionally grips large and noisy groups descended. Just as quickly it was broken by the loud giggle of the fat matron in the tight red slacks. As if to compensate for the moment of dead air, everyone started talking at once and the two motionless figures in the next room exhaled in unison; he buried to the hilt, she clutching, as if her life depended on it, to his flesh at one end and the mantle at the other.

Entry from the rear had given him complete access to her türkçe bahis clitoris. Just as she was coming to terms with her fullness and the heat rolling through her guts he slipped his two index fingers down into her wetness and then slipped ever so gently across her nub of a clitoris. It was as if an electric shock ran from her loins and up her back to her brain. Her spine straightened and her hips rolled up dragging a few inches of his member from her tightening but slippery grasp. A tiny squeal slipped past her teeth.

As his penis came free he continued to extract himself from her guts in a fluid motion, stopping when only the head remained caught at the entrance. She savoured the rush as his flesh slipped past hers but the sudden emptiness left her hungry. She rolled her hips down again and pushed back in an attempt to devour him afresh. The effect was to drag her nub past both fingers again sending another shock wave up her body. She slammed back on him with more force than either expected and he grunted at the impact.

They paused and then he slowly withdrew again. Again the oily rich sensation gave way to the emptiness and hunger. This time she waited. He looked down at his rod glistening with her fluids, then slowly, slowly advanced into her. She pursed her lips and gently exhaled as her loins were again stuffed.

This time, instead of backing out he lowered his stance, changing the angle of his member, and retreated downwards. This put pressure on the front of her opening and dragged the head of his penis along the back of her vagina. The hood of her clitoris was pressed against his fingers and membrane between her vagina and her anus stretched. A hot flash ran across her openings and into her tail bone. The vaginal opening was stretched and the lips parted momentarily emitting a soft slurping sound. The rudeness of it caused them both to smile and their eyes met in a conspiratorial embrace. Her juices drained onto her clitoris and his fingers.

He lifted slightly onto his toes and entered her again, this time with more force. The cock-head this time ploughed along the front of her vagina and when it rasped across the spongy tissue just behind her pelvic bone he squeezed her clitoris from between his fingers. She gasped, flames filled her and she began to clutch at his member as a wave of orgasm roiled through her.

For one lucid moment all her energy went into her vaginal muscles and squeezed the invading flesh, then wave after gentle wave of orgasm rolled through her body. She clutched and rotated her ass in irregular spasms. Her knees weakened. Sweat beaded everywhere.

When the waves subsided and her body returned to conscious control, she found herself hanging between the mantle and the rigid flesh still buried in her bowels. He waited patiently as she started breathing normally again. Normally she was slow to be aroused and gentle in her orgasm. What magic was this?

She straightened her knees and took the weight off his rod. He floated freely again in a sea of her flesh.

She smiled a thank-you and gave the impaling limb a gentle squeeze with her vaginal muscles. He smiled back but remained motionless. She straightened slightly and tried to pull away but he held her firmly impaled. She began to cool as the coating of sweat evaporated. The black silk stuck to her skin uncomfortably. He moved his right hand away from her sex and gently ran it across her belly, now hanging slack, and up to her right breast. He gently flattened güvenilir bahis siteleri her breast taking care not to stimulate her now sensitive nipple. Then he repeated the motion with his left hand. Then slowly and inexorably he began moving his penis first out, then into her embrace.

He picked up his pace and gently squeezed her breasts. At first she was numb but the soft friction, as he slipped in and out of her, warmed the walls of her vagina and she felt some desire return. She squeezed him to increase the warmth and felt the embers in her gut glow anew.

Effortlessly he slid in and out. She stayed virtually motionless, only shifting the angle of her hips from time to time so that he stimulated various corners of her sheath.

Time stood still. She was deaf to the sounds from the next room. In, out, in, out. The primal rhythm carried her to the plateau and she hovered over the abyss of another orgasm.

Suddenly his thrusts sharpened and the gentle rhythm became more urgent. Then, unexpectedly, he pinched both her nipples and slid his hands to her hips. The sharp pain at the tips of her bosom arced like an electric shock and she tumbled over the edge into second even more violent orgasm. He arched his back and pounded three more stokes into her palpitating womb. One last thrust and he held her impaled and gasping as he felt the sweet release of his semen rushing the length of his member to splash against her cervix.

They stayed joined; their breathing ragged. She felt him softening within her. He began to slip out and she tried to clamp around him to keep him imprisoned. This only had the effect of squirting him out a few inches, so she relaxed and relinquished her grip. Gently he withdrew the last inches with a squishy plop. A gob of fluid started a trail down her left leg.

He straightened and folded himself into his trousers. She heard the zip of his fly. He gently lifted the hem of her dress, now firmly stuck with perspiration to her ass, and let it drop covering her nakedness.

She lifted her head and he reached around in front of her and held up the cotton panties. She looked into his eyes in the mirror and he gave her a quizzical lift of his eyebrow. She nodded yes and he slipped the souvenir into his pocket. He bent forward and placed a dry kiss on her back between her shoulder blades. The beads of perspiration stuck to his lips. She saw, as he stood and turned, his tongue slip out to taste the salt. Then he pursed his lips in a fleeting gesture of good-bye and walked across the room, through the doorway and around the corner into the babble of the next room.

She was too hot and tired to move, so she stood where she was, leaning on the mantle. The liquid leaking from her vagina had blazed a trail to the inside of her knee. She straightened herself and kicked off the sandals lest they get wet and waited as the thinning fluid drained from her.

She straightened her dress and passed her fingers through her hair. When the worst seemed to be over, she lifted her foot out of the small puddle that had collected at her foot. She stepped away from the mirror. The semen and sweat between her thighs immediately smeared into a tacky mess as she minced across the room towards the french doors that led to the walled garden. She stopped to wipe her foot on the carpet in the centre of the room, then with a small moue of disgust, she slipped out into the garden.

She sat with her skirt hiked up as much as modesty would allow letting the thick heat of the dying day dry the semen on her legs.

Back in the room there remained a sweet but faintly erotic smell of musk hanging in the still air, and a drying spot of moisture puddled, heart-shaped, on the hearth stone.

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