To the Reader: this little tale is part memory and part myth. The cove and the two women exhibitionists are things I remember from a trip in Northern California. The supernatural elements are inspired by the nickname a lover gave to me, “Siren”. –Giada


It was a lonely stretch of road we were on and everything in the world seemed shades of gray. The asphalt was that dark slated hue, the wide sky at the end of the continent a steel blue, the quiet ocean a pale sage while all the rocks and cliffs were like sable obsidian. Even the breeze blowing in my dark ravenous hair was chilled. Everything spoke of a lack of warmth. The sun itself was not bold here, looking more like a distance observer, a forsaken lover, pale and faint in its glare from the far west.

We had parked because I wanted to walk along the beach here, wanted to experience the coves of black stones first hand. My adventurous heart always desired such things, we may never be this way again I would tell myself and so often those words turned out to be true. We would never be this way again; our journey together was soon coming to an end.

The pathway down along the dark cliff to the beach was steep and the rocks sharp, we held hands so I would not fall on my butt as we walked along a dangerous decline over the small scree fields. I was wrapped up in a long sweater, tight jeans and hikers. This was not a place for sunbathing or body surfing, it was dim mysterious and empty, so more suited to gothic foreboding.

We got down to the wonder that was the beach. It was not one of sand, instead it was all tiny rocks, pebbles and chips of drift wood all black-ink like in color then dotted with tiny pearls of white gleaming shells twinkling like stars on a deep night. The foamy surf crawled over the pebbles of the cove and in its wake left a soft rumbling echo in our ears.

I always felt a sense of longing at such moments, staring out at the deep virescent sea. The land always felt like a cage, gravity a chain that kept my wayward feet bound to the ground. The wildness of my heart felt the pull of the tides, the raw briny scent lingering on the air was idyllic to my lungs.

We strolled quietly along, just beyond the reaching grasp of the sea swells, not daring to disrupt the beauty of the sublime time we shared. And that is when we saw sitting on a boulder, with a soft wave splashing around the jutting rock, a white backpack. It was crisp appearing and not weathered meaning it had probably not been there long and someone else was also down here in the cove, probably. I did not recall seeing another car where we escort beşiktaş parked though.

We ventured closer to the boulder and searched for a way over the rocks. My slender fingers on the sable stone, finding handholds we peered over the top, seeing an alcove beach on the other side between the cliffs and boulders. We heard voices first between the rumbling echoes of the tide, two woman talking to each other but the words were soft and unclear. We laid flat upon the boulder, listened and watched.

There was discarded clothing piled on a rock, two naked bodies in the chilled air, pallid and gleaming in the faint sunlight. One was upon a stretched out blanket over the black pebbles striking a lounging pose while the other stood near the reaching surf taking pictures of her with a camera. They were both wet from the sea, their dark hair lank and sticking along their necks and shoulders. Their bodies were lithe and smooth with angular features and wide set dark eyes.

We watched them as we laid hushed and still, our heads just cresting over the boulder on either side of the white backpack. The standing one motioned to the other to shift her position on the blanket. She leaned back on her hands, arms braced, her thighs splayed wide for the other with one knee lifted and the hints of a demure look on her face as pictures of her raw beauty were taken.

She then lifted her back some, slid one hand down over the flat of her stomach going between her spread thighs. We could not see her hand clearly but it was obvious she was touching herself for the camera. There was a twitch in the slim muscles of her arm as I imagined she stroked her bare slit while the one taking pictures encouraged her to continue.

It felt naughty being voyeurs, stealing views of the two naked women, watching them on the beach, striking seductive poses for the camera. Neither of them seemed bothered at all by the chilly air or the cold of the ocean tides when they came up and lapped at their bare feet.

My body ached a bit as we laid on the boulder, I was never at ease laying still, I moved to shift and find a more comfortable position. As I did the white backpack slowly leaned over and tumbled down the rock to the pebble beach. The movement drew the attention of both women and they turned their heads as they glared, staring at us. Their wide dark eyes fixed upon the strangers who invaded their private lair.

I could feel my pulse race, my breath going shallow, their dangerous dark eyes looking at us. Both of them standing there naked and unashamed like two wild things. The one with the camera then reached out her hand and curled long slender eskort istanbul fingers towards me in a ‘come hither’ motion. I laid there for a long moment in the looming quiet that filled the black beach alcove. In that time the echoing tide changed for me as the rippling of retreating water grew louder in my ears and beyond somewhere other sounds came into my head that I could not make out. The briny scent on the air, the virescent hues of the sea became suddenly even more vivid to me.

To my own surprise, I lifted up from my place on the boulder and leap down to the alcove beach. The small pebbles shifting under my hikers as I strode clumsily towards the two naked women. My heart pounding in my chest, feeling a tight sensation as I gasp for air, my body grew warmer and my clothes felt too heavy.

Coming to the blanket and standing there before them, the one woman without the camera slid her hands over my cheeks and kissed me on my mouth. Our lips locked as a wave crashed at our feet, soaking my hikers and jeans. But I didn’t care, her mouth was warm, soft, and her kiss strangely passionate as our tongues danced betwixt our open lips. My wild heart was caught up in the opportunity of the erotic moment.

I then felt strong fingers on my bare back, under my long sweater as it was lifted from my skin. They were other hands slipping up over my heating flesh to my shoulder blades as I stood between them. I lifted my arms willingly as my sweater was peeled over my head and discarded on the blanket along with the camera. The first woman broke our deep kiss and slip down to her knees and was making fast work of opening my jeans and sliding them down over the curve of my butt. I helped her efforts by kicking off my wet hikers and soon I was standing there naked and bare between the two of them.

My eyes closed for a moment as I lean back against the woman behind me feeling the swell of her breasts on my upper back as her arms slid under mine, her hands covering over my small breasts as she supportively embraced me.

The woman on her knees in front of me, spread my knees wide, running her fingers up my inner thighs and soon had her hot tongue on me. I gasped feeling the slow furrowing of her tongue through my already moist lips. A tingle of pleasure waxed deep inside of me as her mouth came over my clit hood and suck hungrily on swelling flesh.

There was a mouth on my neck sucking firmly on my skin, I could feel sharp teeth biting into my flesh. Rough padded fingers and thumbs pinched my budding nipples and pulled on them until I let a cry of lustful excitement. I could feel my hips responding on their own rolling escort kağıthane in a circle as I pressed my moist pussy against the mouth of the woman on her knees, feeling her tongue pushing inside of me.

I lost the sensation of time there on the beach as I churned and wiggled between the two of them. My excitement bloomed bright as I rubbed myself furiously on the face of the woman sucking my cunt, her nose and cheeks, those angular feature getting soaked by my seeping wetness. I wanted this, I needed this I told myself.

With a loud cry that echoed out back to us from the cliff walls and opened my eyes I experienced a world changed, there with vibrant streaks of pink and azure in the sky, the sun seemed suddenly brighter and everything warmer. There was no more chill in the air and the lapping waters of the sea at our feet where no longer cold to me.

The kneeling woman stood, holding my cheeks again and kissed my panting mouth, the sensation was calming, assuring as I tasted myself on her lips and tongue. I wrapped my arms around her slender body as we stood together breasts to breasts in a shared embrace, the woman behind me having her arms wrapped around the both of us.

Our kiss broke as I looked into her dark eyes seeing reflected pools that reminded me of the night sky when all the stars shone brilliantly. Their naked churning bodies were hot against mine creating a feeling like the glowing warmth of a fire. The tide reached higher on the black pebbled beach splashing upon our thighs, the salt water was not abrasive and instead soothing on my bare skin.

Our embrace loosen and I found each of them at one of my sides, holding my hands, fingers laced, and turning then the three of us linked stared out at the deep green sea. No words were spoken between us, at least not words that I use to remember, but I understood our actions and where we were going. I was returning home.

Together the three of us stepped into the tides, three wild creatures, naked and unashamed, as the bright sun started to set on the horizon. Standing in the surf, I looked back for a moment over my shoulder to the other figure on the boulder, my now former lover that witnessed the lewd display, the ritual of reconnection that was just performed in the dark starry alcove. There was a twinge in my consciousness now, not regret, just of lost for the days and years that we shared. But this wild heart was never meant to be in a cage or bound by the laws of men.

As a large wave crested the three of us together leaped and dove, as one, into the ocean. Under the engulfing tides, my legs quickly kicked together as one as we swam hand in hand far and deep, not resurface for a long time.

As the sun was setting, one was left on the beach, a now solitary soul that loved me in their own fashion. But they knew somewhere deep inside of themselves that I always had a wild heart and a longing for the sea.

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