Simone Says!


For me, like most things where I’m from, it began in the bar. And I was oblivious to it for ages. The three of us been spending a fair bit of time the preceding months dissecting her failing marriage, firmly in the opinion that it was all down to him. And, in fairness, it was.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name is Scott, I’m fit, forties and just starting to realize there’s a Dad Bod out there somewhere waiting to find me. My wife, Simone, is just hitting her big 4-Oh! and has upped the exercise and diet regime significantly recently to maintain what she regards as an alright shape and I deem fucking awesome. She’s petite and curvy and athletic with long blonde hair and, if you’ll excuse me, an ass that I admire as much as every red blooded male (and quite a few females) she walks past every day. Funny, warm, sincere, psychically intuitive, she’s my best mate, confidante and the only woman I truly lust after. Which is nice, because she’s also the one I get to sleep with on a regular basis.

Sam, now, is a different kettle of fish. She’s taller – nearly my five foot ten, bigger, less prone to exercise, dark and wickedly funny. She’s been ‘our’ friend for a decade – along with her dickhead hubby, Charles. Charles is a fool. Let’s just say he got his three strikes and then three more. And now, he’s out. Finally. Sam beyond the point of asking him back. Or letting him come crawling.

Tortured conversations about the past over pints and shots slowly began to turn into more familiar future-facing conversations about sex and frolics. This is where, even in my slow, oh so slow male brain, I began to spot – let’s call them signposts – that pointed towards a particular destination for the three of us.

“Why can’t you be a lesbian.” Sam asked my wife for the umpteenth time in the last few days.

“It’s just the way I am, Babes.” She responded. “And it wouldn’t do you much good either because you aren’t one either.”

“I know but I could change.”

Then she laid her hand on my thigh – nothing too unusual here – and looked into my eyes and said. “But I couldn’t do that to Scott. He’s the most amazing man in the world.”

My wife grudgingly agreed. And Sam continued:

“Where can I get me one of these? All the men I’ve ever fucked were fuck ups.”

I though no more about it, being quite pleased with my swelling head from all the praise.

A few days later, in a different bar, Sam declared that she wanted to bring Simone away for a weekend to ‘clear her head’ which I imagined involved a ton of shots.

“But we can’t leave Scott on his own.” She contradicted herself. “What would he do without you, Simone?”

“Catch up on boxsets.” I suggested, getting a thump from my wife.

“But you’ve got to come with us.” Sam insisted. “Just you and your two girls, away from all this” She waved around the bar, ‘free for us to be whoever we want to be where no one know us and we’re none of their business.”

I looked at Simone who smiled weakly back and raised here eyebrows as if to say ‘I think she’s had enough.’

Even I began to think Sam was developing feeling for me at this stage.

Simone made reference to it that night while we were lying in a post-coital knot.

“I really don’t want Sam thinking she can just plug in to what we’ve got whenever she likes.’ She murmured out of the blue.

“Well, obviously.” I replied quickly to make sure she knew I knew my place.

“I’ll have a word with her and sort it out.” She patted my hand and started snoring lightly. Out of nowhere I found myself incredibly hard and Sam, who had never been a figure of sexual fantasy in my head, suddenly was.

Simone snugged in her sleep, reflexively grasping my rock hard penis in her hand, which is here it staid until we both woke up the next morning.

What’s that old joke? The difference between light and hard is you can always sleep with a light on.

For the next few weeks, Sam became my go to fantasy in the shower. I imagined myself being called over to her house kırşehir escort to help her with some task or other and being seduced by her and her extraordinary luscious blowjob lips. How had I never noticed them before? Then there were her breasts. Again, I suppose I’d been aware of them previously, but now that the fuse had been lit, I could virtually see them through her blouse just by using my imagination. And those bullet nipples of hers were suddenly self-evident in my Facebook stalking pre-masturbation sessions. Simone’s breasts were amazing but petite. Sam’s were bazonkers! Not a particular fetish of mine until now. Now I just say a nipple under a shirt and I was hard and pumping pre-cum.

I imagined myself pulling out of her mouth and spraying my semen across her nipples, little splashed skimming onto her face, a strand across her lips that open to allow her tongue to snake out and taste me.

Before I knew it, the only time the fantasy of fucking Sam wasn’t front of mind was when I was making love to Simone or in Sam’s company.

I began to check out variations on my usual go-to porn, looking to divert my libido away from my friend. I figured out pretty early that this was a passing crush and if I could just (forgive me) ride it out, things would return to normal. I have a bit of a chivalrous streak that I thing was being perverted into fantasies looking after Sam in a very particular and not at all chivalrous manner.

So it came as a bit of a surprise one night in our house when Simone announced to a rater sloshed and slightly stoned Sam and I that we three were going to play a game.

“What do you want to play?” I asked.

“Simone says.” She replied.

I shrugged and looked at Sam who shrugged back and said:

“Why not?”

“Ok, first off.” My wife stood and faced us both – Sam and I were sitting on opposite sofas in our living room. “Simone says fix some drinks.”

I went to work and produced three mojitos in jig time.

“Simone says roll a joint.”

Sam took this one. And in quick flash had a perfect joint rolled and lit.

“Scott says pass the grass.” I laughed holding out my hand. Sam went to hand it to me but Simone shouted suddenly stern.

“Ah, ah, ah. Simone didn’t say.”

I looked faux glumly at Sam, who took a hit and held it for what seemed like and age.

Then my wife changed gears. Before Sam had a chance to exhale, she said:

“Simone says share that blast with Scott.”

Sam and I stared at Simone for a second and then at each other. Comprehension slowly dawning.

Sam smiled and stood. I followed suit. We awkwardly met in the middle of the living room and both checked with Simone. Simone gave us a wavy, hurry up and get on with it motion.

Sam leaned towards me and I leaned towards her. Our moths opened and necks tilted as our lips met, creating a seal. Sam gasped the air out of her lungs and I inhaled it deep down into my own. Simone and I had often done this over the years, but this suddenly felt like the most sensual and sexual thing I had ever done in my life.

My whole body lit up and I flushed. Realizing I had let my eyes shut, I quickly opened them to find my lips still locked to Sam who likewise had her eyes shut and an intense caste to her face.

I pulled away first and her eyes opened. I detected disappointment, lust and just a little shock.

Then I exhaled too quickly and had a coughing jag that killed the buzz.

Swilling some mojito seemed to sort me out and I took the opportunity, when Sam’s attention was elsewhere to shoot a quizzical look at Simone.

She just smiled evilly back and wagged her finger at me.

‘Right. I’ll take the joint. And Simone says stick some music on.”

I fiddled with my android and the speakers burst to life with the first mixed bag playlist that appeared.

Sam and I were both heading for our separate couches when Simone said.

“Simone says, back to first positions.” And points to the center of the room.

We kocaeli escort took up our positions before the exchange of doobie.

“Simone says staring competition. First one to blink loses an item of clothing.”

“What the f-” I started.

“Ah, ah, ah. Simone has spoken.”

I felt like this was getting out of hand.

“Simone, can I have a word with you in the kitchen.”

“I’m not sure I feel completely comfortable -” Sam added.

“Listen you two. This is my game. And Simone says just fucking do as you’re told.”

Now, I gotta say, my wife and I have never been into the whole slave and master thing, but the way she ordered me totally turned me on. My penis had woken up significantly while lip locking with Sam, but was suddenly now standing to attention. Sam too appeared … compliant.

Whatever doubts I had about where the game was going evaporated. I suddenly realized that my wife had an exceedingly kinky side that I’d never experienced before. This was going to be a great night.

Like many a good soldier before me, I decided to follow orders. I looked over at Sam and from her expression of humility, realized she was totally turned on with the submissive thing too. Makes sense considering how long she stayed married to that dipstick, I suppose.

Realizing all bets were off, I stepped forward towards Sam. She turned to me and blinked a couple of times. For a second, I though the spell might have been broken, and then it dawned on me, she was getting ready for the staring contest.

“Simone repeats for the last time: stare into each other’s eyes, first one to blink loses an item of clothing of my choosing.”

Again, I shot her a look, but her thunderous expression made me decide to do what she said.

I stared into Sam’s eyes and she stared into mine.

My stomach flipped and I could feel my balls tighten inside me.

I don’t know the last time you stared into someone’s eyes, but to be honest, the effect blew me away. I felt like our souls were suddenly connected and I simultaneously wanted to pull away and stay in that position forever.

I’d never noticed how blue her eyes were, or what particular shade of blue they were. I could see tiny imperfections and that her pupils were at their widest. My whole body was alive, I felt like hands were stroking every inch of me like I was wholly buzzing for the first time in my life.

It seemed to go on forever, falling into Sam’s eyes, spinning round and round. I have literally no idea how long we stood facing each other like that. Only that I don’t think I have shared time with another human being like that before – and I couldn’t wait to try it with Simone.

“Simone says Scott blinked first.”

I turned my head.

“I don’t think I did.” I said.

“You did.” Sam whispered breathlessly. I could see she was breathing deeply and had been just as affected by the experience as I had been.

“Simone says loose your trousers, Scott.”

I must have let some kid of defiant expression cross my face because Simone spat vehemently:


I quickly dropped my trousers, revealing my obvious erection underneath a pair of boxers.

I notice both girls taking it in. I’m no porn star, but fully turned on – and boy was I – I’m aiming a little over 6 inches and medium girth.

“Simone says Sam on your knees and stare into Scott’s eyes. Scott, Simone says stare down into Simone’s eyes.”

Sam dropped to her knees in front of me. I almost came on the spot. She stared back up at me with her massive blue eyes, imploring. Begging, lusty, hungry.

If anything, my penis grew even more. The skin felt almost sore at the strain on the blood pumping through it.

“Simone says Scott, put your penis in front of Sam’s mouth. Simone says, Sam, you know what to do.”

I couldn’t believe it. But I was not going to go against my wife’s orders. Not that I would have dreamed of turning up the opportunity.

I pulled my penis konya escort out through the front on my boxers and pointed it towards Sam.

Sam didn’t take telling twice. Her hand grasped the shaft, replacing mine. I shivered at the touch. I felt her long nails stroke the underside as she drew the head towards her mouth. All the time, as ordered, our eyes were locked to each other. Whatever bond had been formed earlier now just happening naturally.

Sam’s luscious lips slip over my head, engulfing the glans. My penis twitched and expanded even more. Pain gave way to pleasure and he warm, wets mouth slid slowly down my cock to meet her hand on the shaft.

She drew back up the length, leaking saliva from her mouth onto my cock until she had just the head in her mouth again and began to swirl her tongue around it. At the same time, she started a gentle sucking motion that was almost too much pleasure for me to bear. I was in ecstasy.

I didn’t try to hold her hair, or fuck her face. I just stood before her, eyes locked, as she did her magic.

I was only barely conscious of my wife standing nearby as Sam switched from sucking the tip to a slow, rhythmic bob up and down my penis. I have no idea where the moisture came from, but she never one stopped and I have never felt so lubricated.

She picked the pace up, stroking my penis in time with her lips sliding up and down the shaft.

All the time, I stared at her and she stared at me. I know I felt pure love towards her in that moment and I think the reverse was true. Sure, there was lust, but there was something deeper and more permanent and pure too.

I heard my wife whisper from what seemed like miles away.

“Simone says Scott cum in Sam’s mouth. Simone says Sam don’t waste a bit.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. And neither did Sam. She set to sucking on the head of my penis and pumping the shaft with great gusto.

I erupted a massive quantity of semen into Sam. Her eyes widened but she never stopped stroking or sucking, taking the entire deposit in her mouth.

Then suddenly, my penis was cold and empty, I stood there, legs shaking having just had the most intense orgasm of my life. I wanted to collapse.

But my wife hadn’t finished just yet.

“Simone says Sam give it to me.”

Sam stood up, lips tightly pursed and walked over to Simone.

She leaned in and locked her lips with my wife’s just as she had done earlier in the evening with me.

I watched astonished as they kissed, Sam passing over to my wife my semen which she was hungrily licking and sucking out of Sam’s mouth. The cum swap quickly degenerated into a full-blown kiss.

Sam and Simone, without breaking their kiss, began to undress each other. My cock was instantly back to attention, something that just never happened to me these days. Normally it took an hour or more of post coital foreplay to get me back in the game.

Then, there they were, the two women I loved standing naked, lips locked, tongues entwined, arms and hands searching out every bit of each other’s flesh they could find. They swiftly both settled on each other’s vaginas.

Massively turned on, their hands were a blur as the rubbed each other’s clits and inserted fingers. The two women began to moan in unison and writhe as they gauged the others closeness to orgasm to their own.

My cock was being furiously pumped by me, turned on as I was.

Then they both hit the peak at the same time, bucking and moaning and writing, muscles stiffening and relaxing I spasms of pure pleasure.

And suddenly they subsided. And stepped away from each other, holding arms.

They kissed again.

Sam turned towards me and barked:

“Sam says leave you cock alone.”

I stopped masturbating.

My wife, sweaty and glowing, with juice running down her thing reached out and held my cock in her hand. She gazed lovingly into my eyes, a look of pure adoration, happiness, lust and a million other good emotions playing in her eyes.

Lustily, she growled:

“Simone says Sam and I are going to need a lot more of that before the night is out. And we’ve been planning this for quite some time.”

She tugged me toward the bedroom, Sam in tow, a look of astonishment, lust and pure pleasure playing across my face.

The End. For now.

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